Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 222 Foolishly Guarding in the Abyss

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Chapter 222 Foolishly Guarding in the Abyss

Two years after.

It was already two year apart from the time that Ye Wuchen had jumped into the Death Abyss, Ye Wuchen’s legend was still spreading through the entire Heavenly Star Continent, particularly the Tian Long Nation, he and his legend had became divine thing as time passed by, in the Tian Long Nation he gradually transformed into a legendary person who was almost like a god. When a lot of old men told stories to the small children, they would always mention about this legendary young man, who became the highest goal that they tried hard to achieve, yet wasn’t able to truly attain it.

Two years went by yet it didn’t transform much of the Heavenly Star Continent’s structure. The Gale Nation was more behaved than expected, although they often harassed the borders of the Tian Long Nation, but they never truly attacked on a big scale. And this was similar to the prior indication that a great storm will soon arrive, no one believed that the Gale Nation will continue their small-scale games, they were waiting for an appropriate time and opportunity.

And Ye Wei who hated the Gale Nation to the bones had rarely returned home with these two years, he was guarding the western side, he would rather hope that the war will soon break out, or he could spontaneously force into the Gale Nation and freely kill all the people to his heart’s content. But unfortunately, their Tian Long Nation was standing in the passive side.

A Mysterious Place not known by anyone.

This is evidently an extremely deep abyss, the sunlight simply couldn’t shine through the area, yet it was strangely as bright as the daytime --- Moreover, this place was bright at all times, didn’t have night time. Overhead it was completely dark, but as far as the eyes can see there was the brightness, those brilliant rays came from an unknown source.

Not only having the light, but this place has a clear small river, fragrant wild flowers, dark green meadow, and the woods and the animals of all sizes were full of vitality, it even contained…… human.

A small elf-like girl was crouching beside the creek, using a sea green lotus leaf and filling it up with the clear creek water. Her age seemed at most to be around ten years of age, having a snowy white hair, with an astonishingly white skin, this young girl was supposed to be an exquisitely fine young girl, but it was completely destroyed by the two huge crisscrossed scars on her face, causing people to blame the Creator for giving her such cruel fate.

The young girl lifted up the lotus leaf, treading along the loose meadowland, walking towards a young man who was lying on the floor. The young man was quietly lying there, his face was calm, having a perfect face that caused people to marvel at it, but the facial color was overly pale, that was a facial color of someone who had a serious illness.

The young girl crouched down before him, cupping the lotus leaf, she drank a mouthful of water in it, then using her small hands to separate the young man’s pale lips, she bent down, using her tender lips to stick to them, with the most gentle movement, she carefully let the water pass down the creek water from her mouth to his mouth, just like he was a very fragile glass doll.

“Brother, you will certainly wake up, you must wake up……”

A drop of tear fell down from her eyes, dropping into the clear water in the lotus leaf, making a tiny ripple on the water. These two years, she had dropped too much tears, as if they never run dry. The young girl drank a mouthful again, then gently helped him drink.

Night never arrived in this place, only daytime. So she didn’t know how long she had been staying here, only knew that it was already very very long…… In the middle of worry and fear, every second was a difficult torment that she needed to undertake as she waited for him to wake up.

After feeding him with water, she headed again to the creek side to get some water, then she drank. After she returned, she put aside the lotus leaf, foolishly took a few bites on his face using her watery lips, then in a low voice she said: “Brother, I will pick some fruits now, wait for me here, just a short moment.”

Everytime she would say goodbye to him just like that, for two years, it had already repeated for numerous times. With each step she turned around and looked, then striding her tiny steps as she quickly run out, because if she run a little bit faster, she would return earlier.

The forest in the northern side had different kinds of wild fruits which she had never seen before. The small animals here were plenty, also quite docile, but she didn’t want to kill, and based on that young man’s situation he was completely unable to eat meat, so the wild fruits here became their overall food for survival.

This forest was quite large, she didn’t dare to run deeply into to it, because she was afraid that once she got lost inside, no one would be able to feed him water and fruits, as for the other side of the forest, she never knew anything about it.

The fruits became lesser and lesser as they consumed, by the time when she was unable to stretch out her arms and pick them, she learned to climb the trees, as a result, her arms, calves, even parts of her face were scratched by the tree branches, and she had fell down from the trees for numerous times. After a long time, her originally delicately snow white hands were pestered with calluses, the old wounds faded away, but new wounds appeared, but unfortunately as time passed by, she became more and more skilled, her wounds became lesser and lesser, the calluses on her hands became thicker and thicker.

After a short while, she used her skirt to wrap up some fruits then came running back. Everyday no matter how many she picked, she would never allow herself to leave him for a longer period of time. Almost reaching the tolerable amount of time, her heart started to become agitated, then she began to hurry back on her way. The thing she feared most, was to see him disappear all of the sudden. The happiest thing, was to see him suddenly wake up.

He was the reason why the young girl continued to live, or else, she would rather die. Her every minute and every second she was hoping for him to wake up. Nobody will disturb them in this place, this place became the world that only belonged to both of them.

The young girl approached the creek side to wash them, approaching beside the young man, she knelt down, beside his ears she softly said: “Brother, I’m so useless, only found three pieces of sweet fruits. Next time, I will try harder.”

She picked up a very big blue fruit, then sat down, putting the lotus leaf between her legs, she took big bites on the fruit, then used her own small hands to squeeze the pieces, squeezing out the blue colored juice she dripped them on the lotus leaf, after squeezing one, she used her own mouth to feed him, the juice was refreshing and sweet, but she was reluctant to swallow it on her own.

After feeding him to “eat” those three huge fruits, the young girl took two hard green fruits and she started to eat. The taste was very sour, very rough.

A drop of blue colored juice remained on this young man’s lips, the young girl got startled, she bent down, extended out her small tongue to lick it, enjoying a bit of sweetness, then she continued to eat those hard green fruits in her hand.

This white haired young girl, was actually Ning Xue who had jumped into the Death Abyss with Ye Wuchen.

It’s been two years, she never changed, she didn’t grow taller, still the petite and simple young girl. But within these two years, she already became stronger, no matter how much pain, starving, or painstaking, she would never complain, never drop a tear, only in front of Ye Wuchen, she will always unable to hold back her tears.

Two years ago, she slowly fell down from a gentle breeze, didn’t sustain a bit of wounds, but Ye Wuchen’s body violently smashed to the ground surface. The Death Abyss was too high, the falling speed, and the impact was too big, his body directly smashed on the lawn and caved in, his body had completely sank inside the cold earth, the fresh blood quickly spread to the surrounding ground surface. When it happened to an ordinary person, his body would have already smashed into pieces, absolutely without any possibility of survival.

Ning Xue cried aloud heartbreakingly, she used her hands to rake up the earth beside him, dragging his body, yet she only felt his body gradually turned cold…… then colder. She leaned on his body, cried out with all her might, continuously crying, until her voice went hoarse, until she passed out…… She didn’t expect that, her spring-like tears had drenched through his pale white face, much of the tears inadvertently flow inside his mouth…….

Ning Xue woke up from her deepest despair, after she woke up the first thing she did was to look, and touch his face…… From his face, she suddenly felt the warmth. At that time, she was like grabbing onto the last hope out of despair, while she cried and yelled out “brother”, she used her hands to rake up the surrounding earth…… For a very long time, she had eventually dragged his body out with care.

She detected his weak breath and similarly weak heartbeat, hugging his neck she cried and laughed, then she carefully took off the clothes in Ye Wuchen’s body, with all might her might she fed him with the water from the creek, washed his body, then used her fragrant little tongue to lick the wounds on his body created by the impact, because brother had taught her that, saliva could help speed the healing process of the wounds.

Hence, Ye Wuchen didn’t eventually die. But he had maintained his weakest vital energy just like that, under Ning Xue’s care he laid fast asleep, didn’t know when will he wake up again, or perhaps, he might never be able to wake up.

This place not only didn’t have the nighttime, it also didn’t have the four seasons, forever maintaining the same temperature, with the similar vegetation, no rains, no thunder and lightning. But it was different from the outside world, like a completely isolated place.

Ning Xue laid down beside Ye Wuchen, feeling tired, she curled up her body and leaned closer to him, putting his arms around herself, closed her eyes, the quickly fell asleep. In her dreams, she would always dream about her brother suddenly waking up.

Before, Ye Wuchen was the one who cared and protected Ning Xue. But within these two years, it was Ning Xue who cared and protected him, aside from heading out to find food, she almost never left his side, not allowing him to be out of her sight. Everyday she would clean him, massage his body to prevent his body from becoming stiff due to lying down for a very long time, she would always stay beside him, told him about their stories in the past. She always believed that, he would definitely wake up at the soonest time.

Green grass everywhere, this world only belonged to the two of them, the light wind and running water formed the sounds of this world.

And during this moment, the little finger on Ye Wuchen’s right hand suddenly moved a little, afterwards no other sounds followed.

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