Miracle Throne

Miracle Throne Chapter 38: Product Release


Meng Qing Wu was capable and experienced person that put importance to efficiency. So she did not waste words as she entered into the subject:

“I hope everybody is well. I am the Vice President of Miracle Commerce. Miracle Commerce is an expert at producing miraculous products. When each of our products come out they will all topple the old conventions and trends. Everybody, witness one of the newest products of our research.”

“It is a grand invention, it can give the world light, it can illuminate a civilization, its appearance will be recorded now in the history of our civilization!”


That magnetic voice had a type of power that stirred up the crow, making each person feel obsessed/infatuated, at the same time provoking their curiosity.

What is this? Meng Qing Wu dares to be this confident, going so far as to say that this will be written down in history, how could she exaggerate so much?

Chu Tian nodded his head with a satisfied expression, the Eldest Miss was the Eldest miss, she did not lose to him in eloquence. This boasting made people feel pleased from head to toe.

“This is the gift of Miracle Commerce to the Summit Meeting, Miracle Tree!”

When Meng Qing Wu spoke up to this point, she walked to the object sealed tightly with the black cloth, and suddenly pulled it off with energy. A colossal object suddenly appeared before the people.



“What is this?”

On the outside it looked like a tree, about six meters high. The majority of it was made of glass, glass balls the shape of pears hung on top. At this moment, each glass ball was blossoming with light, red, orange, yellow. The effects of the all the colors were the same, it made people feel dazzled to the extreme!

Just what are these treasures?

This was the product that the commerce spent ten days to quickly manufacture, altogether it had used up 600 light bulbs of varying size, and the objective was to make a profound impression in the Summit.

Miracle Commerce had just started, it was still incomplete in several aspects. The manufacturing standard and output was pitiful. In Chu Tian’s eyes, this so-called Miracle Tree was merely shoddy work.

But to the people who had never seen electric light before, the effect of the hanging multi-colored lightbulbs was extremely awe-inspiring!

Meng Qing Wun was also overwhelmed with emotion!

In these past years, she had persistently guarded her family’s property. Not to speak of advancing, as long as the enemy did not destroy them she counted herself lucky. She had never dared to hope that she would be able to behold such as scene as now.

This is not my own doing, all I can do is persistently grab opportunities. I should show my worth by doing my part as a president and operate this business well, so I won’t be unworthy of that guy’s confidence.

Meng Qing Wu thought up to this point and hardened her resolve. Her back was perfectly straight as she stood with the radiant lights of the Miracle Tree beside her, like an otherworldly goddess shrouded in a rainbow-colored cloud.

“This magical tree is really astounding, but it’s not a type of product that once can only come across by chance! In fact, it is made only from a pile of glass, cropper and other low-cost materials! Not only the people from upper society, but even commoners can use it!”


This object is that cheap?

Meng Qing Wu had a proud smile on her face: “Whether it is a farmer from the fields or a peddler, a rich merchant or a government official, it is human nature to yearn for light. To read a book, to study, to entertain, to hold a banquet, to do research, in our daily lives we cannot be without light. Thus, light will advance our civilization. As long as we have light, we can make progress, and open up new horizons.”

These words left everybody puzzled.

What did this bombastic talk have to do with the Miracle Tree?

Meng Qing Wu continued, “However, for our poor and humble brethren, light is a luxury. Candles, oil lamps, this fire is difficult to use. Take our Tian Nan City for example. At night, eighty percent of the city descends into darkness, everybody keeps their door shut and does not dare to go out, adversely affecting the quality of life at night time.”

“If Tian Nan City’s streets were filled with light, if the lights of the pubs and dance halls were splendid and glorious, if each household of Tian Nan City is illuminated, then we can imagine that this city will become more flourishing and interesting. The goal of Miracle Commerce is that within half a year, we will light up the whole city!

Light up the whole city!

What big talk!

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The stable source of light in the continent were the crystal lamps. The prices of these crystal lamps were exorbitant, and many would be consumed within a day. Even the richest millionaires did not dare to use them too much. How could she dare to speak about lighting up the whole city?

At this moment, Meng Qing Wu plucked off a light bulb and raised it up high, “Now, I will introduce to everybody, this will be first product Miracle Commerce will release, the electric lamp!”

Electric lamp?

Everybody had questions!

Meng Qing Wu continued, “This is a completely new object, and vastly more convenient than candles and oil lamps, vastly more stable and inexpensive than crystal lamps. The production is not a problem at all! I believe that electric light will cover the streets of Tian Nan City, electric light will illuminate all the households, and that its emergence will be an important milestone!”

Everybody erupted passionately.

If these words were true… then this was a truly great invention!

The mainstream lights of the continent were candles and oil lamps. Crystal lamps were made from crystals with the light attribute. They used the power of the light crystals to release the light element, that’s why it gave out a sufficient amount of light.

The prices of these light crystals were expensive because in order to accumulate that much energy, the production process involved light radiation that was harmful to the workers. If the crystal products were not purified long enough, after long use they could explode and cause harm.

The electric lamps were far more convenient than oil lamps and candles, and the price was much better than crystal lamps. If this product were to be released, it would absolutely cause a frenzy in the market.

Meng Qing Wu continued, “At night people can’t help but use a lot of lighting tools when they move around. Currently, the main mobile light sources are the lantern, the torch and light creatures. The lantern can only be used in the city. Soldiers and mercenaries use torches and light creatures when then enter the dangerous wilds. However, it’s clear that these objects have a huge defect.”

“The lantern and torch as well as the “Sunlight Pumpkin” light creature, these things do not extinguish and illuminate by themselves. All the light is concentrated in the center, affecting the illuminated area. It’s easy to attract magical beasts to oneself in the wilderness!”

“So we are in great need of a type of convenient, wide-ranged, stable light source that can automatically control it’s lighting intensity, can switch on and off by itself, and that is also inexpensive, to replace all these other modes of mobile lighting!”

Everybody’s curiosity had been roused to their peak!

Meng Qing Wu did not keep them in suspense. She lightly clapped her hands and a worker brought over a black cylinder.

The black cylinder was twenty centimeters long, encased in thin gold plating. It looked like it could perfectly fit in a hand.

Meng Qing Wu raised the cylinder, “What everybody is looking at right now is a portable lighting tool made by Miracle Commerce, also one of the products we will be selling. We call it the, “Magic Hand Torch”

Saying this, she channeled her magical power into it, then from the front of the cylinder burst forth an intense light, similar to a light beam, sweeping across the people.

Meng Qing Wu continued, “The torch emits light from the magic passing through it. The intensity of the light is controlled by the intensity of the imbued magic, turning it on and off is extremely convenient. It’s not difficult to see that this type of equipment can be put into a wide range of uses for mercenaries and soldiers. It will become an important piece of equipment for mercenaries and soldiers at night. Travelling back and forth through the forest, exploring caves, nighttime travel, mining, it will be a huge help!

“What a good object!”

Xiong Bing stood up and yelled.

“I’m ordering a thousand hand torches!”

“I’m ordering 500 hand torches!”

“I want 200!”


Miracle Commerce’s production process was still lacking. The hand torch in Meng Qing Wu’s hand was currently the only one. How could they have the capacity to manufacture more than a thousand pieces? These profits were temporarily out of their reach!

“Miracle Commerce’s lighting equipment are still undergoing research and design. Aside from the energy hand torch, we are still pushing to make products for domestic and public use.” Meng Qin Wu continued to introduce the desk lamp, street lamp and other concepts. “We will start accepting pre orders at the end of the month. If anybody is interested in Miracle Commerce’s electric lamp, please watch out for our announcements for the latest news.”

This made people feel riled up.

Everybody who heard this felt invigorated.

In previous Tian Nan Summit Meetings, when merchants announced new products, it was always medicinal pill and talismans. Nothing so strange had ever popped up before.

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Nangong Yi could feel the future prospects of the electric lamp. He wasn’t entirely certain about the conditions in the whole continent, but for now the kingdom lacked a stable and cheap light source that could surpass the electric lamp. If the electric lamp could be mass produced, it would at the very least become the best selling product in the whole kingdom, the profits would be huge!

This had very good prospects!

“Because of time, our introduction of the electric lamp will end here. If anybody wants to hear further, everybody is welcome to go to the Miracle Help Desk. We’ll announce another invention next time. It will have the same historical significance as this one. It can change everybody's lives, elevating everybody’s quality of life. It is the Magic Frying Pan!

Magic Frying Pan?

Could it be…!

Nangong Yi’s eyes were fixed on the two girls that stepped onto the stage.

One was a cute 16-year old girl with fresh and pure charm, the other was a girl of around 19 with a fiery and wild sex-appeal, bold and unrestrained. Weren’t they Meng Ying Ying and Nangong Yun?

Meng Ying Ying, Nangong Yun were extremely nervous!

Don’t even mention Meng Ying Ying, she was a person who had never seen so many people together before, count it not bad if she could still walk while facing these tens of thousands of people. Nangong Yun was ordinarily carefree, as if she weren’t afraid of the heavens, but right now, her mind was a mess, as if a drum were beating inside of it.

Meng Qing Wu smiled warmly at the two of them, “These are the Miracle Food and Beverage Division co-presidents. They will speak about the wonderful uses of the Magical Frying Pan.”

Meng Ying Ying effortfully swallowed her saliva. Chu Tian was watching her from behind. Today, Chu Tian and her sister had performed very well, she couldn’t do worse than them. She gritted her teeth and stood up.


The audience erupted in thunderous applause!

Meng Ying Ying was so nervous that she was almost fainted. She had thought of a very eloquent opening statement, but now she couldn’t remember a word of it. She stammered, “That, that, mag-magic frying pan makes delicious food. I think everybody won’t be disappointed.”

Nangong Yun urgently added, “Right, right, I prepared a lot of good food. Speaking more won’t be persuasive. Now we’ll give everybody a free sample!”

Everybody’s large eyes narrowed.

That’s it?

They did not introduce the product at all!

Nangong Yun quickly waved her hands and 2-300 employees carrying plates stepped out from behind the curtain. Each of them was carrying a large platter filled with the savory meat, the delicious smell of meat permeated through the air.

“Wow! This is magical beast meat!”

“Can I please have a piece?”

“I’ve never had magical beast meat this delicious!”


Meng Ying Ying and Nangon Yun heard everybody speak these words and immediately faced each other and smiled, their nervousness disappeared and was replaced by a little more self-confidence.

Nangong Yun had guts, when she saw people praising the food, her confidence soared to new heights.

Old pops always looked down on me!

Everybody in the city thinks I’m a troublesome witch!

It was not easy to get Chu Tian to finally let me join!

I have to do well. Can’t let anybody look down on me, especially father!

“Just as everybody experienced,” Nangon Yun stood up to continue the introduction, “The Magical Pot is a type of magical invention that uses magical power to cook the beast meat, operating it is simple and extremely easy. When this invention spreads, magical beast meat and alchemical herbs will become delicacies. I think this is a revolutionary invention in the continent’s food and beverage industry!”

Nangong Yun’s thinking became more and more clear, she unceasingly continued to talk about the magical frying pan, “Since you can take advantage of all of the beast meat’s nutrients this way, and can even eat such splendid food for yourself, the most important thing here is, it’s convenient and safe. The magical frying pan will change everybody’s lives! This is the Miracle Commerce’s grand invention!”

Meng Qing Wu wanted to illuminate the entire city in half a year, and also eventually illuminate the entire kingdom!

Nangong Yun declared that she would topple the food and beverage customs!

Miracle Commerce, truly formidable!

Meng Ying Ying quickly interjected, “Everybody please take note, after two days, the first magical cooking restaurant in the world will open for business, both cultivators and people who want to enjoy delicious food, everybody is welcome to come!”

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Chu Tian’s grand performance in the big competition in addition to the Miracl Commerce’ causing a sensation.. electric lamp and magical frying pan, two products made successful releases, immediately putting Miracle Commerce at the frontier. Most certainly that on the day of the opening of the restaurant, it would be full of people!


Translated by: korezmi
Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons