Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 220 Escape

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Chapter 220 …… Escape…...

Yan XiMing also turned around and asked: “Meng-er, what happened? Are you feeling sick?”

The bridal veil on top of Yan ZhiMeng’s head fell down, exposing her deathly pale face, with terrible looks, her steps were unstable, obviously having an illness. Yan DuanHun leaned forward, he was emotionally stirred up. Lady Yan went down from her seat, supporting her she asked concerningly: “Meng-er are you alright? Were you ill? If you were ill……”

Having illness in a grand wedding, will be regarded as a bad omen. Yan DuanHun took a few glimpse at Yan ZhiMeng’s pale white face, stood up and said: “Ming-er, bring Meng-er to the room beside this hall, let the Caucasian woman diagnose and treat her. Please calm down everybody.”

After Yan ZhiMeng was brought out of the hall, Lady Yan hurriedly followed as she was deeply concerned. Yan DuanHun knitted his brows, he lifted his hand, with a gentle laugh he said: “Taking advantage of this opportunity, why don’t we talk about some remarkable and fantastic things that we have seen during this recent period of time, let’s have a good laugh, alright?”

Since the clan leader had spoken, the originally gloomy atmosphere immediately brightened up. In the room beside the hall, Yan ZhiMeng was quietly sitting on a chair, Yan XiMing and Lady Yan asked several questions, she only shook her head, because she also have no idea why her body would react that way moments ago.

Immediately, an old woman with an undetermined age, short build, as thin as a match was propping on a walking stick as she entered. She was hunchbacked, with wrinkles all around her face, just like an aged tree bark, two muddy eyes almost couldn’t be seen because they were almost being crowded by the wrinkles, just the two narrow slits can be seen, in addition to her black dress, at first glance she looked just like an ugly ghost. Seeing her came in, Yan XiMing immediately stepped aside and asked: “Caucasian woman, Meng-er suddenly felt ill during the grand wedding, please diagnose and treat her right away.”

“For young master’s wedding, I wouldn’t dare to hold up your time.” The voice of Caucasian woman speaking sounded like the rubbing sound of the two tree barks, so incredibly unpleasant to hear, her gaze swept through Yan ZhiMeng’s face, her heart was in doubt, she went over, stretched out her withered fingers and pressed on her wrist, in an instant she understood clearly, with a mischievous laughter she said: “You were wrong young master, the young lady master wasn’t ill, but instead she was expecting, hehehehe, congratulations young master, congratulations madame.”

Upon hearing these words, Yan ZhiMeng’s body went stiff, her originally pale white face became more deathly paler in a split second, her one hand subconsciously placed over her lower abdomen area, softly protecting it. Bing-er who was behind her opened her eyes widely, her eye expression was full of surprise, and more of fear.

The sound of laughter of Caucasian woman sounded particularly eerie, yet Lady Yan on the contrary seemed to hear the sound nature, with great excitement she said: “So that was the reason…… very good, it was great indeed. Meng-er, me and Ming-er’s father had been compelling you to marry at an earlier age without choice since you were already the last bloodline of you Magical Voice Tribe, didn’t expect you were already…… we shouldn’t worry now. Ming-er, when did you……”

The smile on Lady Yan’s had gradually faded away, because Yan XiMing’s entire body was slightly trembling, his eyes seemed gloomy, the ashen facial color was utterly unsightly, as if he had swallowed numerous live houseflies, her heart fell with a thump.

The Caucasian woman was already more than hundred years, already old like an immortal, she immediately noticed the strange atmosphere, suddenly with the forced laughs she said: “I’ll go ahead and prepare some medical prescriptions.” After speaking, she propped herself in the walking stick and slowly left.

Yan XiMing grabbed his fist very tightly, his eyes were firmly staring at Yan ZhiMeng, both eyes seemed almost to puff out flames, gnashing his teeth he asked: “Whose baby is this…… that person…… who is he!!”

In order of respecting her, he had thoroughly captured her heart, for five years he never taken advantage of her, he never even touched the corner of her clothes, only because of her Magical Voice Tribe’s royal dignity. Yet he never expected that…… Yan ZhiMeng, in spite of everything…… would even have a child with another man, such kind of shame, no man would ever be able to accept it, the proud and arrogant Yan XiMing will be unable to bear it, if his mother wasn’t present, this time he might have already gone insane.

He suddenly realized that, his perseverance within these five years was just ridiculous, so ridiculous that he wanted to look up to the sky and laugh out.

“Meng-er! What happened here, don’t tell me that you……”

“Adoptive mother…… I’m very sorry……” said Yan ZhiMeng biting her lips and with difficulty. During the time when she already prepared to forget Ye Wuchen, forget everything, and to live for sake of avenging her parents, the heavens had bestowed upon her a tiny life in an untimely period, that string of emotions hidden within the deepest part of her heart was suddenly awakened. At this very moment, her mood was so complicated that she wasn’t able to express herself, that faint feeling of pleasant surprise, faint hesitation, and the deepest fear…… During this situation, what would the arrival of the tiny life signify.

Obtaining Yan ZhiMeng’s response, Lady Yan’s last fantasy was being shattered, the happiness in her heart transformed into sadness and anger, she pointed at Yan ZhiMeng, panting rough breaths she yelled: “You…… how could you do this, you……” Her chest violently palpitated, unable to say further words due to her stirred up emotions.

“That person…… who is it, who is it!!” Yan XiMing’s face was terribly distorted, just like a frantic beast, angrily roaring, then all of a sudden, the figure of a person appeared in his mind, he lowered his voice and said: “Is it…… is it Ye Wuchen!”

In the midst of humiliation and anger, his mind started to recall all sorts of abnormal behaviors of Yan ZhiMeng ever since she returned back, the time that she made contact with other persons, were only those few days that she got close to Ye Wuchen, but immediately, he denied himself again: “No, it should not be him…… or else when he died, you must be dead already! Quickly tell me, who was that person, tell me now!!”

This is the first time he hated someone like this in his life, that endless hatred almost burning up the remaining rationality in his mind. He even began to think of all the most cruel techniques that he could use to hack that person into pieces.

“Don’t ask me.” Yan ZhiMeng sorrowfully shook her head, she was feeling confused, thoroughly confused.

“You must tell me now, if you refused I will kill you!!” Yan XiMing took two steps forward, his hand ruthlessly grabbed her neck, Bing-er rushed ahead standing in front of Yan ZhiMeng, then she yelled alarmingly: “Young master, please don’t……”

Lady Yan grabbed YanXiMing’s arm, pulling him back, then pointing at the door, she coldly yelled: “Get out, you must get out now!”

It was the first time Bing-er saw the affable madame to be mad like this, for a moment she was scared as her heart beated wildly, without stopping, she hurriedly supported Yan ZhiMeng as they headed out. After they left for a short moment, Yan DuanHun came in, striking his head he asked: “What’s going on?”

“Father……” Yan XiMing rigidly called out, Lady Yan was in a deep face, speechless. Yan DuanHun knitted his brows, he stepped forward and yelled: “What really happened here? Where is Meng-er?”

“Meng-er, she……” Lady Yan paused for a long time, with a long sigh she said: “is pregnant.”

Yan DuanHun got startled for a short moment, his face went dim, with a cold snort, he ferociously smashed the stone table beside him with his fist, in a deep and low voice he yelled: “That’s ridiculous!”

That solid stone table didn’t crack up after the hit, but after a short moment of tranquility it suddenly collapsed, transformed into a pile of fine powder. The difficulty was incredibly high, it would be multiple times greater than crushing a rock with a fist.

“Father, what shall I do?” Yan XiMing’s heart was greatly angered, as he said gnashing his teeth. Five years of restraining himself with hardship in exchange for this outcome, such kind of humiliation was much more intolerable by being cuckolded by one’s own wife.

“What do you want to do with her?” Yan DuanHun asked rhetorically.

“......” Ye XiMing’s face went gloomy, for the meantime he wasn’t able to think of any answers.

“Who is that person?”

“I don’t know.” this question being asked, the hatred in Yan XiMing’s heart was increased many times over.

“I will give you two suggestions.” Yan DuanHun turned around and said: “The first one…… marry her!”

“But father……”

Yan DuanHun stared at him, and coldly snorted: “Humph! Everyone in our Northern Empire clan already knew about the marriage between you and her, if the people find out that she was already pregnant with somebody else’s child during the wedding, you…… as the majestic young clan leader of the Northern Empire clan, will become a joke, a laughingstock! In the future how can you inherit the position of the clan leader. Besides, when a woman of Magical Voice Tribe lose her virginity, her power will make a breakthrough, her usefulness to us will be huge, don’t you understand! So, if she can stay, as far as possible let her stay, as the young clan leader, you should have the tolerance. And I let you marry her, was only for the sake of marrying her, in the future you may also have three wives and four concubines, with regards to her, you could ignore her, dishonor her, or beat her…… how could we just let her get away after bringing disgrace to our Yan family!”

“Then what is the second one?” asked Yan XiMing.

“The second……” Yan DuanHun’s face went dark: “If you really can’t take it, then kill her.”

“No!” Lady Yan hurriedly speak out to stop them: “She was our adopted daughter after all, although she had committed a big mistake, but it will be unlikely to go so far as to……”

“Humph! Adopted daughter? She had already dared to commit such thing, she evidently doesn’t show respect to us. Let’s make Ming-er decide for himself!” Yan DuanHun coldly turned around, in a pique he left. Immediately, a person yelled out in the main lobby: “Lady ZhiMeng had a sudden outburst of serious illness, the grand marriage will be postponed, the date is still undecided.”

“My lady, what should we do, what should we do now!” Bing-er anxiously walked back and forth beside Yan ZhiMeng, just like an ant inside a boiling pot, seemed like she was more impatient than Yan ZhiMeng.

Yan ZhiMeng sat down on the bed with a lifeless look in her eyes, having heard what was said she shook her head: “I don’t know……”

Bing-er firmly stamped her feet, suddenly she realized something, sitting down beside her she said: “My lady, this child…… is it really from Ye Wuchen? But he was already dead. Is it true, that once a woman of Magical Voice Tribe had given her body to a man, she will follow him to death?”

“I don’t know, I really don’t know.” Yan ZhiMeng used her hands to cover her head, shaking it anxiously, her mood was so confused and numb.

Bing-er understood what she was feeling right now, she anxiously said: “But, my lady, don’t you ever think that, since they already knew about this matter, they must not just let you get away…… and also your child. When that moment comes, what should we do, what should we do with it?”

“......!!” Yan ZhiMeng suddenly stretched out her hands to cover her own abdomen, in a great rush she said: “No…… we shouldn’t, I will not let them hurt my child, no……”


Her fear at this moment, came from her own selfless desire, the greatest motherly love, in an instant she realized the pleasant surprise that she had felt a while ago…… that was not the happiness created by an expectant mother, but the fruit of the short moment of interaction between her and Ye Wuchen, as they gradually grew fond of each other, then produced during that period of intercourse, he had mentioned, the she was his first woman, then this child, will be the only bloodline that he had left behind…… She will not allow them to harm this child.

“But, my lady, don’t you understand? Even if the young master will forgive you, he would never forgive this child.” Bing-er said more anxiously. This is an obvious fact.

“Then what should I do!” Yan ZhiMeng leaned on her shoulders, swaying while she painfully asked.

Bing-er bit her lower lip, she lowered down her voice and said: “My lady, your only choice is to escape out of here, go to a place where they will never find you, or else…… there’s really no other way, they will certainly never forgive this child.”

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