Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 213 A Night of Cold Wind

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“...... It is said that Ye family Wuchen had his hair stood up in anger and tipped off his hat, facing the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses without fear, he let out a loud roar as he dashed ahead, his hand was brandishing a flaming huge blade, bashing sideways and colliding straight on with the thousand men and horses, for short period of time flesh and blood were already flying everywhere, the corpses piled up like a mountain, no one had the strength equal to his. The shitty emperor of Gale Nation seeing his brave attitude, he was shocked as if his heart would split at any moment, almost urinated in his own pants, he deployed the men and horses at all costs, even dispatched the soldiers that were guarding the city gates, assembling a grand army of hundred thousand men. Oh…… although Ye family Wuchen was like a god that descended down from heaven, and he had just killed that so-called God of War, and also killed the Three Elder Gods of Feng, extremely exhausted, how could he resist against the attack of hundred thousand military forces, or else he wouldn’t be concerned about that great number of men, in the end, he was forced to the edge of the Death Abyss that made everybody got terror-stricken upon hearing it, that moment, he was like being possessed by the fire god, he summoned the flames from the outer space to chase after those enemies, the whole hundred thousand forces were being burned until nothing were left behind……”

“Nonsense! It was definitely two hundred thousand men! What you’ve said was fake!”

“You were all wrong, it’s five hundred thousand, five hundred thousand forces! It was covering the mountains and the plains, darkened the entire area like a sea, in the end nothing was left behind. My grandpa had seen it with his own eyes. He said that in order for the Gale Nation not to lose their faces, they claimed that it was just several ten thousands of men.”

“Hey, returning to our topic, Mr. Ye still died, being hounded by the Gale Nation until his death! To survey comprehensively the entire Heavenly Star Continent, which country among it was like our Tian Long Nation being able to live in peace and work happily, all of them, were granted to us by our Tian Long Nation’s protector gods the Ye family, the Ye family, had finally lost their only remaining descendant.”

“That’s right. All of these, were also because of that shitty crown prince of the Gale Nation, a toad wishing to eat swan meat, compelling the young lady of Ye family to marry him.

“That’s right, we will fight if needed, their Gale Nation was just like a ball, being utterly defeated by the Ye family during those years, now that so-called God of War was being killed by Mr. Ye alone, wiping out several hundred thousands, they were like a pile of soft eggs who started the rebellion because of their massive people, we shouldn’t be afraid of them, if they wanted to come, let’s get our weapons and fight, kill them until they weep for their parents, wherever they came from, off they go!”

“You said it right, the Ye family had sacrificed too much for us, how could we just reap where they had not sown, if we would really fight, whoever chicken out they will be considered the children of tortoise, we, the common citizens, were not useless persons!”


Ye Wuchen’s actions due to one moment of anger had made him become one of the legendary heroes in the common people’s hearts, moreover, the legend became more and more fascinating, some of the people even named their newborn children “WuChen”, resulting to a lot people with “WuChen” to be scattered all around the Tian Long Nation for many years after. His intense fight in the Gale Nation and being forced into the Death Abyss had decreased the Tian Long Nation common people’s fear against the Gale, resulting to waves after waves of resistance force. The news had reached the Gale Nation, causing Feng Lie to knit his brows, and steadily hold on to his intention of not waging a war for a short period of time, waiting for their suddenly surged up passion to gradually diminish.

When the news had reached the Ye family, after Wang WenShu heard about the matter, she didn’t say anything, but with just a roll of the eyes she fainted.

Did he become a hero, or was he like the widely rumored legendary god, those were not important to her, because regardless of his accomplishments, he will always be her son. But being forced to his death in the Gale Nation, yet it was still a very big shock for a mother who simply unable to bear it. The news of Ye Wuchen’s death was like a clap of thunder coming from the heaven, striking her hardly until she collapsed.

That day, the entire Ye family was in dead atmosphere, during this depressing atmosphere the servants of the Ye family discussed in whispers, pride and adoration flickered in their eyes, afterwards they all shook their heads and lamented.

During the nightfall, the weather suddenly turned cold, during the moment when curtain of night falls, snowflakes unexpectedly fell down from the sky. This snow had arrived too early, it signified that the autumn season had gone, the winter will soon arrive, the ice-cold air made the cold and desolated Ye family even more terribly cold.

The next day, Ye Wei who haven’t slept the whole night pushed open the bedroom door, the snow was still falling, for the whole night, the white hair in his head had increased even more in one night. He was treading on the thick layer of snow, striding heavy steps as he headed towards the courtyard where Ye Nu had been, knowing that his father must have also stayed awake all night.

Walking into the entrance of the courtyard, he immediately saw Ye Nu. He was quietly standing in the courtyard, having a lifeless look in his eyes, on his body, his shoulders, and on his head…… even on his with beard, were all covered by snow. The cold wind blew past, consequently his body didn’t shiver with cold, as if it went completely stiff. And beside him, on the thick layer of snow, unexpectedly didn’t have any footprint…...

To his surprise, he had actually stood in the midst of the falling snow and cold wind, for the whole night!

Ye Wei got startled for a moment, then he yelled out “father”, as he rushed ahead, supporting his body. His body was surprisingly cold, and surprisingly stiff.

Ye Nu slowly turned his neck what was frozen stiff, his both eyes were lifelessly looking at him, producing a husky weak voice: “Chen-er…… is he back……”

Ye Wei upon hearing his words, his nose turned sour. His father was a person as strong as iron, yet he couldn’t take this serious shock. Even though a year ago when Ye Wuchen had disappeared, when all the people confirmed that he had met an accident, he never exposed such kind of expression, such kind of look like dead ash. Because when the previous Ye Wuchen died, what have severed off were family love and the bloodline connection, but currently when Ye Wuchen died, the things that got severed off were not just family love and bloodline connection, but also all the hope, attachment, and pride…… During the prior period, it can be considered as his happiest moment after all these years, because his grandson was a well known gifted talent, with outstanding literary and martial skills, creating miracles consecutively, achieving great merits time after time, and from time to time making the opposing Lin family feel dejected and depressed, struggling to keep their reputation. From the bottom of his heart, he was proud of him…...

But after one night, everything was gone. He killed the God of War in the Gale Nation, killed ten thousand men, achieving a legend that shocked the entire Heavenly Star ---- this was not what he had wanted, because the cost of it will separated the old and the young worlds apart.

He hated himself, hated himself for convincing Ye ShuiYao to marry Feng Ling, if it wasn’t for the reason of her being compelled to marry into the Gale Nation, today will never become like this…...

Very late at night, he forged ahead of cold wind, standing in the middle of the snow, what he had felt wasn’t the coldness, but the heartache like being cut by knives. He was murmuring painfully over and over…… Is this the punishment given to me by the heaven for abandoning my family…… Since you wanted to punish me, why not punish me alone, why should it be Chen-er…...

“Father, let’s head inside the house first, head inside first…… Chen-er wasn’t back yet, but if something bad happens to you, our Ye family shall be destroyed!” He supported Ye Nu’s body which had became like an ice sculpture, stopping with each step they proceeded inside, Ye Wei turned around, then shouted loudly: “Ye San, Ye Si, quickly light a fire, fast!!”

The wood charcoal was completely burning red, Ye San and Ye Si was respectfully standing aside, their hearts sighing. Old Master Ye had been heroic all his life, yet in the end it was still the offspring who died before his elders, the heaven was really unfair towards the Ye family. Ye Nu sat in front of the fireplace, his expression was still lifeless, Ye Wei was personally massaging his body, warming his stiff body.

It was utterly quiet in the bedroom for a long period of time, Ye Wei’s heart was like being pushed down by a heavy rock, he crouched down beside Ye Nu, then sorrowfully said: “Father, if you cannot bear the pain inside your heart, you can speak out, yell it out, cry it out, it will be better, don’t hold them back inside your heart, now that Chen-er will not be able to stay beside us to look after us, we should try to care for ourselves even more, and not to hurt ourselves.

“His Majesty the Emperor has arrived!”

A loud and clear shout echoed from the outside, Ye Wei got distracted, he was about to stand up, yet he saw Ye Nu’s both eyes flashed, stood up all of a sudden, stumbled a few steps then hurried outside, Ye Wei immediately followed. Ye San and Ye Si looked at each other in dismay, then immediately followed behind.

Ye Nu came out to meet Long Yin, due to his stiff body, being unsteady, he stumbled and directly knelt down before Long Yin, lifted his head, in a hateful voice he said: “Your Majesty, as your servant I asked to fight, directly towards the Gale, please graciously grant your permission!!”

Long Yin halted his steps, then shook his head: “Old General Ye, please stand up first then speak, I had already known all the details. Oh.”

Very long time ago Ye Nu had been granted special permission not to kneel down when he faced the emperor, Ye Wei quickly made his courtesy gesture then rushed ahead to support Ye Nu. At this moment, Ye Nu’s face wasn’t like a pile of dead ash anymore, but instead he was opening wide a pair of dignified tiger-like eyes full of hatred and remorse, directly looking at Long Yin.

“Old General Ye, I totally understand your feelings right now. Alas, the pitiful bloodline of the Ye family, the pillars of my Tian Long Nation, it was destroyed in the hands of the Gale Nation. All of these should blame me, I shouldn’t have agreed to Feng Ling.” Long Yin with a long sigh, his facial expression was sorrowful, sighing incessantly.

“As your servant I asked to fight, Your Majesty please grant your permission!” Ye Nu was still in the same expression, still speaking the statement full of hatred. This Ye Nu who remained calm all his life, would rather lose his rationality under such great shock.

“I…… will not allow it!” Long Yin shook his head without a choice, then he lowered down the tone of his voice, he sighed and said: “When I heard about the grievous new, I felt similarly distressed, I could also imagine Old General Ye’s pain and hatred, if I were you, Old General Ye, I would similarly make this request. But Old General Ye, my hatred towards the Gale Nation, was actually not less than what you had felt, I never stop thinking about how to defeat the Gale Nation. It was not because I am unwilling, but in fact I can’t. My every move, certainly concerned the safety of the entire Tian Long Nation, how could I not care about the matter of life and death of the entire Tian Long Nation because of one person’s hatred and pain.

With a long sigh, he painfully said: “My current position, as well as your current position, decided our destiny of not living for our own sake, but living for the entire world, I believe Old General Ye you would know what I meant by this.”

Ye Wei was supporting on Ye Nu’s shoulders, then said: “Father, His Majesty is right, we shouldn’t be negligent towards this matter, even if we are to fight, we must take time to make the decision.”

“Living for the sake of the entire world……” Ye Nu repeated this statement, then laughed bitterly, his laughter was incomparably miserable: “I had lived for the sake of the world my entire life, in this life, I even didn’t speak with my granddaughter for more than a few statements, yet had personally sent her off to the Gale Nation, almost destroyed her happiness, I had never  accompanied my grandson for more than few days, but now we were already separated worlds apart, didn’t see his dead body. Living for the sake of the entire world, I have had enough…… enough already, Your Majesty, regarding the permission to fight, I was indeed impulsive, please allow myself to…… retire from the imperial court.”

With this great shock due to Ye Wuchen’s death, Ye Nu’s heart had truly went cold, weary, tired, only with regrets. He was already old, didn’t know how many remaining days were left for him to live, for the remaining period, he just wanted to live for himself, the other things, will not be significant to him anymore.

Upon hearing these words, Long Yin went silent, looking face to face with Ye Nu for a long time, he then slowly nodded his head: “All these years, thanks for working hard Old General Ye, since this is the case, I will just allow it. My deepest condolences to you, Old General Ye, kindly support your good health. If you needed anything, you may send your men to see me.”

Ye Nu lowered down his head: “I thanked Your Majesty for your grace.”

“Your Majesty, it is cold outside, please come inside and have a seat.” Ye Wei supported Ye Nu’s body up, then remarked.

“No, General Ye, you must assist Old General Ye to his room, I would like to personally see your daughter.”

Ye Wei hearing him refused to be followed, responded: “Please do as you wish, Your Majesty, humble servant will take my leave now.” afterwhich he supported Ye Nu, step by step as they returned back. With this decision of Ye Nu, he wasn’t surprised. He indeed needed to take some rest.

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