Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 207 Destruction of Ten Thousand Armies, The Ultimate Meteor Shower (Part I)

One minute…… Two minutes…… Ten minutes…...

His body was drenched with more and more blood, yet he still didn’t collapse. His vision was blurred by the fresh blood, he stared at the direction of west, step by step he proceeded forward. Everytime when his consciousness began to become indistinct, he would firmly bit his own tongue. He could die…… yet he will not allow Ning Xue to sustain any injury.

Three pikes flew towards his feet from three different directions, he jumped up, swished his sword, drawing a bloody arc, his body in mid-air, more than a hundred arrows simultaneously unleashed after accumulated their powers, like a large group of locust attacking his body, Ye Wuchen used the sword spirit to push them all off, at the same time he threw out two pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb, exploded before more than ten cavalries with bows and arrows.

When he landed to the ground, he stumbled a bit, he stood firm, the Star Chopper Sword was held in his hands, the elements of fire gathered rapidly, then he threw out an extremely compressed fireball ahead.

A very small fireball produced a middle scale explosion, causing more than thirty meters area surrounding himself to become the sea of flames. For a moment people were frightened, the mournful shrieks and miserable cries were piled up together, almost wanted to rip open the night sky. Ye Wuchen used his both hands to hug Ning Xue tightly, dragging his utterly heavy body, then rushed inside the middle of the flame.

The strong flame covered up Ye Wuchen’s body, it had also burnt a wide expanse of men and horses, within the flame, three black spheres flew out, shooting towards the crowd of cavalries, causing three large area of carnage. Immediately followed, another three spheres flew out, blowing off all the cavalries ahead, then finally…… excatly ten spheres of Heaven Shaker Bomb scattered as they flew towards the front.

Those cavalries who had already experienced the power of these terrible firearms wanted to evade as they prepared to escape, but what came next, were still the ten explosions that came together, these explosions caused the earth to shake like earthquakes, ten evenly arranged flames became the last scene that more than two hundred cavalries saw before their lives were being taken.

The huge troops of cavalries, eventually have a very large gap in their middle. Ye Wuchen quickly rushed out, kicked off a soldier from the horseback, then took the horse as he escaped, flinging off the cavalries ahead him and those who were beside him, breakthrough the surrounding crowd, then rushed ahead.

Sharp pain, dizziness, weakness…… he continuously bit his own tongue, maintaining himself clear-headed, the horse below him, became his last hope.

The armies behind him chased after him like tidal waves surging up violently, as far as the eye can see. His right hands threw out another five pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb, exploding before the nearest few waves of cavalries as they became a complete mess, temporarily pulled apart their distance from him.

“Release the arrows!”

With a loud yell behind him, followed by the uniformed arrows pulling sound, Ye Wuchen’s trembling hands were holding the last three pieces of Heaven Shaker Bomb, when the first arrow shot out he threw the three of them ahead in three separate throws.

The first bomb, with a boom, more than ten miserable cries, that wave of the soldiers mounted in horsebacks holding bows lost half of their troops, far behind the front line the people unable to control the horses, numerous of them stumbled and collapsed, mixed with stampede. The second bomb closely followed, exploded in the wave of troops that luckily and narrowly escaped from the first bomb, causing wide expanse of chaos, the startled horses were more chaotic, they started to flee in disarray.

The third bomb, flew out in a far away distance with a sharp hiss, it shot against the area where the cavalries were crowded together, causing a great confusion, rigidly holding up the entire troop, preventing them to advance forward.

The throwing of the three Heaven Shaker Bombs was as if stripping off Ye Wuchen’s remaining strengths, with one gentle stroke from his sword, he stabbed the horse hindquarters, the horse below him felt the pain, in addition to the frightening three explosion, it desperately run ahead. However this was just one gentle swish of sword, causing Ye Wuchen’s entire body to be paralyzed on the horseback, the Star Chopper Sword which had extinguished its flame fell down from his hand, before it touched the ground it transformed into a gold ray as it shot towards the space between his eyebrows.

Although the cavalries were strong, able to sweep all obstacles in their during the battle, but their flaws can be easily seen. If the warhorses got startled altogether, these troops of cavalries will face their defeat without fighting. And the Hua family’s firearms, whether the Thunder Bomb with the small-scale explosion, or those Heaven Shaker Bombs with the middle scale explosion, using them against the troops of cavalries will achieve multiple times results, injuring people came next, the main effect was startling the horses. The reason why Ye Wuchen was able to rush out from the crowd, aside from the middle scale explosion, the primary reason would be relying on those Heaven Shaker Bombs which made those cavalries have no time to protect themselves.

This time, the three Heaven Shaker Bombs injured several hundreds of the cavalries. But the casualties caused by the stampede were far more greater than that number, after they settled themselves, Ye Wuchen was already a hundred meters far away from them.

In the Gale Nation imperial palace, Feng Lie violently smashed the binoculars to the floor, his facial muscles continuously twitching. That bloody killing didn’t stir up his emotions, he thought Ye Wuchen would immediately die due to exhaustion as he was already drowned out by the huge crowd, yet he didn’t expect that, among this magnanimous crowd, he still had a way to make a gap, and escaped out of it, with the use of few astonishingly powerful firearms, furthermore pulling a great distance apart from them.

“This person…… is he still a human…… why, wasn’t he born into my Feng family……”

Feng Lie firmly clenched his teeth, he couldn’t describe the surprise he felt in his heart. Killing the God of War, escaping from the imperial palace, break through ten thousand military arms, blood-soaked mass murder before he run away…… In his arms, he was carrying unharmed young girl all along, inside his body, what other terrible objects were still hidden?

And beside him, Feng Ling was already unknowingly gone. Because the direction where Ye Wuchen was headed this time, had rigidly fixed his ending.

The blood stains mixed with the sweat which had soaked his entire body wet fell down, dropping on the horse’s body and onto the ground. Ye Wuchen no longer had the strength to straighten up his body, he was paralyzed on the horseback, only the hand holding Ning Xue still vigorous, as he never let go. After a very long time, his left arm started to become stiff.

“Brother…… are you hurt……” tears welled up in Ning Xue’s eyes, Ning Xue who had never even dared to hurt a single small ant, didn’t feel any bit of fear during the bloody fight and heart-tearing miserable cries. Because even if she was to really die, she will die with brother, and she wasn’t afraid of that.

She only hated herself, hating herself not able to do something, if she could possess even half of Tong Xin’s strength, she will not be a burden for him.

Waited for a long time, she didn’t hear any response, thus she silently leaned closer to him, closed her eyes, didn’t try to disturb him anymore.

Whether it was the troops of cavalries up ahead, or the troops of city guards scattered everywhere behind, they didn’t give up chasing after him, using their all-out efforts chasing after one single sea sand. But this time, none of them were relaxed, but instead their hearts were shivering…… He was the one who defeated the God of War, also a real devil…… three thousand cavalries, twenty thousand military forces from the city, still weren’t able to capture him, instead obtaining serious casualties, blood and broken limbs scattered everywhere on the ground.

But even he was a real god, or a real devil inevitably he still had his very own limits. Besides…...everyone knew that, the path that he had chosen was the hopeless path.

The sky turned darker and darker, the thin moon in the sky gets brighter and brighter, the eastern gate of the Tian Feng City was as silent as before. Ye ShuiYao curled up her body, silently sitting on the middle of withered grass, remained motionless. Waiting for a very long time, her body and heart turned colder, every second felt very long.

“Xiao Chen……” She called out in silence, praying. In this life, she had never been so worried and afraid.

After a very long time, Ye Wuchen’s fuzzy vision and consciousness became clearer. Behind him, was still the enormous troops pursuing relentlessly. Although the distance was still not drawn near, but they have no intention of stopping. Arrows continuously flew up from behind. But due to the far distance, before they could reach his back they were already drooped down.

This time, if there will be an expert present in the army, he could easily overtake him, eliminating Ye Wuchen’s chance of escape.

“Xue-er, are you still okay?” He supported his body with difficulty, producing a weak voice, his voice so hoarse he seemed unable to hear himself clearly. A while ago, Ning Xue’s delicate body was being pushed down by him.

“En…… brother.”

“Ah!! Master! Ahead…… quickly look ahead! Careful!!”

Nan-er suddenly produced an alarmed screech, causing Ye Wuchen to be extremely shocked, he gathered his thoughts, concentrated his attention as he looked to the front…… ahead, was surprisingly pitch-black, spreading forward, unable to see its boundary.

In a split second, a name known to everyone within the Heavenly Star Continent appeared in Ye Wuchen’s mind, the forbidden area of the Gale Nation, the place that caused every person to tremble with fear with its unknown length, width and depth ----- The Death Abyss!

It was…… actually located in the western side of the Tian Feng City!

The horse beneath him didn’t stop, still running crazily ahead, Ye Wuchen widened his pupils continuously as he rushed towards the pitch-black steep cliff…… Eventually the front hoofs stepped on empty space, as they fell down into the deep…...

Ye Wuchen firmly clenched his teeth, he leaped up, his body turned around using this force, carrying Ning Xue as they fell on the edge of the steep cliff. And that horse produced a long neigh as it fell into the bottomless abyss, in the blink of an eye it disappeared out of sight…… During a long time of silence, yet the dropping sound was never heard.

That horse, was originally Ye Wuchen’s last chance of escape, and this lengthy Death Abyss, had thoroughly cut off his last hope. For a moment, the gentle night wind, and the gloomy moon light were carrying the miserable atmosphere of despair.

Ye Wuchen was tottering as he stood up, with just one step back, he will drop into the abyss, no way back. Looking at the wave of armies ahead, he just stared at them in a daze.

Tong Xin was still very far away from him, her breath was still remarkably weak. He used the power of spirit to conquer Tong Xin, between them they always have their spiritual connection and interaction. So, even if they were far apart from each other, they were still able to interact with each other’s location and situation.

This time, he was facing the truly desperate situation, having no way of turning back.

“Brother, are you cold?” Ning Xue used her hands to gently caress his cold face and chest, as she asked concerningly.

Hundred meters…… fifty meters…… thirty meters…...

The troops of armies running wildly as they get closer, their swords and spears were flashing cold and desolate lights, the hands of the soldiers mounted in the horsebacks were externding their bows, yet they didn’t shoot out arrows right away, when he chose this direction, he had chosen the conclusion. Behind the cavalries, the city soldiers weren’t relaxed, they closely followed pursuing the chase…...

“Xue-er…… would you like to see a meteor shower?” Ye Wuchen eye expression slackened, he despondently looked ahead and softly mumbled.

Ning Xue lifted up her face, then gently nodded her head.

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