Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King Chapter 167 Verbal Battle (I)

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Ye Qian was not foolish enough to think that Qin Tian came here today to strike up a relationship with him or that Qin Tian truly admired him. Ye Qian knew that a guy like Qin Tian who led a group as enormous as the Hongmen would not decide casually on such things based on spirit. Even though Ye Qian did not know what Qin Tian really wanted, he believed it was definitely not because of his vague relationship with Qin Yue.

“Xiaozi is honored!” Ye Qian said.

Qin Tian smiled and turned to look at Qin Yue, Zhao Ya and Hu Ke and said, “You aren’t going to reset yet?” It was evident that he was making them leave so he could talk to Ye Qian. Hu Ke and Zhao Ye very naturally stood and said, “Uncle Qin, we’ll go ahead then.”

“Okay!” Qin Tian nodded faintly. He looked at Qin Yue hesitantly then said, “Well? You’re afraid I’ll bully this xiaozi? Don’t worry. We’re only going to have a chat.”

Qin Yue looked at Ye Qian then turned to go upstairs. Qin Yue’s expression before leaving made Ye Qian feel confused. It was as if she was telling Ye Qian to be a bit more humble and unpretentious, like a modest son-in-law.

After seeing Qin Yue leave, Qin Tian turned and laughed, then he sighed, “A woman is born to leave her family, in the end she is somebody else’s.” As he said this he gave Ye Qian a vague look.

Ye Qian stared blankly and made an awkward laugh. This Qin Tian was hard to read. In the beginning he acted very domineering, as if he wanted to use his strength to pressure Ye Qian; But now he became so peaceful, like a pleasant old man.

It was evident that Qin Tian did not mean for Ye Qian to reply to his remark, so Ye Qian only smiled faintly and remained silent.

Qin Tian pulled out a cigar from his pocket and passed it to Ye Qian and asked, “Do you smoke?”

Ye Qian accepted it offhandedly and said, “I usually only smoke cigarettes, very rarely do I use cigars. But I’ll try it.” Ye Qian said as he clamped the cigar on his mouth.

“It’s good for young people to try new things.” Qin Tian said as he lighted his cigar. He placed the lighter on the table, apparently not intending to light Ye Qian’s cigar for him, nor handing Ye Qian the lighter. “But there are many things that must be weighed for pros and cons so as not to suffer losses.”

Of course Ye Qian did not expect Qin Tian to light his cigar for him, after all he was the leader of the Hongmen, his position and prestige was very high. Right now Ye Qian believed he did not deserve to have his cigar lighted by Qin Tian. Ye Qian picked up the lighter on the table, looking at it he said, “Givenchy, made in the mid-20th century. A brand that really embodies a person’s character and temperament. It really suits Uncle Qin.” Ye Qian said this as he lighted the cigar in his mouth.

Ye Qian set the lighter back on the table and inhaled slowly then said, “The biggest advantage of young people is their youth, so they don’t have to worry about failure, they should dare to try all things. If they kept weighing pros and cons of things, then the young people would lose their drive and hot-bloodedness.”

Qing Tian slowly leaned back on the sofa and said, “If the light was full of hot-bloodedness and attempted things that are not supposed to be attempted, that is rude and impetuous.

Ye Qian smiled lightly and asked, “What was Uncle Qin’s greatest dream when you were young? Or what did young Uncle Qin want to do when he grew up?”

Qin Tian stared blankly, naturally he understood Ye Qian’s meaning. He flicked the ash on his hand and said, “Everybody has different dreams at different times. Maybe when young person would wish for new clothes to wear in the new year, when they grow up they’ll wish to pass the exam and get into a good university, and then to find a good job after that. But not everybody can achieve these dreams. Achieving the dream that has the most benefits for one’s future is enough.”

Ye Qian smiled calmly and said, “Then has Uncle Qin achieved his dreams?”

“You can say that. But you can also say nothing has been achieved. Because at this stage I have a new dream. People are greedy and can never be satisfied.” Qin Tian said.

“Then does uncle Qin feel regret for those lost dreams?” Ye Qian continued to ask.

“Yes!” Qin Tian said, “But there are some things that are better lost.”

Ye Qian smiled faintly and said, “But if you strive your hardest to achieve all of your dreams without weighing pros and cons, even though it isn’t certain for you to reach what you desire, I believe you wouldn’t feel regret.”

“There may be no regrets but the result is still the same, the wish is still not attained. Then aren’t all those things that were done a waste. Since it is known early on that there will be no result, why bother chasing it? It is only a waste of time and effort.” Qin Tian said.

“Not to be rude, but did Uncle Qin and Aunt Qin marry out of love or were you engaged by your parents?” Ye Qian asked.

Qin Tian shattered a little, unable to comprehend Ye Qian’s meaning. From the beginning Ye Qian only had a calm expression, his eyes also never stopped looking straight at him. Just this calmness was enough to make Qin Tian impressed. There were few young people nowadays who could act like that in front of Qin Tian. Whether it was young people or famous celebrities in society, they did not dare to be this way. “It was a marriage out of love!” Even though QIn Tian did not understand Ye Qian’s purpose, he still replied willingly.

“Then does Uncle Qin feel happy right now?” Ye Qian asked.

“Of course!” Qin Tian answered without hesitation.

“How is it compared to unmarried life?” Ye Qian asked.

“A little more responsibility, less passion.” Qin Tian replied.

“If Uncle Qin were able to choose again, would you choose not to marry, to marry late, or the same thing?” Ye Qian asked.

“For this hypothetical question, I refuse to answer.” Qin Tian said.

Ye Qian smiled faintly, not saying anything as well. He smacked his limps and drew two breaths from his cigar then slowly breathed out the smoke. After a moment of silence he said, “The truth is very clear to the both of us, that there are times when the journey is better than the outcome. I believe when I am old what I remember won’t be the results but the journey of chasing after them. If I keep weighing pros and cons in everything, then that would make the journey lose its wonder. Uncle Qin, what do you think?” 

Translated by:
  • korezmi
Edited by:
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