Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 215 Foolish Daughter (Part I)

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Stepping inside the courtyard, Hua ZhenTian’s mood went gloomy, few servants who were sweeping and sanitizing the courtyard area saw their old master with a gloomy face as he came out, with a loud thud in their hearts, they lowered their heads, working well-behaved, didn’t dare to make any sound.

“Ah San, come over here!!” Hua ZhenTian’s both eyes glared, ferociously produced a loud roar, vibrating through the Ye residence causing it to shake several times.

That servant called “Ah San” almost have a heart attack, he immediately pacified his own heartbeat, went straightly ahead, lowering his head and said: “Old master, what can I do for you?”

“Get out!!”

Standing too near, Ah San almost passed out due to shock, as if getting an amnesty he nodded: “Ah…… yes, yes, I will get out immediately.” afterwhich he immediately run out, for a very long time the buzzing sound echoed in his both ears.

When Hua ZhenTian wanted to vent out his anger he usually find people and roared at them, yet he never hurt people. When Ah San left, Hua ZhenTian fumed up, pointing at the sky he loudly roared: “Ye Wuchen, you goddamn bastard son of a bitch, why did you just die like this, I had foolishly betrothed my daughter to you! You could just die, why would you harm my daughter like this! If there comes a day where I will go to the nether world, I will certainly peel your skin, tear apart your bones, chop them all up to feed the cuckolds, making yourself impossible to be reincarnated…… Ah! Ye Nu, you coarse fellow, look what kind of grandson you’ve got here, I am not through with you, the eight generations of your ancestors were completely useless people……”

Cursing the eight generations of Ye Wuchen’s ancestors, Hua ZhenTian still didn’t feel any better, heavily trampled on the ground surface, with rage he prepared face the Ye family to vent out his anger, but before he headed out, the main gate was being pushed open, a middle aged woman came in, which was exactly Wang WenShu. This time her face suffered from pent-up frustrations, looking somehow deathly pale.

When Hua ZhenTian saw her, the anger slowly rushed up from his belly, with several steps ahead, he roared loudly: “How dare you still come over here! Your son had died, look at what he had done to my daughter……”

Approaching closer, seeing the tear stains which haven’t faded away from Wang WenShu’s face, Hua ZhenTian suddenly stopped short, not making any further remarks. The one who died, was her only son, Ye family’s only descendant, the pain in her heart must be multiple times more heavier than what he felt, because of his daughter he had unexpectedly cursed due to the urge, scattering more salt in another person’s wound…… Thinking of this, Hua ZhenTian immediately felt the remorse, wishing he could slap his own face.

But he couldn’t pull his face to apologize, he turned his face away, with a cold snort he said: “I’ll go and talk to that Ye Wei fellow.”

“Mother -----” The bedroom door was being opened, with mournful call, being wan and sallow Hua ShuiRou ran out shedding her tears, she threw herself in Wang WenShu’s arms, like the calling of birds she cried bitterly, repressing for a very long time her tears gushed out, in the blink of an eye Wang WenShu’s clothes got wet because of her tears.

“Obedient daughter……” Hua ZhenTian stretched out his arms, his daughter’s appearance and bitter cry had finally made his heart loosen up a bit, and also felt more painful.

“...... You are still calling me mother?” Wang WenShu couldn’t control her tears to fall down again, comforting her back as she asked with a trembling voice. This time she had personally came to Hua residence, only to visit Hua ShuiRou, with her calling mother, all sorts of feelings welled up in her heart.

“Of course you are my mother…… you have said before, as long as I’m wearing this bracelet, I am the daughter-in-law of Ye family, ShuiRou was already his wife, Ye family’s daughter-in-law, and forever it will be. Since husband was not around…… ShuiRou shall take the place of her husband, to take care of father, mother and grandpa for her whole life…… boo hoo……”

Hua ZhenTian turned around, on his chest and in his nose went sour, then he said silently: “Foolish daughter…… oh foolish daughter!”

Hua ShuiRou’s words were like gentle wind, consoling the wound in Wang WenShu’s heart, caused her heart to be touched, and painful, she used her hands to wipe off the tears on her face, the said: “Good child…… for Chen-er to have such close female friend, it was really a blessing for his entire life. But…… you and Chen-er didn’t actually bonded as husband and wife, you’ve just turned sixteen this year, how can we destroy your own future, your journey is still very long, don’t let yourself……”

“No! No…… don’t say that, mother……” the kind Hua ShuiRou anxiously interrupted her, with the most resolute gaze, and with a firm voice she said: “All my life I will only belong to my own husband, even if mother would drive me away, I will always be Ye family’s daughter-in-law. Live as a part of Ye family, and die as a part of the Ye family, all my life…… I will not go against my words!”

Every word, embodied the most sentimental and most foolish deep love with no regrets of a young woman for Ye Wuchen. In this world there were too many oaths of eternal love that weren’t able to sustain themselves due to impacts, being easily destroyed, and those that had maintained until the end were too few. On the surface Hua ShuiRou was gentle and meek, yet internally she has an enthusiastic dedication. Wang WenShu’s heart was mixed with emotions, she hugged her tight, then mournfully said: “Rou-er, it must have been difficult for you…… God had taken away my son, yet He had given me a very great daughter-in-law, Chen-er’s soul shall have no regrets……”

Hua ZhenTian turned around, with a sigh he said: “To be able to have my daughter, is a great blessing for your Ye family. Since my daughter wanted to be this way…… then I shall regard you as my relative through marriage, I really hope you would treat my daughter nicely in the future. Hay…… relative, you knew about my anxious temper, about those words that I have spoken to you a while ago, please do not take them seriously. Among those men who deserves my daughter, and those who I have carefully considered, only your son was the one that I preferred, but what a pity, those whom the Gods love die young…… Hay, please restrain your grief and accept fate, I shall go and have a drink with brother Ye.”

He shook his head, turned around and left, giving space for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to have their communication. He took a few steps then came back, he said: “My daughter haven’t eaten yet since yesterday, please stay with her and have lunch together.”

After speaking, he then stepped out of the main gate. During this time, the most appropriate thing for him to do is to have some drinks.

Wang WenShu pulled Hua ShuiRou’s hand, she said while wiping off her tears: “My child, you must be hungry now. If you starve yourself, Chen-er might feel sorry for you in heaven…… I wasn’t able to take my lunch, would like mother to have a taste of your own cooking? Before, Chen-er had praised about your unique culinary skills everyday, even those imperial cooks in the palace should stand aside.”

Mentioning Chen-er, her tears began to fall down again after wiping them dry. With Ye Wuchen’s death, too many people shocked, and too many people were hurt.

“En.” Hua ShuiRou gently responded, the two of them walked towards the kitchen.

On the other hand.

“Out! All of you get out now! Are you all going to laugh at me! Quickly get out!!”

After Ye Wuchen had made Lin Yu’s right leg to become crippled, he was lying half dead all along in his bed, his temper became more and more irritable, causing the majority of the servants being afraid to approach him. Before, he had been insufferably arrogant, under his family’s protection he was able to go on rampage within the entire Tian Long City, nobody dared to anger him, somewhat aggressive and unrestrained, yet now he became a handicapped person having difficulty walking, how could he not go crazy?

As it happened, his grandpa had personally told him that, he should blame everything to himself, cannot blame others, there was no way for him to retaliate.

The door was being pushed open, Lin Xiao walked in with a grudging face, Imperial Physician Li followed behind him. Seeing Lin Xiao, Lin Yu restrained himself, then called him “Big brother”. Although Lin Yu was extremely arrogant, caused trouble everywhere, but he was still rather quite respectful towards Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao nodded in response, he stepped aside and said: “Superior Li, please go ahead.”

Imperial Physician Li went ahead, started to inspect Lin Yu’s injuries, after a short while, he stood up and said: “The wounds have fully recovered, no more hindrance, but this limb shall become senseless from now on, in the future he needs to walk with the use of a walking stick.”

“Is there no other way around this?” asked Lin Xiao with knitted brows.

Imperial Physician Li shook his head, then said: “There nothing I can do…… If Mr. Lin’s wound was a few centimeters to the left or right, I might still have a way to heal it, but, this wound had completely cut off the vein in the leg, I am really helpless for it.”

“Then, Superior Li you might know some amazing physicians who might be able to have the cure?” asked Lin Xiao. The Lin family had already invited all the amazing physicians that they could invite, all of them had explained that the vein had been completely cut off, even the immortals will not be able to cure it.

Imperial Physician Li thought for a while, then said: “Originally, there was a person who could do it……”

“Who is it? Quickly tell me who he is!?” before Imperial Physician Li could finish speaking, Lin Yu crazily roared while struggling to sit up.

Imperial Physician Li looked at him pitifully, then said: “I am referring to the son of the Ye family, but unfortunately, such amazing young man had died an untimely death because he killed an important person of the Gale Nation, it was really sad!”

Lin Yu’s face immediately went dark, the muscles in his face were fiercely twitching, during this period, in case someone had mentioned the name of Ye Wuchen in front of him, he would go crazy, but this time if Lin Xiao wasn’t present, he would similarly flew into a rage. Lin Xiao’s had went stiff for a moment, thinking of Ye Wuchen killing Feng ChaoYang in the Gale Nation, slaughtering ten thousand forces, although he was dead yet it greatly shocked the entire Heavenly Star Continent, all the people knew about his name, he thought himself being defeated by him during that day…… he admired him inwardly not just once, no wonder Ye Wuchen face always looked calm when facing him, actually he was just a pitiful weak small ant in his eyes.

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, Imperial Physician Li immediately realized that Lin Yu’s leg was actually crippled by Ye Wuchen, he hurriedly arranged his medicine box and said: “I still have something to attend to, I will not disturb the two of you anymore, please excuse me.”

Lin Xiao respectfully send him off to the doorway, Lin Kuang just happened to come home from the imperial palace, seeing Lin Xiao, he went over and said: “Xiao-er, grandpa has something to tell you.”

“Grandpa, please do tell.” said Lin Xiao respectfully.

“Ye Wuchen is dead, what insights…… do you have?” asked Lin Kuang.

Lin Xiao raised his brows, speaking bluntly: “He was strong, and concealed everything deeply. If he didn’t die, in the future he might be the flying dragon.”

Lin Kuang shook his head, resentfully said: “This is not the important point, even if he was stronger, he was already dead, being a dragon or a worm is not relevant anymore. What I want to say is…… grandpa could see that, recently you were in low spirits, you refused to get in touch with women, apparently, you are still constantly missing Hua ZhenTian’s daughter.”

Lin Xiao’s face went gloomy, then suddenly lifted his head and said: “Grandpa, you are saying?”

“That’s right,” Lin Kuang nodded his head, sternly said: “Ye Wuchen’s death, naturally cut off his relationship with Hua ShuiRou. This is bestowed on you by the heavens, also an opportunity for our Lin family. Since Ye Wuchen appearance, our Lin family was pressed down by the Ye family time and again, Ye ShuiYao’s marriage towards the Gale Nation had greatly increased the popularity of Ye family. But after a few days, Ye ShuiYao had returned, Ye Wuchen dead, didn’t say what had caused his death, in short, god had favored our Lin family. You must know your marriage with Hua family was greatly important to our Lin family, grandpa doesn’t want to see you in low spirit. Furthermore……” Lin Kuang lowered down his voice and said: “This is what His Majesty wanted, Xiao-er, do you what you should do?”

Lin Xiao raised up his spirits, then excitedly said: “I will not let you down, grandpa.”

Lin Kuang waved his hands, then continued: “You and Hua ShuiRou’s marriage was being arranged several years ago, and Ye Wuchen had just known her for a few days, do you know why you were defeated by him? Because you were too soft, some things, you just doesn’t have to be a nobleman, and Ye Wuchen was completely opposite, based on what I’ve known, that day he stealthily went inside the Hua residence by climbing over the wall, do you understand what I mean?”

Lin Xiao: “I understand.”

“Since you understand, then you should prepare now. It would be best if you could visit the Hua residence today.” Lin Kuang planned in advance. He simply wouldn’t believe that, she would become so foolish that she remained faithful towards a person that was already dead and without a formal wedding, that she preferred not to marry throughout her life. Although he knew that Lin Xiao simply couldn’t compare to Ye Wuchen, who had became well-known in the entire Tian Long Nation and with a reputation that surpassed the God of Sword, but within the Tian Long City, he couldn’t find another young man with capabilities that exceeded Lin Xiao, so without Ye Wuchen, he could easily get Hua ShuiRou.

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