Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 212 The Heavenly Star Vibration

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“Who is your friend!” Leng Ya waved his hand as he snorted, flipped over his left hand, cutting towards his neck. Chu JingTian’s both hands simultaneously grabbed, firmly clamped down his both hands, furrowed his brows and he said angrily: “What do you mean! We’ve known each other for a very long time, we’ve practised together, hunted together, ate together…… almost doing everything together everyday. Although you didn’t feel like talking to me even for a few words, but I knew you are not bad, the few strokes of blade in my body weren’t that harmful to my muscles and bones. Before I trained all by myself, now that I have someone to keep me company, that feeling is not that bad. I’ve already treated you as my partner, a friend, don’t tell me I’m still not qualified to be your friend?”

Leng Ya: “......”

Feeling the arms around him had loosened a bit, Chu JingTian heaved a sigh of relief, his mood became somehow desolated: “Now I know, that your character was acquired because of your father, but…… you were actually more fortunate than me. At least, without your father, you still have your mother, at least you are together with your mother for twenty years…… When your father died, you could also send him off…… How about me! When I was very very small my parents were already dead, up until now I still didn’t know their cause of death, I’ve never seen their faces, for so many years, I’ve never leave this place, my only relative is grandpa…… I envy you, do you understand!?”

Leng Ya: “......”

“But, I still live in a more relaxed way than you, more unrestrained than you, whoever treated me right, I will also treat him right, whoever treated me badly, I would still try my best to treat him right. Because I don’t have my parents, don’t have the family love that other people have, that’s why I longed for affection, and I treasured every sentiments, although you were unlike brother Ye who could please anybody, but you are the one who accompanied me for a very long time, how can we not be friends. Friends could help each other, support each other, stay together through trials and tribulations, withstand hardships together, don’t you want to have a friend?”

Leng Ya firmly shook off his hands, without any word he headed towards his own hut.

Chu JingTian, after the things that he had said, still see him being heartless, he got so angered that he jumped up: “You’re such a man with an ice chunk face who had totally lost your humanity, watch out tomorrow or I will stab some more holes in your body!!”

Since then, Leng Ya had been given an additional title of “ice chunk face”.


Tian Long City Ye Residence.

Tong Xin carried Ye ShuiYao as they travelled from west to east through the wind, didn’t stop by to take some rest, eventually they flew over the sky above the Tian Long City, the descended down to the Ye residence. Due to the fast speed, the people in the Tian Long City only saw a black shadow swept past, they couldn’t clearly see two persons,

The two of them didn’t produce any sound through the entire journey, Ye ShuiYao didn’t make any remarks for the coldness, she didn’t even talk, occasionally her gaze will get distracted, sometimes it was sluggish. She refused to believe that, after she had just opened her own heart, giving him all that she have, in the nick of time they were being separated, that touching emotions she felt in the creek side became the most wonderful moment in her life, arrived too fast…… and gone too much faster.

She wailed numerous times in the bottom of her heart, it must not be what she had imagined, I couldn’t be…...

The place where Tong Xin descended down was exactly Ye ShuiYao’s small courtyard, so desolated without any person, nobody will ever know that she had came back from the Gale Nation. Originally, she and the Ye family had thought that she would never ever return back here, this small courtyard which she had already stayed for more than ten years became her memory that will be covered up in dust, yet she didn’t expect that, in a few days time she would return back again, but her heart didn’t feel the happiness that she deserved. For a few days time, yet it seemed like several years had passed, more than ten years, things have already changed with the passage of time, things have remained the same, but people have changed.

Pushing aside her bedroom door, inside the arrangement of things were still the same, the familiar scent, not any bit of it was changed, neat and tidy, without any speck of dust. She didn’t tell her parents that she had returned, closed the door, then tightly hugged Tong Xin in her arms: “Tong Xin…… from now on just stay with me, okay? We will wait for his return……”

Tong Xin silently nodded her head, from Ye ShuiYao’s body, she sniffed out the familiar smell that belonged to him, and during this moment she had found her new comfortable warmth, and her new goal.

The bedroom door was suddenly being pushed open, entered Wang WenShu with a worried face. Since the day Ye Wuchen had gone to the Gale Nation, many people were assigned to chase after him to no avail, even his figure was never seen, and no news about him ever arrived. She didn’t feel at ease, for the whole day she was very scared on the edge about his safety. It became her usual routine for coming to her daughter’s room to clean up everyday, it became one of a place where she could think of her own daughter.

With a quick glance she saw a vague vision of Ye ShuiYao, She immediately stared blankly on the spot, for a very long time she didn’t come to her own senses, at first she thought that it was just an illusion because she missed her too much, but until Ye ShuiYao called out “mother”, she was as if being waken up from a dream, as she stretched out her hands to touch her daughter’s face and whole body, confirming that it wasn’t part of her imagination, then without asking how she got here, she hugged her tightly like a child and cried loudly.

Only to personally experience the separation of her own flesh and blood, will she ever come to really experience the extreme anguish.  

Wang WenShu cried for a very long time, then she anxiously asked: “Yao-er, how did you return back? Did they send you back because something came up, have you seen Chen-er, he said he will go to Gale Nation and find you……”

The journey to Tian Feng City was far-flung, travelling day and night for many days, Wang WenShu didn’t think that Ye Wuchen had reached Tian Feng City, but when she saw Tong Xin beside Ye ShuiYao, she was momentarily startled, because when Ye Wuchen left, she was with him. And now she had returned with Ye ShuiYao…...

Wang WenShu felt somehow worried, she hold on to Ye ShuiYao’s shoulders, then asked more anxiously: “Where’s Chen-er? You have seen him, right? Did he come back with you?”

Ye ShuiYao bit her lower lip, shifted her gaze, not saying a word.

Her expression made Wang WenShu’s feeling of uneasiness in her heart to expand multiple times, she grabbed Ye ShuiYao’s shoulders more tightly: “Say something, Yao-er, quickly tell mother what had happened, did Chen-er bring you back? Where did he go, please tell me now!”

Ye ShuiYao: “......”

“Could it be…… Could it be that something bad had happened to Chen-er?” Wang WenShu tried her best to keep calm, shaking with fear as she asked.

Ye ShuiYao’s vision was violently swaying, she shook her head: “Mother, I’m tired, let me take a rest, okay?”

“You must tell me what had happened first…… Tell me!” Wang WenShu was completely anxious.

“Don’t ask me, I don’t know, really know nothing!” Ye Wuchen slowly pushed her mother away, then closed the bedroom door, leaning on the door, tears stained her both cheeks, she didn’t want anybody to see her crying, not even her own mother.

Wang WenShu used her fastest speed to call out for Ye Wei and Ye Nu, deeply worried and sick at heart as she told them about this matter, the two of them were surprised, both had somehow sniffed out a strange smell, as they hurriedly approached Ye ShuiYao. But no matter how they tried to ask, or attempted to convince her, Ye ShuiYao still kept her silence, even her expression was so dull that it made people feel uneasy, but eventually, they could only come back with any outcome, yet the dark shadows drifted inside their hearts.

They started to wait, and Ye ShuiYao was similarly waiting.

The news about Ye ShuiYao’s return the Ye family haven’t announced it out, Ye ShuiYao never went out of the gate, basically no outsiders will ever know, but still it had quickly reached Long Yin’s ears, he muttered to himself for a long time, yet he pretended not to know, waiting for Ye Nu to voluntarily explain to him. But a day had passed, two days passed, …… Ye Nu and Ye Wei never mentioned about it, during the time when he was getting impatient, a shocking news had eventually spread widely within the Tian Long Nation, even spreading throughout the entire Heavenly Star Continent.

The Tian Long Nation Ye family’s son Ye Wuchen, due to his sister being forced to marry the crown prince of the Gale Nation, had travelled a thousand mile to get to the Gale Nation, forcefully intruded the imperial palace, disrupting the grand wedding of the crown prince, snatched back his sister. The royal family of the Gale was angered, during the conflict, Crown Prince Feng was injured by Ye Wuchen, the eldest princess died in the hands of Ye Wuchen, and the Gale Nation’s protector god ---- the God of War Feng ChaoYang fighted hand in hand with him yet unfortunately being slashed into halves by his sword --- being exhausted fighting with the God of War, Ye Wuchen consecutively killed the mighty Three Elder Gods of Feng and numerous powerful imperial guards, and escaped from the imperial palace…… However, everything didn’t just end here, the emperor of the Gale Nation didn’t hesitate to deploy several ten thousands of city soldiers and several thousands of armored horses, almost utilized all the usable military powers of the Tian Feng City to capture him, Ye Wuchen held the flaming sword, blood-soaked as he killed through more than ten thousand men…… In the end his body was weary and strength completely exhausted, like a lamp without the oil, being pressured to the edge of the Death Abyss, he jumped into the Death Abyss.

And whether he was fighting against the God of War, or the ten thousand armies, he only used single arm, his other hand was firmly carrying a white haired little girl, he was blood-soaked, with countless wounds, but that little girl wasn’t even in the slightest bit hurt. During that time there were countless witnesses in the imperial palace, as well as countless city soldiers, the people involved in this incident were too many to mention, the news simply couldn’t be concealed, that’s why starting from that night, all the details had astonishingly spread all around.

Such legendary news were like thunderclaps that resounded throughout the heaven and earth, shaking the entire Heavenly Star Continent making it incessantly vibrated, for a short period of few days everybody came to know Ye Wuchen’s name. A young man with seventeen years of age, had created a legend for killing the legendary “god”, causing numerous people simply unable to believe it, impossible to quieten down. The Gale Nation was greatly shocked, Kui Shui and Cang Lan were shaken, the Tian Long Nation almost rummaged, continued on for a very long time, discussing about Ye Wuchen all around, once he was known to the entire Tian Long City for his amazing talent, now the information about him had reached the whole Heavenly Star Continent like one true god that descended down to the world.

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