Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 130: Injuring Lin Yu


Tian Long City was densely packed with travellers, but those riding horses were rare. Ye Wuchen and Long Zhenyang obviously attracted the attention of the passers-by. Long Zhenyang was as impatient as burning fire. As he said, right now, Lin Xiu’s chances for survive was extremely slim, and each passing moment brought danger to her life. He would not dare to delay a minute or a second than what was needed. At Lin Xiu’s side, a lot of people were similarly waiting as their hearts burned with anxiety.

“Brother Long, you’ve never witnessed my medical skills, but judging by your attitude, it seems as if you are certain that I will be able to save your mother. How come?” Ye Wuchen asked curiously.

“Instinct.” Long Zhenyang said seriously.


“Right! That time we met each other at the small town of Tian Lie, it was a wonderful chance for us to get to know each other. After you and Ning Xue left, my grandfather had made a comment that frightened me, he said that… Heavenly Star Continent shall move according to your will.”


“I never doubted things that my grandfather said, but during that time, I only partly believed it… Your performance so far has already made me believe it eighty percent. Everything you’ve made has greatly exceeded everyone’s expectations. And few days ago, Tao BaiBai also died in your hands. Although this incident has not been spread, I still know of it. Now, I really want to know, if there’s anything that you cannot do.” Long Zhenyang’s eyes stared at him complicatedly.

Ye Wuchen shook his head, with a faint smile and said, “Brother Long, you think too highly of me.”

“Not too high, it’s still beneath the reality. You are destined to not just be an ordinary person. I believe that you must have a way to help save my mother.” Long Zhenyang said.

The two men, on their horses galloping at lightning speed, quickly passed the first half of their journey. On the street, a very crafty and arrogant young man with three attendants came out from a restaurant—he was Lin Yu of the Lin Family. At this time, the entire Lin Family had been running around helplessly due to Lin Xiu’s situation, but this second son of Lin Family was still striking a posture as if it was none of his concern even if the sky were to collapse upon him. He still went around the city spending his time drinking in leisure.

The two horses were coming towards his direction. When he caught a glimpse of Ye Wuchen on horseback, his eyes became shady, and the fury inside his heart started to flame up. He said in a low voice, “Go, make that man’s horse stumble down.”

For not having seen each other in more than five years, he was not able to recognize that the man beside Ye Wuchen was actually the crown prince, Long Zhenyang.

This did not seem to lack the intention to do similarly worse things before. The three attendants responded without hesitation, each held a strange rod as they dashed out. As long as they could get near the horse and smash its feet. The man on the horse’s back would certainly fly off into the distance, obtaining serious injuries from the fall.

The moment Lin Yu saw Ye Wuchen, Ye Wuchen had already seen him prior to that. At the three approaching figures with rods, Ye Wuchen laughed coldly, “Brother Long, I think someone intends to block our way.”

Long Zhenyang’s heart was already anxious, worrying about Lin Xiu’s life. He got distracted from his worry upon hearing the words and remarked in anger, “Whoever blocks our way shall die!”

When his voice dropped, two people rushed from the crowd, each raising a the rod on either side to smash at the legs of Ye Wuchen’s horse. Ye Wuchen grabs the horsewhip, firmly brandished it as if to instill his power into the long whip and like a viper, it launched towards the two. It was flung into their chests, one whip to the front and another on their backs.

Mournful cries followed soon after as the bodies of the two men were heavily smashed out of the way where they lay on the ground, unconscious. On their chests, they were individually marked with a very long wound that oozed blood, which was a ghastly sight.

Ye Wuchen’s eyes inclined, focusing at Lin Yu, who was now stupefied from the shock. Ye Wuchen’s right arm suddenly swung out.

“Wait a moment, he is…” Long Zhenyang had finally seen that the person was Lin Yu. In a great rush, he went over to dissuade Ye Wuchen from attacking but the horsewhip already lashed out; he was too late.

A miserable shout, like that of a dying a pig, sounded as the long and flexible whip had nailed onto Lin Yu’s right leg like a dagger. Moreover, it hit the spot of his leg muscle exactly.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere. Lin Yu covered his right leg, lying on the ground, shrieking in pain as huge drops of cold sweat appeared on his head. Soon after, he passed out from the pain. The crowd immediately went frenetic, the only remaining attendant who had luckily escaped this tragedy was so scared that both his legs trembled violently. For a very long time, he was not able to regain his composure.

“He will be alright. He won’t die. For wasting the precious time we have to save your mother, he is guilty enough for the death penalty.” Ye Wuchen said coldly, the corner of his mouth exposing an undetected evil smile. He was obviously venting out his anger without considering the outcome. This punishment was owed to him by the Lin Family, and they must accept it without any regrets. That was one less evil man in the Tian Long City.

These words from Ye Wuchen breaks off Long Zhenyang’s intention to stop over, he sighed inwardly, temporarily leaving this matter at the back of his mind, making the fastest speed to hurry back to the palace.

In a flash, they reached the Imperial Palace. With Long Zhenyang leading the way, one after another, the guards did not stop them, and they passed through without any obstruction. When Long Zhenyang and Ye Wuchen arrived at the Empress’ chambers, inside was still full of people, with everyone continually moaning and groaning in pain. The Lin Family only coldly glanced at Ye Wuchen’s arrival, then disdainfully turned their faces to the opposite direction. Evidently, they did not believe he could heal Lin Xiu.

The first thing Ye Wuchen saw was an old man standing very still, but it was just a glimpse. The old man had looked back at him indifferently, then withdrew his gaze, lack any emotion. Aside from this young man’s outstanding appearance, there was nothing else peculiar about him.

“Brother Ye, quick. Hurry and take a look at my mother.” Long Zhenyang dragged Ye Wuchen along by his hands, directly heading towards Lin Xiu’s bed. At this time, only Lin Xiu’s eyelids occasionally moved, while the rest of her body could no longer move. A while ago, the pale greyish color on her body that Shui Nanhe had temporarily contained using his power recurred again, this time it was an even deeper shade of grey.

The crowd went silent, as everyone looked at Ye Wuchen who was thoughtful. Long Zhengyue stepped aside, and although his heart did not have any hope left, he still longing for a miracle to happen.

Ye Wuchen then nodded. While standing in a corner without a word, he looked at Lin Xiu. Judging by her facial color, the air of death had already invaded her whole body, stripping away the life force out of every corner. Within the day, she would surely die. Tomorrow, her body would become a dried up corpse.

This was the horrible nature of the power of death. It was only because Ye Wuchen’s power of death was not strong enough, that he had to gather his powers and still wait several days for it to take effect.

After a long duration of silence, Ye Wuchen did not move still and just used his eyes to observe. He did not even feel her pulse, made no inquiries, he did not even inspect the body; his face was expressionless. Long Yin eventually could not help asking, “Wuchen, I’ve heard you have extraordinary medical expertise. Are you able to save the Empress? If you can, I will certainly reward you.”

Ye Wuchen turned around, and said, “Is the her maid present? I have something to ask her.”

Long Zhenyang’s heart grew ecstatic at the thought that Ye Wuchen might have discovered something and hurried said, “Please wait for a moment Brother Ye. I will personally call for her.”

Afterwhich he quickly rushed out at his fastest speed.

“This brother, old man here has observed your confident look, with not a single surge in your expression. You seems to have become very aware of something. Does this mean you already know the illness of the Empress?” Shui Nanhe said amiably while stroking his long white beard.

“Just putting on an act.” Lin Zhan, from the side, let out a cold groan that could not be easily heard.

“Oh?” Ye Wuchen did not respond to Shui Nanhe, but instead turned to face Lin Zhan. Knitting his brows, he said, “Superior Lin, do you have some resentment towards me?”

How could Lin Zhan’s loftiness go weak in front of Ye Wuchen? Without any hesitation, he disdainfully said, “Do you know who this immortal here is? He is the medicine expert of the Southern Empire Clan, the most famous master in the world of medicine known all throughout the Heavenly Star Continent, yet even he cannot do anything about the Empress’ illness. Don’t tell me your medical skill are more powerful than his? Some words of advice, don’t put on airs and go back at once to save yourself from disgrace.”

Long Yin’s expression slightly changed, but he did not say anything. During these past few days, even a stupid person would see that the recent happenings caused by Ye Wuchen were intentionally aimed against the Lin Family. The accumulated rancor of Lin Family against Ye Wuchen was already very deep. Now that they met each other in person, such aggressive comments were hard to avoid.

Ye Wuchen heaved a long sigh, seemingly regretfully helpless as he nodded his head, then faced Long Yin as he said, “Your Majesty, there’s something that I fail to understand.”

“What sort of things you don’t understand? Please, do tell.”

“Wuchen had heard before that among the two most powerful families of Tian Long, one of them is our Ye Family. Everyone knows that Old General Ye has been heroic throughout his life, being brave with his numerous outstanding military services. During those days, he killed Gale Nation’s armies, causing them to lose their helmets and abandon their armors. His reputation in the army is clearly incomparable, and he can be regarded as very great. And like father like son, General Ye had followed his father’s footsteps in the battles, fighting side by side with his father, regardless of life and death, he attacked enemies on the frontline, venerable and highly respected. What my Ye Family has become now was in exchange for blood and loyalty that is well deserved! On the other hand, there is the Lin Family. What Wuchen really doesn’t understand is, how could the Lin Family be qualified to be compared with our Ye Family?”

“You!” Lin Zhan pointed at Ye Wuchen, face full of violent rage, but Ye Wuchen did not even glance at him, his bright eyes only stared at Long Yin.

“Impudent, even in front of His Majesty. How dare you talk like that? You, young kid, are not qualified to comment on our Lin Family!” Lin Kuang said angrily.

Ye Wuchen laughed heartily, “What a nice family. Superior Lin Zhan, you must be the current grand master of your family. As the master of the house, you maliciously speak against one of the younger generation who specifically came to treat your sister. Is this the way the Lin Family treats people? And with just a few unimportant words from me, it has caused a terrible rage from two generations of your family. Such great self-cultivation and self-restraint, that you could despise a man of the younger generation like me to the greatest degree. For a family to be under the control of a man like you, how can you be qualified to be compared to my Ye Family?”

Long Yin tightly knitted his brows and said indifferently, “Your words are somewhat inappropriate now. The Lin Family’s contributions to our Tian Long Nation also cannot go unnoticed.”

“Then I dare to question Your Majesty. From my words, was there any statement or word that I’ve mentioned wrong?” Ye Wuchen said, his words neither arrogant nor impatient.

Any knowledable person would be able to hear that every word Ye Wuchen said was true. Lin Zhan’s brief and trivial words had been broaden up by Ye Wuchen, but still remained untwisted. Indeed, Ye Wuchen came specifically just to treat the Empress, yet Lin Zhan faced him with malicious words without reason or cause. How could the head of a family possess such an ugly trait? If such level of self-cultivation and self-restraint were compared to the Ye Family that was not boastful, even with their numerous accomplishments, the two families were very much different.

Long Yin shook his head helplessly. Facing Lin Kuang and Lin Zhan, he said, “General Lin, a while ago you were harsh with your words. Whether you had any misunderstandings with Wuchen before, to talk to a younger generation like this is really unnecessary. It will bring disgrace to the Lin Family, so now you all shut your mouths.”

Lin Zhan did not expect that even the words that he has subconsciously blurted out could bring him great humiliation. Even the Lin Family had been criticized. This time, he could only respond while restraining his belly full of anger and his face red.

When it came to oral arguments, nobody could ever win against Ye Wuchen.

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