Conquest Chapter 111 part 1: To be out of luck


"Sir, your actions seem a bit wrong. We were here first." A man from the other party had seen Shaar jumping into the queue and expressed a little dissatisfaction.

This man was about 30 years old, his body type was relatively little short and thin but burly. He was covered in a winter leather robe, his thumb had an emerald ring, his mustache was cleanly trimmed, and his eyes were gloomy.

Shaar looked at this guy, laughed, "We are all travelling, since there was room and you seem to be unwilling, let us have it. We are only three people anyway, one is enough."

Shaar winked at Soulster, who immediately took out a gold coin to throw to the landlord. The owner’s face lighted, he immediately wanted to agree, but saw the gloomy faces of the people of Atlantis, so he hesitated.

"Sir." The larger of the two who came to negotiate from the other party had spoke. He had a friendly look on his chubby face and he exuded  kindness from his appearance. More keen on his attire than the skinny man, as the robe exposed the inner-collar of a silk gown, and he carried a whip in one hand. “We were the first to ask. Though our people are more than a few, and this little courtyard is hardly enough, we were the first to book the courtyard. We only ask the owner to find a few more spare rooms for us… Why not go look elsewhere?"

With this, the man stretched out his hand to gently take the gold coin from the owner’s hands. Although the action seemed offhandedly, his hand was very fast, before the owner was able to recover, the gold had already been taken.  With a smile on his face, the man put the gold coin back in the hands of Soulster.

Shaar’s heart jerked, and he couldn’t help but be curious. This guy could grab the coin so smoothly. With fingers like those, he would not go hungry!

Shaar snorted. He looked at the two coldly, as he did not have a favorable impression of people from Atlantis, and frowned at the owner, "This is your establishment, what do you say?

The owner saw that Shaar and his group were wearing luxurious clothes.

Their group seemed doubly generous, so of course he was in the mind to rent to Shaar, but due to the numerical strength of the other party, he did not dare to offend them.

At this time, there were the two tall men standing up with several people sitting next to them, their faces were full of anger. One gave a loud snort and deliberately crashed into Shaar. He shouted, "Where are you guys from, do you not know the principle of first come, first served?"

He pushed Shaar with the hand as he spoke. Shaar had lived in Primal Wildfire Town for many years, how could he not be familiar with the arrogant and despotic type? Snickering, he stood his ground and let the hand continue pushing his chest. The man took considerable effort to do so, but Shaar was stood stiff as if both feet were rooted to the floor. He heard laughter coming from Shaar and said, "Say your argument, or do you plan to use violence?"

Shaar casually gripped the other's wrist, giving a gentle twist until the man screamed. The wrist had been twisted around as the man continued to cry out in pain. Shaar gently shoved  the man back with a push, causing him to fall back onto a stool. When Shaar turned away, he put the gold coin back in the owner's hand. "That's all I have to say, I want the yard."

Seeing the arrogance, the rest of the Atlantis group suddenly grew furious. They slapped the table and stood up to glare at Shaar, but this did not scare him. With a sneer on his face, his eyes flashed evilly.

The two leaders of the Atlanteans—the fat one and the thin one—looked at each other. The thin one shouted, "What are you standing up for? Sit back down, honestly!" While the fat one looked at the Shaar. Hesitating for a moment, he finally said, "That being the case, we do not want to argue with you. We travel, seeking money, not quarrels.

The man was patient, but Shaar did not care for them. He strode inside and went behind Soulster and Tatara to ask the owner to help finalize everything and call someone to tend the horses.

Although the Atlanteans were annoyed, their leaders had spoken and they can only endure. The eyes of the fat one lit up when he saw Shaar’s party’s horses being brought in. Warhorses and ordinary horses differed greatly. Furthermore, the horses’ rears were branded with the army’s mark, people who had some experience would know it by sight. Moreover, when their bags were brought in, they were obviously laden and difficult to carry. As the bags shifted, they made tinkling sounds that suggested they contained iron, armor, and the like. Along with the demonstration of Shaar's skill earlier, it was easy to conclude that perhaps he was part of the Byzantine Army.

They shared a look, then went to stand near their party to look at the warrior now surrounded by the Atlanteans. This man was more than 20 years old, dressed up without any particular distinction. As he sat there surrounded by so many others, he did not talk much. The young man eventually smiled and nodded, suddenly turning to the other two people, "Let's get out of here!"

The owner came, after he had put away the coins given by Shaar, bearing  a cheerful look. With some cunning in his eyes, he smiled, "Guests, there is an ongoing festival in our city. I am afraid that other inns might already be full. If you go to another place, you might not be able to find a place to stay… If you don't mind, there are still many rooms in my inn, and they are only slightly worn. Originally, meant for firewood and sundries, but if you don't mind, I'll have people pack them out. That is still a hundred times better than sleeping in the open. I also see you brought a few carts of goods, you can park them in the courtyard, but the price…”

That skinny was furious, "Why did you only say this now? Are you intentionally teasing us?"

The owner had deliberately delayed mentioning it to take advantage of their anxiety so he could increase the price. This method of doing business was in order to gain more profit. This lavish uncle's gold coins already earned him more, but who would complain of too much money? If few wooden shacks could earn him more then all was good.

The fat guy pulled at his companion, took a look at the young man who still did not make a sound, before he said, "Well, hurry up and clean then!"

With that, he took out two silver coins and put them on the table, "Have some food delivered as well."

The owner takes the money instantly and joyfully leaves in high spirits.

Translated by: fahmi
Edited by: seriouspotato