Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 129: Master Ye, the Amazing Physician

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“My mother doesn’t necessarily go out of the palace more than once a year, and for the recent months, she did not step out of the palace. This… might it have been planted by somebody?” Long Zhengyang said.

“Then you must go and investigate the people who had come into contact with the Empress recently. I have profound medical expertise, yet I’m powerless and not worth your great expectations. I have no face stay here any longer, I’ll take my leave.”

Shui Nanhe shook his head and turned, about to leave. He roughly understood the cause of the Empress’ illness, so he had already fulfilled his goal arriving here. For an amazing physician, being powerless will forever be their greatest failure and shame. He had not made use of this word in so many years.

With their final hope lost, the expressions on the faces of the entire Lin Family were now gravely discouraged, as if they had fallen into a bottomless abyss. They did not have the mind to bid farewell to Shui Nanhe even. Lin Xiu was not only the younger sister of Lin Zhan and daughter of Lin Kuang, but also the Empress of Tian Long Nation. Her position was of great importance to the Lin Family, if they lost it, their influential power would fall greatly.

“Take care, immortal.” Long Yin said in the hush, his voice powerless. Long Zhengyang’s face was gloomy and sorrowful, but Long Zhengyue had already thrown himself on Lin Xiu’s bed and crying bitterly.

At this time, a palace eunuch hurriedly ran inside. Kneeling down, he said, “Your Majesty, Imperial Physician Li has requested to see you. His concern is related to the Empress’ illness.”

Long Yin’s eyes lit up, “Is it possible that he has found a cure? Quickly call for him.”

Shui Nanhe, who was about to step out of the doorway, halted his steps. In a low voice he said, “Oh? If that’s the case, why don’t I stay here and ask for guidance.”

Lin Zhan and Lin Kuang’s expression were still gloomy. They did not feel any excitement at the news because even the medicine expert of the Southern Empire could not do anything about it. How could these quacks, who could not even determine the cause of illness, be able to find the method of curing it?”

Imperial Physician Li hurriedly came in. He currently had the highest seniority among all the imperial physicians in the palace, and in unofficial occasions, he did not kneel down before Long Yin. Before he opened his mouth to talk, Long Yin already started, “My beloved official Li, have you found any methods to heal the Empress?”

Imperial Physician Li shook his head, “Your humble servant is really ashamed. Even the symptoms of the Empress doesn’t add up.to anything. Although your humble servant cannot do anything about it, I would like to recommend a person with an extraordinary medical expertise. He might have the method to cure the Empress.”

“Oh? Who is it? Do tell! The Empress doesn’t have enough time. Even if I were to drag him in, I will certainly do so! Quickly tell me!” Long Yin said pointing at him.

“It’s… The person I want to recommend is no other than the young master of the Ye Family, Ye Wuchen.” Imperial Physician Li said seriously. He was one of the three imperial physicians that Wang Wenshu had once invited to treat Ye Wuchen’s “Memory Loss” and with just a few words from Ye Wuchen he was in awe as he prostrated himself in admiration. Although the three of them at that time had agreed to keep Ye Wuchen’s secret, this matter related to the life and death of the Empress, so he did not care about the trust anymore.

Long Yin wrinkled his brows, obviously caught unprepared by the name that Imperial Physician Li had mentioned. Lin Kuang, with his belly full of grievances and gloom, almost cursed out, “Superior Li, this matter seriously relates to the life and death of the Empress. Why do you still have the heart to make jokes? That young boy of the Ye Family aside from painting and playing flute, what else can he do? An illness even the medicine expert wasn’t able to treat, you even go as far as to recommend the young son of the Ye Family? You are being ridiculous!”

Physician Li just ignored him. He continued on to tell Long Yin, “Your Majesty, this humble servant dares not to tell jokes. Madame Ye had once invited me, Superior Wang, and Superior Zhang to help treat the young master’s memory loss. Before we could start the treatment, Master Ye had already diagnosed the type of mysterious illness all three of us have never encountered, without missing any details. He even gave each of us the treatment methods. He can do such things simply by just looking at it. Such medical expertise is really appalling, the three of us had not even heard of them before. I was really in awe as I prostrated myself in admiration, thinking that he was some kind of heavenly person. It’s a pity when your humble servant had thought that the medical expertise I have was already high enough, but I was just like a three year old in front of Ye Wuchen, simply incomparable!”

“This matter can be attested by both Superior Wang and Superior Zhang. We have agreed with Master Ye to keep it a secret, but since the Empress is now in a life and death situation, I have to break it even if I were to become a person of vile character. With the use of his amazing healing ability, maybe we can really save the Empress’ life.”

Long Yin was surprised. Ye Wuchen had brought about yet another astonishment to him. He started to believe that this frightening young man might possess many other capabilities inside his body.

“There’s actually such a youngster? This old man would like to personally witness it.” An odd light flashed through Shui Nanhe’s eyes. He turned and headed back inside the room, quietly standing in the corner like a winter pine tree, loftily motionless.

“Is it true?” Long Yin believed him, but still wished to verify it once more.

“Absolutely true! Superior Wang and Superior Zhang are standing outside. Your Majesty may go ahead and ask them. How can your humble servant speak without even thinking about the outcome? Especially as this relates to the life of the Empress.” Physician Li said solemnly.

“Humph! Like an undeveloped baby, even if he has medical expertise, will his level be high enough? Don’t tell me that he could surpass the skills of even the Elder Medicine Expert! Your Majesty, this matter was surely caused by someone, and since we are unable to reverse the desperate situation, even if I am sorrowfully heartbroken, I will surely pour out my whole effort to arrest the true suspect. Please give your permission, Your Majesty.” Lin Kuang said in a sorrowful voice as he bent his head. He did not believe that Ye Wuchen had the ability to save Lin Xiu—he refused to believe it. His words were understood by all the people who were present. Even the medicine expert could do nothing, so even if a person with less than twenty years of age could possess such a high level of medical expertise, could he really be greater than the legendary medicine expert?

Long Zhengyue, who had buried his head crying bitterly, said in a crying voice, “Father, even the immortal could do nothing. Mother really can’t be saved now, will you allow your son and his grandfather to investigate the entire palace to capture the suspect?”

Long Zhengyang moved forward to say, “Father, I suggest we should invite Master Ye to give it a try. Both his painting and flute skills have reached a legendary level, a matter that was clearly witnessed by a thousand people. His medical expertise might be similarly amazing, or else, how can he be recommended by Superior Li, who already possesses great medical expertise?. This matter relates to mother’s life, so we should at least try. If Master Ye also can’t do anything about it, then that’s the time we look for some other methods. We cannot just arrive to a conclusion that Master Ye can do nothing about it. At that time when Master Ye had shown his performance on stage, how many times did he surprise us? This time, who knows, he might bring that similar surprise to us.”

Long Yin nodded his head, in a low voice he said, “Yang-er, quickly go to the Ye residence and personally bring him here.”

“Yes, Father!” Long Zhengyang responded and quickly rushed outside.


Ye Wuchen was sitting in front of a painting board with half closed eyes. His right hand appeared to be doodling on the paper in front of him, not knowing what he was painting about, his face occasionally exposed a gentle smile. Not far away from him, Ning Xue and Tong Xin were sitting  on the soft bed, playing with different colored papers in their hands. Ning Xue was teaching Tong Xin to make paper flowers. Tong Xin learned quickly and seriously, being used to her blade, her hands did not lack agility.

“Young master! Young master, the crown prince has arrived. He wants to meet you, he is waiting in the front hall.” Outside the door echoed the somewhat hasty voice of Ye Qi. Ye Wuchen’s paintbrush halted, perfectly completing the painting that he had worked on the whole morning.

“Tell the crown prince that I will come out soon.” He set down the paintbrush, then used his bare hands to brush around the paper, easily drying up the ink.

“Yes!” Ye Qi responded and left.

Ye Wuchen carefully rolled up the painting and tied it with a red string, then smiled and said, “Xue-er, brother has something to do. I’ll go out, you may go sister’s place to play. In passing, please hand her this painting.”

“En, okay.” Ning Xue laid down the paper in her hands. Sitting on the corner of the bed, with a smiling face she swung her spotlessly white bare feet around. Ye Wuchen knew what she was thinking about and he smiled slightly. Heading towards her to gently help her with her shoes and socks, he placed the painting in her hands. “I should be back soon. If I come home late, you may go and have your meal with sister.”

“En, I will go now.”

After Ning Xue left, Ye Wuchen similarly helped Tong Xin with her shoes and socks, while he said, “Tong Xin, today I’ll bring you to the palace, but you must hide somewhere and not let people see you.”

When Ye Wuchen arrived at the front hall, Long Zhengyang was pacing around anxiously. Seeing him enter, there was no time to greet him, before Long Zhengyang dragged him out of the room. “Brother Ye, my mother is dangerously ill. At any time, she might lose her life. You must quickly come with me to the palace, I have already prepared the horses.”


“Brother Ye please don’t refuse, you are the disciple of the God of Sword, your medical expertise should be greater than ordinary people. Physician Li from the palace has also recommended your medical skills. My mother’s life depends on you now. If you succeed, then you are my greatest benefactor, if you failed, nobody will blame you.” While speaking, Long Zhengyang was dragging him out of the door where two horses were waiting outside.

“All right. I’ve heard about the news of the Empress’ serious illness. I have learned some medical skills, and since Brother Long, you have considered me, I will certainly try my best.”

Ye Wuchen jumped to the back of a horse and together with Long Zhengyang, they rode away.


“Sister, brother wants to give you this painting.” Ning Xue stood on tiptoe and held up Ye Wuchen’s painting in front of her eyes. Ye Shuiyao’s height was on par with Ye Wuchen, but somehow taller than him, so when Ning Xue stood straight she could only reach her waist.

When Ye Shuiyao took the painting, her eyes flickered with some complicated look for a moment, then carefully unfolded the painting.

There were two people on the painting, two individuals she was most familiar with—herself and her younger brother. On the painting, her limp body was leaning on Ye Wuchen’s shoulder, and her face contained a very different but still beautiful smile. Ye Wuchen’s hands were holding her waist, tickling her while his face had a mischievous and complacent smile.

The painting was so familiar, so natural, like some kind of scene that realistically reappeared before her eyes, and was impossible to get rid of. Ye Shuiyao’s heartstrings had been strongly pulled, and in her mind, projecting the version of them that day… His voice, his every move, his every expression...

“Why do you always do this, over and over again? Don’t you know that this is very dangerous…” It was as if she suddenly lost her soul, absent-mindedly mumbling. Unconsciously, she brought the painting closer to her chest, closed her eyes, and consoled her heart that suddenly became very confused and was in pain.

“Sister, what did brother paint? I would like to take a look.” Ning Xue exerted all her efforts to stand on tiptoe, wanting to see the painting in Ye Shuiyao’s hand. Unfortunately her body was too small so she was unable to see it.

Ye Shuiyao rolled up the painting in her hands and asked quietly, “What is he doing?”

“He? Brother? Brother went out, he should be in the palace now… Looks like something urgent.” Ning Xue answered honestly.


She did not ask any more and just stoodi there holding the painting. Her mind confused, she did not know what she should do, what she must think. It just seemed like she had lost her soul.

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