Miracle Throne

Miracle Throne Chapter 32: Disabling Your Two Hands

A ten year-old girl… how can anyone think about killing her?

Ye Han was indeed a cruel person.


Ye Han was about to strike the little girl when a slender hand swept across, obstructing Ye Han’s hand. Meng Ying Ying quickly grabbed the chance to hug the little girl to safety.

Who dared to block Ye Han!

Everyone in the audience was captivated.

A tall figure stood in front of Ye Han. She had a pair of slender, perfect legs, rounded and full breasts, an entrancing appearance with the air of a lofty and gorgeous goddess.

Meng Qing Wu? How could it be her?

Even if Ye Han used only 20% of his energy to release an attack, it wasn’t something just anyone could stop. That Meng Qing Wu could block his attack, her strength was probably around the sixth level.

This woman… was actually that strong??

So does this mean she kept her true strength hidden all this time??

Meng Ying Ying placated the little girl, before standing up and facing him. “It’s a competition! You mercilessly killed someone, and now you’re even thinking of killing a child? Are you even human? You’re a savage!”

“Huh, and I thought who was speaking… so it’s the two useless flower vases!” Ye Han sneered. “Weak people should have the realization of weak people. This pile of garbage should die, they’ve only been lucky. You should pray for Chu Tian not to fall into my hands or else there won’t be any kind of this luck for him much longer.”

This bastard was unbearable, how dare he announce that he was going to torture Chu Tian!

Meng Ying Ying was enraged.

Balling both her fists, she released her energy.

She was like a furious beast, about to attack without thinking.

“Ying Ying, stop!”

Meng Ying Ying looked at her sister, whose face was ashen, her pale white forehead was dotted with beads of sweat, as if she was exerting a lot of energy.

“Sister, you…”

Meng Qing Wu shook her head, as if in pain. “Let’s go.”

Fine, let Chu Tian take care of this asshole.

Meng Ying Ying glared at Ye Han, let’s see for how much longer you can be arrogant, before leading the little girl away.

Ye Han had a look of bewilderment on his face.

What just happened? With the energy that Meng Ying Ying released earlier, she didn’t seem to require assistance from Meng Qing Wu at all. Was this possible?


Must be a mistake!

Definitely a mistake!

And when Meng Qing Wu had blocked his attack, she didn’t look right. She must be feeling like an arrow at the end of its flight.

So if Meng Ying Ying was truly this strong… she was only 16! She qualified for the Big Competition… so why didn’t she join? Ye Han was relieved at this point.

The judge suddenly piped up awkwardly, “First round, victory goes to Ye Han!”

Ye Han snorted derisively before leaving the stage.

Ye Xiong was farther off and hadn’t noticed the finer details, but seeing his son’s performance, ruthlessly powerful and decisive in his actions, inspired a sentimental pride in him.

The Ye clan was a mercenary clan. They needed people who were unwavering in committing a kill, someone who was ruthless and unmerciful.

Ye Xiong had many sons and daughters, but in personality, only Ye Han was most like him.

“The Young Master’s strength has improved once again!” Li Chang Yun commented from beside Ye Xiong, chuckling. “The gold from this competition, will belong to none other than him.”

Ye Xiong nodded. “Old Li’s grandson Li Tian Gang’s strength is not in any way weaker compared to my own boy’s. The Du clan’s Du Feng is nothing to look down upon either. The real winner is still something we can’t predict.”

Li Chang Yun merely smiled without saying anything.

Actually, everyone could tell: The eldest son of the Ye clan, Ye Han, Li Chang Yun’s grandson Li Tian Gang, Du clan’s Young Master Du Feng were all at the peak of the sixth level in terms of strength. Just who the title of champion would go to would have to unfold over time.

Ye Xiong’s deep-set eyes flashed a glimmer of steely frost. His gaze slowly settled on the west arena.

The Meng sisters had just walked over.

Meng Ying Ying was supporting her sister. “Is it your old illness acting up again?”

Meng Qing Wu could do nothing but nod. Her body had always been unwell. Meng Ying Ying knew this. But because it was an inborn disease, there was no way to heal it.

Meng Ying Ying said, “Next time, I’ll take care of the physical things.”

Meng Qing Wu was about to speak when-

“West Arena, first round, second stage: Huang Gang versus Chu Tian!”

The two sisters’ eyes brightened.


Atop the arena, Huang Gang’s expression was that of misery upon seeing Chu Tian. “I surrender!”

Tian Nan City’s Huang family was a newly risen clan; they had only been around for two or three years. After seeing the power and tyranny of Ye Han, and his chilling threat, getting on the Ye clan’s bad side was the last thing Huang Gang wanted to do.


Count yourself as unlucky.

Huang Gang glared at Chu Tian, his gaze full of unwillingness and hatred. “Consider yourself lucky!”

If it weren’t for Chu Tian, he felt that, with his ability, he could have advanced several rounds.

“I surrender!”

“I surrender!”

Another two rounds passed.

Three rounds of the elimination round ended… and Chu Tian hadn’t lifted a single finger. For some reason, he passed through every single round. Chu Tian laughed bitterly as he shook his head. Not having to battle people was not bad, he guessed.

The white-haired little old man announced, “Elimination round is over! Those who advanced, kindly head toward the main fighting arena!”

Three rounds of elimination rounds had seen the majority of two hundred or so people eliminated, leaving only twenty or so left.

Everyone else was impressive: those who had won three matches straight, even the weakest possessed a trained level of at least five, their bodies radiating with strength. Only Chu Tian attracted indignant attention.

“We refuse to accept this!”

“Where did this guy come from?”

“Why did all his opponents surrender?”

“There must be a problem, someone should check this out!”

“Coward! He’s simply a coward! If you’re really strong, then fight and defeat people out in the open!”

Innumerable members of the audience began protesting, there was something wrong. Someone without even the tiniest amount of reputation, someone who didn’t show off any bit of energy and strength, how did he make three of his opponents surrender? That must be cheating! He probably bribed his opponents.

“Make him go down the stage!”

“Coward! Leave! Get lost!”

“Fight or get lost! Don’t sully this meeting!”

Chu Tian scratched his head. What was this? He supposed it was because he was handsome, and carelessly drew the animosity of the crowd. This was truly getting hit by a bullet even when one was lying down…

At this moment, Nan Gong Yi, Xiong Bing, Ye Xiong, Zhang Li Qing, Li Chang Yun, and other important figures arrived beside the stage. Up until then, everything had been a warm up, getting rid of the weaklings. Now it was time for the true tournament!

“Strong and handsome youth!” Nan Gong Yi stood up, saying a couple of charismatic publicity lines. “You are the pride of Tian Nan City. As well as its future! This city master is extremely happy to be seated here. I will be personally judging the competition, to make sure everything is fair. I hope you all compete well, and achieve the success you deserve!”

“Yes, city master!”

Everyone cheered.

Nan Gong Yi resumed his seat. He couldn’t help but look at Chu Tian with a puzzled expression. “Who knew this boy didn’t fight during all three rounds to unanimous surrenders? Could it be cheating?”

Zhang Li Qing, sitting not far away, seemed like a changed man. His entire being seemed to glow, as if he were back in his 20s. Upon hearing Nan Gong Yi’s words, he laughed. “The mayor is too quick with his words. This person is not as simple as he looks.”

Nan gong Yi’s curiosity was piqued. “Old Zhang is acquainted with him?”

Zhang Li Qing stroked his beard and offered a slight chuckle without clarifying. “More than an acquaintance.”

Tian Nan City’s General Xiong Bing cut in. “Blackwater Commerce’s destruction… is this boy’s doing.”


Ye Xiong and Li Chang Yun’s faces immediately smoldered.

Nan gong Yi recalled where he had indeed heard the name recently. It earned him due offense in the Ye clan’s book. Nan Gong Yi didn’t want to get on their bad side either. That group of mercenaries was not a good enemy to have.

Du Zhen Tian glanced at Chu Tian impassively. “Such a young age and already filled with misbehavior and crafty schemes. How dare he cheat his way through during an official competition like this? He will not amount to anything. I advise the city master to directly disqualify him as punishment.”

Zhang Li Qing immediately countered, “Chu Tian hasn’t even fought yet. How does Master Du know that he’s not someone worth noting?”

Du Zhen Tian snorted. “If he really were one of the talents, why would he be so unknown?”

Zhang Li Qing smiled tightly. “A genius doesn’t always have to be known from a young age. We should wait and see.”

Nan Gong Yi nodded, without making any decisions.

He suddenly thought of something. He turned to one of the servants and asked, “Where is Yun er?”

(TL: affectionate nickname for son or daughter, by adding er”)

“We haven’t seen Miss since early this morning.”

“Hmph, not attending even the Summit Meeting. This is really getting out of hand!”

Xiong Bing also turned to a deputy general. “Have you seen Tian Yan?”

“No sir.”

Xiong Bing wore a weird expression. He was very familiar with his little brother’s personality. He would die before missing out on such a lively festival. What is more important that would make him miss this?

In a loud voice, the judge commenced his announcement, “Next round, Chu Tian versus Ye Wu!”

Everyone turned their attention to them.

Three unanimous surrenders, and now that Chu Tian was at the center of attention, his first competitor was Ye Wu, Ye Han’s cousin, also someone impressive.

He couldn’t surrender… right?

But it’s someone from the Ye clan!

Ye Wu glanced furtively at Ye Han. “Older cousin, I wouldn’t have to lose to that guy do I? I’m a Ye. If I surrender, it seems wrong somehow..”

Ye Han considered it. He had a point. How could anyone from the Ye clan surrender without a fight? “Fine. break his two arms, and then surrender.”

Ye Wu’s eyes gleamed. “Okay! I’ll humiliate him once, then older cousin can humiliate him greatly once again. That guy will never show his face again! He’ll become the laughing stock of the entire Tian Nan City!”

Chu Tian was already on the arena.

Ye Wu sprung up in a single movement, leaping up the stage with a smirk playing on his lips. “A piece of rubbish is depending on older cousin Ye Han’s reputation. You’re only here because of him… this is truly a pig trying to climb a tree!”

Chu Tian yawned. “You have a lot to say… are you ready to surrender? If you’re surrendering, do it and stop wasting everyone’s time.”

“I’m not prepared to win against you, but that doesn’t mean I’m weaker than you. I’m going to let you understand that. Older cousin told me to leave you to him, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in one piece…”

Saying so, Ye Wu was already slowly walking towards him, his pace extremely slow. He was trying to fill the air with tension, hoping to intimidate Chu Tian into fear… and maybe collapse right then and there.

Chu Tian was perfectly composed all throughout. “And what are you thinking about doing?”

Ye Wu slowly enunciated, “Not much. Just your two arms.”

Chu Tian nodded. “I’m quite a fair person. I’ll only want for other people, what they want for me. So you should be lucky you didn’t ask for much.”

“Huh! What a load of big talk!” Ye Wu was starting to become infuriated at Chu Tian’s attitude. Don’t tell me this guy wasn’t even the least bit aware of his own position? Rubbish. “People like you! I’ve seen too many these years, not one of them has a good ending. The minute you decide to become Ye clan’s enemy is the minute your destiny is set! Prepare to pay the price!”

“You talk too much!”

Chu Tian, impatient, released his body’s energy. His legs sprung up and fiercely sprung at his opponent-- Clashing Heaven Fist!


Ye Wu hadn’t even seen so much as a shadow. His punch was brought on by a whistling of frosty wind, and the next Ye Wu knew, he had been hit on the left shoulder!

Ka cha!

His entire shoulder bones shattered!

In the moment Ye Wu was flying through the air, Chu Tian reached out an arm as quick as lightning, pulling his left arm towards him. With his pull, another ka-cha! sound, and his hand bones were shattered as well, crumpled into something resembling fried dough twists.

“Ah! Noo!”

Ye Wu began screeching.

His entire left arm was useless now.

Somebody at the peak of the fifth level… couldn’t even retaliate with a single hit. Now that he recalled the pile of words he had said earlier, he felt himself to be exceedingly idiotic.

Disabling Chu Tian’s arms? It was his own downfall in the end.

Chu Tian pressed Ye Wu’s right arm. “I said earlier, I’m quite fair. You want my two arms, then I don’t want much more than your two arms as well.”


“I surrender!”

Ka cha!

Ka cha!

In the midst of the cracking that raised a million goosebumps, Ye Wu’s right arm had already been snapped into something beyond recognition.

Chu Tian hoisted him up, lifted his leg, and sent Ye Wu flying ten or so meters upwards until he crashed back down on the stage already unconscious.


Too fast!

Clean, nimble, fierce. There was an uproar in the crowd.

The man who had been shooting his mouth off earlier, had only needed two seconds of work before he lay on the ground, his two arms ruined beyond repair. This kind of sudden change inspired shock in everyone.

Amazing, amazing!

So Chu Tian wasn’t any idiot. This guy was truly skilled!


Translated by: lxnuy & Fatty_Uncle