Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 218 Zhi Meng’s Tears

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 Tian Long City, Meng Yan Lou.

Today, an unfamiliar face avoided everybody’s attention, arriving at the Meng Yan Lou, knelt down before Shui Meng Chan, with head bended daring not to lift it up.

“In other words, all the rumors were true, not fake at all?” the beautiful figure if a woman behind the curtain said.

“Yes, when Ye Wuchen fighted against the God of War face to face he had splitted him into halves, me and Forty-seven had personally witnessed it, killed the Three Elder Gods of Feng, burning up ten thousand men, it wasn’t exaggerated.” the person respectfully responded.

Shui MengChan sighed: “Unfortunately, even if you were there, yet you were still unable to save him.”

The face of the person who knelt down went gloomy, then feeling ashamed he said: “It was my fault, for not knowing that Ye Wuchen had the information regarding the whereabouts of the Southern Empire Sword, or else even if me and Forty-seven were to sacrifice our lives we would rescue him. Furthermore…… based on the situation at that time, Feng Lie was furious, within the magnificent army of thousand men and horses, the two of us will be difficult to save him, on the contrary it might expose our identity. Anyway, the mistake had been made, please punish us, princess!”

Shui Meng Chan went silent for a long time, then gently said: “Since you didn’t know, then this big mistake will be out of the question. Since you were in the Gale, it will still be the best if you don’t anything. Forty-eight, you may take your leave now, it must be hard for you for travelling day and night.”

Forty-eight made a big kowtow: “Thank you princess for your forgiveness.” After speaking he turned around, then efficiently left.

When Forty-eight stepped down, Shui Meng Chan just sat there, remained silent for a very long time.

“Didn’t expect that he would conceal it deeply in his heart. No wonder he had calmly faced us before. Didn’t really know that with such age, he had achieved such accomplishment today.” After a very long time, Shui MengChan sighed.

“Father had told me before that we shouldn’t be hostile towards him, instead we should try our best to get involved with him, during that time he must have sensed his extraordinary talent.”

“Princess, the information came out from the palace, that the black dressed girl who always stay beside Ye Wuchen, has a strength not inferior to our clan leader, or maybe…… even higher.” From behind the curtain a pink dressed young girl stepped out, she was Shui Meng Chan’s personal bodyguard Ling-er.

Shui MengChan: “!!”

“According to sources, that young girl was being brought home by Ye Wuchen from the black forest during that day when Tao BaiBai got killed. Yesterday afternoon we had dispatched people to brave their deaths to inspect inside the Devil’s Trap Pagoda, they found out that the Woman Punished by the Heavens wasn’t there anymore. And that young girl’s breath relied mainly on killing, and to evaluate her strength, I guess…… would she be……”

“Do you mean to say that she was the Woman Punished by the Heaven?” Shui MengChan raised her delicate brows.

“Yes princess. The clan leader had came across the Woman Punished by the Heavens twenty years ago, he had significantly said that this Woman Punished by the Heavens does not belong to the Heavenly Star Continent. So perhaps her age simply cannot be explained using conventional reasoning. Princess, you might as well send your letter to the clan leader and ask him.” said Ling-er.

Shui MengChan gently nodded her head: “I understand.” then with a sigh: “For such a long time, he had concealed it from us, if it wasn’t because he had the secret information about the whereabouts of the Southern Empire Sword, I would be glad that he was already dead. How many persons in the whole world will be able to kill the God of War? How many persons in the world would be able to tame the Woman Punished by the Heavens? Casting these aside, his dreadful scheming terrified me. If we were to become enemies with this person, it will be equivalent to bringing disasters to ourselves.”

“Then…… Should we continue to protect the Hua family and Ye family?” asked Ling-er.

“Forget it, we would just withdraw. If she really was the Woman Punished by the Heavens, they simply didn’t need our protection. There will certainly be a huge movement after this, for being it will be inappropriate for us to disperse our strength.” Shui MengChan answered after thinking for a short while.

Ling-er: “Yes.”

“Furthermore, send message to Feng Lie, just inform him that our Southern Empire clan doesn’t want to witness a huge war within these three years. Let’s see if they still have the courage to decline this after the Feng family lost their Feng ChaoYang.”


Yan ZhiMeng was sitting beside the window feeling not at ease, refusing to go anywhere. Since she left Ye Wuchen, her mood had never went smooth and steady from then on, even in her dreams his figure still lingered. The spiritual bond that was created by the Magical Voice had vanished, so obviously it wasn’t due to the spiritual bond, but because she had already feel in love with him unknowingly. Although this affection was originally weak and shallow, but once a woman had given her body to a man, this kind of affection will quickly grow unconsciously.

In her hands, was still that dark green short flute, which she always brought along with her. She didn’t know if they will ever meet each other again. During what circumstances will they ever meet again, such vast and indistinct expectation, only brought pain to her heart, she could only pour out everything to this short flute. Of course she still didn’t know that, this short flute was actually given to Ye Wuchen as the token of love from a woman who was foolishly in love with him.

“My lady, it’s me.” After knocking on the door, her personal maid Bing-er’s voice echoed from outside the door. Yan ZhiMeng, who was about to hide the short flute, responded: “You may come in.”

Bing-er pushed the door open and entered, putting a tray full of pastries in front of Yan ZhiMeng, then mischievously laughed and said: “My lady, please have your meal.”

Yan ZhiMeng gently smiled: “Bing-er, sit down and eat with me.”

“En!” Bing-er sat down across Yan ZhiMeng in a hurry, then bluntly started to eat. She was serving Yan ZhiMeng for quite a long time, there were no restriction between the two of them after a very long time of being together, they were like sisters. While she was eating she said: “My lady, have you heard about the most powerful man that came from the Tian Long Nation?”

“Oh? Really?” Yan ZhiMeng was playing with the short flute in her hands, with her thoughts wandering.

“Yes, yes, I’ve heard that the person was even younger than you, my lady, yet he had defeated the God of War Feng ChaoYang, moreover he had chopped him up into halves.”

Yan ZhiMeng was shocked, she got interested with this topic, she replied surprisingly: “With an age younger than me, yet he killed Feng ChaoYang? Who would have such remarkable ability?”

Bing-er said: “Hee hee, that man’s name had terrified the entire Heavenly Star Continent, you might be the only one who still doesn’t know about him.”

Yan ZhiMeng laughed, didn’t mind her.

“His name is Ye Wuchen, he was a member of the Ye family in the Tian Long Nation……”

Yan ZhiMeng’s whole body trembled, subconsciously she yelled out: “Who?”

“His name is Ye Wuchen, have you heard of this name, my lady?” Bing-er was baffled by Yan ZhiMeng’s reaction, and she asked doubtfully.

Yan ZhiMeng didn’t answer, her heart started to beat faster: “Go ahead, tell me about the details.”

Bing-er used all her might to nod her head, then she started to narrate the story excitedly, tried her best to describe them all in details, of course there was no lack of her own embellishment and imagination, Yan ZhiMeng was quietly listening, the scenario was portrayed in her mind…… She knew the young girl carried by him in his arms, it was Ning Xue whom he always carried in his arms. Then…… how about Tong Xin, the girl with a terribly powerful strength? Where was she? Why didn’t she stay beside him during that time?

Regarding Tong Xin’s strength, she never mentioned it to anybody else since she returned to the Northern Empire clan, she subconsciously avoided making him the center of attention for all the people, because that way it might endanger him.

His powerful strength had surprised her, and more likely to be strangely proud of him, his current situation had made her feel nervous, when Bing-er talked about how he had burned up ten thousand soldiers, then being forced to that terrible edge of the Death Abyss, Yan ZhiMeng covered her chest, the urgently asked: “Then…… what happened to him?”

Bing-er strangely glanced at Yan ZhiMeng for a moment, then she continued: “Someone said that he refused to die in the hands of the Gale Nation, so he carried the white haired little girl then together jumped off the cliff, dead……”

Bang…… the short flute in Yan ZhiMeng’s hand fell off, then dropped to the ground, her fuzzy vision had became more unclear…...

“Dead…… dead……” For a moment her soul was as if went out from her body, as she repeatedly mumbled.

“My lady?” Bing-er hurriedly stood up, picked up the short flute and put it on the table, she worriedly asked: “My lady, what happened to you my lady? Did I say something wrong?”

“You should get out.”

“My lady? I……”

“Get out now!”


“Yes……” Bing-er had never seen her got mad like this, in a great rush she stepped out. When she was about to close the door, her mind was confused. Thinking about Yan ZhiMeng sudden changes, she mumbled to herself: “What happened to my lady…… Oh right, during the time when she left, she made contact with a person who had a family name Ye, also from Tian Long Nation, could it be…...could it be because of his powerful strength, perhaps my lady had been impressed and had affection towards him……” She anxiously thought about it, the more she thought about it the greater was her fear, she hurriedly went back to her own room.

Yan ZhiMeng leaned on the table, eventually she cried out bitterly, she never expected that, after she left him, she would obtain such terrible news about him once again.

She didn’t know how long she had cried, until her voice became husky, her heart was like being broken into pieces. She deeply regret herself for agreeing with Yan XiMing to go and get close to Ye Wuchen, regret to get in touch with Ye Wuchen. Because if she refused to see him, she will not fall in love, if she didn’t fall in love, at this moment her heart will never hurt like this. For her, and for any other woman this will be an unbearable level of shock.

Knocking on the door, with a very long time without response, Yan XiMing pushed the door open and entered, he said: “Meng-er, we have been tricked, during that day Ye Wuchen was never affected by the magical voice spell, he must have faked it. No wonder I always feel something wasn’t right…… Oh? Meng-er, what happened to you?”

The news about Ye Wuchen’s mighty strength being used to kill the God of War made him realize that they had been deceived, with such powerful might, even if during his sleep he will never be affected by Yan ZhiMeng’s magical voice enchantment, so he confirmed that Ye Wuchen must have pretended to be affected by the enchantment, and fooled them. If he wasn’t being compelled to use his full strength, he would never knew about it.

This time Yan ZhiMeng’s fairy and dream-like face was full of tear stains, after being surprised his heart felt pity for her, he went over and consoled her: “Meng-er, are you missing your parents again?”

Being together for few years,  he knew everything about Yan ZhiMeng. Ever since all the people of her whole tribe were killed, she had hated outsiders, for most of the years she had been hiding among the Northern Empire clan, she rarely made contact with outsiders, this resulted to her high temperament, and her simple nature…… being noob to Ye Wuchen’s words.  So, Yan XiMing never doubted her, even if he learned that the information obtained using the magical voice enchantment was unreal he would regard it as part of Ye Wuchen’s tricks, never even have the slightest degree of doubt towards Yan ZhiMeng. This moment when he saw her crying mournfully, he only thought that she must have remembered her parents who had died terribly, because aside from this, she had no other reasons to cry like that.

Yan ZhiMeng didn’t respond, her thoughts were already fluttering, seemed like she no longer belonged to herself, even the person in front of her right now, she wasn’t able to distinguish him properly.

Yan XiMing stretched out his arms wanted to wipe off her tears, but he immediately stretched it back, then comforting her he said: “Meng-er, please don’t cry, okay? You are not a child anymore, if you harm your body, your parents in heaven will be sad.”

Yan ZhiMeng turned a deaf ear, she cried even more sorrowful, tears staining her own clothes, for a young woman with the first experience in love, the greatest wounds were emotional wounds, and within the emotional wounds the most painful one would be the lost of the person one had devoted her own body and heart to.

For a long time, Yan XiMing could only force a bitter smile and say: “Alright, since you wanted to cry, then cry to your heart’s content. But, this shall be the last time, once we get married, you cannot become like a child anymore.”

After speaking, he turned around and left, before he locked the door, his heart slightly doubted, but he didn’t think of anything more, striding quick steps as he left. There were plenty of things that he needed to attend to.

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