Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 217 The Future Female Military Expert

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“Besides, there is one more thing I needed to announce in front of everybody.” He paused, his gaze swept through the faces of the few persons for a moment, then said: “I had personally appointed this marriage before, marrying off Hua family’s Hua ShuiRou to the Lin family’s Lin Xiao, but afterwards because Wuchen and Hua ShuiRou had affinity with each other, in order to complete them, I only had to break my promise, feeling sorry for the Lin family, cancelling the marriage agreement of both families, although this matter was already long time ago, but it still takes trouble to my heart, especially when I heard that Lin Xiao was still in love with Hua ShuiRou, ignoring the daughters of other families. My heart wasn’t able to remain still. Now that Wuchen had passed away, he and Hua ShuiRou were still not married, I, shall again propose her marriage with Lin Xiao, let it be a settled concern in my mind.”

When Ye Wei and Hua ZhenTian heard this, their expressions simultaneously changed. But this time was undoubtedly unable to stand out and speak, because Long Yin words were clearly reasonable and fair, Ye Wuchen and Hua ShuiRou were not really married, currently it was like they were completely unrelated to the Ye family, if he was to speak out to oppose it, in the contrary people would think that he was just making trouble without reason.

Lin Zhan quickly stepped forward and said: “Humble servant thanked Your Majesty on my son’s behalf for your concern, thank Your Majesty for your grace!”

“Wait a moment!” with a loud roar, as expected, Hua ZhenTian stood out. Striding big steps forward, he approached beside Lin Zhan, then he spoke facing Long Yin: “Your Majesty, I have something to say!”

Long Yin knitted his brows, then said: “General Hua, does that mean you wouldn’t allow it? During that day General Hua you had spoken out that you wouldn’t let your daughter feel unhappy. Ye Wuchen was indeed multiple times better than Lin Xiao, but he was dead…… Hay, General Hua you shouldn’t let your own daughter to just stick to one, and being lonely all her life without someone to depend on? And Lin Xiao also excelled in every aspect, we will not be able to find any other man like him within the Tian Long City, being deeply attached to your daughter, General Hua were you still not satisfied?”

“Being lonely all her life without someone to depend on……” These words hit hard in Hua ZhenTian’s heart, he cursed again at Ye Wuchen, then with a sigh, he said: “In the whole world, no parent would prefer his own daughter to hang herself dead in a tree instead of marrying her to another man, in fact it’s…… before I left home earlier today, my daughter had told me a few statements, she said…… She will live as part of Ye family, and die as part of Ye family, her love for Wuchen can be witnessed by the heaven and earth, can be witnessed by the sun and the moon, even she was to become ashes it will still be the same. If it wasn’t for her worry that the elders in her husband’s family will not have someone to take care of them during their late years, she must have already followed him. And if someone forced her to marry another man…… she would rather die!”

After speaking, Hua ZhenTian looked at Long Yin with bright eyes. In his heart he mumbled again and again: “Oh foolish daughter…… my foolish daughter……”

The royal court went absolutely silent. With few statements from Hua ZhenTian, it firmly stirred up their heartstrings. All of them believed that these words had truly came out from Hua ShuiRou’s mouth, it will be impossible for a father to make up an excuse that will make his own daughter never to marry again just for the sake of avoiding the marriage proposal. Such devoted woman, was quite rare in this world, although Ye Wuchen was already dead, but having such affection from this woman, he shall die without any regrets.

Long Yin looked at Hua ZhenTian for quite a long time, nodded and said: “General Hua, you are lucky to have such good daughter. Usually she was known for her delicate character, didn’t expect that she would become such extraordinary woman who was ready to die to preserve her chastity.”

“Your Majesty, please help my daughter to accomplish her wish, and take back your order.” Hua ZhenTian’s face was full of grief, as he remarked in a miserable voice.

With this statement from Hua ZhentTian, he had sealed off his and Long Yin’s way out, Long Yin  knew that if he continued to insist on, it will disappoint Hua family and Ye family, this was what he hated to see. And if it was Lin family or other small families with not so great power, he could directly ignore, or order by force, but with Ye family and Hua family he couldn’t do it, this is the difference between something he could completely take control and something he could not completely take control, especially when he was faced with Ye family, usually he would have so many worries, this was also the reason why after so many years he was still scheming to secretly take control of the Ye family in his arms. When a person was used to standing in the highest position of a monarch, he will become more and more intolerant on the things that he wasn’t able to take control.

“Since this is the case, then I shall give in to your daughter’s loyal and sincere heart. I will take back my orders. But I had broken my promise twice in front of Lin Xiao, my heart was feeling uneasy for it…… I shall cancel the marriage arrangement between my beloved daughter Princess Fei Huang and Ye Wuchen, betroth her to Lin Xiao, then they will marry after three years, do you have any objections?”

“Humble servant thanked Your Majesty for fulfilling my request.” Hua ZhenTian shouted loudly then retreated back. Regarding Princess Fei Huang’s marriage it will be none of his business now.

“Humble servant thanked Your Majesty on my son’s behalf for the grace.” Lin Zhan hurriedly repeated these words.

The emperor’s decision to betroth Princess Fei Huang was purely for the sake of saving Lin family’s reputation, because she was originally being betrothed to Ye Wuchen, although it was somehow unfair towards the Ye family, yet it was understandable, all the people have second the motion.

After the morning assembly had dispersed, Ye Wei and ZhuGe WuYi accompanied each other as they went home, ZhuGe WuYi consoled Ye Wei for a long time, then sighing along his way home.

Upon opening the door in his home, hearing him return ZhuGe XiaoYu impatiently run out, dragging him inside: “Faster, faster, quickly tell me the easiest way to through this ‘stone sentinel maze’, I have tried so many methods, but every kind of methods it will consume up more people……”

ZhuGe XiaoYu was eager to learn the commanding skills in the battlefield, and she claimed that she would surpass Ye Wuchen’s grandfather, ZhuGe WuYi knew that his ambitious and aggressive daughter might have been affected by Ye Wuchen, that’s why she was like becoming a new person. He originally believed that after learning about Ye Wuchen’s death, she would abandon all these, then became depressed for a period of time. But it was completely against what he had expected, she didn’t completely take it seriously, she was still in great spirits everyday, glowing with health and vigor, weeping and making noises were things that she didn’t do, but on the contrary with all her might she studied about the methods of troops disposition. And maybe she had inherited this aspect of his, he gradually discovered that ZhuGe XiaoYu had an astonishing innate skill like this, her analyzation of the battlefield and her calculating skills that she displayed frequently left him flabbergasted.

“Daddy look…… ‘stone sentinel maze’ pays particular attention to all sorts of changes, both offensive and defensive, its most distinctive feature is to be easily penetrated inside the enemy troops, can use three attacks with one lure, or maybe two attacks and two lure, or one attack with three lures, before killing the enemies we could mess up the enemy’s attention. I’ve studied it for a very long time, I discovered that this disposition of troops has four weak points as its flaw, take a look……” ZhuGe XiaoYu sketched out using the brush, while doing it she remarked in a decent manner: “If this four weak points were mess up, it will be like a cut up earthworm, each one of them has its own disposition, then the entire formation shall crumble apart. And if you used the four single-line formation to traverse through it, without attack, but only using the heavy shields to clash into it, breaking up each weak point one by one, then taking a roundabout route then reverse thrust deep into the enemy forces, then the disposition of troops shall break up, look, just like this, using this type of disposition, then through this direction…… daddy had said before, in the battlefield any disposition of troops will be able to obtain victory, but once the formation breaks up then the soldiers’ mind will be confused, I’ve calculated it, with the use of my method…… look again daddy……” ZhuGe XiaoYu demonstrated her own destruction method in the paper using the brush, also noting the damages and effects: “In this case, provided that the enemy and my troops have the equal military forces, to completely wipe out the enemy troops of one thousand men it will approximately consume up more than three hundred men, it’s quite a lot…… Daddy, can you teach other way around this?”

ZhuGe WuYi: “......”

“Daddy?” ZhuGe XiaoYu lifted up her hand, yet she found out that ZhuGe WuYi’s face went lifeless, blankly staring at her paper that was almost full of her sketches, unable to say anything.

“Daddy, are you alright?” ZhuGe XiaoYu swayed her hands in front of him.

“...... Yu-er, did you really make all of these?” ZhuGe WuYi asked feeling amazed. When XiaoYu speak out her own methods, he didn’t fully accept it, but after she simulated it in the paper, he astonishingly discovered that, the strange method that ZhuGe XiaoYu was speaking about was similar to simultaneously sticking the knives in the hearts of the enemies. Deadly with a single strike. Although it was something she had thought in order to break the ‘stone sentinel maze’, but the destruction method that she had produced made him recognized another disposition of troops that was extremely powerful.

“Hey! What do you mean, of course I came up with these.” ZhuGe XiaoYu striking her cheeks, with a face full of discontentment.

ZhuGe WuYi quickly waved his hands, then asked: “Oh Yu-er, can you tell daddy, why do you like to learn the disposition of troops right now? Before it was due to the reason that you wanted Mr. Ye to beg you to marry him, now that he was gone, for what purpose will you have to learn it? As a woman, you cannot go to the battlefield to command and fight.”

“Humph!” ZhuGe XiaoYu snorted, put down the brush, stared her eyes wide open and said: “I want to got and fight the Gale Nation!”

“Oh?” ZhuGe WuYi was astounded.

“Because they killed the husband that I had fancied, I will certainly make them pay their price. Humph!” after speaking, ZhuGe XiaoYu sticked out her nose, then stretched out her small fists.

“This……” ZhuGe WuYi was speechless.

“Look, the husband that I had settled on was good in the four arts, expert in all the aspects, moreover he looked quite charming, and so powerful, even the strongest God of War was defeated by him, whoever could marry him, must be so blessed. When I was going to sleep yesterday I was still thinking, if I were to marry him, once I got abducted, he will definitely travel a thousand miles and sacrifice himself to save me, woah! So blessed…… Humph, such wonderful husband, yet he was killed by the Gale Nation, I will, certainly, and absolutely never forgive them!!”

ZhuGe WuYi’s head was drenched in cold sweat, he knew now that the reason was still Ye Wuchen. But it was definitely different from others who would shed their tears and yearn for something, the happy-go-lucky and free from concerns ZhuGe XiaoYu was facing the situation with optimism, and she had chosen the method that belonged to herself.

“Alright, since you wanted to learn, then you should take it seriously. But, discussing the army with the use of a paper was an idle chit-chat, in the actual battlefield there will be countless changes, none of them were fixed, solely learning about the disposition of troops will be useless, only to personally fight in the battlefield, will a person come to appreciate the true meaning of changes in the battlefield.” said ZhuGe WuYi.

ZhuGe XiaoYu’s both eyes turned bright, then she excitedly yelled out: “Then daddy, when will I be able to go to a battlefield?”

“...... Enough already, tomorrow you will disguise yourself, I’ll take you to see some army training.” ZhuGe WuYi cannot bear to blow up her passion, he said with a bitter smile. Of course, making her dress up as a man will be necessary.

“Wow! Yey! Daddy, My Majesty!” ZhuGe XiaoYu shouted loudly excitedly, scaring ZhuGe WuYi as he almost bored himself below the table. This time the only one person who could be called as the Majesty is the emperor, making irresponsible remarks will be considered as a major crime.

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