Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King Chapter 161 Warm Family Dinner

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Lin Rou Rou gave Ye Qian a hard look and said, “You would know.”

Ye Qian’s mouth curled up into a smile and he laughed. “I’ll go over to help!” Lin Rou Rou declared as she set her things down and went into the kitchen.

Immediately the voices of Lin Rou Rou and Laodie’s exchange of words came from the kitchen. Ye Qian smiled lightly and sat on the sofa, and turned on the TV. He knew for certain without having to listen to their conversation that Laodi was telling Lin Rou Rou not to help, while Lin Rou Rou was insisting to help.

After a while all the dishes were brought to the table and everybody took a seat. Laodie took out a bottle of wine from the cabinet and said, “We haven’t had a drink together in a long time, drink with Laodie for today’s festivities.” He said as he poured some wine for Ye Qian.

Ye Qian hurriedly stood up to take the bottle pour for Laodie, then he poured for himself. “Laodie, your health is not great, don’t drink too much.” He said.

“My health is good, haha.” Laodie laughed and said, “Xiao Er, now introduce everybody properly.”

Ye Qian smiled and said, “Rou Rou, this is the Laodie that I always speak about to you. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be who I am today. Laodie, this is my girlfriend, Rou Rou, a nurse in The People’s Hospital. You two have met before.”

“Uncle!” Lin Rou Rou said sweetly.

“Good, good!” Laodie laughed. “At the time when I first saw you girl I had a good feeling. I wished that you could be my daughter-in-law. I did not expect my wish to come true today.” After Laodie finished speaking he hurriedly pulled out a red envelope from his chest pocket and said, “A gift for our first meeting.”

“Uncle, there’s no need for that. I don’t dare take your money.” Lin Rou Rou declined in a panic.

“I am giving it to you so please accept it. Even though Laodie has no great ability, you come to our house and cannot be treated unfairly.” Laodie said.

Lin Rou Rou was still going to refuse but Ye Qian turned to her and smiled faintly and said, “Since Laodie is giving it, please accept it.”

“Thank you, uncle!” Since Ye Qian said this, it was best for Lin Rou Rou to accept it.

“Come, let us eat.” Laodie said happily with a smile, “Xiao Er, cheers.”

“Laodie, I salute you!” Ye Qian raised his glass and said.

After putting down his glass, Ye Qian looked over at Han Xue who had lowered head and asked, “Xiao Xue, has the acceptance letter come? What school?”

“Fudan University’s subsidiary middle school.” Han Xue said with a lowered voice.

“This is a really good school. Xiao Xue, study well, don’t disappoint Laodie.” Ye Qian said, “If you have trouble in the future, do not hesitate to ask Er Ge, okay?”

“Okay!” Han Xue nodded and said, “Thank you Er Ge!”

Ye Qian looked at Han Xue’s clothes. They were all the plain and simple kind but did not cover up Han Xue’s beauty. Even if Xi Shi wore beggars clothes she would still be breathtaking. “Xiao Xue, don’t just focus on your studies, you should also make friends, having relationships is very important too. It looks like your clothes are from a long time ago? How about this, some other day Er Ge will take you to the mall to buy new clothes. If I don’t have time, Rou Rou will go with you. You are now in the prime of your youth, you need to dress up prettily.”

“Yes, Xiao Xue, I have time on the weekend. I’ll take you.” Lin Rou Rou said.

“There’s no need, Er Ge, I don’t need new clothes.” Han Xue said.

Ye Qian naturally understood this girl’s thoughts well. Even though they hadn’t known each other for a long time, Ye Qian could see that his girl had a little low self-esteem. It was very dangerous for a young girl in puberty to have low self-esteem. Ye Qian considered her as a sister of his own flesh and blood so naturally he did not want her to be feel grieved. He smiled lightly and said, “Foolish girl, you don’t have to be so courteous towards Er Ge, just agree.”

“Okay!” Han Xue said, not saying anything more, as if there was something heavy in her mind. Ye Qian couldn’t understand it but did not pursue the matter. He was not a girl or an expert of the heart and mind, he naturally couldn’t understand young girls like this.

The dinner ended on a very warm an comfortable note. Aside from Han Xue being silent the whole time, nothing else remarkable happened.

Before they left, Laodie kept telling Lin Rou Rou to drop by for a visit when she had time. Naturally Lin Rou Rou agreed happily. Truthfully, Lin Rou Rou could feel warmness and comfort in Laodie. Even though her own home was very good, ever since she was young she rarely felt such a warmth in her own home.

After Ye Qian and Lin Rou Rou left, Han Xue made Laodie rest and cleaned up the dishes herself. After taking a bath she went to her own room. She sat on her bed and pulled open a drawer and took out a photo their whole family took in the hospital. Even though it was a family photograph, it was only herself, Ye Qian and Laodie, Li Hao and Big Zhao weren’t there. Han Xue stared at the photograph blankly and lightly caressed Ye Qian’s face in the photo.

After bringing Lin Rou Rou home, Lin Rou Rou gave Ye Qian a kiss and said, “Good night, go home early and rest.”

Ye Qian chuckled and said, “I thought you were going to ask me to spend the night with you.”

Lin Rou Rou gave Ye Qian a hard look and said, “You were so absent-minded after dinner, I knew you must have some more business tonight. If I asked you, would you stay?”

Ye Qian laughed and said, “I have a meeting with the Municipal Committee Secretary tonight. We have some matters to discuss.”

“Be careful on the road.” Lin RouRou said with concern.

“I know, boss-wife.” Ye Qian smiled as he said, “Go in, remember to think of me while you sleep.”

“Yes!” Lin Rou Rou said and went in her house.

After seeing Lin Rou Rou leave, Ye Qian started the car. First he went to the Ironblood Security Firm’s office to pick up Jack, then they went to Wang Ping’s house.

“The plan document is all done?” Ye Qian turned to Jack and asked while they were on the road.

“Yes. Because of the short notice it is not that detailed, but it’s all in there more or less. If there are parts lacking in detail later I can explain it and it should be fine.” Jack said.

“I’ve troubled you.” Ye Qian said.

“Ay, there was no helping it. I’m a hard worker after all.” Jack shrugged.

Ye Qian laughed and didn’t say anything. Not long after, they arrived at Wang Ping’s house. Ye Qian stopped the car and went in with Jack.

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