Conquest Chapter 109 Part 2: Highway Robbery

“Obviously, it would be the end to my position as the General of the sixth legion. Damn, I might be taken as a scapegoat by the military for this defeat. Would they desolate me and throw me to the corner?” Ruhr was worried.

For the rabbit general’s anxiety, Shaar could not give a suitable solution and he hardly help on the issue

The two men were originally planned on a cheerful sightseeing tour in the journey back to the empire, but Ruhr need to arrive at the Imperial city within fifteen days because of military command.

The plan for a sightseeing was in vain.

The Byzantine Empire had a vast territory between the border city of Denzel and the Imperial City of the empire .Unless they traveled at a full speed on their way, it would otherwise take fifteen days and that may even not be enough. If they encountered a road collapse or were troubled by road closures and the likes, the journey would be delayed.

After much discussion, they decided to part.

Ruhr needed to be in a hurried journey. Otherwise, if he missed the military order, the circumstances could be terrible. The rabbit general was tortured by the military commander and did not dare oppose.

Shaar felt that Ruhr was reluctant to continue the journey with him because he might be seen as a sidekick.

After accounting for the precautions needed for the road such as the military documents for the passage, they parted at the road of the next small town. For road blockers or thieves, Ruhr had not informed him. For Shaar who walked out from the town of wildfire, it would be not necessary. No kidding! It would be a fortune for the others if Shaar was not trying to steal from them. The fat man hurried away with his cavalry escort.

Shaar did not worry on the punctuality of the fatty. By his title as rabbit general and with his escaping skills, this should not be a problem for him.

With his money and well-dressed appearance, Shaar begun his sightseeing trip.

Three of them, Shaar, Tatara and Soythe were taken as senior level generals from the legion of the Byzantine Empire. For the accommodations along the journey, they were served like a noble.

Shaar was regarded and it was his first time to enjoy the privilege of a dignitary. Originally, the best treatment he had in the town of wildfire or in the military was to eat meat in every meal with a few pots of liquor. After he had been satiated, he could wrap himself in sheepskin and fall asleep. Those were his earlier blissful days.

But this time, every time the defender of the small town saw Shaar’s dressing they would straighten up their body. Even as Shaar would take out the documents issued by the military, they would handle it respectfully with the both hands. Even for some places, Shaar was not even required to bring out the papers and simply rode into town without question. The soldiers did not dare stop them, and they obediently stood aside to salute.

Wherever he went, he would have the best selection of the hotel occupancy, food and clothing. He spent the money like water, but he could not spend more after he passed two towns. Turns out that if some “big man” like him were to arrive in transit, the mayor, the defender or the garrison guards would immediately get the message. The description written on the documents was not clear, and just stated that there would be military people having an important trip to the Imperial City. By looking at Shaar’s clothing and horse, the people would have the impression that he must be one of the nobles from the royal. For people like this, they could not take the chances of not giving them good care.

This wasn’t to be wholly mistake as buttering up since according to official management, they had to entertain a man of rank to avoid unintentionally offending that person. Therefore, the bureaucratic chiefs along the trip would take good care of him making the uncultured Shaar to enjoy their hospitality.

Whenever he stayed in hotel, immediately the local military garrison or local administrative officials would pay out all the expenses and declare that they were no longer allowed to accept payment from Shaar.

Even when Shaar left the place, the local head of the place would escort him with a group of soldiers.

The Byzantine military system had been carried out all over the country. Temporary deployment of teams of militias to serve as attendants for great men. Although he was dressed as a general, who really knewthat he had great capabilities? Anyway, those warlords would be quite foolish to only bringing two squires along while daring to travel around the country. If a man of rank encountered some stupid thieves along the way and got hurt, then they would get into trouble.

He had no problem with living, eating and travelling. There would be someone to assist in establishing the route for his travelling. Shaar experienced a tremendous increase of prestige and started to show the attitude of a man of rank.

His follower, Tatara, chuckled in his mind. If these guys knew that this great man was still a rankless knight, they would be extremely regretful.

Shaar had not experienced such a life formerly. He could not help but feel smug on this damn enjoyable life!

Previously, he liked to eat barbecue, but he now gradually lost interest. Now he fell in love with a new Byzantine specialty. With southern production of the finest bay leaves, there were pieces of tender lamb and fish cut into little pieces, wrapped together and filled with spices and placed in a pot with a small fire slowly steaming it. The fragrance of the leaves would completely soak in the meat. A single bite on the meat would leave a mouthful of fragrant, and then the meal would be often coupled with a large glass of red wine.

The uncultured Shaar was shocked and his eyeballs almost dropped out of their sockets after knowing the price of such a diet!

Six silvers per serving? In the past, six silvers would be sufficient for the cost of his entire meal and clothing for a year!

Even his good horses could enjoy fine feed. It would be certainly not affordable by the uncultured Shaar of the past.

Shaar had the full lifestyle of a man of rank and even Tatara and Soythe were benefited as they enjoyed as well for following Shaar. They could eat finely and live nicely alongside Shaar. Finally, he could get rid of handyman’s work, could stop feeding the horse, could stop removing the water to wash his feet and could stop reducing his monthly wages for the listless Soythe.

To Tatara, Soythe seemed honest and was simply a replica of the uncultured Shaar. He was frank but then he was also equally sly and cunning. So among of these three people, he was the only magician.

However, Tatara’s good days finally came to an end…

At the tenth day, Shaar was passing a town escorted by cavalry sent by a garrison commander in the next town. This place belonged to a Baron. There were beautiful mansions in the barony just outside of the town.

As a noble, the baron was quite reserved. He did not personally entertain the Shaar, and he sent his underlings to be accountable for taking care of Shaar. The underlings were doing the same practices as before to take good care of Shaar. But at last, there was an extra treatment…

That night, Shaar was having a nice meal in a hotel. A man who looked like the housekeeper quietly demanded his men for an arrangement. The careful housekeeper saw the men of rank were all alone on their way. The men of rank actually did not bring along any maids which did not the travel habits of great men. It could be the men had just left the military, therefore they would be so simply-packed.

However, it was their responsibility to please the guests!

The butler had the authority to spend a decent sum of money. An ordinary girl would not able to fulfil the extravagant general’s need. Therefore, he decided to directly put some money into getting a better one.

He sent someone to the city's best brothel. With a large amount of money, he brought over the most famous and beautiful girls. The butler carefully eyed one of the girls. She had a fine waist, thin legs and big chests. It was also a rarity that the girl had some foreign blood lineages. Her skin was fairer than the average Byzantine woman and were eyes were of a rare amber.

The butler’s heart felt quite sorry for a while for sending such a fine woman to the uncivilized general.

He allowed the beautiful girl to dress up and sent her to the Shaar’s room…

But he was not aware of the things that were to happen…

But then, just after the girl was taken to the room, within a few minutes, a sudden scream was heard from within..


With two popping sounds, the girl was screaming out the door. A pair of youthful eyes on her originally enchanting face was printed with the imprint of two fists and looked just like a certain kind of legendary animal found in the distant east and that was called a “Panda”.
Then, he saw Shaar with a naked body, wrapped in a blanket and rushing out of the house. His hand was holding a fire fork and angrily shouted, "Anyone here! Anyone here! Where was the female ghost who attacked me?"

That woman had never had such an experience. Although she was not the best-looking woman, but in such a small place, she could be easily considered as its greatest beauty. Even the Baron once patronized her!

She witnessed this man with a murderous face holding a weapon that looked like a blade or a sword and rushing at her. The beauty was alarmed, and her face had already suffered for the punches. She screamed suddenly and fell off from stairs, rolling directly from the staircase.The beauty landed with her delicate face looking like a swollen pig and even her arms were broken. She did not ask for any assistance, and simply struggled up and screamed all the way out of the hotel, desperately escaping...

The butler who was waiting in the hall, saw the anger of the great man who rushed out. Quickly, he stepped forward to ask about it.

“Damn! I had drunk some wine and went back to the room for a sleep. In the midst of the sleep, there were hands touching me. I opened my eyes and looked. I beheld such an ugly beast! I still thought that I actually had a nightmares of the ghost!” Shaar firmly shook his head, “Fortunately, I had a fast reaction before this female ghost bit me, and I locked in my fist to hit her! "

The butler was speechless. “..."

Finally after some explanation, everything was clearly figured, but Shaar was indignant, "Are you guys bullying me! I did not ask for a woman to stay with me. But since you have arranged for that, even a girl with an average looking, I would still accept as a gift... However, by getting such woman with a look of a ghost, do you think I am good to be fooled?"


Translated by: Fahmi

Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons