Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 206 The Sword Spirit Like Rainbow

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“Brother…… you’ve lost so much blood, is it painful?” Ning Xue stretched out her hands, touching his chest and corner of the mouth.

Ye Wuchen closed his eyes, smiled and said: “These were not my blood, I will not permit myself to get hurt. Xue-er, if you are sleep, you may close your eyes and take a nap.”

“En……” Ning Xue gently responded, using her body strength to shrink herself back to his arms.

The red light on Ye Wuchen’s body was still present, didn’t know what it was burning. Ye Wuchen knew that, when red light was present, it implied that he still had the power to struggle, if all his potential powers were exhausted, everything will just come to an end.

The Star Chopper Sword was supporting his body up, the flame on its sword blade had turned weaker. Ye Wuchen knew by himself that once he consumed the Heavenly Fire Dragon Fruit, his strength will reach the god-level, yet he will still not be Feng ChaoYang’s exact match, not just one, even ten of him will still unable to defeat him. But this powerful forbidden cutting weapon, had miraculously cut the God of War into two halves.

Before, the Star Chopper Sword was just a sharp bladed weapon in his hands, today, he had witnessed the terrible power of this forbidden weapon for the very first time.

After a few minutes, numerous footsteps echoed in the street. Ye Wuchen opened his eyes, quickly get up, then went towards the western direction. In order for Feng Lie to handle him, he had crazily dispatched such enormous troops, without any doubt, this time there must be numerous massive military force guarding outside every city gates. The troops a while ago brought a flag with a small “west” character, explains that…… They were the armed forces of the western city gate. And it also explained that, the western city gate must not have any important army within, after all, that area runs in the exact opposite direction against their way of return home to Tian Long Nation.

The Star Chopper Sword was still burning with flame, no one had ever seen its exact appearance. The figures of the city guards were everywhere in the Tian Feng City, if he was to kill hand-to-hand all the way through as he proceeded ahead, numerous lives will be taken away all the way, spilling out more blood, when he finally reached the western gate of the Tian Feng City, the area went suddenly wild, Ye Wuchen who was extremely tired launched his big attack, then broke the gate and escaped.

“Your Majesty, an urgent report came from the western gate, Ye Wuchen had already……”

“There’s no need to announce it, I already knew.” Feng Lie puts down his binoculars, his face was incomparably pale, the ice-cold night wind completely fall short of the coldness in his heart, “He had unexpectedly taken the most opposite path, humph! Although the guards of the West were the fewest, but they were still enough to kill you…… quickly transmit the order to my men to shoot the enchanted signal bullet, hurry!”


Feng Lie grabbed his fists tightly, gnashing his teeth he said: “He must die, must die!”


Tong Xin fell down time after time, then get up time after time, her breath became weaker and weaker, yet the murderous spirit and ruthlessness in her both eyes didn’t wear off. Everytime when Lu Tian thought that she didn’t have the capabilty to fight anymore, when he was about to capture her, she will slash out the chilly blade, that bloody red color of the short blade, didn’t lose its brightness because of her weakness.

Lu Tian started to get emotionally moved, didn’t know what kind of power permitted her to support herself up from time to time, then repeatedly launched her attacks. He was evidently able to easily defeat her, yet they remained fighting for a very long time, she didn’t know how many times she had fallen, but she still stood up swaying, then strike out her vicious attacks against him.

This time, her delicate figure was like a savaged leaf in the midst of the wind, swaying back and forth, on the verge of collapsing at any time. But her dark eyes was still firmly staring at him, her both eyes caused the bottom of his heart to turn cold.

“Princess, your efforts for struggling were futile. I dare not to offend you, princess, but please return with me.” Lu Tian said in his usual stern voice. This statement he had already repeated for many times.

Tong Xin was extremely sensitive to Ye Wuchen’s breath, this time, she felt him get farther and farther away from her distance, his breath turning weaker and weaker, he must be experiencing a great catastrophe…… the man before her was continuously stopping her…… for the sake of Ye Wuchen, she must not fall down, she must go and save him.

She proceeded a step ahead, yet she stumbled and fell to the ground. But immediately, she unyieldingly supported herself as she climbed up, with bitter resentment looking at the man who was blocking her way.


This time, before Ye Wuchen’s eyes was the vast stretch of cavalries.

When the pure and white light shot out from the imperial palace, he evidently knew that there must be an obstruction up ahead. Cavalries…… he will be doomed not to break out of these like he did piercing the way through to the troops of city guards, because those who obstructed were not only men, but there were horses.

Behind him, the enormous troops were getting closer and closer. Those were not just western city gate troops led by Yue HanDong, but another set of troops with the similar size. He was pressed between the troops of city guards and the troops of cavalries which was similarly in a large scale, firmly trapping him in the middle.

Such magnanimous scales, only to take his life…… the degree of resentfulness and fear of Feng Lie towards him can be proven through this.

The desperate feeling filled up his heart, Ye Wuchen lifted up his head facing the sky and sighed, figures of many persons flashed through his mind one by one, then he gently said: “Wait for me……”


One loud roar, like a clap of thunder in the sky, shocking the hearts of people. Ye Wuchen’s eyes turned scarlet red, he charged into the troops of cavalries before his eyes, only to rip apart these troops, he will be able to have the chance to escape.

Following his approach, five pikes pierced towards his body, he leaped up, the pikes missed their targets, his wrist flipped over, the broad and powerful sword spirit flew out along with a burst of flame, hitting more than thirty people as they flew out from their horses. He dropped to the ground, the highly jumped upward once more, jumping to the spot where the group of cavalries were crowded together, he roared with hate: “All of you…… go to hell!”

The Star Chopper Sword flickered a dazzling bright gold light, like a golden shooting star that dropped down from the sky. After the “Heaven and Earth Split Open” trick that he made, it implied that he eventually had sufficient connection with this Star Chopper Sword. With this hit, his power was fusioned together with a portion of the Star Chopper Sword’s power, a golden shooting star, fell down from the sky, dropping to the ground…...

A world-shaking loud sound echoed, the land affected by the power split open area by area, the cavalries on the ground were being lifted up and flew out everywhere after they got hit by this great amount of power, they got wrecked and smashed into pieces, armors and weapons went flying in all directions, the whole sky sprinkling with the rain of blood.

On the ground surface, the rocks and earth were as if being instilled by terrible powers, as they hit the cavalries one by one. A succession of clear and loud sounds, although the armors of the cavalries were extremely thick, and the sharp blades were difficult to be damaged, but those rocks actually hit them hard as they got knocked off from behind their horses. Numerous fine horses suffered painful from the hit of rocks as they constantly neighed, some of them even got their bones fractured, the number of casualties affecting the majority, a great scale of defeat was evident among the disposition of troops.

The thick dust along with the bloody mist filling up the sky, Ye Wuchen held his sword while he stood on top of the pile of corpses. With his feet as the center, a huge pit spread towards the surrounding area, the tiny stream of blood flowed down towards the surrounding, converging beside his feet. The night wind stroke lightly, his head full of black hair fluttered continuously, Ye Wuchen’s face was emotionless, his gaze was evidently disorganized. Under his attack this time, the enemies within more than ten meters perimeter, eight hundred cavalries, eight hundred horses died with all their body parts missing.

The wind was reeking with pungent bloody smell, the troops of cavalries shuddered, those troops of city guards who followed behind him were awfully shocked. They have witnessed too many deaths in the battlefields, yet they haven’t seen such cruel bloody hell like this.

Under their gazes, Ye Wuchen’s body swayed a few times, then finally he collapsed, using the sword to support himself, his arms grabbing the young girl, remained motionless.

“This is simply a nightmare.” Yue HanDong muttered in a low voice, then he firmly waved his hand, “Eliminate him at once, quickly……”

More than ten persons simultaneously stepped ahead, they approached Ye Wuchen stamping on the corpses as they were shaking with fear, during the time when they lifted up their blades, Ye Wuchen suddenly transformed into a devil that seemed to have waken up from his deep sleep, he abruptly stood up, his right hand brandished, the majestic sword spirit separated the heads of the more than ten men from their bodies with just one single hit.

Yue HanDong was shocked, he roared loudly: “All of you attack! He is already like an arrow at the end of its flight! You must wash off all the humiliation we’ve suffered beforehand!”

This kind of fight with ten thousand men against one single man, he could no longer treat it as a joke. Because that single man, used the bloody outcome as a fact to show him that, he was certainly qualified as an enemy that needed his opponent to muster large forces.

The crowd flocked ahead, the infantries and the cavalries crisscrossed, however, this wasn’t the confrontation between the two large forces, but just for the sake of only one person.

A flash of flame, five cavalries were being slashed through their feet and their horses, another flash of flame, more than twenty persons became ground meat under the sword spirit. Fresh blood spilled all over the ground, the miserable scream disturbed the tranquility of the night sky.

I don’t like blood,

I hate to kill people,

I only wanted to protect every person beside me, Xue-er, sister, Xiao RouRou, and those people who I called parents, grandpa…… and many more…...

But why will the things always go against my desires?

Why do you compel sister to marry an outsider, and destroy her own life…...

Why do you want to hurt Xue-er…...

Why do the loyalty of Ye family be reciprocated with the cruelty of Long family…...

Why do you force me to kill people…...


The Long family devastating the Ye family, yet the Ye family was still being loyal and sincere towards the Long family…… because, Long family stood higher than the Ye family, controlling the entire Tian Long Nation.

The Gale Nation’s compelling force could make the Tian Long Nation, and Ye family submit, permitting sister to almost marrying off to the Gale, because they stood higher than the Tian Long Nation, with what they have, they could decide Tian Long Nation’s fate.

If, I could control their fate, all of them, would they not happen…… the people beside me, nobody will ever dare to hurt them…...

Ye Wuchen’s consciousness was wandering, he didn’t know, about how big will be the chance of escaping tonight for himself and Ning Xue, the vision in front his eyes was dark, his consciousness had started to slacken again, his hands, schemingly brandished under his never ending perseverance, releasing power that will almost get exhausted at any time…… That string of hope, was already slim as it was almost invisible. Vaguely, he felt Tong Xin’s breath was still present in a far distance, yet it was weaker than his own…...

Who was hurting her…...

This catastrophe had happened, just because of Tong Xin’s departure, just because of that person who had made Tong Xin depart from them.

He was after all just one person, he could perfectly plan for all of these, yet he would never be able to plan for something he never knew.

…… Perhaps, I was already wrong ever since the beginning. I just wanted to protect myself, search for my past, protect the people beside me, protect Ye family, but any unexpected accident would be able to destroy such protection.

Yes…… It was already wrong ever since the beginning, the most perfect protection was not protection, but to take control of those people who might hurt them…… take control of the entire world…… making all of them to fall under his control…...

With the sword spirit like rainbow, a very wide arc of flame flew out, cutting off all the enemies within the ten meter range before him.

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