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Heavenly Star Chapter 203 Heaven and Earth Split Open, The God of War Dies (Part II)

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Feng ChaoYang took a glimpse at the area where he had been hacked, then raised up the blade as he approached. Ye Wuchen stretched out his hand, the Star Chopper Sword suddenly flew up spontaneously from the distant place, slashing towards Feng ChaoYang’s body, Feng ChaoYang brandished the Shattering Wind Blade, suck in the Star Chopper towards his blade, then knitted his brows as he said in a low voice: “Imperial sword?”


Sticking together with the Shattering Wind Blade, the Star Chopper Sword violently vibrated, Feng ChaoYang moved his palm, the next moment, the Star Chopper Sword had broken away from Feng ChaoYang’s control, as it flew back to Ye Wuchen’s hands, Ye Wuchen grabbed the sword hilt, stood up, before him the world spinned around, then gradually his vision started to become fuzzy…...

The impact a while ago, had caused his internal organs to be seriously damaged. With Feng ChaoYang ahead, he didn’t have enough time to recover…… or else the time that he raised his blade, will be the moment that he and Ning Xue lose their lives.

The vision before his eyes was fuzzy, but it was still enough for him to determine Feng ChaoYang’s location, his trembling body strides a steps forward, then with a hop and chop, he coagulated all his strength as he attacked Feng ChaoYang.

The power that Ye Wuchen possessed right now was the most unique one in the entire Heavenly Star Continent, it didn’t have any patterns just like what Feng ChaoYang had mentioned, it also didn’t have any styles, only the energy ---- the omnipotent Wuchen power. So, he who rarely fight against other person, his method of attack will be just the basic chop, hack, cut or stab…...

Another airtight sound echoed, the Star Chopper flew out from his hand once again, the blood flowed out from Ye Wuchen’s right hand continuously, his internal organs were in a spectacular mess, the pain was so difficult to bear, almost like everything was being shattered into pieces. Half of his strength were used to protect Ning Xue from any energy attacks, the remaining other half, were all used for attacks, there was no remaining strength in his body that will be used for his own defense......

But this time, he strangely didn’t collapse, he lifted his head, looking at the Star Chopper Sword which had flown sky high. Almost subconsciously, he used his power to leap up, grabbing the Star Chopper in mid-air which was flashing with golden light and flames.

“Xue-er…… hold me…… hold me tightly……” the world before him became very fuzzy making him unable to recognize anything, his lips trembled, producing a very weak voice almost couldn’t be heard.

Then…… He let go of hir left arm which was carrying Ning Xue, his both hands grabbed the sword hilt at the same time. Every strength on every part of his body, on every organ, even the power in every strand of his hair were drawn by Ye Wuchen, rushing towards his both hands.

In mid-air, his both hands raised up the Star Chopper, opening his both eyes which had already lost their focal lengths, during the time he dropped down, he violently chopped down.

His both hands brandished a weak and powerless attack, didn’t give Feng ChaoYang even the slightest bit of threat. Feng ChaoYang silently sighed, then in a soft voice he said: “Let’s end this.”

The prior two attacks, he had already used fifty percent of his power, for Ye Wuchen not to die, was already considered beyond his expectation. But even if he didn’t die, he must have been seriously injured, his power and vitality dispersed, considered the so-called lamp dies out without any bit of oil left. And this attack, was already considered his last struggle.

He lifted up the Shattering Wind Blade, waved the blade as he forged ahead, then, during the moment when the blade and sword came into contact, Feng ChaoYang had discovered that, Ye Wuchen’s lifeless eyes had suddenly became incomparably clear and bright, the ruthlessness in his eyes came back after being lost for a few moments.

“Heaven…… and Earth…… Split Open…… Haaa!!!!!”

The sword blade in the Star Chopper Sword suddenly emitted an extremely intense gold light, with a sudden thrust, without warning Feng ChaoYang’s eyes were dazzled as he subconsciously closed his eyes, when he opened his eyes again, the world before his eyes had turned completely gold. When his pupils continued to magnify, the gold light was like penetrating through a piece of tofu, without hindrance it had passed through the Shattering Wind Blade which never part from his side, then it dropped on his left shoulder…… Without stopping, following Ye Wuchen’s body as it dropped down, from his left shoulder, it slashed until reaching under his foot, making an inclined gold straight line on his body.

The Star Chopper Sword finally landed on the ground, during this time the golden bright light flickered at its brightest, a beam of light flashed out from the sword blade, cutting through the curtain of night, remotely shooting across the blue dome of heaven. The entire imperial palace, even the entire Tian Feng City, from every location people could see a dazzling gold light soared high up in the sky, through the horizon. On the hard ground, a deep gulch split open extending out to a far distance…...

Who would ever know that, this beam of gold light, had ended the life of the hero in every Gale Nation countrymen’s heart, the God of War who had always prevailed.

Ye Wuchen grabbed Ning Xue tightly in his arms again, the corner of his mouth eventually revealed a smile. Feng ChaoYang’s eyes were lifeless, his body movement was frozen at that instant. Looking ahead, he mumbled: “That’s…… truly…… great……”

When the three words dropped, his body separated into half along with the gold line, then collapsed to the ground.

Ye Wuchen was eventually paralyzed on the ground, conducting his Wuchen powers, rapidly recovering the damages in his internal organs, decreasing his own pain. Prior to this, to use his ultimate power to draw his strength in order to kill the God of War, he didn’t dare to waste any slightest bit of his power. To unleash its power it needed an enormous amount of strength, the consumption was similarly enormous. With just a flick of the sword, it had consumed almost of half of his power, that swelling pain in his body had decreased a lot due to this trick.

“Ah!! He died, he had surprisingly died, unexpectedly defeated by master…… Master, you are so great, you’ve unexpectedly…… succeeded!?” Nan-er rejoiced exaggeratedly, then suddenly, she talked to herself again puzzled: “How strange, how did master unleashed that ‘Heaven and Earth Split Open’, I didn’t even know that.”

Ye Wuchen: “......”

“Master? Master, are you alright?”

“Never mind…… don’t mind me first.” Ye Wuchen’s voice was as weak as a light wind. When he clashed with Feng ChaoYang, the people in the surroundings evacuated panic-stricken, those who were injured by the aftermaths of the attacks were numerous. Feng ChaoYang had deliberately remained his position unchanged, didn’t want the entire imperial palace to suffer from tremendous damages. This time, not a single person was present within his perimeter of a hundred meters, but he clearly knew that, he would immediately face more violent attacks soon, he must recover his injuries using his fastest speed.

Nan-er immediately remained silent.

The moment that Feng ChaoYang’s body had been cut into half, the three old men watching from afar, as well as Feng Lie and Feng Ling were being stupefied, this kind of fact, they simply couldn’t accept it, how could they ever believe it…… deep inside their hearts they clearly suspected that this might be just an illusion from a dream.

The God of War…...just died like this!? Died in the hands of a young man with less than twenty years of age…...

Stunned, shuddered, terrified, and hard to believe…… Their hearts were so confused that was simply hard to describe, such kind of impact, was too much that it could make their hearts to easily fall apart.

“Dead…… Elder Feng had unexpectedly died……” Feng Ling opened wide his eyes, couldn’t believe the fact before his eyes. The protector god of their Feng family, the person they deeply respected and adored, the one who looked down across the whole world, the great legend that everyone looked up to…… had collapsed before their eyes just like that, the one who killed him, was actually just man quite a lot of years younger than him.

He was strong, so incredibly strong, but how could he be Feng ChaoYang’s match, he clearly seemed to almost die under Feng ChaoYang’s blade, why did it end up like this…… Ye family Wuchen who had killed Feng ChaoYang, he was after all…...

“Will our eyes…… deceive us?” The yellow robed old man mumbled like he was talking in his sleep.

“Your eyes were not blurred, I saw that too.” said black robed old man in a trembling voice, how could he accept that, a young man without any physical factor could directly confront, and kill the God of War that they could only look up to.

“This son’s accomplishment in the future, must be universally shocking.” said the purple robed old man who had never opened his mouth to speak before, with his sluggish expression. They were sure enough, from their childhood until the present, they had never been this astonished before.

Feng ChaoYang is now dead, this is the same as cutting off an arm of the Feng family, destroying the firmest and most substantial protective umbrella of the Feng family. Feng Lie’s entire body trembled, he opened wide his eyes, stretched out his fingers pointing at the unmoving Ye Wuchen in the far distance, using a completely distorted voice he yelled: “He killed Elder Feng, he killed Elder Feng…… quick…… quick…… kill him now! Now that he haven’t escaped, he must have been seriously hurt, go and kill him now!”

He was after all Feng Lie, under such terrifying thunder-like shock he still haven’t completely lost his rationality and calmness. As the emperor of the Gale Nation, he absolutely knew the level of Feng ChaoYang’s strength more than anybody else, and it was considered very important to their Feng family. And facing this young man who killed Feng ChaoYang, if he was to forget all these unending hatred, and he just let him leave like this, in the future he will rest or eat in peace, cannot be free from worries.

The three old men looked at each other face to face, then nodded their heads altogether, simultaneously they jumped down, rushing towards Ye Wuchen’s location. Similar to the three elders beside Long Yin, these three old men were three similarly heaven-level masters, moreover they were three brothers, having the same level of cultivation, using the same type of weapons, they were called the “Three Elder Gods of Feng” which everyone in the Gale Nation knew, they were the greatest protectors of Feng Lie aside from Feng ChaoYang. Although they were extremely reluctant to destroy this talented young man, but they needed to undertake the task, because if such kind of young man had really escaped, then it would cause a great catastrophe from their Gale Nation. Whether it will be minor or a major disaster, how could these three who had been through lots of trials and hardships not understand the situation, after all they have been through the stage of acting impetuously.

Before the three of them could come near, the three paths of energy fields had already locked in on Ye Wuchen’s body. His body still remained unmoved, recovering his injuries, his left hand carrying Ning Xue, his right hand was holding the Star Chopper Sword which he had used to kill Feng ChaoYang, it was still burning with flame.

The three old men who had been watching the fight knew that he was already suffering from an extremely serious injury this time, if he was just an ordinary high level master he must have already died, for him to be just sitting there in the corner was already astonishing. Perhaps for Ye Wuchen this time, with their simple attack it might be able to take his life.

Ye Wuchen indeed suffered from extremely serious injuries, the severe condition of his injuries was enough to kill an ordinary person. But his body constitution was incomparable by any other ordinary man, and the speed of his recovery, wasn’t also something that these three fully experienced old men could imagine.

Ning Xue was quietly pulled back in his arms all along, as quiet as a doll. She firmly restrained herself from producing any sound, in order not to let him feel worried, or disturb him.

The three old men approached from three corners surrounding him in the middle, and in the surroundings, huge groups of imperial guards also rushed forward. Feng Lie, who felt extremely hateful and dreadful towards Ye Wuchen at this moment, simply wouldn’t give him any slightest chance of escape, not to spare any strength of the imperial guards from the palace, he certainly planned to kill and cut him into pieces within the palace.

The mixed sounds of footsteps quickly approached, followed by the swaying sounds of the bladed weapons. The three old men were observing Ye Wuchen at close range, for a long time nobody took action, this time Ye Wuchen’s face was as pale as a paper, his breath was so weak that it seemed almost couldn’t be detected, similarly like a dead person. Only the strange red light in his body still flickered, the flame in the sword was still burning, they really wanted to find out about the specifics of this unknown sword in his hands, being collided numerous times with the Shattering Wind Blade of the God of War yet it still remained undamaged.

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