Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 209 Tong Xin’s Hatred, Black Butterfly Quick Murderous Attack

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Feng Ling was riding on the horseback, as he slowly approached, beside him, Yue HanDong followed with a complicated expression on his face. On Ye Wuchen’s face, they didn’t see the wrath and desperation that should be present, he was laughing, a kind of mocking laugh. This kind of laugh had caused them to be powerless, almost having no face or courage to make contact with his eyes. He had the right to sneer at them, this time having compelled to be like this, they don’t have the joy that was felt by a victor, the heaviness in their hearts were like being pressed down by a huge rock.

Stopping on the spot ten steps away from him, Feng Ling heaved a long sigh, not knowing if it was pity, or lamenting the God of War, the Three Elder God of Feng, and the numerous troops and horses who died tragically, or exclaiming that all of these had finally came to an end, or any other else. He gently said: “I, Feng Ling, in my whole life…… aside from my own father and Elder Feng who had just died in your hands, have never admired other people, today, regarding you…… during those days I’ve heard every fascinating stories about you, I am somewhat interested. Now that I finally knew that, the distance between you and I were too far. Among the people who had made me feel convinced, you are the greatest.”

“The Gale Nation imperial palace swarming with plenty of experts was still unable to detain you, the God of War was unable to kill you, but instead got killed by you, the ten thousand armies weren’t able to detain you, yet you escaped through a small gap in the blink of an eye, the Tian Feng City which was scattered with the city soldiers wasn’t able to trap you, allowing you to be able to break out of the city, five thousand cavalries guarding the western gate of the city weren’t able to capture you…… right now they were even in a complete wipeout…… I also want to know, in this entire world, who else will be able to kill you.”

Who else will be able to kill him…… for someone who could even kill the God of War, who else will be able to kill him!?

Ye Wuchen didn’t say anything, as if feeling disdained to have a conversation with him, the mocking look in his eyes was more and more reckless.

“If we were not enemies, I would use every fair means to become your friend. Now, what I can do for you would be to personally send you off.” He shifted his gaze, then faintly remarked: “Although your sister had abandoned me, but I would never abandon her, also never blame her. I would still treat her right, take care of her for the whole life. In the future when our Gale Nation wipes out your Tian Long Nation, I would try my best to…… protect your Ye family’s safety, just feel at ease when you go on.”

He took one last look at Ye Wuchen, and turned around, his right hand slowly raised up. Numerous arrows were now aimed at Ye Wuchen, when his hand dropped, ten thousand arrows will shoot out simultaneously.

“Feng Ling……” Ye Wuchen coldly laughed as he looked at his back, pausing at every word, with every word he negatively remarked: “Tell Feng Lie, tell all the members of the Feng family, if I, Ye Wuchen, will not die today…… in the future, I will certainly make your Feng family……”

“To be ---- consigned ---- to eternal ---- damnation!!”

The intense coldness suddenly emerged in the atmosphere, it’s a kind of coldness that was created from within the deepest part of his heart, the coldness rushed forth from the bottom of the heart, flowing along the backbone, four limbs, and the blood flow in every corner of the body, causing their body to involuntarily shiver. Feng Ling’s body suddenly went rigid a bit, that low and gloomy voice, was like the angry snarl of the devil in the underworld, causing his soul to shiver consequently, even without the courage to turn around to face his gaze. His right hand slowly dropped down trembling…...

“You are right…… Your Gale Nation, no one will ever be able to kill me…… no one will ever dare!!”

During the moment when Feng Ling’s arm dropped down, Ye Wuchen hugged Ning Xue tightly in his arms, turned over and stood up, then fell into the bottomless deep abyss behind him. During the moment he fell into the darkness, one by one figures emerged in his mind. When Yan ZhiMeng’s fairy and dream-like figure showed up, his heart turned sour and soft, using the spiritual power, he completely wiped off the spiritual contract between them that was established out of forceful means.

Originally, Ye Wuchen was able to easily get rid of this spiritual contract that the Magical Voice Tribe thought that it was forever unable to be removed. He didn’t like the idea of Yan ZhiMeng’s affection towards him to be established due to the spiritual contract, but he preferred her affection to be totally originated from her heart, but in order for him to know her location at any time, he retained it. But for the sake of saving her life, he finally completely wipe it off, because with the presence of the spiritual contract, if he dies, she will also die because of him.

Feng Ling, having heard the sound, ferociously turned around, which happened to be during the moment when they jumped off. He hurriedly jumped down from the horseback, bearing the pain on his chest to approach the edge of the Death Abyss, yet he could only see the pitch-black area. Their bodies had been engulfed by the borderless darkness.

Yue HanDong went over the edge of the cliff to support his body, then exclaimed: “I expect he would choose this method of death, a person who can’t be killed by the God of War, would never choose to die in our hands. If he was to die, he would choose to kill himself. The Death Abyss’ bottom can’t be seen, even if the real god fell into it he wouldn’t have the chance of survival. In other words, even if he has two lives, didn’t die below, he would never be able to come up…… Your Highness, let’s return back now.”

Feng Ling stood there for a very long time, then with a long sigh, he turned around and left. He killed too many people of the Gale Nation, yet in the end he didn’t die in their hands. Facing Ye Wuchen, Feng Ling didn’t feel the hatred, only great pity. And Yue HanDong and those soldiers with complicated expressions also felt the same way.

The crowd began to subside like the tide. Leaving this bottomless deep abyss that everybody feared. The Death Abyss went totally silent again, only the wind that sounded like the ghost weeping.


“Tong Xin…… bring sister home…… wait for my return -----”

Three loud shouts from a far distance were like a hammer heavily pounding on Tong Xin’s heart, these three loud shouts didn’t transmit to her ears, but directly spread through her heart, causing her to sit there expressionless, her eyes lost their focus. Her heart could feel that, this was his and Ning Xue’s last farewell to her, and his breath had turned weaker as if it didn’t exist anymore.

And Tong Xin’s breath, was already weak enough, even weaker than the breath released by small plant and flower. But she was still standing there with unbending attitude. Lu Tian became emotionally moved repeatedly, he couldn’t understand, how big was her potential powers, and what kind of power was still supporting her.

Suddenly, Tong Xin’s entire body violently trembled, her body was already weak enough on the verge of collapse. Because at this moment Ye Wuchen’s breath had completely disappeared…… disappeared without a trace.

Sorrow, pain, and resentment…… Tong Xin’s tears gushed out like a stream, this young girl who never cried, her tears had eventually fell down, and her hatred, as well as the murderous spirit, unboundedly expanded in a short span of time…… then expanded again…...

Those pair of eyes, flashed out dark lights, firmly fixed onto the person in front of her.

…...If it wasn’t for him, how could he die…… if it wasn’t for him…… how could he…...

Her thoughts painfully repeated, desperation and resentment filled up every corner of her body, every cell. Finally, indistinctly, she felt her consciousness became more and more fuzzy, a string inside her heart suddenly snapped off.

That extremely weak body had stirred up the elements of the heaven and earth in an instant, the aura of death frantically transformed. Within this terrible atmosphere, Lu Tian couldn’t help but retreated a step back, his body was like falling into an ice cave, his heart was overwhelmed with shock. That aura of death was like a realistic sharp blade slashing through his face, the slash brought stabbing pain to his indestructible body.

From the beginning when he had fought hand in hand with Tong Xin with full strength, he had never felt such frightening energy and aura of death…… No, it didn’t reach even ten percent of such terrible atmosphere.

Within the confusing atmosphere, the wind went similarly chaotic, within the perimeter of several hundred meters the dusts were flying everywhere. Within the flying dusts, Tong Xin produced a very sharp yell as her heart was full of hatred, and she slowly lifted up the Heaven Punishment Blade in her hands.


Tong Xin in front of Lu Tian’s eyes had vanished, then reappeared behind him.

That was not shifting, but Tong Xin’s unimaginably fast speed, swept past beside him, Lu Tian still maintained his original posture, didn’t have any reaction, but, during the brief moment of silence, he didn’t turn his head around, even his expression and body movement remained unchanged, just like being frozen by time.

The Heaven Punishment Blade in her hands fell to the ground, Tong Xin’s thin and weak body fell into the middle of the dusts, didn’t produce any further sound, the tears on her face had moistened the ground surface.

“Is this…… Princess Black Butterfly’s…… legendary…… Black Butterfly Quick Murderous Attack……”

A burst of wind blew past, Lu Tian’s body was like a piled up wood blocks collapsed down piece by piece, turned into a ground full of blood and tiny pieces of dismembered body. That trembling sound of mumble coming out of his mouth, became the last voice he produced in his life.

He was a real god, moreover one of the eight most powerful generals in the World of God, his strength was beyond every person in the entire Heavenly Star Continent, he could even destroy an entire country all by himself. He had never expected that, his own final destination…… was actually in the Heavenly Star Continent.

During that moment, Tong Xin used the Heaven Punishment Blade to strike ninety-nine cuts, breaking his body into a thousand pieces. The speed during that moment, fully transformed the atmosphere of heaven and earth, alarming all supernatural beings.


Darkness, Abyss, eternal limit.


“Brother, hug me tight.”

“......Xue-er, are you scared?”

“I’ve told you before, I’m not scared, really, because brother is with me.”

Their bodies were dropping down, the wind beside their ears whistled, in the surrounding, was the boundless darkness and the warmth in the chest. He only hugged Nign Xue tightly, and more tightly…...

What’s amazing was, this abyss had a spiritual power multiple times more abundant than the ground surface, permitting his deficient body to slowly recover. But, such little power of recovery wasn’t able to recover those extremely damaged internal organs, because no matter how hard he had struggled, the moment they touched the ground, will be the moment that they will meet their violent death.

After a very very long time, the cool wind still whistled beside their ears. Ye Wuchen opened his eyes, then looked down.

“Brother, are we going to die?”

Ye Wuchen got startled for a long time, then he laughed and said: “Did you know that, in many novels and movies, jumping off the cliff wouldn’t make you die, but on the contrary it will be a great way to escape. So we…… will not necessary die……”

“En.” Ning Xue gently responded, although she didn’t know what he had meant by novels and movies.

They continued to fall for a very long time, Ye Wuchen gently asked: “Xue-er…… if brother is no longer here, and you are all by yourself, what will you do?”

“I will be very sad, I will go and accompany brother.” Ning Xue answered, her weak voice sounded resolute.

Ye Wuchen looked downwards, then gently shook his head: “If brother is really not here anymore, you shouldn’t do any foolish things, but instead you must live to take my place, okay?”

Ning Xue: “......”

A light stream of air flowed from under their feet, Ye Wuchen knew that, the bottom of this Death Abyss, was already fast approaching below their feet. Based on the stream of air, below their feet, would be the solid ground, without luck ---- it’s not water, or trees…...

“I knew all along that, instead of abandoning you all alone, I’ll be better off accompanying you…… as we leave this world. But when I have the strength to save you, I discovered that I still couldn’t look on helplessly as you get hurt. Xue-er…… listen to me, don’t die…… live on to take my place, okay?”

Ye Wuchen was gently caressing her face, hugging her tightly, gently kissing her face and forehead, then he fling out his both hands, throwing her above himself.

“Brother----” Ning Xue yelled out in panic, waving her both hand to grab him in the darkness. All of a sudden, a gentle wind spread from below her body, causing her dropping speed to gradually slow down, then slowed down again…...

Ye Wuchen’s Wuchen power which he had just regained few moments ago was all being transformed into the most gentle element of wind, it held up Ning Xue’s falling body, his own body dropping faster due to the opposite reaction, farther and farther away from her, but the wind he released didn’t stop, well-distributed from slow to fast speed, squeezing every ounce of strength out of his body, maintaining the wind that blew upward.


…… Will it just end here…… such high altitude, such speed, the body must already split up in pieces…...

His body had finally smashed heavily onto the bottom of the Death Abyss, before he could feel the pain, his consciousness had already completely dispersed in a split second.

Ning Xue slowly dropped down in the midst of the gentle wind, although she felt the pain, yet she wasn’t seriously injured. She grabbed Ye Wuchen’s body, producing a heart-tearing loud cry…...

【Ye Wuchen:I will certainly return!】

【Big Grey Wolf:Get lost!That’s my script!】

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