Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 204 Desperate Getaway

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Ye Wuchen who had just killed the God of War, this moment he didn’t have any slightest bit of strength left to retaliate, like a lamb which might end its life waiting to be slaughtered at any moment. The three old men looked at each other, all of them sighed, the purple robed old man advanced a step forward, his right hand pulled out something from his left sleeve, and he said pitifully: “I really don’t want to kill you, we have to deal with the fact that you need to die, and even if you die like that, your reputation will shock the whole world……”


Before the voice of the purple robed old man dropped, a beam of red light suddenly flashed before their eyes…… Only to personally confront Ye Wuchen, will they ever know the frightening degree of his powers being increased to the extreme limit. That moment, Ye Wuchen with his breath as weak as a hairspring abruptly opened his eyes, within a flint of a lightning, that long sword that was lighted up with flame pierced through his left chest, his heart was directly being hit…… the purple robed old man was completely caught off guard, that quick speed totally didn’t allow him any spare time to respond or evade, moreover it was too late to use his power to protect his body, just met the hit face to face, he immediately died.

Although Ye Wuchen had just used the “Heaven and Earth Split Open” pattern to kill Feng ChaoYang, consumed up a great amount of his energy, but under the effect of the Heavenly Fire Dragon Fruit his sudden increase of strength was still far greater than any one among the three old men, in addition to his lightning speed perfect sneak attack, this heaven-level master being glorious all his life, died worthy of his own splendid.

The Star Chopper Sword brandished, the body of the purple robed old man was thrown off, lifeless. Behind Ye Wuchen two extremely loud roar with amazement and anger simultaneously echoed, the tremendous stream of air attacked from behind his back.

In the far distance Feng Lie and Feng Ling were both able to see them clearly, the moment of death of the purple robed old man following Feng ChaoYang, his body tottering, this demon-like young was like a terrible nightmare, almost wanted to crumble apart the psychological barrier of his heart which had never been through such kind of impact.

“Transmit my order…… seal off the entire imperial palace…… No! Seal off the entire Tian Feng City, inform the four generals Yue, Qin, Meng and Kong, the army on the four side of the city should be in high alert status, not to spare any strategy, do it at all cost…… must kill Ye Wuchen!!” Feng Lie’s teeth almost seemed to break into pieces under his bite, when he made this frantic command, the imperial guards in the surrounding all of them shivered.

For the sake of one person, mobilizing the entire imperial guards’ forces was sufficiently exaggerated…… And Feng Lie, didn’t hesitate to bring out the entire army of the Tian Feng City, this can simply be considered as the greatest joke. But as they remembered that the God of War Feng ChaoYang had just been killed, no one dared to laugh at it.

Dang! Dang!

The bladed weapons interlocked, the flexible swords of yellow and black robed old men were snapped off in the middle, the stern wind coming from the sword had slashed open the clothes in their chest area. The two old men simultaneously threw out their weapons, left and right they both charged into Ye Wuchen, their both hands crisscrossed, brandished their strokes everywhere. One attacking the left side, the other attacked from the right side where Ning Xue was positioned. Ye Wuchen used only one hand, in order to protect Ning Xue he had to disperse his energy and concentration, almost equal to one man fighting against four men.

Ye Wuchen angrily groaned, leaped up from his location, made a gorgeous spin in the air, exactly shifted his position above the black robed old man, the energy poured into his both feet, using the mountain like weight he firmly dropped down, at the same time his sword piercing toward the yellow robed old man nearby. Since his hands weren’t able to become flexible, he attacked with the help of his feet.

The black robed old man didn’t have time to evade, his both palms forged ahead, with a smothered sound of “bang”, his body was like being nailed down on the ground just like being bombarded by the enormous energy of a wooden pile, directly sinking down his head, the yellow robed old man was being compelled to back out by the Star Chopper Sword.

This time, large groups of imperial guards were like tidal waves approaching from all sides, they quickly took their dispositions. Several groups of guards holding bows and arrows stopped by from a distance of more than ten meters, under the command they quickly took their bows and loaded the arrows, Ye Wuchen glanced to the side, his right hand holding the sword fling out, two pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb was being thrown out along with the whistle of the wind, landing on the perfect location, exploding in front of those imperial guards who didn’t have time to release their arrows. After that, an enormous energy spread from below his feet, his hooked up the corner of his mouth, subsequently the enormous force was highly raised up, flipping over a large group of imperial guards with blades, then continuously rise and fall, directly approaching the location of Feng Lie.

The imperial guards were too many, they continuously rushed forth from all sides, under the death command of Feng Lie, all the energy of the guards were focused on this area, Feng Lie’s area was surrounded by a defensive wall formed by all the martial experts.  Feng Lie didn’t choose to hide, but just stood there, wanted to personally see him die miserably!!

Ye Wuchen rise and fall twice, eventually being forced to fall into the densely packed group of the imperial guards. He brandished his Star Chopper Sword, hitting the three persons squarely in the middle, the Star Chopper Sword was stained with blood again. His body had been locked inside the crowd, unable to move about.

In the surroundings, all of them were enemies. This kind of fight doesn’t need any misgivings, doesn’t need any hesitation. Along with the brandishing of the Star Chopper Sword, one by one the flow of blood bursted in front of his eyes. The color of blood had muddled his vision, the smell of blood made his sense of smell numb.

With a wave of sword, blood bursted out from the chests of three persons who approached, then fell down on the floor, the dead bodies were being trampled on by the people who frantically rushed forth, another wave of sword, another three persons behind him got their heads separated from their bodies. The vacant spaces between them were immediately replaced by many other persons. The previous injuries that Ye Wuchen sustained basically didn’t have enough time to recover, all of his strength relied on the support of his one last energy, althoug he still has the intention to kill, yet he will be doomed not to stop, during the brandishing of the Star Chopper Sword he proceeded step by step into the direction of the palace doorway.

Behind him, the two enormous pressure suddenly stopped, Ye Wuchen having his defense didn’t turn his head to glance back, he leaped up highly to the front, immediately the blood stained ground exploded and the earth scattered, more the twenty imperial guards got killed on the spot from the hit of yellow robed and black robed old men. Ye Wuchen suspended in mid-air waved his right arm, the Star Chopper Sword that was burning with flame emitted a beam of fire, the terrifying blow of sword shot downwards, hitting more than ten persons below as they flew out, when he dropped to the ground, he swung his arm again, the Star Chopper Sword flew out as it rotated, like a curved blade of the Reaper cutting through the crowd producing a bloody path of three meter wide, Ye Wuchen carried up Ning Xue, stamping on the bloody road as they hurriedly run out.

Behind him, the enormous pressure force attacked again, the two old men with extremely high strength followed behind like shadows, firmly pressed onto him. If he didn’t eliminate them, Ye Wuchen simply didn’t have the chance to escape. He didn’t keep away from them, flipping his two fingers, two pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb came flying towards the heads of the two persons, the speed was incomparably fast, yellow robed and black robed old men inclined their heads to avoid them, but during the brief moment when the yellow robe old man inclined his head and slightly shifted his gaze, a beam of flame multiple times faster than the flying speed of the Heaven Shaker Bomb pierced through his throat. On the brink of crisis, his hand firmly pressed on the Star Chopper Sword that flew towards him, blood flowed out from his palm continuously, but he tightly followed behind the Star Chopper Sword, Ye Wuchen rushed forth ahead of him almost at the same time, gathering all his strength on his right palm, he suddenly pushed towards the Star Chopper Sword…...

Yet another sound of skin and flesh being cut apart, the sword blade passed through the neck of the yellow robed old man, then came out from the back of his neck. Yellow robed old man’s eyes stared blankly, then collapsed, dying without closing his eyes.

Boom! Boom!

The two Heaven Shaker Bombs fell to the ground at the same time, in the midst of the rumbling sounds flesh and blood flying everywhere, the broken pieces of body parts interweaved in the air forming a vast area of bloody mist. Under the two pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb, more than ten lives of human were being taken, two enormous holes were present on the ground surface. Seeing the two brothers who had accompanied each other through the years died in succession, the black robed old man produced a sorrowful cry, seizing a huge blade from one of the imperial guards beside him, he crazily charge into Ye Wuchen, every stroke directly chopping on Ye Wuchen’s vital parts, the cold wind of blade slashed out painfully towards Ye Wuchen’s face as if it wanted to rip everything apart, those imperial guards nearby were also injured if not dead. The killing method he used was regardless of other people’s lives, with every stroke lives have been taken.

Ye Wuchen retreated in succession, avoiding Ning Xue to be hurt by the wind of blade, then he gently leaped up two meter high, his entire body flickered the red light, a scorching dragon-shaped flame shot towards him. The black robed old man was completely unaware that Ye Wuchen even possessed the power of fire, and this dragon was not just released fast, its heat level caused his heart to be in great alarm, wouldn’t dare to withstand it with force, his body jumped back, permitting the fire dragon to whistle as it passed by. And during this moment, another whistle sound echoed, a black sphere closely followed the flame as it shot towards his face, he twisted his body, avoided it once again.

Drawing force from the mid-air, the direct result from it will be to completely release the energy, the energy afterwards will be difficulty to produce, so by the moment when his feet touched the ground, Ye Wuchen’s body appeared in front of him like a demon, then with the Star Chopper Sword coming right into his face as it slashed down…...


During the panic the black robed old man lifted up the steel blade to block it off yet it was still being easily chopped into half, with the swish of the Star Chopper Sword, it cut up his head as it flew out spraying blood across…...

Three extraordinary masters, all of them being killed easily by Ye Wuchen just like that. If Ye Wuchen was to directly fight against them with the use of his real strength, at this moment he might be only able to defeat one of them, yet unable to defeat all three of them at the same time. Even if he was to kill even one of them it will consume up a greater amount of his energy. In order to settle all of them using the fastest speed, and to preserve his strength, among these three old men, all of them he had relied on one single moment of their exposed mistake, matching with his astonishing speed and momentary explosion of powers to kill them --- this is the frightening factor of speed. The three old men died in their unwilling and unconvinced way.

Ye Wuchen seemed effortless with what he had done, but every procedure he took, must be clearly accurate with their calculation, every fortunate timing he must grasp the perfect one. And such kind of method was applicable to persons with weaker strength than him, facing the god-level master like Feng ChaoYang, every calculation will be considered as a joke, as he could only be defeated by someone who possessed a greater strength.

Ye Wuchen’s pressure was greatly decreased, brandishing the Star Chopper Sword with frantic energy, cutting off all the enemies within the three meters radius. In his arms, Ning Xue’s body gently trembled. Ye Wuchen tensed up, he knew that, Ning Xue will not be able to withstand the smell of blood and unending sound of flesh ripping off, in order not to make him feel worried, she was strenuously enduring them all along, wouldn’t dare to produce any sound.

“Xue-er, close your eyes…… we will be out soon…… very soon……” he gently consoled her, the heavily breathed in, ominous glint flickered in his eyes, with a soft roar, the Star Chopper Sword opened wide and closed, without maintaining the energy of the sword, nobody dared to approach him within three meters distance. With each brandishing of the sword, twenty or thirty persons ahead flew out due to the hit, even if the people will not die, they will still sustain serious injuries.

With the condition of the damage in the internal organs worsened, and the wounds split open, he still released his strength to the maximum level, brandished the Star Chopper Sword, gritting his teeth, like a wild tiger that came down from the mountain stamping on the bloody road as he forged ahead, everywhere he went, the corpses were all over the place.

Following Feng ChaoYang, the three greatest heaven-level masters protectors beside him all died in Ye Wuchen’s hands, the muscles on Feng Lie’s face were twitching continuously, his vision had eventually blacked out, a mouthful of fresh blood puffed out from his mouth.

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