Miracle Throne

Miracle Throne Chapter 30: Before the Summit Meeting

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Guilt, Regret, Sadness, Frustration, Trepidition! 

Meng Ying Ying didn’t sleep the entire night. Like a loyal guard, she waited in front of Chu Tian’s door, not even moving a single step, and not even having a second of rest.

“Ying Ying, it’s gonna be morning soon. “ Meng Qing Wu covered a cape around her younger sister’s shoulder, her dotting eyes brimming with love.” Guarding isn’t the way. You still need to rest, I’ve come here to help you watch, but it’s unlikely there will be an accident.

This type of matter was difficult on Meng Ying Ying.

She seemed to have momentarily lost her lively character.

Across Meng Ying Ying ‘s haggard face, she said: “Perhaps you’re right that there is no need for me to be here. I know I have no skill; those bad people are unstoppable and I probably won’t be able to defend against them. However, doing it this way makes my heart feel a little bit better, so just permit me to stay here.”

“Good, I will accompany you.”

Seeing her younger sister act in such a manner, she felt her own heart sigh. I’m afraid that this girl’s heart will be stolen by that guy!

The color of the sky shifted as light gradually filled the sky

At this moment, there was a clamoring sound from outside the door: “I am the attendant of the Ye family, do you scoundrels even dare to block me? How dare you tell me to get lost!”

TL: He’s actually called the official of the Ye family, but that’s too long to repeat each time, so instead of Ye family, it will just be Attendant Ye Jia.

Blood-curdling screeches echoed out from several guards.

The two sisters felt fear creeping in.

A youth about thirty years of age struck several guards down the ground and stepped atop their faces. Seeing the Meng sister come out, he then promptly said: “You Meng family sisters with such beauty have shown yourselves capable of causing the downfall of cities and states. Seeing you today, my doubts on this vanish; however, your good days are already behind you.

Meng Qing Wu clenched her fist tightly: “What do you mean?”

Attendant Ye Jia’s eyes, without the slightest scruple, lingered over the view of the bodies of the two girls: “Hereafter, you are to be reduced as prostitute slaves. You will be unable to escape this role. You will be ravaged and tormented. That is your fate, unfortunately. What a pity!” 

Meng Ying Ying angrily rebuked: “Get out of here!”

Without delay, Meng Qing Wu dragged her younger sister, and with umber-black eyebrows wrinkling: “You have no cause nor reason to damage my family. Don’t tell me you came here just to tell me this?”

Attendant Ye Jia laughing out loud: “ Good, there’s no need to pretend, let that Chu Tian come out!”

Meng Ying Ying indignantly yelled: “ What do you think you are doing?”

Attendant Ye Jia ruminating in a tone said: “My family’s eldest young master said that Chu Tian was a lowly slave that had the audacity to commit an offense to him, yet he didn’t anticipate that he will be in the control of the eldest young master. If you want to save his life, there is only one option. Three steps kneeling, five steps kowtowing,  then you beg for forgiveness after which we cut off both of his legs..”

Three steps on his knees?

Five steps worshipping?

Beg for one’s forgiveness, then cut off both legs?

Meng Ying Ying gritting her teeth said: “How can you be so full of malice, are you not afraid to meet the wrath of heaven?”

“Malicious?” Attendant Ye  smiled, “No no no, deep down the eldest young master has such a kind heart. Although this person is a slave, the young master cannot bear for him to be handicapped, without legs, forever. He gave an opportunity to rescue the lowly slave’s legs, and this opportunity belongs to you two sisters.

Upon hearing this, Meng Ying Ying immediately asked: “ What do you want?”

Attendant Ye tauntingly said: “It’s simple, both of you in exchange for his legs. The eldest young master wants you both as well as Chu Tian to kowtow in front of the Xie family door in order to apologise for your offense. From now on, you will become the Ye family’s personal whores that will provide amusement and pleasure to the Xie family.

“Scoundrel!” Meng Ying Ying’s face became very red: “How can you be so oppressive!”

Attendant Ye indifferently said: “Chu Tian, who is a mere servant, seriously injured my family’s youngest master. He provoked the eldest young master and humiliated him. You are the ones who are truly oppressive. Bear in mind that whether or not he will become a useless handicap will be entirely up to your decision. He is a benefactor that saved the Meng Family. Now he has has fallen into misfortune, and it ought to be fixed through you two sister’s remuneration to us.”

One sister for one leg?

The Meng sisters wanted to meet with the Xie family and be certain that there was really no other way to negotiate.

Attendant Ye, seeing the disheartened faces of the sisters, decided that his mission was complete. In his heart there was incomparable delight, and he faced upwards to the sky laughing: “The message has been brought to you, I will now take my leave. Before tonight, the young master would like to watch you pay for your insolence.

Attendant Ye was just about to leave, only to hear a careless dull voice coming from inside: “How can I have dogs barking this early? Turns out that the Xie family’s dog accidentally stumbled in. However, it seems the dog thinks that this is a public toilet he can freely enter and leave from.

Chu Tian was wearing new clean clothes. Both his eyes were bright and full of expression, and he seemed to be bursting with life. His whole body pervaded the air with Yuan Li Qi, and he seemed to be strong than he was yesterday.

“Chu Tian, You really came out? I admire you. Death is nearly at hand, and you still dare be arrogant!” Attendant Ye seemed to have nothing to fear, his hands were placed around his chest. With an arrogant tone, he said: “You should listen clearly to what I said. Your first choice is death, the second obedience. Those are your only options.”

“ Can I have a third choice?”

“Apart from these two results, I can’t think of a third possibility.”

“The third one is to step on you, step on Ye Han, and again step on Ye Xiong,


What kind of arrogant words are you saying!

This can lead to disaster!

Attendant Ye turned pale with fear, and he felt his mouth opening. Chu Tian dashed urgently over, Attendant Ye whether good or bad is in the peak of the 5th layer.

Ka Ka!

The sound of two bones splitting apart!

A pair of legs with broken bogs.

From Attendant Ye Jia, a miserable shriek came out, and his face was in utter disbelief

How did Chu Tian hit him? His life was in the grasp of the Ye’s families hands

Attendant Ye Jian quivered with fear and sucked his breath: “You… you dare to kill me, Young Master won’t let you off easily!”

“I don’t plan to kill you. I want you to return to bring back a message, bastard surnamed Ye. Take advantage of these days properly and enjoy your life; later on you will not again have such an opportunity.”

Attendant Ye Jia gloomy complexion: “Good, I will help you bring this message!”

Chu Tian suddenly showed a rotten smile: “Did attendant Ye Jia truly think I would do three steps of kneeling, five step of kowtowing to pay worship in front of their gate for a humbling apology? How creative of you, returning politeness for politeness. I would also like to express my own politeness.

Attendant Ye Jia seeing Chu Tian’s smiling expression, suddenly felt afraid: “ What do you want to do?”

Chu Tian happily smiling then said: “ I am a person who does not like trouble. It would be best for you to strip your clothes off, hands and feet broken and naked while you climb back to the Ye family home.

“You dare…..No! Don’t you lift a finger!”

A stripped and naked man with absolutely nothing left crawling through the streets. To people’s surprise and alarm, this was Attendant Ye Jian.

Although the Ye family originally thought of visiting to humiliate them, Chu Tian ended up resolutely shaming the Ye family instead.

Ye family originally thinking to visit to humiliate them, but Chu Tian resolutely shamed them!

Surely this matter will be make the Tian Nan City’s headlines news.

“There’s no use in worry.” Chu Tian turned around to explain to the people behind him: “I am refining the energy of the soul of the beast, now promoted to the 5th rank body refinement. At the same time, I temporarily restored the split spirit. This kind of method is a bandaid solution, and will only work for the next two months.

Meng Ying Ying sighed in relief, but after a moment she said in a rushed voice: “After two months? What solution do you have afterwards?

Chu Tian nodded his head: “There is no method. If the spirit is in the awakened realm of cultivation then the mending it is no effort at all!”

Two months?

Spirit Awakening!?!

What joke is this?

Tian Nan city doesn’t have even much spirit awakened practitioners. Becoming a spirit awakened practitioner in two months is next to impossible.

Meng Ying Ying lowered her head like a guilty child. If it were not for her, Chu Tian would not have such a large inconvenience.

“Ying Ying, don’t let yourself feel even a twinge of guilt as this matter is not your fault.” Chu tian walked to arrive right in front of Meng Ying Ying: “You bought me from the slave market, which is in itself a great kindness. Otherwise I would still be in the hands of others today, and I’m afraid I would not even have the opportunity that I have now. As for the matter of the contract, let’s put it behind us. This is also an opportunity to have an equal relationship, don’t tell me this is a bad thing?”

Meng Ying Ying was aching in her heart, and tears were on the brink of flowing out. In her heart she was completely moved, yet furiously: “You scoundrel, without restriction I’m afraid that you will bully me even more severely!”

Chu Tian revealed an expression of fear: “ You are the young miss, I don’t dare!”

Meng Ying Ying firmly stared into his eyes. This guy is still shameless to say this. You actually bully me a lot more than anyone I’ve ever met.

Meng Ying Ying exposed a ambivalent expression: “You really can turn into a spirit awakened practitioner in two months

“You don’t have confidence in me?”

“No, that is not it!” I believe you can accomplish it, but by becoming into a spirit awakened practitioner, our gap is getting bigger and bigger, and I’m afraid I can’t follow your footsteps!

“Don’t worry, we will both grow stronger!” Chu Tian’s hand touching the head of Meng Ying Ying: “Is the Dan furnace still here?

TN: Dan= Pellet, Pill

Meng Ying Ying was uncomfortable: “I forbid you to touch my head, I am not a child! Without doubt it is still here, this thing’s outer appearance is quite broken and damaged, and since it is not valuable, who would want to steal it?”

Chu Tian heaved a sigh of relief: “ A Dan furnace being robbed is a serious and harmful matter. This is ten folds worse that stealing the contract. Bear in mind, the method of making this Dan cannot be exposed! Now please bring out the Dan furnace as I want to use the Beast Dan to refine a few Dan medicines.

TN: So Dan is used differently here, it isn’t referring to a pill or pellet, but rather also the heart of the beast, the dantian of the beast. 

Meng Ying Ying immediately interested: “ You are going to concoct Dan? What Dan will you refine!”

“Everyone would need to help out. As for what type of Dan, for the time being it is confidential!” Chu Tian said purposely which kept the suspense, “The summit meeting is still several days from now, and I want to exploit these past few days to increase my strength and thus have a better assurance of the outcome

These group of bastards are thinking of using despicable methods to control me? In that case don’t blame me for being merciless and vicious!

Chu Tian usually held his grudges openly. His kindness was subtle like dripping water, his revenge explosive, like a gushing spring. With even the smallest grievance, he made everyone pay him back. What’s more, what the Ye family did in this matter was very much excessive.

First assassinate Han Song.

Afterwards steal the contract.

Whichever both must prevail, or no doubt Chu Tian will certainly die. Afterwards the Meng sister will follow and similar fate and be done for!

In the next few days, Chu Tian, Zhao Li Qing, Nan Gong Yun took turns keeping watch in order to avert the Ye family’s violent return. Chu Tian closes the door to a hidden room where he hid alongside the Meng Sisters. Through using the Dan of the Black Winged Wolf and in addition to bringing a dozen previous herbs of Ling Yao, he can now begin to refine in great amounts.

Chu Tian mysteriously close a door, he is with the Meng Sisters, through using the Dan of the Black Winged Wolf. In addition bringing a dozen of precious herbs of Ling Yao, can begin refining in great amounts. 

Everyone waited nervously for the approaching Summit Meeting.


Several days later

Inside the house of the city lord. 

Nangong Yi , it was the sound of thunder as the teacup were smashed to bits on the ground, angrily growling: “Yun Er is truly getting more and more unreasonable!”

Nangong Yi thought of his daugher with great fire in his belly!

TL: This means he is really angry.

His genius daugher was extraordinary, but unfortunately she was a headstrong barbarian, unable to change at all!

On the day blackmailing Nangong Yun failed, she unexpectedly held a secret stash of Nan Gong Yi filled with treasured objects to take out and sell, roughly collecting several to tens of thousands of gold coins. She hasn’t returned home ever since, and no one knows what she is doing!

A few days ago news spread out that she fought Ye Han in the streets!

Nan Gong Yi, after learning of the situation, nearly sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Who is Ye Han?

Tian Nan City’s Ye family eldest young master, just recently returned from the Zhong Zhou Institute. The Ye family is the local tyrant in Zhong Zhou district, and Nan Gong Yi rarely dared to oppose them, mostly because his daughter was guilty of offending the Ye family.

“City Lord, did young miss return back?

“What did you say? Does she dare still come back!”

Nangong Yi was seething with anger. 

“Bah! Why don’t I dare come back!” Nangong Yun casually talking then entering inside, “ You’re face looks surprised, old man, and your face red; are you sick?

Nangong Yi stamped his foot in fury: “Even if I weren’t sick I’m so furious I might as well be! Can you not give me any more trouble! There is nothing to talk about, I already gave your application, after a year you will go to Zhong Zhou institute.

Nangong Yun angrily said: “Who told you to give my name? What sort of nonsense is this? I won’t go!”

Nangong Yi replied: “You run amok in this city and give me a headache as mayor. Zhong Zhou Institute is a good place. Only that type of place can contain you!”

“I don’t run amok in the city!” Nangong Yun loudly explained herself: “I am doing great things! Why do you always look down on me? I, Nan Gong Yun, what part of me is not equal to others? For what reason can I not undertake a project!”

Nangong Yi angrily replied “You you… you said what, what did you do?”

“My boss can say it, but while there is no official announcement, everything is a secret and it won’t be revealed.” Nangong Yun arrogantly raised her eyebrows, stopped talking for a while, and turned around to leave: “Tomorrow is the Tian Nan summit meeting, My boss will naturally announce to everybody, then you will understand!”

Nangong Yi was flabbergasted.

Daughter acknowledges this person as her boss?

This witch-like girl, actually calls somebody else boss?

Nangong Yi now understood his daughter’s character. Even though he was her father and even if he’s mayor, he still has no control over his own daughter. Even though Zhang Li Qing only took her in as a student and taught her the art of Talisman charms, his daughter did not even look up to him as a teacher and even regularly ridiculed him.

What is the story behind this person that his daughter is willing to follow?