Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 219 Marriage Upheaval

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Chapter 219 Marriage Upheaval

Late autumn had passed, the cold winter had finally arrived.

The peace treaty between the Tian Long Nation and the Gale Nation had been forced to rip up so the war had finally break out…… But, the so-called war wasn’t something desperate like the war between the two irreconcilable adversaries, but it was merely just the two confrontation events in the border of the nations, the nature of wars were more likely exploration.

And today, is Yan ZhiMeng’s twentieth birthday, also the her wedding day.

The wedding of the young master, wasn’t just a trivial matter for the Northern Empire clan. The leader of the Northern Empire clan Yan DuanHun had three sons, Yan XiMing is the eldest, Yan XiShan is the second, then the youngest is Yan XiHe, all three of them have their own works, during ordinary days they rarely meet each other. Today, all the Yan family gathered in Kui Shui, altogether enjoying this major event. The Northern Empire clan had passed on for countless years, they realized the importance of “harmony”. So for countless years between the close relatives they were harmonious with each other, the incidents regarding the seizure of thrones rarely occurred. Stationed at the peak of its power, they must strictly implement and follow their code of existence that can be easily destroyed.

Of course, this “harmony” also had its own set of rules.

This place was a forbidden area of Kui Shui Nation that didn’t permit any outsiders to step in, during ordinary days many exceptional experts guarded the area, anyone who dared to come near shall be killed. Because too many people never came out after going in, as time passed by no one dared to approach this area, no one knows, that this area actually had a huge manor with luxurious decorations.

Today, the usually lifeless manor was decorated with lanterns and colored banners all over the place, laughters resounded throughout the place. The lobby was full of people of all kinds, men, women, elders, youngsters, tall, short, fat and thin, also have different styles of clothes, some of them with official uniforms, some with dressed up as woodcutters, some even dressed up as beggars. But when each and everyone of them went outside, they were sufficient enough to make it in the world.

When the objectives which they had established for numerous number of years were left without any updates, they gradually forgot and neglect the reason of their existence, started to shift their attention. And having the enormous power that exceeded the imagination of ordinary men, they would automatically focus their attention on the entire world. The Northern Empire clan had already violated their ancestral teachings many years ago, gradually infiltrating their powers among the entire world, as for how far their claws have been stretched out, how deep their powers have been infiltrated among the world, only the most important wielder knew about it. Of course, their progress was extremely concealed, they never allowed any outsiders to become aware of it.

“Oh, Elder Eighteen, not seeing you for many years you had became fatter, you must have dredged up quite a lot of oil? This time during the young master’s grand wedding how many huge gifts have you brought over?”

“Tut! How could you say these words, my place was full of crap where could I find oil, speaking of which I will permit myself to be mocked by you, this time I brought three chests of jewels and eight hundred thousand silvers. How about you, old fool?”

“Me, it’s not much, just a hundred thousand only……”

The Northern Empire clan’s greatest hindrance to take control of the whole world wasn’t the four nations, but the Southern Empire clan having the power that indistinctly surpassed them, what they most lack of was ---- resources, and the Southern Empire clan was similarly like that. So for many years they have tried to infiltrate with the four nations with all their efforts, they were not after the expedition, but rather, accumulating wealth became their number one goal.


Outside the lobby two persons entered, during the moment when they stepped inside, it seemed like everything had been led along by an invisible field of energy, all the people inside the hall involuntarily shifted their gaze towards that direction, subsequently, the lobby which was originally bustling with noise and excitement went absolutely silent in an instant, everyone stepped aside, retreating themselves on either sides, respectfully stood straight, looking at the persons who entered, their eye expressions were like looking at a high mountain, just like looking at their supreme gods.

This person was around forty years of age, wearing a flame colored red robe, tall build, white face without beard, his face looked ordinarily amiable, concealed within his amiable looks was his apprehensive dignity. Beside him, a middle aged woman was holding his arm, her face with a gentle smile, while walking her noble elegance can be seen beneath the surface, such noble posture can only be possessed by an aristocratic dame, surely surpassed the characteristics of those imperial consorts.

The persons who had caused such attention from the crowd, was none other than the current clan leader of the Northern Empire clan Yan DuanHun, and beside him was his one and only wife. After the both of them sat down on their respective noble seats, the crowd uniformly made their salutes: “Our respects to the clan leader, and madame.”

Yan DuanHun slightly nodded his head, and said: “Everyone please don’t be too courteous. In order to attend my son’s grand wedding, you all had went through the trouble of travelling a long distance during your busy schedules, probably tired because of your journeys, today in this grand wedding please do not restrain yourselves, there’s no need to observe the usual etiquettes, enjoy yourselves to the fullest as you come and go.”

“Yes, clan leader!”

Yan DuanHun’s whereabouts during the ordinary days were indefinite, extremely few people knew knew about the things he was doing on the daily basis. The clan leader of every generation of the Northern Empire, must be someone with the highest cultivation, Yan DuanHun’s strength had exceed all more than ten brothers and paternal male cousins, after assuming the position of clan leader and receiving the anointment of all the powers from the clan leaders of the previous generations, he became deep and unmeasurable, aside from himself, nobody knew the actual level of his strength. But if one was to especially observe, whether Yan DuanHun’s physical appearance, or his breath didn’t have the distinctive feature that a person who practised martial skills should have had, on the contrary he looked like a middle aged scholar.

The grand wedding of the Northern Empire clan was quite different from the secular world, in comparison theirs were more simple, but the process of honoring their ancestors and parents shouldn’t be missed, that’s why Yan DuanHun showed up here today. After a short while, Yan XiMing entered wearing flame-colored clothes with his face beaming, facing those people in the seats of honor he respectfully greeted: “First uncle, second uncle…… seventh uncle…… thirteenth aunt…… you were all here……”

“Hahahaha, how could we not come to our young leader’s grand wedding. After a year of not seeing each other, you are becoming extraordinary, you were more matured than your sixteen brothers.”

“You are too kind, ninth uncle, you flattered me, all of these were because of your affection……”

Yan ZhiMeng was sitting inside her own room, looking at her own cold face in the mirror, she remained silent for a very long time, she wasn’t happy, and she wasn’t sad. This day had finally arrive. Before, she waited expectantly for this day to arrive, because once she was married, her power of magical voice shall reach the highest level, making several breakthrough in succession, from then on she will become a member of the Northern Empire clan, relying on their power to make her own revenge. And this time, when faced with her own grand wedding, her heart was without great waves, obtaining the news about Ye Wuchen’s death for almost a month now, during this period of time, it was sufficient enough for her heart to become ice-cold and numb in the midst of the tearing pain. As if her emotional heartstrings had been eternally cut-off following his death.

“My lady, you must be the most beautiful bride in the whole world…… No, no, my lady you were already the most beautiful person in the whole world. Even the young master, was lucky enough to earn your favor.” Bing-er stood behind her, as she said smiling. She had stayed beside her everyday, how could she not notice the changes in her within this period of time, even today, she was especially silent making people feel worried. Bing-er tried her best to amuse her in order to make her feel happy, yet she never succeeded. She had remembered that it had been a long time since the last time she laughed.

Beside their ears were the long-lasting sounds of cheerful talks and laughters, these “extraordinary experts” were like children without worries, during this special occasion they enjoyed themselves to the fullest, making a distinct contrast against the cold and desolated atmosphere inside the room. Yan ZhiMeng didn’t respond to Bing-er, still looking at herself in mirror baffled, she was already wearing the flame colored wedding dress, so incredibly beautiful and alluring, but between her brows her frustrations and sorrow still concealed within.

After a very long period of silence, Bing-er used the strength of her both hands to twist the corner of her dress, biting her lips, she puffed up all her courage and asked: “My lady…… are you in love with someone else?”

Yan ZhiMeng’s stirred her fluid glance, shook her head and said: “Don’t make such irresponsible remarks.”

“But my lady…… you know what, ever since you came back last time, you were frequently yelling a person’s name during your sleep, I……” Bing-er had finally explained, her heart was beating fast. She was worried, that after Yan ZhiMeng married Yan XiMing, when she was being discovered afterwards, the outcome must be quite dreadful.

Yan ZhiMeng: “......”

“The person that you like, was actually the already dead…… Ye Wuchen, right?” Bing-er carefully asked.

“Since you already knew, there’s no need to ask.” said Yan ZhiMeng indistinctly. Without surprise, and without worries, she believed that even if Bing-er knew, she would never tell. The one who had accompanied her everyday is Bing-er. If she wasn’t able to see it, on the contrary it would appear abnormal.

“Ah? But, but……” Obtaining her affirmative answer, the last imagination in Bing-er’s mind was shattered, she was anxious, and also scared.

“What time is it now?” Yan ZhiMeng asked.

“It is already almost noon time, they have been waiting outside for a long time now, my lady……”

“Let us go.” Yan ZhiMeng stood up, headed outside the door, Bing-er hurriedly followed and assisted her.

From this day on, what she must do was to avoid being detected by Yan XiMing as much as possible, she was incapable, and she should not confess it to him, or else she would simply unable to accept the outcome, moreover she will not be able to evade and escape. But, during that one night of mishap, her heart didn’t have any bit of remorse, even if this mishap could destroy her life. Before he died she had the opportunity to have a one night stand with him, aside from having no regrets, on the contrary she was satisfied and glad. That one night, can be considered as one of the most memorable moments in her life, and also possibly, will be her ultimate happiness.

After noon time had passed, the grand wedding had formally started, with plenty of gongs and drums, the big fuss of all the people had completely drowned out these sounds. This time the members of the core group of Northern Empire clan were all present now, each and every one possessed the world’s best abilities, that overlay of deep and resounding voices had caused their blood to surge up. When the beaming Yan XiMing and Yan ZhiMeng being supported by Bing-er walked side by side with each other as they approached, the sound of shouts were like the explosion  of waves. Just as Yan DuanHun had mentioned, during this grand wedding day, they basically didn’t need any worries, as they enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

“Ming-er and Meng-er was after all the perfect pair, a couple created by the heavens, Ming-er’s ability, was simply incomparable, and Meng-er’s beauty, was similarly incomparable with any other women, other people shall envy them, hahahaha.”

“You old man still talks about being envy, speaking of envy…… Hay, adding up my three useless sons, they simply can’t compare with Ming-er.”

Yan DuanHun and Lady Yan were sitting in the center table, Lady Yan was wearing a smile, Yan DuanHun’s face exposed a rare smile as well, constantly nodding their heads, evidently in their great moods. Yan XiMing and Yan ZhiMeng walked ahead until they stopped in front of them, Yan DuanHun lifted up his hand, the clamoring sound of all the people suddenly stopped, without any further sounds. He nodded his head and said: “Ming-er, you are twenty three this year, Meng-er was exactly twenty today, the date of your grand wedding has finally arrived, this huge matter will now be settled down. I will not say any unnecessary words, after the wedding you must bear in mind that you should be harmonious and respectful towards each other, all other things will be considered minor, but making our clan prosper and benefit from it will be a major thing, be the perfect pair, and make our Yan family flourish forever.”

“I will keep these in mind, I will certainly not disappoint you, Superior Father, and all the members of the clan.” Yan XiMing responded respectfully and dignified.

“Alright, alright, today is the day of your grand wedding, don’t mind your father’s untimely words, you and Meng-er had known each other for so many years, I will not worry about anything, just remember to have more children.” Lady Yan said smiling. She actually didn’t worry about anything, when the woman of Magical Voice Tribe devoted herself to a man, she shall love him dearly all her life, it will remain unchanged until death, how could she not know about it.

Yan DuanHun quite doted his wife, he seemed unconcerned with her comments, with a gentle laughter he said: “The best time has arrived, I don’t have anything else to say, we shall start now. Before all this, we shall pay respect to the ancestors of our Northern Empire clan!”

During the wedding ceremony, the first one that they should pay respect to was usually the heaven and earth, but in the Northern Empire clan, they never worshipped the heaven and earth, but just pay respect to the Northern Empire. Because the heaven and earth was originally created due to the birth of the ancestors of Northern and Southern empires, the heaven and earth will not be qualified enough for them to worship. Yan XiMing knelt down on the spot, Bing-er also shook the rigid body of Yan ZhiMeng, supporting her to slowly kneel down…...

And during this time, Yan ZhiMeng’s one hand subconsciously grabbed Bing-er’s arm tightly, the other hand was covering her mouth, as she painfully retched, her body swayed continuously, on the verge of collapse. Bing-er was shocked, hurriedly supported her: “My lady? What happened to you my lady……”

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