Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 127: A Mysterious Woman

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Long Yin walked around, fidgeting. Another imperial physician entered, he had a grave expression as he took the Empress’ pulse. He observes and after quite a while, he shakes his head. With fear and trepidation, he remarked “Your humble servant is incompetent. I have never seen such kind of illness before, have never heard of it…”

Today, Long Yin had these same words spoken to him numerous times already. With violent anger, he roared, “Get lost! Useless! All of you are useless!”

That imperial physician stepped back, his entire body trembling.

Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan had been standing there for the whole afternoon, anxious the whole time. They could not collect themselves enough to investigate the cause of the Empress Lin Xiu’s strange illness. They had no other choice but to hope for some amazing physician to heal her. If Lin Xiu died, the only ones who could not bear the loss was the Lin Family.

“Father, please don’t be so anxious. There’s so many famous physicians within the city, they will certainly heal mother’s illness.” The consoling young man, approximately sixteen or seventeen years of age, was dressed in a lavish attire. His name was Long Zhengyue, second son of Lin Xiu, and Long Zhengyang’s younger brother.

“What famous physicians? They are all quacks!” Long Yin snorted in a cold and angry voice. He had ruthlessly scared off the physician who came in few moments ago.

The sudden attack of Lin Xiu’s illness happened in the afternoon. Like soft cotton, she gently collapsed to the ground without any prior warning signs and soon after, the surface of her body started to darken. The color deepened little by little, shocking the maids beside her and they quickly called the imperial physician, then informed the Emperor. All the imperial physicians came, yet no one was able to determine what kind of illness it was. Checking her pulse only told them that her vitality was rapidly declining, and at the latest, she would die the next morning if she did not receive any further medical treatment. For this reason, Long Yin did not spare a moment before he had the famous physicians all over the city and he even summoned those retired physicians who were not residing inside the palace anymore.

Long Zhengyue helplessly shook his head, pulling at Long Zhengyang’s clothes and said, “Brother, please go and console our father too.”

Long Zhengyang’s expression was calm, but deep inside he felt fretful and uneasy. When a new physician entered, he looked similarly anxious and frightened as he shook his head. Long Zhengyang secretly sighed, went over beside Long Yin and said, “Father, mother’s life is at stake here, such a major event should not have misgivings. Let’s just invite the people from the Southern Empire to help us. The clan of the Southern Empire has numerous experts, so they might have a solution for it.”

Hearing the name of the Southern Empire Clan, Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan’s eyes brightened, as if in their despair, they were willing to grasp at straws. “If the Southern Empire Clan is willing to help, we, the Lin Family, will agree to whatever conditions they may have.”

Long Yin paced around to think for a moment, then without a word he headed out. After a while, a eunuch rode a horse out in a rush from the Imperial Palace, without stopping to rest he headed to Meng Yan Lou.


Meng Yan Lou.

“Princess, Long Yin dispatched a person to bring you this letter. Please take a look at it.” A woman respectfully knelt down in front of Shui Mengchan, her hands held up a roll of gold colored paper. Among the Southern Empire Clan, even the lowest class of people had pride that stood aloof the ordinary people, addressing the Emperor’s name directly.

The woman named Ling-er, who was standing behind Shui Mengchan, walked over to take the letter and placed it in front of Shui Mengchan. After opening the letter, Shui Mengchan carefully read it. Soon after, her brows slightly furrowed, and she mumbled to herself, “He had mentioned before that the Empress will have a very serious illness that the imperial physicians would be unable to do anything about. Now it has come about as predicted. This matter is certainly caused by him.”

“Xiao Yue, go and tell the person who brought this letter that our Southern Empire Clan’s medicine expert has arrived at Tian Long City just in time. Only, he was exhausted from the long journey and his condition is temporarily not suitable to diagnose and treat. Tomorrow morning, he will personally proceed to the Imperial Palace.”

“Yes.” The girl called Xiao Yue respectfully retreated.

“Ling-er, call for the Grandpa Alchemist God.” Shui Mengchan said.

The girl nodded her head in response, then headed out with graceful footsteps. Not long after, a pale white figure appeared and his gentle laughter could be heard in the room, “Being an old man of this age, this is the first time I arrived in the red light district, hehehehe!”

This sage-like old man’s hair and beard were completely white, yet they do not appear messy. His whole body had an amiable air. At first glance, he was just an ordinary old man, but if one was to observe him carefully, they would discover that he did not actually look that old. Although his hair was already white, his eyes were as clear and bright as water. His skin did not have any waness, causing any observer to be incredibly speechless.

This person was known as the “Grandpa Alchemist God” among those of the Southern Empire Clan. His name was Shui Nanhe and he had already reached a hundred years of age. He not only possessed incomparable medical expertise, he was also an extremely powerful enchanter of the light element.

He laughed while caressing his beard, “This old man hasn’t seen princess for so many years. I have been really longing to see you again. How have you been doing these past few years, princess?”

“Grandpa, Mengchan has also missed you. Please forgive Mengchan for making you trek across the mountains day and night just to get here.” Although Shui Mengchan was still sitting behind the veil and did not stand, her voice contained a tone of respect. Currently, Shui Nanhe had the highest seniority in the clan of Southern Empire, even her father would show him great courtesy upon seeing him.

“I really don’t deserve your apologies, princess. I haven’t stretched my muscles and bones for quite a long time. Now I can come out and go on scenic tours granted by princess. What can I do to assist you now, princess?” Shui Nanhe smiled amiably, he obviously did not believe that Shui Mengchan would have him just go on some random trips.

“It’s like this, Grandpa Alchemist God,” Shui Mengchan spoke unhurriedly, “Tian Long’s Empress, Lin Xiu, is suffering from a very serious illness, and the imperial physicians can’t do anything about it. Although there’s no need for our Southern Empire Clan to get involved with this matter, but Lin Xiu’s strange illness relates to an important person, so I really hope Grandpa Alchemist God could go to see the Empress to treat, identify, and find out the cause of the illness. With Grandpa Alchemist God’s ability and the title of World’s Number One Amazing Physician, there is no illness that can be concealed from your eyes.”

Shui Nanhe nodded his head at once, “So that’s it. Something that could bother the princess is certainly an extraordinary matter. Just leave it to me. But,“ He shook his head and forced a smile, “Princess, the last statement that you’ve said is somehow absurd. Although I’m proficient in the art of healing, the title of ‘World’s Number One Amazing Physician’ is unacceptable. In the Heavenly Star Continent, there’s so many hidden talents, capable persons, and wonderful things everywhere. The longer they live, the higher their skills. It feels like what I learned is insufficient. Princess, did you know that five years ago when I went out and travelled for a month, I had came across a woman who looked like she was only twenty years of age? For the hundred years that I have been into medicine and with my boastful medical expertise, I was unexpectedly defeated by this young woman. Since then, I don’t dare to be arrogant anymore.”

“Indeed there’s such thing?” Shui Mengchan said, astounded. Five years ago she was already in Tian Long City, yet she had been completely unaware of this matter. She clearly knew that the medical expertise of Shui Nanhe had already reached the extraordinary level. From her childhood until adulthood, there was never an illness that he was unable to cure, yet he was defeated by a woman with less than twenty years of age. If he was not the one to have personally told her, she would not believe it.

“Then Grandpa Alchemist God, do you know of her? For someone to possess such high level of healing skill, she must not be an obscure and unknown person.”

Shui Nanhe shook his head, “I would also like to know this person’s origin. Those days when I was travelling in the Misty City of the Kui Shui Nation, that place just happened to hold a once-every-five-years medical competition. I was itching to show off my talent that time, yet I faced a crushing defeat at this woman’s hands. This woman not only possessed a very high medical expertise, she also had great agility. I love medicine more than my own life, how could I let this abled person just slipped by? I followed her during my journey, wishing I could ask for some advice, yet I unexpectedly provoked this woman’s anger. She injured me and left. It’s very shameful indeed.”

To see an old man almost a hundred years of age persevering in following a young woman, it would really be odd if this woman did not get angry. Thinking about this, Shui Mengchan could not help smiling, but she immediately furrowed her brows and said, “Oh? At your age, she would go that far to injure Grandpa Alchemist God? That’s really hard to believe.”

“And she only used one move… Can you believe it, princess?”

“What? One move?” Shui Mengchan was surprised. Although she aslo had the ability to defeat Shui Nanhe, she would still have to go through a hundred or so rounds. With her current age, her cultivation had reached Heaven-Level, which not an easy task in the life of an ordinary person. She used to believe that, among the group of people with the same age, it was impossible for someone to surpass her powers. Shui Nanhe’s words undoubtedly caused some stormy waves to emerge in her heart.

“That’s right. Although I was caught off guard, that one move was enough to make me lose my mobility. If it wasn’t for her mercy, I might not be standing here right now. I think if I were to exert all my efforts to fight against her, it will still be hard for me to maintain it for five rounds. Her strength was more powerful than the clan leader’s!”


Shui Mengchan did not expect that with just a simple, unintentional chat, it would actually make known to her a person who would make her feel this shocked.

“She was wearing clothes meant for the snow with a white cotton yarn visor. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to know her name and origin, even what she looked like was unclear. One thing was for sure, her age five years ago certainly wasn’t older than princess now. She’s really an extraordinary person. Who knows? The Heavenly Star Continent might have so many other unknown persons with outstanding talents as well as strange things in hidden places.” Shui Nanhe remarked.

“This person, does my father know about her?” Shui Mengchan asked. Those with strength greater than her father’s in Heavenly Star were only Chu Cangming, Feng Chaoyang, Wu Qiaocui, the Snow Woman, and the clan leader of the Northern Empire Yan Duanhun. The four great God-Level Masters known by the entire Heavenly Star Continent, their age already exceeded sixty, with the youngest being the God of War, Feng Chaoyang. This woman had not exceeded twenty years of age and already had God-Level power… What kind of divine person was she?

“The clan leader also didn’t know who this person was. He only told the clan members to pay attention to the whereabouts of this person.”

Shui Mengchan was silent for a long time, and indistinctly said, “Come to think of it, the four nations of Heavenly Star holds its medical competition once every five years. We are only a half month away from the next competition. The venue Tian Long Nation will choose should be Tian Yun City, which is a thousand miles away. At that time, famous physicians around the world will gather together. I will let my people follow the four nation’s medical competition closely, for she might show up again.”

As woman who was accustomed to standing on the peak, hearing the existence of another woman of the same age who was more powerful than her, certainly attracted her interest. Shui Mengchan was not an exception to getting jealous; it was an innate tendency in every woman. Few rare people were exempted from this.

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