Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 216 Foolish Daughter (Part II)

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In the afternoon, Lin Xiao arrived at the Hua residence as expected. When he entered the main gate, the two guards greeted him cordially: “Mr. Lin, it’s been a long time since you last visited.”

Lin Xiao laughed indifferently, then asked: “Long time no see, my two brothers, is Elder Hua in?”

The two of them shook their heads and said: “Old master went out since noon time, he haven’t returned until now.”

Hua ZhenTian was actually not home, he had been drinking with Ye Wei, the two of them were without qualms because of their depressed mood, both of them got completely drunk, lying on the floor sleeping soundly, it will be strange if he could go home by himself.

“If that’s the case, then is your young lady master home?” on the contrary with Hua ZhenTian out, Lin Xiao felt more at ease, or else he should pass through Hua ZhenTian first before he could meet Hua ShuiRou, and based on Hua ZhenTian’s character…… it will be best if he could avoid him.

“The young lady master is home, she rarely went out.” replied both men.

Lin Xiao nodded, then headed inside.

“Young lady master, Mr. Lin is here, he came to see you.” a servant girl knocked on Hua ShuiRou’s bedroom door, with a delicate voice she informed. The reason why Lin Xiao came to visit, all the people in the Hua residence were very well aware of it. The news about Ye Wuchen’s death had came through, Lin Xiao hurriedly came to visit the Ye residence, it goes to show that he still has the passion, causing people to admire, yet didn’t have any malice thoughts towards him.

“Let him go, I don’t want to meet any outsiders.” Hua ShuiRou’s soft and resolute voice echoed out from the inside, declining to meet him. That servant girl turned her head around, shaking her head towards Lin Xiao who was standing behind her. Lin Xiao didn’t mind, he spoke in a low voice: “You go ahead and take your leave now, let me do it.”


The servant girl was about to decline, but she thought for a while, then she bent her body with a gesture of courtesy, then quietly retreated.

Lin Xiao pressed his hands on the door, used his energy to shake off the lock. If it was before, he would never do such move, but Lin Kuang’s words had stirred him up, he decided not to be nobleman just for once.

Hua ShuiRou who was still sad and distressed as she turned around to look, seeing Lin Xiao coming inside of her room, she pulled back, then stood up: “You…… who let you in, get out, quickly get out!”

Lin Xiao saw the tear stain in her face still haven’t dried up, her uniquely beautiful face was so pitifully wan and sorrow, he knew why she was hurt, the stinging pain and pity in his heart raised up, “Miss Hua, sorry for being bold. Mr. Ye having met his accident, must be quite painful for you, who don’t we head out for a walk, shutting yourself inside your room, will easily cause frustrations.”

This chamber was a space that belonged to Hua ShuiRou, and only her father and Ye Wuchen would be allowed to enter, when Lin Xiao intruded in, it made her feel annoyed and anxious, she didn’t completely hear what he had said, only responded in an urgent way: “You must get out, quickly, or else I’ll call somebody here now!”

Lin Xiao’s face went somewhat gloomy, as he sadly said: “Me and you have had marriage agreement six years prior, although you fell in love with someone else, but my love for you didn’t ever change, do you really…… don’t have any feelings for me?”

“I don’t want to hear you babbling nonsense, all my life I only loved one person, only have one husband, I don’t want to see you, you must get out now, or else……” Hua ShuiRou was grabbing the corner of her own dress, with the other hand holding a piece of Thunder Bomb. She was really loyal and sincere towards her own husband, her love was engraved to the deepest level, once she gave her own body and heart to Ye Wuchen, even if she would stay with another man in the same room she would feel disgusted, felt unworthy of having him.

Lin Xiao’s face was indefinitely gloomy, for a long time before, he was quite confident with his own charm, majority of the people think that, since Ye Wuchen was dead, then if Lin Xiao would chase after Hua ShuiRou it will be quite easy. Yet he didn’t expect that despite he came here personally to see Hua ShuiRou, she would tell him such words. This was definitely not speaking incoherently due to her confused heart, but these were the most sincere words that came from the bottom of her heart.

Seeing him just stood there, not having the intention to leave, Hua ShuoRou closed her eyes, broke the Thunder Bomb in her hands into pieces, then threw it to Lin Xiao.

Lin Xiao didn’t expect she would really do that, he turned pale with fright, knowing the power of Thunder Bomb he quickly gathered his strength in the fastest speed, stretched out his arms to block it…… with a loud explosion sound “bang”, the Thunder Bomb exploded before his arms, causing him to retreat back a few steps, his body collided to the wall behind him, although he was not hurt, but his arms were temporarily numb.

“Miss Hua, you……”

Lin Xiao balanced his body, before he could finish speaking, another piece of bomb shot towards him, he hurriedly jumped off out of surprise, leaping out of the room. When the guards of the Hua residence came to see after hearing the explosion sounds, they saw Lin Xiao’s body fully covered with dusts, he left after the mess, when he went out of the main gate he didn’t even stop to make his usual greetings, causing the two guards to look at each other in dismay.

The Thunder Bomb’s power was not overstated, but they had completely destroyed the doorway of Hua ShuiRou’s bedroom, after scaring off Lin Xiao, Hua ShuiRou felt relieved, she sat down on her bed, silently sobbing.

After a short while, someone approached and told Hua ZhenTian about the matter, being seriously drunk, Hua ZhenTian was soundly sleeping when the person interrupted, at first he thought that with his daughter’s delicate manners, going as far as to use the Thunder Bomb, might be due to the reason that Lin Xiao might have behaved immorally in his house, he was abruptly angered, he had sobered up quite a bit, with alcoholic breath covering all over his body he rushed to the Lin residence like a gust of wind, all the way through he roared: “Lin Xiao, you son of a bitch, I’ll tear you up and feed the dogs!!”

All the way through he roared using his loudest voice, every people in the streets was able to hear it clearly, for a short moment, the news about Lin Xiao forcefully intruded inside Hua ShuiRou’s lady chamber with inappropriate intentions quickly spread through a greater part of the Tian Long City, leaving Lin Xiao no opportunity to explain for himself. Hua ZhenTian caused havoc inside the Lin residence, finally he was exhausted under the influence of the alcohol, he was also worried about the safety of his daughter, he settled the matter by leaving it unsettled, claiming that this matter is not yet done, he returned home he felt somehow at ease after asking Hua ShuiRou about the matter, he immediately command people repair the bedroom, furthermore with a strict command he announced that all the people with Lin surname will not be allowed to enter the Hua residence, he will serve them with Thunder Bombs in case they intruded in.

Hua ZhenTian had already caused havoc in the Lin residence, after hearing the explanation of the Hua ShuiRou he knew that he somehow treated Lin Xiao unjustly, although his heart was still fuming with anger, but in order not to affect his daughter’s reputation, he didn’t intend to make the issue to become bigger, yet this matter still remained unsettled.

During the next day in the royal court, the atmosphere was still particularly gloomy. This atmosphere still continued ever since the news about Ye Wuchen’s death broke out. If it was before, Ye Wuchen’s death will not considered as a huge matter, but before he died he had killed the God of War and Three Elder Gods of Feng, defeated ten thousand men, these actions were truly earth-shaking, causing the entire Tian Long Nation to surge up with hot blood, clapping their hands for the clever actions, yet they had also lamented for this, for just a few days time everybody knew about Ye Wuchen. But…… the reason why Ye Wuchen took such actions was because Ye ShuiYao had been forced to marry the crown prince of the Gale Nation prior to that, but now Ye ShuiYao had already returned home to Ye family, the Gale Nation that had lost one arm will certainly hate the Tian Long Nation even more, within the royal court the people had the feeling that the troubles will soon arrive.

“Feng Ling had sent a message to me yesterday, talking bluntly about his affection towards Princess YaoFeng, as long as Princess YaoFeng would change her mind, and return to the Gale Nation to confirm the marriage, he will regard these things as they had never happened before, the peace treaty of five years would still be in effect, our commitment before would still be in place.” after speaking, his gaze swept through the entire space below, yet he saw Ye Wei’s face had evidently went gloomy.

ZhuGe WuYi inadvertently saw Ye Wei’s face, he stepped out and said: “Your Majesty, this situation will be completely different from that day now, Ye Wuchen’s actions had terrified the Gale Nation, they had regarded our Tian Long Nation as god people and full of miracles, the story about travelling a thousand miles to save sister had spread throughout the Heavenly Star Continent. Unless the Ye family ShuiYao personally agrees, or else if we were to compromise again with the Gale Nation, marrying off Ye ShuiYao, the one who Ye Wuchen had sacrificed his own blood to rescue, to Gale Nation crown prince Feng Ling…… Moreover, not only will our Tian Long Nation’s dignity will be affected, but also the opinions of the people, it will be quite hard to get through! So in humble servant’s opinion, this matter we absolutely cannot agree to it. Furthermore, suffering from great setback, with the Gale Nation still proposing this request, on the contrary it have proven their lack of confidence, and it also indicated that they already had the intention to postpone the war. This can be easily understood. Firstly, the God of War and Three Elder Gods of Feng’s deaths had greatly affected the Feng family, with lack of supporting arms, for the time being they would recruit more people and prepare more weapons, they will be too busy to mind other things; Secondly, Ye Wuchen’s actions had confused the hearts of the Gale Nation’s common people and army, their fears will linger on, after all…… even the unequalled God of War in their hearts was being killed; Thirdly, contrary to the second, our Tian Long Nation’s people and army’s hearts had risen up with high spirits. Although Kui Shui’s unusual behavior had caught us unprepared, but based on the current situation, this is not a good time for the Gale Nation to make their moves, why would our Tian Long Nation have to agree to this request to denounce them.”

Having heard what was said, all the people nodded in succession, regarding ZhuGe WuYi’s speech, he completely approved it, precisely because of “unless Ye family ShuiYao could personally agree……” that’s why he had went to personally attempt to advise, originally he had a big hope, yet he didn’t expect that…… He opened his mouth and said: “You said it right! General ZheGu’s words were exactly my words. Wuchen’s death, I was mournful towards it just like everybody else, it was so pitiful that we have lost a genius that could help our Tian Long became a prosperous nation, didn’t expect that he would be compelled to his death by the Gale Nation, I grieved for myself, grieved for the Ye family, grieved for all the people…… Now I extremely regret that I had agreed to the peace treaty with Crown Prince Feng. Hay, it was already too late for regrets, now, even if the Gale Nation really had the strength to destroy our Tian Long Nation the next day, I would certainly not agree to marry the daughter of Ye family to him again!”

Long Yin said these words with an utterly resolute and decisive manner, didn’t have any remaining chance to turn things around. But clearly didn’t know that, the one who had made Long Yin to be firm with his decision, was exactly the black dress young girl beside Ye ShuiYao that made him tremble with fear. Beside his ear still resounded these words from Elder Li: “don’t ever provoke her”.

Ye Wei stepped out, then said: “Humble servant thanked Your Majesty.”

Long Yin consoled him: “My condolences, General Ye, although Wechun died an untimely death, but his name will forever be written in the history books of Tian Long, making all the later generations of Tian Long know that, an outstanding talented genius had showed up in the history of the Tian Long Nation.”

All the officials looked at Ye Wei in a different perspective, because his son had killed the God of War. Although Ye Wuchen was dead, yet he had earned a highly respected glory.

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