Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King Chapter 170 The Ugliest

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After seeing Qin Tian off, Ye Qian and the three girls returned to each of their own rooms. Ye Qian called Jack and told him of the events that just happened, as well as his guess that the enemy was the Black Falcon and that he was the target. He told Jack to find out the base of the Black Falcon quickly.

An eye for an eye, this was Ye Qian’s style. Since the Black Falcon’s people dared to try to assassinate him, if he did not respond, wouldn’t people look down on the Wolf Fang?

Ye Qian called Li Wei next to ask how things were going on his side, Li Wei’s reply made Ye Qian feel pleased. With Wang De Shen’s help the matter of the feudal system could be managed quickly. As for as Wang De Shen’s red and green jade mines, Li Wei also already contacted the people in Tian Hao Corporation, all in all everything was settled well.

Ye Qian also explained the situation in Shanghai simply, telling Li Wei to come here quickly after handling everything there. Li Wei naturally cheerfully said yes. This xiaozi was always restless, he could never have a simple, peaceful life. Li Wei was the type of person who was always itching to be part of some big upheaval.

With both the Qing Gang and the Wolf Fang searching for the Black Falcon, there would surely be a results in no time. For the Wolf Fang, the Black Falcon was an enemy not worth mentioning. Even more so now that they were in China and had none of their usual advantages. So Ye Qian did not pay them too much mind. What he was worried about was the Dong Xiang Corporation, the Dong Xiang corporation hired the Dark Night Lily and the Black Falcon Mercenaries. The Dong Xiang Corporation might have had something to do with the Seven Kills back then too. From this it could be seen that even though the Dong Xiang Corporation did not have as many members as the Qing Gang and Hongmen, they could not be underestimated.

The Dark Night Lily was a assassin organization origination from Japan, most of their members were Japanese. Ye Qian inwardly felt that the Dong Xiang Corporation seemed to have some influence and close relationships in Japan. However this was just a guess, Ye Qian could not be certain yet.

On the morning of the next day, Ye Qian resumed his normal routine and woke up very early. Qin Yue and Zhao Ya had not gotten up yet, but after Ye Qian washed his face and rinsed his mouth, Hu Ke came down the stairs. This girl seemed to wake up early everyday, she seemed to live with discipline. The two of them greeted each other simply, and then Hu Ke left the villa.

Since the Ironblood Security Firm had Jack overseeing it, and since they already had Wang Ping’s support, Ye Qian did not have to worry about it. He still had to investigate what happened last night. Ye Qian did not like doing nothing. He still had the identity of a student but he did not feel like going to class. From the two times he went Ye Qian did not think there was anything novel or interesting. However, it was not that there were no rewards. At least he met Qin Yue, and even captured her heart.

Lin Rou Rou already submitted her application to join the Red Cross mission, so her time in Shanghai was not long, only about half a year left. So Ye Qian felt that he should accompany her more. So after he finished breakfast he planned to go directly to Lin Rou Rou’s workplace, the People’s Hospital.

Breakfast was Zhajangmian again, still Ye Qian intentionally made a lot and left some on the cupboard. After leaving Qin Yue and Zhao Ya a note on the kitchen, Ye Qian left the villa. Ye Qian did not drive but walked to the hospital in this moment of rare leisure. It was a good chance to take a look at the scenery of Shanghai.

When he was near the hospital, Ye Qian suddenly stopped. He turned his head and saw a thirty-something year old woman, with somebody that looked like a bodyguard, heading into the hospital, their faces full resentment. The middle-aged woman was very fat, her facial features looked sinister, the flaps on her waist rocked from side-to-side, making people feel dizzy. If the basic essence of Ye Qian’s mind was not as high as it was, he would have felt faint on the spot.

Ye Qian could not help but admire this woman’s husband. Ye Qian felt that he had to let Li Wei see this woman and explain to him how anybody could be with her, what sort of charms did she have? It was a shame Li Wei was not around to see this middle-aged woman. It could be that the hospital wronged her in some way so she came to pick a fight.

Ye Qian was not somebody who particularly enjoyed excitements like these, but he was bored right now so he followed. Perhaps something funny would happen, at least it would calm his mood.

The hospital had its own security personnel. But when they saw the middle-aged woman they all hurriedly avoided her as if hiding from a demonic presence, as if they were afraid of her. Ye Qian could not help feeling curious, could this middle-aged woman have some sort of infamy? Ye Qian walked over to a security guard and offered out a cigarette as he asked, “Who was that woman just now? She seemed very aggressive, won’t she cause trouble in the hospital?”

The security guard stared at Ye Qian blankly. He realized that Ye Qian was not a member of the hospital staff. He accepted the cigarette and said, “You don’t know. This old lady has a reputation in the hospital. Her husband is our Director Shen Yuan. She comes in every day to cause a ruckus. Ay, you can’t blame Director Shen Yuan for womanizing, to live with a woman like that, not going crazy is mercy”

Ye Qian laughed and then said, “So Directory Shen Yuan is a casanova in the hospital?”

“Of course, relying on his status as the director of the hospital, who knows how many nurses he has tricked. There’s no way about, as the saying goes, with authority comes power. Those nurses were happy to go along with it.” The security guard sighed. It was apparent that he was inwardly indignant. Even though he was not a young distinguished talent himself, at least he had a stable job right? Besides, he was not ugly. But those nurses would rather get on Shen Yuan’s bed and would not date him, this made him feel depressed.

“From what you are saying, your Director Shen Yuan couldn’t be a henpecked husband right? His wife came to cause trouble in the hospital, wouldn’t he care?” Ye Qian continued to ask.

“Does he dare?” The security guard said. “The truth is he can sit as the director of the hospital thanks to his wife’s contributions. His wife is fat, but she has a rich older brother. Have you heard of the name Dong Xiang?” When he saw Ye Qian nod, the security guard continued, “His wife’s older brother is the chairman of the board of the Dong Xiang Corporation, Wei Dong Xiang. Who is Wei Dong Xiang? He is one of the top influential figures of Shanghai. Some of the government officials have to greet and bend their waists to him when they see him. If it weren’t for this relationship, how could Shen Yuan get the position of director of the hospital? Tell me, how can he dare to offend his wife? Ay, when will I be able to fool around with a rich and powerful woman. Damn it, a little ugly is fine, in any case if you close the lights it’s all the same, laozi would be able to lessen my struggle for a few decades.”

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