Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 208 Destruction of Ten Thousand Armies, The Ultimate Meteor Shower (Part II)

He leaned his body forward, finally puts Ning Xue down, he completely regained back the power that was protecting her body all along. For a brief moment, his eyes turned terribly cold, firmly fixed at the tide of people before him, in his eyes, the back of his left hand, were all illuminated with shocking red light…...

Those troops of cavalries who were chasing wildly suddenly felt the atmosphere started to get somehow dry and hot, then immediately turned scorching hot. Such transformation that had arrived all of a sudden, then completed within one second. The next second, the originally dusky sky suddenly shone down a wide expanse of red light, reflecting a faint red light on the ground, they subconsciously lifted their heads to look, astonishingly the sky had turned red unknowingly, just like the hot flaming clouds that suddenly appeared before the evening.

If at first it appeared like the colors of the hot flaming clouds then in the blink of eye it transformed into some wood charcoals that were burning with flame. An oppressive air shrouded the entire earth, those warhorses all stopped running, stirring restlessly, despite the how big the efforts of those mounted soldiers had tried to excoriate them, all of them were to no avail. During this time, the wind and clouds changed, several flames appeared in the burning sky, the bursts of flames filling the whole sky were like meteors from the outer space, carrying the huge damaging force as they fell down from the sky, smashing to the crowd that started to get confused…...

Those flames filling the whole sky shrouded the entire troops of cavalries, it also covered half of the city soldiers behind, they lifted up their heads, the vast stretch of flames became bigger and bigger in the pupils of their eyes, closer and closer…… that was the ultimate brightness they’ve seen in their entire lives.

The flames fell to the ground, creating a vast stretch of flame purgatory spreading out several hundred meters long, the crowd and the herd of horses painfully howled, rolled around, run away within this sea of flames…… The flame had drowned out the earth, the miserable cries resonated through the sky, spreading to the distant Tian Feng City, bringing the terrifying atmosphere to the entire Tian Feng City. The people all went out of their houses, stupefied as they looked at the brightness of flames in the west and the rain of fire that continuously fell down.

The flames still continuously fall down from the sky, as if never-ending. The scarlet light of flames reflected a shade of red on Ye Wuchen’s pale face, he laughed again, with a mocking smiling expression, the loathsome expression, mocking them for being petty and low.

“So beautiful…… this is the meteor shower created by brother, truly…… beautiful.” Ning Xue stared blankly at the sky, this time in her very own world, she only wanted to lean closely on brother, with that meteor rain which seemed so incomparably gorgeous, as if coming from the outer space, not to feel those pungent smell of burning and ear-splitting miserable cries. She knew, that perhaps this will be the last beautiful scenery in their lives, to be able to enjoy it together with brother, she was utterly satisfied, without any regrets.

The catastrophic desperate fire still continued to fall down, violently burning up countless of lives. People who possessed magical skills in the entire Heavenly Star Continent were very few, those ultra experts who had the ability to create such large scale enchantment were truly rare, but all of them will be become the catastrophe in the battlefield. Ye Wuchen used his ultimate power to create the “Meteor Shower from the Outer Space”, he had reduced its force, expanded the range, ruthlessly burning with flames…...

In the high observation tower, without the binoculars he could clearly see the very large-scale brightness of flames in the distant place, that moment, Feng Lie’s heart, throat…… as well as his entire body were like being stifled by something, so stifling he was unable to breathe, unable to produce any sound, even the way he trembled, was so rigidly powerless.

“What kind…… enemy did I encounter here……”

When he was young he had personally fighted in the battlefield, he never experienced such fight full of enchantment. Moreover he witnessed such catastrophic power of magic. After the feeling of shudder, still he rejoiced, he was glad that because of Ye ShuiYao, he had exposed himself before his sight, or else after a few year or even more than ten years, not just within his Gale Nation, but even in the entire Heavenly Star Continent, who could ever resist his steps.

Everyone will be able to see that, Ye Wuchen who was pressured at the edge of Death Abyss, this must be the ultimate brilliant rays of his last hope, so dazzling that people will be unable to directly look at it.

With a “plop” sound, Ye Wuchen coldly laughed as he fell down to the ground, didn’t have any further movement. The red light in his body had completely faded off, his body was as cold as ice. Ning Xue firmly gripped his hands, without fear, without tears, only the warmth that almost seemed to melt away.

Following Ye Wuchen’s collapse, the meteor rain that covered the entire sky had finally stopped, but the sea of flames continued, the miserable cries lessened, many people weren’t able to endure the burning pain in the midst of flame, as they committed suicide by cutting their own throat. Among the chaotic armies, were the confused stream of people, even if they wanted to escape, but there was no way out, but instead they freed themselves as they died during the stampede.

The scorching heat started to gradually subside, the lights of the flames started to become weaker, this catastrophe had finally took back its fierceful teeth, but for those who were standing behind, without sustaining any bit of injury, with this shocking scenario, and that young man with his body fully stained with blood and yet still carrying a young girl in his arms, this will never ever be forgotten in this life.

Yue HanDong was unable to describe his own feelings at this moment, he was watching the devastating sea of flames before his eyes all along, unable to say anything further for a very long time. This miracle-like disaster, as the “ordinary human” even if they had the highest capabilities, or the strongest might they would still unable to accomplish it, what they ought to do, was to wait for it to perish.

Finally, the flames began to thin out, that originally huge troops that went ahead turned into burnt corpses that scattered all over the ground surface, producing an acrid burnt smell. Some of them, even turned into ashes, without any bones left, then scattered as the wind blew across.

A hand patted on his shoulder, Yue HanDong turned around, got startled, then saluted and said: “Your Highness the Crown Prince…… Your Highness the Crown Prince, why did you come here, you are still injured, this place is quite dangerous, you’d better……”

Feng Ling shook his head with a desolate expression, as he remarked: “Let’s get over there, tell the warriors not to take action without careful consideration, he doesn’t have any strength to struggle anymore.”

Yue HanDong nodded his head, he asked alarmingly: “Who the hell is this person……”

“He is a member of Ye family…… the grandson of Ye Nu.” Feng Ling sighed and said, then proceeded ahead.

Yue HanDong shivered…… His family name is Ye, as it turns out he was really the son of the Ye family! No wonder His Majesty had made a big fuss over him without not to spare anything, if he really escaped this time, aside from His Majesty, even he will not be able to sleep or eat in peace, like a terrible thorn being spread across his heart.

Treading on the burnt corpses, and also the burnt pitch-black ground surface, surviving troops began to rush ahead, but their speed were slower than before, their footsteps were heavier than before, aside from Feng Ling and Yue HanDong, no other men were riding on the horseback. A large fire, had made all the cavalries to be buried inside the sea of flames, not to have a single survivor, the dead bodies of the city soldiers were countless, piling up like a mountain.

“Xue-er…… help me up……” said Ye Wuchen in a weak voice as he laid paralyzed on the ground, he had finally regained the slightest bit of strength.

Ning Xue used all her might to support his ice-cold body, using her petite shoulders to support him up, so tired as she panted heavily. Ye Wuchen called out for the Star Chopper Sword to be erected on the ground, supporting his own body, using the powerless arms to carry her, with lack of regard he looked at the continuously approaching stream of people.

Anything that could help him now, will only be miracles. But the reason why it was called a miracle, firstly was because it hardly seemed to show up. He didn’t hope for the miracles to happen, but his ultimate path of escape, was already being firmly sealed off by the Death Abyss.

“Xue-er, are you afraid?”

“I’m not afraid, not even the slightest bit of fear.” Ning Xue leaned her body closer to him.

“But…… I’m afraid…...that once I’m dead, who will take care of sister, where should Tong Xin go…… what will happen to Xiao RouRou, what will also happen to your Sister Meng……”

Arriving at the Heavenly Star Continent for a very long time, he was no longer lonely all by himself, he could choose not to be afraid of his own life or death, yet he will be unable to give up and let go of those people he had cared for.

Ning Xue’s eyes reddened, she pinched her small hands, she was sobbing spasmodically as she said: “Brother, blame it on me……”

Ye Wuchen laughed a bit, then gently caressed her hair, “How can it be…… it’s because of brother being useless, for allowing them to snatch you out of my hands…… do you still remember what I had told you? You are the other half part of my life, even if I lost everything…… I would never allow you to get hurt……”

“I remembered…… I remembered……” Ning Xue’s tears were like falling rain, already sobbing unable to speak clearly. How could she ever forget, this was the warmest statement she had ever heard of, she will never forget it in this whole lifetime.

“So, don’t ever say these kind of words to me, okay?” said Ye Wuchen gently, extending his trembling hand towards Ning Xue’s face, wiping off her tears.

“En!” Ning Xue used all he might to nod her head, pressing her small hands in his hands, feeling his ice-cold warmth.

The crowd came closer and closer, the one leading, was surprisingly Feng Ling. Ye Wuchen gently gasped for breath: “Xue-er, let’s bid our farewell to Tong Xin, okay?”


He lifted his head to the sky, looking at the remote horizon, then took a deep breath, using his whole body strength and thoughts, he produced an ear-splitting shout ----

“Tong Xin…… bring sister home…… wait for my return -----”

“Tong Xin…… bring sister home…… wait for my return -----”

“Tong Xin…… bring sister home…… wait for my return -----”

Three loud yell, exhausted all the strength he had just accumulated, making him almost unable to stand upright. His voice was hoarse and long, spreading out in the far distance, almost directly through the horizon. He was bidding his farewell to Tong Xin, and also giving her hope. Or else, after he died, she will certainly be back to her murderous self as the Woman Punished by the Heavens, moreover, her hatred would be more cruel than what she had been twenty years ago. So, he told her to “wait for his return”, making her wait…… and to forever wait for him…...

When his voice dropped, the huge troops were already stationed twenty meters away from him, these soldiers’ eyes were firmly fixed on this man with blood all over his entire body, who was already unable to stand straight, their faces were full of all sorts of expressions. The young girl beside him didn’t sustain even the slightest bit of wound in her entire body, her head buried in his chest, refusing to look at them. They evidently couldn’t believe that, he was actually carrying this young girl, while he brought upon them the unbearable degree of fright, yet did not permit this young girl to sustain any bit of wound.

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