Heavenly Star

Heavenly Star Chapter 224 The Little Angel

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Chapter 224 The Little Angel

“Nan-er, how long did I lay unconscious?”

“Mm…… it’s already two years, quite long, master you never wake up ever since the beginning.” said Nan-er sadly. A voice inside her head had told her that, only her master had the ability to make her come from the sword, if he was dead, she will be forever trapped inside the sword. So, within these two years she was anxiously waiting.

Two years!?

Ye Wuchen’s breathing was sluggish, his body suddenly went stiff. He had never unexpected that he would wake up from the abyss of death, and it was already two years. Between the two years time, in the outside world things remained the same, but the people have changed. This was the bottom part of the Death Abyss, a mysterious, lonely and unfamiliar world, the delicate and weak Ning Xue unexpectedly stayed in this kind of place, caring for him, as they passed through the whole two years.

Two years of time, she endured the loneliness and fear all the time, everyday she would persistently anticipating him to wake up…… Ye Wuchen’s heart awfully ached, he didn’t know how this young girl, who didn’t know about everything and she who always relied on him, had made it through.

“Xue-er, I would never allow you to get hurt, not anymore.” He glanced at her, telling himself again and again.

When he fell into the Death Abyss, the damages in his internal organs were sufficient enough for an ordinary person to immediately die, but at this moment his body was weak and powerless, yet it was painless. He believed that the damages in his own internal organs were fully recovered, or else with such serious injury, without the self protective power he would simply unable to maintain for two years without dying.

But…… what kind of power had permitted his internal organs to fully recover, and maintained his own life for entire two years without dying.

Is it the power created by the Wuchen Spell? No, it shouldn’t be…… He was quietly lying down, yet he didn’t feel any presence of the spiritual power and its absorption. His body was powerless, and it no longer absorb the spiritual power of heaven and earth. At that time when he ate the Heavenly Fire Dragon Fruit, ignited up all his potential powers, and consumed all his strength, he already had such realization. Just like a tiny grass, as long as the conditions were suitable, no matter how many times it was cut, as long as a little part of its roots remained, it would grow again through the Spring season, but supposing that its roots were also taken out completely, it will no longer grow again.

The Heavenly Fire Dragon Fruit had burned up all his potential powers, and these potential powers, during the time when they fell down, had completely transformed into the element of wind when he intended to save Ning Xue, during that time it was completely exhausted, without any bit of it remained.

Now when he was fully recovered, he would just become an ordinary powerless person.

“What had saved me, Nan-er, did you know?” Ye Wuchen weakly asked.

“I know it, I know it.” Nan-er immediately answered, she impatiently wanted to tell him what she had discovered: “It’s the power of life. When master passed out, the power of life would frequently enter your body, that’s the way it was. If it wasn’t for this power of life, master you were already…… already……”

“Power of Life??”

The major elements of fate: Life, Death and the Power of Life within the Soul, it’s the greatest, and the mildest elemental power, completely opposite to the Element of Death, it could drive away the death, being regarded as the life force of the living things. Aside from elimination the death, the power of life didn’t contain any offensive powers, but its healing power was simply incomparable with the power of brightness, based on legend once the power of life became stronger at a certain degree, it could also make a person rise from the dead.

“Where was it from?” asked Ye Wuchen

“I also don’t know. When master you passed out, the area before my eyes was black all along, couldn’t see anything. But, these powers of life wasn’t always present, but just occasionally. Sometimes a few times within a day, or sometimes once every few days, I don’t know where they came from.” Nan-er answered doubtfully.

“Brother…… brother……”

Ning Xue who lost her consciousness due to crying was softly mumbling, almost like dreaming about something, her both hands gripped tight, she opened her misty eyes, meeting Ye Wuchen’s both eyes.

“Xue-er……” the corner of Ye Wuchen’s mouth slightly moved, as he gently said, his voice was dry, rough, and weak, sufficient enough to be dispersed by the gentle breeze.

The loud cry almost exhausted all the strength in Ning Xue’s body, she opened her eyes, the most frightening thing for her was that the scene a while ago might just be a dream, once she wakened up, all of it might just disappear. She opened her eyes, looking at brother’s face, she foolishly smiled, then leaning her head in his chest, she said with tears: “Brother, I knew it, I knew that you will wake up at the soonest time……”

Ye Wuchen had tried numerous times to lift up his hand wanting to touch her, but his body couldn’t follow what he wanted to do, after he repeatedly tried hard, the originally fluttering body of his felt the intense dizziness, he was afraid that he would lose consciousness again, then he gave up, recalling every moments he had carried her in his arms, he smiled and said: “How can I be willing to part with Xue-er.”

Two years of time, Ning Xue before his eyes didn’t change a bit, didn’t have any signs of growth.

“En…… brother you have finally woken up, that’s great, that’s great. Brother, we will never be apart from each other, okay?” Ning Xue said foolishly, unable to hold back her tears. Her hands were grabbing his clothes all along, quite tightly, being afraid that once she loosened up a bit, the dream-like happiness in front of her eyes would disappear immediately afterwards.

“Okay…… How can I ever allow myself to be apart from Xue-er…… Xue-er, you must have suffered too much hardship.” He pitifully said.

Ning Xue used all her might to shake her head: “It wasn’t hard, not at all, as long as brother could get better, I will never feel the hardship.”

These words came out from her mouth, didn’t contain any false words, those tears were still in her eyes, full of things that made Ye Wuchen feel the heartache and to be emotionally touched. He opened his mouth, and said: “I want to drink water.”

For someone who had an extremely weak body, with all his body functions almost being paralyzed, the instinctive reaction would be the desire to drink water. Ning Xue quickly responded, grabbing the still useful piece of lotus leaf, she run towards that familiar creek, the creek water came from an unknown source, its water was incomparably clear.

Because she ran too fast, in addition to her limp and powerless body caused by crying, Ning Xue fell down on the ground, then she immediately got up, with quick steps she proceeded beside the creek, slowly filled up the water in the lotus leaf, then turned her body around, facing him she smiled, carefully carried the lotus leaf as she returned back, while she was walking, her face full of tears occasionally fell down quietly, dropping inside the creek water in the lotus leaf.

“Brother, drink water.” Ning Xue crouched down beside him, touching the corner of his mouth with the tip of the leaf, her hands were slightly shaking, watching the clear water flow into his mouth. Seeing him wake up, such kind of joyous feeling was truly real, all the pain in her heart had vanished like smoke in the air. She seemed to feel that, all the suffering have already departed from them, just like the dark clouds have been cleared, and they could see the sunlight again. After losing, she came to realize more about everything, just looked at him like that, talked to him for a few words, these were already her greatest happiness.

Falling down into to the Death Abyss, there would be no way up, yet Ning Xue didn’t have any slightest bit of fear and regret. Seeing him gradually improve, then the two of them, shall live forever in this place that belonged only to them being carefree and without worries, this was the happiness she had hoped for in her dreams during these two years.

The refreshing water flowed inside his mouth, passing through the throat as it flowed into the body. Gradually, the refreshing water had brought the cozy warmth to himself without any reason, this warmth quickly spread inside his body, until it spread through his internal organs, his four limbs and veins, causing his fuzzy mind to gradually become clear-headed.

“This! It was this! This kind of energy saved master!” Nan-er suddenly cried out in surprise. Because this time the thing that rushed inside Ye Wuchen’s body, was exactly the power of life that saved his life little by little within these two years. What she was able to see, were the things that Ye Wuchen could see, during the period when Ye Wuchen was unconscious, Nan-er’s world was mostly dark. This time, she had finally discovered the source of that mysterious power of life --- the creek water in Ning Xue’s hands.

Ye Wuchen quietly drank all the water, feeling the changes in his body for a while, then he said: “Xue-er, I want to drink more.”

“En!” Ning Xue used all her might to nod her head, hurriedly used her sleeves to wipe off the tear stains on her face, then again she turned around and ran back to the creek side, then filled the water and came back, carefully feed him to drink.

This time, only the taste of the water.

After drinking the water, Ye Wuchen softly relaxed, felt more comfortable all over his body. In his mind, Nan-er’s puzzled voice echoed: “Yi? It’s so strange, a while ago it was present, it must be right, why is it missing this time? It’s so strange, so strange……”

“It’s not water.” Ye Wuchen used his thoughts to answer: “It’s Xue-er’s tears.”


Nan-er had told him before, that the mysterious energy of life sometimes occurred a few times in one day, sometimes once in a few days. He had known that, this kind of power certainly wouldn’t come from the water. Because it would be impossible for Ning Xue, who had devoted all her time taking care of him, to feed him water after few days of time. And from the beginning to the end, the main thing different within these two times she went to the creek side to fill up water was…… On the first time, the water was stained with her tears.

For two years, the continuous occurrence of the power of life, also meant that, everytime she faced him, feeding him water, she would quietly cry, continuously for two years…… Sometimes, the tears would fall into the water without her noticing, saving his life.

She was like a little angel bestowed to him by the heaven, time after time pulling him back from the edge of death. The first time in order to save him, she had stolen the egg from an enchanted beast, using the innate spiritual power to make him attain the breakthrough the second level of the primal chaos spell, and escape the disaster. Yet during this occurrence, she never left his side, anxiously waited and cared for him for two years, using her tears saving him again from the pool of death.

She, was actually an angel before. During the final hours of the Heavenly Fire Dragon’s life, it had been transmitted to his thoughts through a far distance that she was the “Angel that Sanctifies the Life and Brightness”.

Xue-er, what I owed you, in this life I would never be able to pay back in full. What I could only do, is to let you stay forever beside me, even if I lose all the powers to protect you, I would never allow anyone to hurt you…...

“Brother, are you still thirsty?” Ning Xue put down the lotus leaf, the glistening eyes were foolishly looking at him. Just merely looking at him, she was already satisfied.

His body had regained some of its consciousness, his strength had almost somewhat recovered, the corner of his mouth moved, exposing a gentle smile: “Not thirsty anymore.”

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