Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 210 Sending Sister Home

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“Four hundred sixty-nine imperial bodyguards were lost, not to count the God…… God of War and the Three Elder God of Feng. Stationed in the West a complete wipeout of five thousand mounted soldiers and armored horses, nothing remained, the east and west city soldiers of eight thousand three hundred twenty-seven persons died in the battle…… Adding up to a total number of thirteen thousand seven hundred ninety-six men.” an officer reported the numbers, afterwhich he couldn’t help but wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. This was the number of deaths, without considering the people who were seriously injured or burnt yet.

Thirteen thousand seven hundred ninety-six men…… this number had caused the originally quiet hall to be even more silent. Such casualties was already considered to be extremely disastrous in the battlefield…… But all of these, was actually caused by one single man…… one man! Moreover he had also killed the God of War and the Three Elder God of Feng, after sustaining a serious injury. Or else, it will not be just this number, Ye Wuchen might certainly escape safely.

But even if they were to turn around this number, it simply couldn’t compare to the death of the God of War. Until now, they were still doubting whether he had really died…… or maybe, all of these were just a ridiculously terrible nightmare.

They preferred to believe that, this was just a dream.

Inside the hall, Feng Lie and Feng Ling were present, together with more than ten important minister of the imperial court. Today the chaotic incident inside the palace and the large scale deployment of troops, simply made this incident inconcealable.

Feng Lie seemed to have already calmed down this time, he took a few glimpses at those terrified faces of the officials, then asked: “Regarding this matter, do you have anything else to say?”

“Your Majesty, forgive me for being frank, but this matter has been handled quite inappropriately. Firstly, rumor has it that Ye Wuchen was wearing the God of Sword’s ring, he was the only descendant of the God of Sword, but now he was compelled to die by our Gale Nation’s army, how could his teacher be willing to accept it, if the God of Sword showed up, then disasters will automatically happen…… without the God of War, we will not be able to resist; Secondly, deploying several tens of thousands of military forces just because of one person from the Tian Long Nation, also lost more than ten thousands because of one person, if this incident transmitted outwards…… it will truly affect our nation’s reputation, causing people to denounce us; Thirdly……”

“Superior Wen you’ve made a mistake!” the one who was speaking is Yue HanDong who was guarding the eastern city gate, interrupting him as he said: “Are you afraid now Superior Wen, do you really we cannot behead this person with the involvement of great number of people? Then are you aware that Ye Wuchen had intruded in the imperial palace beforehand, without explanation he had injured His Majesty the Crown Prince, taken His Majesty as the hostage, then finally in front of His Majesty, the crown prince, and the God of War, he killed the princess…… His every offense, was sufficient enough to let die a lingering death for ten or hundred times, do we have any reason not to kill him?”

Superior Wen:”  This…… happened to be……”

“There’s nothing to worry about. Before it was due to the apprehension for the God of Sword, His Majesty and the crown prince repeatedly exercised forbearance, for many times they pledged to let him go, but he was still that way, he…… simply didn’t care about our Gale Nation, if we didn’t him, it will truly affect our Gale Nation’s reputation. That time the God of War had personally stood out and fight, didn’t actually care about the consequence, but unfortunately, as no one had expected…… the God of War was unexpectedly killed in his hands, the Three Elder God of Feng subsequently died in his hands…… And this kind of person, once we let him escape, how could we sleep peacefully because of that? To deploy magnificent army of thousand men and horses, to take his life by all means, how inappropriate was that?”

Superior Wen: “...... Oh, General Yue you were right, it must be because I have too much restraining fear towards the God of Sword. During those years if it wasn’t because of the God of Sword, our nation must not have retreated in defeat.”

“Although the God of Sword is an outstanding abled person yet he wasn’t someone who would be unreasonable, all of them were because of Ye Wuchen’s huge mistake beforehand, the God of Sword will not carry out vendetta against without any reason. I believe, he will not make his move.”

“I hope so.”

Only Feng Lie and Feng Ling knew, that Feng Ru didn’t die without any reason. Her death, the God of War’s death…… The cause for all of these, was because she had brought home that white haired young girl, then slapped her on the face. She was like a piece of bomb, permitting all of these to break out when they were completely caught off guard.

“Your Majesty, the reason why we have temporarily postponed the war was because of the arranged marriage between the daughter of Ye family and His Highness the Crown Prince, but now…… Should we dispatch our own armies once more, and directly target against Tian Long.” A military leader voiced out.

Feng Lie didn’t speak, Feng Ling waved his hand and said: “For the time being we must not. The casualties were disastrous as we could barely enough to accept it, but with Elder Feng and the Three Elder God of Feng gone, those we hated my father will certainly flock in soon, my father’s safety is our primary concern right now. So at the present we must concentrate on my father’s safety measures.”

Upon hearing these words, Feng Lie nodded his head. Since ancient times, the rulers of the most powerful nations were those who experienced more incidents of assassination. When the war against Tian Long Nation set out, the first thing that the Tian Long would think about was to do their utmost to assassinate the ruler of the Gale Nation. To find another person like the God of War among the Gale Nation was already impossible, even if they really found one, he might certainly not be similar like Feng ChaoYang who had willingly devoted all his life to protect the Feng family. Not to mention the God of War, even those experts like the Three Elder Gods of Feng, will be similarly this way.

“So, we must maintain the peace treaty through marriage, for the meantime we just mutually steady our troops.” said Feng Ling, his expression was somehow unnatural.

“Peace treaty through marriage? The Ye family will soon learn about the incident today, they will certainly be more hateful towards our nation, how could they agree to marry off their daughter once again. Now the daughter of Ye which we have never seen, she must have been escorted back to her homeland.” said Yue HanDong with knitted brows. He could see that, for Feng Ling to speak like this, the primary reason would be because he was still madly in love with Ye ShuiYao.

“Yes, the Ye family might never agree again, but with the refuse of Ye family it doesn’t mean that the emperor of Tian Long Long Yin will not agree. The one who had longed for this peace treaty wasn’t us, but Long Yin. Ye family’s refusal will not be a problem, Long Yin will think of the way to let them agree for our sake. Moreover……” With a long sigh he said: “I am ashamed, this matter was being facilitated with the assistance of Elder Feng, Feng Ling didn’t want to give up at this point, this is to show respect for him.”

The crowd went completely silent.

The God of War’s death, the chaos in the imperial palace, the strength of the entire Feng family was greatly affected, currently it was indeed not a good time to start a war.


When the moon has reached its culmination, Tong Xin had eventually waken up.

All of them were not part of the dream, her body ached and limp, his breath still cannot be detected, even the slightest bit.

She wiped off the dust stains on her face, her tears fell down once again. Beside her, was a pile of chopped body parts, when she turned her gaze around, her eye expression was full of hatred. She stretched out her hands, a beam of dark light dashed out, blowing them apart, perished.

She turned her head again, looking at the West, that place, was where his breath had faded away. She was bewildered, not knowing what path she should take without him, without someone to rely on and the place to return to.

Would she kill all the people nearby…… or the entire city to avenge him?

Striding her footsteps ahead, the last voice that Ye Wuchen had transmitted to her resounded again beside her ears.


He wanted me, to send her home.

She found her purpose, her eyes lighted up with colors once again. She soared high above, following the breath, flying towards Ye ShuiYao’s direction.

Ye ShuiYao was still quietly sitting there. Aside from fear, she couldn’t feel anything else. Ye Wuchen was already gone for a very very long time, yet he still hadn’t returned. She really never experienced such fear before, she forced herself not to think of anything worse that might have happened to him, her heart beated faster and faster.

A black figure approached from the sky, yet she wasn’t aware of it because of her anxiety, until Tong Xin dropped down from the sky, stood before her, she had finally lifted up her head when she finally noticed, looking at this outrageously beautiful young girl.

“Tong Xin……” She called out, then ferociously stood up and grabbed her, in an urgent voice she asked: “Xiao Chen…… where is Xiao Chen!”

Tong Xin’s tears had given her the answer, her heart seemed to split up because of the pain, her mind was in a great rumble, she was paralyzed as she sit on the ground, her soul seemed to have departed from her body during a brief moment, didn’t know where it went.

Tong Xin carried up her body, then flew towards the eastern direction. She will obey his spoken words all along. He didn’t like her killing people, so she will not kill people at random, in the future, she will stay with the Ye family to protect all the members of the family, she will only kill those who wanted to hurt his family members, no matter who they are. At the same time she will just stay there and…...

Wait for his return.

Even if it will take her forever to wait.


Heavenly Star Continent, in an unknown corner.

Yan ZhiMeng sat beside the window, looking at the stars that started to appear outside the window, her mind drifted to an unknown place. In her hands, she was fiddling with the short dark green flute.

All of a sudden, her mind violently vibrated, causing her to subconsciously cover up her head. That sensation immediately vanished, at the same time, she suddenly detected that, the spiritual agreement that was marked in the deepest part of her consciousness had suddenly vanished.

She stood up, blankly stared outside the window. She repeatedly tried to feel it, yet she discovered that the spiritual mark had been completely eliminated. In her Magical Voice Tribe, once she had given her body to a man, she will become his “puppet” forever, having no means to get rid of it…… could it be that it was just a fake?

How did it vanish all of a sudden…… What kind of peculiar method did he use?

If it was him, then what was the actual method that he had used? Then why would he access it, could it be that he wanted to untie himself, or perhaps…… he wanted to cut off the spiritual link between the two of them.

For a moment, her thoughts were in a whirl, she just stood there in a daze.


Northern Area of Tian Long Nation, in a forgotten corner.

The arrival of night time in this area was always earlier than other places, an old man who had vaguely detected that something huge was going to happen all day long was looking at the sky with rapt attention, didn’t know what he was searching for.

Not far away from him, Chu JingTian and Leng Ya were practising swords --- for Chu JingTian it was called practising, but for Leng Ya, that was called fighting. His hand was grasping a shaftless blade, the knife blade was covered with big and small holes, his eye expression was cold, the movement in his hands was becoming more fierce, the narrow blade raised up wave by wave of gloomy and cold wind, as if the opponent was his absolutely irreconcilable enemy.

Chu JingTian resisted skillfully and easily, but his face was imposing, although he had repeatedly defeated Leng Ya, but the wounds in his body were far more greater than Leng Ya, even two slashed appeared on his face. Leng Ya’s current strength was still a large chunk different than his own, but he was like a crazy madman, no matter what every slash was life threatening, on the basis of his own murderous spirit and energy he simply stayed level with him, occasionally when he went crazy it will make Chu JingTian tremble with fear, wishing he could cover his head and run out.

But his grandpa --- his very own grandfather always turned a blind eye to him, even those bloody wounds he sustained everyday he didn’t even care to look at them, throwing a few medicinal herbs at him, then shouted the command to let him continue his training with the madman.

Practising with Leng Ya for more than a month, his strength had unwittingly advanced by leaps and bounds, but seeing Leng Ya still make his heart tensed up.

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