Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 214 Get Lost!

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Long Yin went alone inside Ye ShuiYao’s study room, didn’t go through any announcement. He pushed the bedroom door open, he felt the quiet and cold wind directly blown through his face. Ye ShuiYao was sitting in the middle of the study room as expected, since yesterday when she heard about the news of Ye Wuchen, she closed the door refused to come out, didn’t sleep through the night, didn’t drink anything, didn’t cry, most of the time she just sat there in a daze.

With Long Yin’s sudden arrival, she didn’t turn around. Beside her Tong Xin raised her eyebrows, then regained her vision didn’t look at him again. As if she had completely ignored his presence.

The atmosphere here didn’t fit Long Yin, he opened his mouth and said: “Ye ShuiYao, it’s me.”

Upon hearing this, Ye ShuiYao turned around, looking at him emotionless, didn’t respond, didn’t make her salutations, with a dull gaze she was as if looking at a stranger.

Long Yin didn’t mind, he sighed and said: “I learned about everything, moments ago I’ve met your father and grandfather, now that I have personally come here, to tell you one thing.” He paused, yet didn’t hear Ye ShuiYao’s response, knowing that it will be useless to speak further, he got right the point: “This matter, I will just tell you straight forward, after that day, the emperor of Gale Nation was extremely furious, intended to attack my Tian Long right away, the crown prince had obstructed, Feng Ling sent message to me, if you would be willing to go back to the Gale to finish the wedding ceremony, they would forget and not bear recriminations, the five year peace treaty would still be implemented. I wanted to hear your opinion.”

Ye ShuiYao’s face turned cold in a split second, producing a voice full of hatred: “You…… in spite of everything, still wanted me to marry the murderer who had killed Xiao Chen!”

Long Yin expected that she would have such kind of reaction, he said without choice: “My hatred towards the Gale Nation was not below anybody, my lack of better option was greater than any of you. How could I not know that, if this peaceful wedding will be completed, but truly it was an insult to our Tin Long Nation, I also understand your Ye family’s hate. But do you what was meant by ‘enduring humiliation as part of an important mission’? Now that all the officials knew about this, if they were to fight now, my Tian Long shall certainly meet the dangerous chance of being destroyed, and the only person who could solve this problem, is only you alone. I hope you can shoulder the humiliation , and save all the people, the history of Tian Long will forever remember your name! You have agreed during the first time, you must have known the advantages, the men and women of Ye family were all loyal to their nation, do you want to agree for the second time?”

Ye ShuiYao was listening to his voice in a cold face, when he was done, she coldly said: “Tian Long Nation’s extermination is none of my business, your Long family’s extermination was also not my concern…… get lost!

With her berate, Long Yin’s face turned dark, the magnificent emperor of Tian Long Nation, never encountered disrespect from someone towards him. He seriously yelled out: “Presumptuous!”

When his voice dropped after bringing out the power of a monarch, Tong Xin suddenly lifted up her head, her eyes were tightly fixed at him, the air inside the room was like being frozen. Long Yin was like being stared at by a poisonous viper, an invisible fear was present in his heart, the outspread of coldness, caused his heart to violently shiver.


During this time, the bedroom door was suddenly pushed open, two aged figure simultaneously flew inside, standing beside Long Yin, they were actually two of his three major protectors, when Elder Li entered he immediately bow his head and said: “Your Majesty, there was an urgent report transmitted from the palace telling Your Majesty to quickly return. “  Then he dragged him a bit. Long Yin comprehended, then fearfully took a glance at Tong Xin, then turned around to leave.

On his way back to the palace, the terrible feeling in Long Yin’s heart still didn’t disappear, during the moment when Tong Xin stared at him, he was having a terrible feeling like a knife was pressed against his neck and when he moved a little bit it will take away his life at any time. With a lingering fear in his heart, he asked: “That person is the young girl who was picked up by Ye Wuchen somewhere before, what kind of person was she?”

“Your Majesty had noticed her extraordinary nature?” a voice asked.

“That’s right, although I am not an expert in the martial skills, but a while ago that energy being released must have came from an expert. Didn’t expect a teenage young girl like her, will be that frightening. Elder Li, why do you want me to leave a while ago, didn’t you have the assurance to take her under control? Humph! Ye ShuiYao had gone so far as to disrespect me, that’s ridiculous!” Thinking of that moment when Ye ShuiYao yelled “get out”, his heart was overflowing with anger. For so many years, no one ever dared to talk to him like that.

“It’s not that we don’t have the assurance, but…… even if ten or twenty of me would attack altogether, we were still not her match.”

“What!?” Long Yin halted his footsteps, during the astonishment, he knitted his brows and asked: “What you have said…… is that for real?”

“How could I ever deceive Your Majesty.”

“Elder Li was right, if she wanted to kill us, she will just need less than three strikes, if she wanted to do any harmful means towards Your Majesty…… even if there’s a hundred of us we would not be able to stop her.” said another old voice.

Long Yin’s head felt numb, remembering the young girl’s terrible eyes, his heart trembled with fear: “How…… how can this be possible……”

“Your Majesty, many things in this world were simply unexplainable by conventional reasoning, for instance, Ye family Wuchen killing the God of War, killing the Three Elder God of Feng that were comparable to us, during his exhaustion he also killed ten thousand forces, this seemed like a legend, yet it was a fact after all.”

Long Yin stared blankly for a long time, with a long sigh he said: “You said it right…… I had never expected, that Ye Wuchen had actually concealed such magnificent power. His actions towards the Gale Nation, can be considered to startle the universe and move the gods.”


Yesterday when Long Yin had received the news, the shock he felt in his heart was simply indescribable. Now to think of it, with the lingering fear in his heart, he had been scheming to take Ye Wuchen’s life, when the day arrived that he became aware of it, with such frightening powers that he had concealed up, even enough to kill the God of War, if he wanted to destroy the Long family it will just be an easy task. But fortunately, he was dead, didn’t die under his scheme, but instead died in the Gale Nation, he couldn’t help but exclaimed that this might be because the heaven was protecting their Long family. Not just him alone, even that black dressed young girl beside him was extremely dangerous, also completely unexplainable by conventional reasoning. Long Yin had realized suddenly, that he thought he was able to take control of all the things, yet he only knew the physical characteristic of Ye Wuchen, if one day he would make a wrong move, he might not be able to defend himself effectively.

“No wonder Tao BaiBai also died in his hands, talking about enchanted devices, in fact they were all imaginary things. With his young age, how did he reach such unimaginable level. Could it be that he was really possessed by the devil according to the legend?”

Long Yin had misunderstood Ye Wuchen, during that time he actually didn’t have the power to kill Tao BaiBai, even if he reached the third level of Primal Chaotic Spell he would similarly unable to do it. He relied on Tong Xin to kill Tao BaiBai, killing Feng ChaoYang he had also relied on the Heavenly Fire Dragon Fruit and the Star Chopper Sword.

“About this matter, we were even more surprised than Your Majesty, and we also wanted to know. But one thing is for sure…… Your Majesty, please do not provoke that young girl, by all means we shouldn’t! A while ago, she had already desired to commit murder, if we arrived a little late, Your Majesty you might already……”

Long Yin: “......”

Long Yin just returned inside the palace, when a palace eunuch hurriedly came to report: “Your Majesty, we’ve heard from the servants of the Fei Huang Palace, that Princess Fei Huang didn’t eat since yesterday, Your Majesty would you like to……”

Having too many concerns in his mind, he waved his hands: “Just let someone prepare all she wanted to eat, you may excuse yourself…… Wait, please call out for Lin Kuang.”

After a short while, Lin Kuang quickly step inside, bowed and said: “Your Majesty, what service do you want your servant to do for you?”

“Do you know anything about Ye Wuchen?” asked Long Yin.

“I know.” the incident became a very hot topic within the entire Heavenly Star Continent, it will be difficult for him not to know about it.

“Do you have any opinions?”

“This……” Lin Kuang paused, then prudently said: “Didn’t expect he had deeply concealed his strength, it was unexpectedly frightening.”

He sighed similarly like Long Yin, Long Yin didn’t ask further, he furrowed his eyebrows and said: “No matter how frightening he was, now that he’s dead, we must not mind him anymore. Ye Wuchen’s death will be an absolutely great opportunity for me and your Lin family. Ye Nu had already prepared to retire, didn’t want to meddle with the state affairs anymore, this is not a good thing, nor a bad thing, based on his nature, during the war, he will certainly come out voluntarily, what you needed to handle now, is the Hua family, do you understand my intention?”

Lin Kuang immediately acknowledged, “Old servant understand!”



The snow stopped during the afternoon, Xiao Lu who had been crying until her eyes became red and swollen quietly delivered the food, then quietly stepped out. Ye ShuiYao didn’t eat for the whole day again, her body was cold and her heart was colder. She believed all along, that running away from him had made Ye Wuchen chased after the Gale Nation, thereby causing his death.

Tong Xin brought the steaming hot food in front of her, looking at her in watery eyes. She shook her head, then desolately said: “I’m not hungry, you must eat.”

Tong Xin similarly shook her head, just half lifting the food in her hands in the air, but she had waited for a long time, Ye ShuiYao was still sitting there baffled. Tong Xin put down the food, went over to get a brush, also take out a piece of paper, then clumsily drawing on top of it, for her, writing words was much more difficult than killing people.

After writing, she placed the paper in front of Ye ShuiYao, on top of it, some crooked words were written: “If you don’t eat, he would worry”.

Tears rushed out from Ye ShuiYao’s eyes which she had been trying hard to hold back, she covered her lips, exerting her strength to nod her head, then picked up the chopsticks.

Tong Xin had now treated Ye ShuiYao as someone to depend on, and Tong Xin was also Ye ShuiYao’s support and protective umbrella, the only one she could express her true feelings to. Their friendship was established because of one person. Because one was his most favorite sister, the other one was the little sister he would always bring along wherever he went.

Tian Long City Hua Residence.

“My lovely daughter, father is begging you, you must eat something, if you don’t eat anything, your body would collapse!” Hua ZhenTian was consoling her while begging, almost wanted to kneel down before his daughter, since yesterday when he received the news about Ye Wuchen’s death, he got distracted and completely at a loss for a very long time, he decided to firmly conceal this matter, but since this matter had created quite a big shocking level, with the entire Heavenly Star Continent discussing about it, how could he ever cover it up, Hua ShuiRou quickly learned about this by other means. When she first hear about the news, without saying anything she passed out, scaring Hua ZhenTian as he got panic-stricken.

Hua ZhenTian had been trying to convince her since yesterday, racking his brains out attempting to convince her, yet Hua ShuiRou just stared blankly while she sat down on her bed, having lifeless look in her eyes, not saying a word, as if her soul was lost, Hua ZhenTian had tried to talk to her for a very long time, she didn’t even move her eyelashes a bit.

Hua ZhenTian sighed, used his strength to smash his own head, he totally understand his own daughter. Ye Wuchen’s death had greatly affected her, her soul had immediately followed him.

“If you don’t eat, your father will also endure the starvation with you, if you don’t want me to starve, then you should eat some, okay?” said Hua ZhenTian in an extremely pleading tone, from yesterday until today, Hua ShuiRou didn’t eat or drink, didn’t utter any word, didn’t drop any tear, just sat there…… he almost wanted to kneel down before his daughter.

“Ay…… even if you don’t want to eat, it will be better if you cry it out, as your father…… I’m deeply worried.” Hua ZhenTian used his strength to pound his chest, as if a huge rock was being squeezed inside of it, so painfully heavy.

Hua ShuiRou: “......”

If Hua ShuiRou had cried out loud for a few days and few nights, heartbroken with sorrow, on th contrary Hua ZhenTian will not feel worried this much, his heart will feel more at ease, but she was utterly dazed, as the father it will be more difficult for him to bear and he was also scared. With a long sigh, he went out, gently closing his daughter’s bedroom door behind him.

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