Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 221 Snow Woman Descended from the Sky

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Chapter 221 Snow Woman Descended from the Sky

“Escape?” Yan ZhiMeng’s face suddenly darkened, she despondently said: “How to escape? everyone in this place, even you, Bing-er, could easily kill me, how can I escape. Even if I will be able to escape then what more should I do? The world is so big, there’s no place where they cannot find me. He’s already dead, even if I escaped, to whom should I rely myself on……”

“My lady……” Bing-er’s expression went bleak, she bent down, leaning her head beside Yan ZhiMeng’s abdomen, she said blamingly: “Little one, you’ve arrived in the wrong time, you really caused trouble to your mother……”

“My lady, they will force you to abort this child. If they really want you to die, whether waiting here, or tried to escape, the outcome would still be death, if they forgive you, if they captured you after you ran away, they wouldn’t do anything to you. Since that’s the case, why don’t we try to escape, I…… even if I will sacrifice myself, I would help you escape.” Bing-er stood up, as she remarked in a serious face.

“Bing-er, thank you.” Yan ZhiMeng shook her head: “You may go out first, I would like to stay here alone.”

“En, then please call out for me if you need anything.” Bing-er worriedly glanced at her, then she slowly stepped out.

After Bing-er left, Yan ZhiMeng poured out her tears which she had been trying hard to hold back, she softly mumbled: “Where are you…… we have our child now…… it’s our child……”

The time passed by with every second, from beginning to end no one came to disturb Yan ZhiMeng, this time her fate no longer belong to herself, she was just like a prisoner awaiting to go on a trial.

The Kui Shui Nation had a favorable climate throughout the year, even if in winter the snow was very little. However when the night falls, the originally slightly cool weather suddenly turned colder, Yan ZhiMeng carefully wrapped herself inside the quilt, in a daze she was looking at the snow outside the window which fell down unknowingly. She could ignore the cold, yet she could not allow the baby in her belly to suffer from any harm.

The curtain of the night dropped down, the temperature still continued to drop, the snow became stronger and stronger, the snowy night without wind made the place completely covered in white, the thickness of the snow had reached the knee level.

The door of the room had been pushed open with a “creak” sound, Yan XiMing walked in with an expressionless face. Behind him, Bing-er followed, carrying a bowl of hot soup. Yan ZhiMeng’s heart sank, she lowered down her gaze, her hands subconsciously protected her own abdomen.

Yan XiMing stood in a nearby spot in fronr of her, he calmly said: “Meng-er, this is the antiabortifacient medicine that the Caucasian woman had prepared for you, you must drink it, afterwards we shall go ahead and take our dinner.” After speaking, he nodded his head, using his gaze to make a gesture at Bing-er. Bing-er went ahead a few steps, put down the soup before her.

Antiabortifacient medicine? Yan  ZhiMeng incredibly lifted up her head, with the steaming hot tisane before her eyes, but the hands carrying the bowl were shaking uncontrollably, Bing-er’s painful gaze was also telling her: “Don’t -----”

“No! I will not drink it!” Yan ZhiMeng used her hand to flip over the bowl in Bing-er’s hands as it fell to the ground, then she jumped down from the bed. That was definitely not some antiabortifacient medicine, but…… the medicine to induce abortion!

“You……” Yan XiMing eventually unhitched his pretense, he exposed an angry and malevolent face, he grabbed Yan ZhiMeng with one hand: “You may not die, but the bastard in your belly shall die, shall die!”

Yan ZhiMeng quickly evaded, as she pleaded: “XiMing, please set me free…… If I can give birth to this child, I would everything you wanted me to do, even if I were to work hard for you I will certainly do it……”

“That’s your fantasy, today, he must die, Haa…… ah!” Yan ZhiMeng’s pleading heated up his fury, smashing his fist insanely at her abdomen. Yan ZhiMeng cried out in fear, her both hands protected it, yet she was completely caught off guard. Suddenly, a petite figure stood in front of her protecting her, gathering full strength a fist smashed back at Yan XiMing.

The two fists collided, under the wrath without using his real force Yan XiMing directly flew out, Bing-er’s body which was blocking in front of Yan ZhiMeng swayed, yet she gnashed her teeth and remained motionless. She immediately waved her hand, breaking the window, she yelled out: “My lady, quickly run out! It was snowing continuously outside, this will the best opportunity that god had given to you, go now!”


“Quickly go now!”

“You lowly servant girl, how dare you injured me.” Yan XiMing stood up from the ground, his face was terribly gloomy. Bing-er intended to press on to her luck, she pushed Yan ZhiMeng, then fearlessly rushed out. Yan ZhiMeng clenched her teeth, suppressing all her sadness, she jumped out of the window, submerged herself within the vast and obscure snowy night.

Within the clans of the Southern and Northern Empires, even their servant girls’ strengths were not weaker than those leaders of ordinary factions, but her strength was insufficient to defeat the majestic young clan leader Yan XiMing. Bing-er only maintained three strokes meeting him face-to-face, yet flew out with just a simple slap from Yan XiMing with the use of only half of his strength, then she threw herself out of the window. Suddenly, his feet sank down, his body floating highly in the air was being firmly pulled down by something. Bing-er was tightly grabbed on his feet, she begged: “Young master, please set my lady free……”

“Get out!” Yan XiMing flung out his feet, shocked Bing-er as she flew out. The next moment, he already dashed out of the window, chasing after the direction where Yan ZHiMeng went.

Yan ZhiMeng’s escape immediately raised the attention of the numerous secret guards among the clan, many paths of breaths scouted at this direction, Yan XiMing loudly roared: “Get out of my away, nobody will be allowed to approach this direction!”

With such scandal, how could he allow other people to know about it. The loud roar of the young clan leader caused those powerful owners of the breaths to hesitate for a moment then all of them retreated back. At this time, a gust of strong wind came from behind Yan XiMing who had just prepared to carry on towards his path, his stretched his arm behind and grabbed, he catched a jade hairpin in his hand, and within few seconds of gap, his both legs were being firmly held down by Bing-er once again: “Young master, although my lady had let you down, but with your generosity, you must forgive her please……”

“Get off me!” Yan XiMing forcefully flung his feet, he heard the sound of bone cracking, but those arms tightly locking his both feet didn’t loosen up. He furrowed his brows, suddenly increased his energy force higher, eventually he threw Bing-er out once again. Taking a fierce breath, with hatred he chased after Yan ZhiMing forging ahead of the snow, his speed was incredibly fast.

The big snow quite had the ability to decrease the visibility, it could also conceal up a person’s breath. But for the finest master like Yan XiMing, this snow evidently didn’t make much difference. Under the chase of Yan XiMing, after a few leaps he found Yan ZhiMeng, his heart went cloudy, he aimed at her abdomen and punched…… What he wanted, was not her life.

The strong wind suddenly stopped, when Yan ZhiMeng turned around, she met a direct hit, her body flew out like a piece of snowflake, a ripping pain spread out from the lower part of her body, on the purely white snowy ground, a few drops of blood stains were present.

“My child……” She was like being ferociously hit by a hammer, with a great shock her tears fell down, her head spinned, then she collapsed on the snowy ground.


A twisted smile exposed on Yan XiMing’s handsome face, before he could step forward, suddenly a vast and enormous ice-cold pressure attacked from above. Yan XiMing got frightened, such terrible energy, he had only experienced it from his own father, with a loud shout, a layer fiery red airwave emerged on his body surface, he gathered all his strength, his both hands forcefully pushed upward into the sky.

However, when he launched his attack, that strong force suddenly disappeared, Yan XiMing ruthlessly hit on a pile of soft cotton, and before him, a figure of an alluring woman in a snow dress suddenly emerged, her face was covered with a white muslin, standing in midst of the snow she looked like a goddess of ice and snow who was created by the ice and snow, so incredibly beautiful. During the moment when Yan XiMing was dazed, that woman stretched out her snow white hand, brandished in the empty space.

Yan XiMing who had felt discouraged due to his mistakes being exposed quickly took back his energy as he was about to resist it, but still no energy wave came around, but instead he felt his body became colder and colder…...


Cold ice began to solidify Yan XiMing’s body without prior indication, for a short moment it became a few meters thick. Firmly locking him inside. This kind of ice wasn’t just an ordinary ice, but a kind of mysterious ice instilled with the powerful energy of ice, even though Yan XiMing’s strength belonged to the heaven-level, for a short period of time he will not be able to break out from it.

The woman approached beside Yan ZhiMeng who had collapsed to the ground, showing pity as she caressed her face, then her one hand pressed on her abdomen, then sighed: “A short moment of negligence, am I too late……”

Her both hands simultaneuosly moved, on the body surface of Yan ZhiMeng she formed a thin layer of ice, then she carried her body up, flew up in the sky, then disappeared within the vast and obscure curtain of snow.

“Even to exhaust all means, I would still preserve your last bloodline……”

Few moments after she left, Yan DuanHun rushed out with a dignified face, then he stopped beside Yan XiMing who had been frozen. And during the same moment, that thick layer of ice began to split open, then suddenly exploded into pieces, ice chunks of all sizes flew out. Yan XiMing who had regained his freedom was gasping coarse breaths, seeing his father beside him, he was distracted at first, then he said: “It’s a woman…… a very powerful woman, I simply do not have the strength to fight back in front of her.”

Yan DuanHun waved his hand, with knitted brows he said: “I already knew who she is. No wonder I always feel that this snow came so strangely.”

“Snow…… could she be?”

“That’s right, only the Snow Woman had such remarkable ability. This snow was evidently created by Snow Woman, because among the big snow, her breath can be mixed up with the snow, not just you, but even I myself wouldn’t be able to detect that she had already intruded in. Humph, she really proved herself, going so far as to find this place. What made me hard to understand was, she gone into a lot of trouble, just to take her away!” Yan DuanHun said, knitting his brows tightly together.

“Father, then let’s chase after her, even if she is the Snow Woman……”

“If the Snow Woman had enough time to create the snow, then she will be incredibly powerful. The Snow Woman in the snow is simply without rival, because every piece of snowflake could transform into her sharp weapon in an instant. She didn’t hurt you, that means she doesn’t want to provoke our Northern Empire clan, then we shouldn’t necessary provoke an enemy. Since she wanted to take that girl, then just let her take her, what remains unseen is deemed to be clean!” Yan DuanHun after speaking, turned around to return back with an expressionless face. If some other person had arrived this time, even if he was a god-level master, he would never let him get away for daring to intrude this place, but contrarily, the opposing party is Snow Woman…… in the extreme north of a distant place in Cang Lan, it was terribly cold, even Yan DuanHun would be greatly affected by the climate if he went there, and the Snow Woman could reach the highest peak of her strength in that place, if the Northern Empire clan arrived at that place, they would pay their price. For a woman who had turned her back on them, it’s not worth the price!

Yan XiMing clenched his teeth unwillingly, then eventually he returned back.

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