Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King Chapter 164 Attack the Weak Point

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Ye Qian understood that even though Wang Ping looked like he was asking Jack on the surface, he was really trying to find out more about Ye Qian. But Ye Qian did not speak. He had known Jack for a very long time. He knew Jack was very capable at managing things so he was not worried.

“At Harvard!” Jack replied.

Jack was indeed a student from Harvard, but he did not graduate. He gave up his studies after hacking into the FBI and CIA’s databases. Until now, the FBI and CIA still had not figured out that it was Jack that did those attacks back then. At that time Jack was very young and ran off to the Middle East carrying his guilt and in the end joined the Wolf Fang. When he hacked into the CIA and FBI back then he was only playing around and did not steal anything, he only dumped in a bunch of porn.

After joining the Wolf Fang there were times that they need to steal information. Jack had hacked back into the FBI and CIA but he did it very covertly. He also modified his student records in Harvard, so if Wang Ping wanted to check those, it would be useless.

“Turns out you’re genius from Harvard, forgive my ignorance.” Wang Ping said with a laugh.

“Secretary Wang is overpraising. When I arrived in China I realized that a Harvard graduate is not extraordinary. For example, primary school mathematics in China is equal to the USA’s high school level.” Jack said.

Wang Pink smiled lightly. Jack’s words were true, but Harvard was still a famous school internationally. It was a top-class in terms of teachers and educational standards, the students were also very talented. So he just took Jack’s modest words and did not press the matter further. After a pause, Wang Ping said, “Oh right, Brother Ye. You said earlier that you needed my help. What is it? Tell me. I will do what is in my power.”

Ye Qian looked at Jack and said, “Jack, hand the plans over to Secretary Wang.”

Jack made a sound of agreement and handed over the prepared plans and said, “Secretary Wang, these are the expansion plans of the Ironblood Security Firm. Because time was short it is not very detailed, I can explain it to Secretary Wang.”

The truth was, the plans were only a formality. Wang Ping was the Municipal Committee Secretary of Shanghai, he would not be inclined to read such things. Ye Qian understood very clearly that the plans were only for looking good, to show his sincerity in wanting to develop the law and order of Shanghai.

Wang Ping accept the plans and casually browsed through some of the pages, Jack proceeded to explain things simply. He mostly spoke about the future contributions of the Ironblood Security Firm to Shanghai’s law and order as well as the benefits to the citizens and the country. This was something Ye Qian told him especially to do. The reason was not only because they wanted to win Wang Ping’s favor, but because Ye Qian also sincerely wanted to do it. In China, it was not the same as the USA where you could just casually drop in a few dollars and the government official would take your side. To be able to get a government official on your side here you had to show them that they would not only get money, but also great political achievements, that way they would be deserving.

After Jack finished, Wang Ping put the files down and turned to Li Hao, “Xiao Li, what do you think?”

Li Hao contemplated in silence for a while, then said, “Secretary, I think this plan is very good. If all the proposals in this plan are accomplished, it would be a big help to the public security work in Shanghai. I find the proposals are not bad and deserve for us to be carried out.”

It could be that because he just got promoted that Wang Ping was very eager to achieve something great politically. So he did not take much time to think about it. Add to that the fact that Li Hao would be taking charge of this work, and he had a lot of faith in Li Hao, he agreed very quickly. Wang Ping nodded and said, “These plans you made are very good. Don’t worry, anything that will be good for Shanghai’s economic development and citizens, I will raise up both my arms to praise. Rest assured, you may carry these out. If you hit any problems, tell me. To exert effort for the citizens is a duty.”

Ye Qian smiled faintly. With Wang Ping’s words the Ironblood Security Firm had the green light to develop in Shanghai, there would absolutely be no difficulties. Wang Ping was the Municipal Committee Secretary, Li Hao was the head of the Ministry of Public Security. On the legal side, it could be said that the Ironblood Security Firm had no problems anymore. “Thank you Secretary Wang, with your words, we can rest easy.” Ye Qian said in a rush.

“Eh? Don’t talk like that. We are celebrating Shanghai’s development. As a Municipal Committee Deputy Secretary I naturally must expend no effort in supporting.” Wang Ping said.

Since they had gotten the benefit they wanted from Wang Ping, Ye Qian knew he must give some benefits to him back. Ye Qian was not here to ask for something in return for the previous time he helped Wang Ping. Ye Qian understood that if he wanted Wang Ping to be on the same boat with him forever, he had to let Wang Ping receive benefits from himself forever. But this gift must also be carefully chosen.

Ye Qiang laughed and then pulled out a work of calligraphy from the side and said, “Secretary Wang, a few days ago I saw a painting from Wang Pei and I know it isn’t fake. I heard you have a deep understanding of calligraphy, will you help me study it?”

Wang Ping’s whole body trembled, he was a huge fan of classical calligraphy. Calligraphy had a lot of attraction and charm for Wang Pin. “Really? Quickly, let me see!” Wang Ping said excitedly. “Oh, this isn't a good place to look, come, let’s go back to the living room.”

After saying this, he rose eagerly. Li Hao also rose and gave Ye Qian a look, smiling helplessly. The meaning behind his smile was clear, showing that Ye Qian had gotten Wang Ping’s weakness. Ye Qian smiled without commenting and also rose.

Even though Wang Ping was obsessed with classical calligraphy, it did not mean that he would just accept a piece of work from anybody, or else after so many years he would not be able to present himself as an uncorrupt person. Wang Ping already considered Ye Qian as one of his people, this was the most important reason. Otherwise a person like Wang Ping who valued political achievements over benefits would not easily accept a bribe.

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