Super Soldier King

Super Soldier King Chapter 173 A valiant person doesn’t have to explain (3)

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The two people knitted their brows. “I’m sorry, but we were hired to be your bodyguard, not to be your hired thugs.” One of them said. Even though he was displeased, his tone of voice was still neither servile nor overbearing.

“Hmph, who do you think you are? Making you hired thugs is already a step up for you.” The middle-aged woman said disdainfully. “Let me tell you, if you don’t want to do it, there are plenty of other people who are willing to take over.”

“Even if we are poor, please do not dishonor our dignity. We also have our own.” The other person continued to speak.

“Honor? You still speak of honor? Laoniang is telling you, in this world, to have power is to have honor, to have money is to have honor, otherwise don’t speak of honor nonsense.” The middle-aged woman said disdainfully.

“Old witch, we’ve endured you for long enough. You’re only some dirty money, we don’t value it.” The other man said angrily.

“You.. you called me an old witch?” The middle-aged woman trembled, the fat in her body vibrated. It could simply be called a perilous situation.

“Who do you think you are? Don’t think that just because you have some dirty money you’re some extraordinary. Let me tell you, laozi is fucking done.” After saying this, the bodyguard angrily snorted and turned and left.

“Laozi is also fucking done. Please find a better man than me.” The other bodyguard similarly disdainfully spat and then turned and left.

“You… you!” The middle-aged woman’s whole body trembled in anger. She fiercely said, “You all are fucking done? You won’t have a place in Shanghai in the future!”

When Ye Qian saw the two leave, he smiled coldly and said, “Don’t think you’re something special, you’re too opinionated.” Then he turned to Lin Rou Rou and said, “It’s noon, let’s go get lunch.”

“Okay!” Lin Rou Rou nodded and replied.

When they passed by Shen Yuan, Ye Qian stopped and looked at him with cold eyes and said, “It seems you have a bad memory. You seem to have forgotten what I told you yesterday.”

When he thought of the scene in his office yesterday, Shen Yuan couldn’t help trembling from head to toe. He looked at Ye Qian in fright and said, “Remember. Don’t make the same mistake again. I don’t want there to be another time.” Ye Qian said cold

After speaking, they left. The middle-aged woman shouted loudly, “You’re leaving just like that?”

Ye Qian didn’t stop walking but turned around to look at the middle-aged woman and said, “What? You’re not done?”

When she met Ye Qian’s eyes, the middle-aged woman couldn’t help retreating, a feeling of fear ring in her heart. But relying on her brother Wei Dong Xiang’s power, she was always arrogant and domineering. In her eyes, Wei Dong Xiang was the most awesome person on earth. “You think that you can just leave this easily after hitting me?” The middle-aged woman said.

Ye Qian’s lips curved up into a smile as he said, “Can you stop me?”

“If you are a man, you will stop.” The middle-aged woman shouted.

“I don’t have to prove to you whether I’m a man or not.” Ye Qian said. “If you still want to continue, I can see it to the end with you. But right now I’m hungry so I’m going to eat. Get somebody good to wait here for me. I’ll come back after eating.” Ye Qian knew that since this middle-aged woman was Wei Dong Xiang’s younger sister, then the person she would bring would be somebody from the Dong Xiang Corporation. Ye Qian was very interested in this Dong Xiang Conglomerate that could stir up such havoc in Shanghai. There was even the incident of last night that could likely have something to do with the Dong Xiang Corporation. Ye Qian might as well get some payback.

After speaking Ye Qian led Lin Rou Rou out of the hospital.

When they saw Ye Qian leave, the onlookers dispersed. The middle-aged woman glared fiercely at Shen Yuan and angrily scolded, “Useless thing. You let your own wife get hit by somebody else and don’t dare do anything.”

Shen Yuan fawned over her and approached her and said, “Wife, don’t be angry anymore. It’s not worth getting angry over an uncultured person like that. Anger can easily make wrinkles, then you won’t be pretty anymore.”

The middle-aged woman snorted and said, “I can’t swallow this tone of voice anymore. Never in my life has anybody ever dared to hit me. I am going to call my brother. I want that xiaozi to be unable to live in Shanghai.” After speaking, the middle-aged woman pulled out her phone and called Wei Dong Xiang.

After a moment, Wei Dong Xiang’s voice came from the phone, “Oh, what’s wrong now?” There was a tone of impatience in his voice. It seems that Wei Dong Xiang was not that fond of his younger sister. But after all she was his only younger sister so he had to choice but to bear it.

“Big brother, somebody hit me! Boohoo!” The middle-aged woman unexpectedly acted like a child, acting spoiled and frail. But to onlookers it looked awkward. It was a sudden shift from her normal behavior.

“Don’t you have two bodyguards? Besides? Who would dare hit you? It’s already great if you don’t bully people." Wei Dong Xiang said.

“It’s because of Shen Yuan, that son of a bitch, getting into an affair with a nurse from the hospital, I came to deal with her. Then her boyfriend hit me. Those two bodyguards were useless. They couldn’t fight him and ran away scared. Big brother, you must help me get revenge.” The middle-aged woman said.

Wei Dong Xiang sighed helplessly, he really didn’t know what to do with this younger sister, Wei Dong Qing. He could understand Shen Yuan. Thinking about his own sister’s figure and temper, perhaps only Shen Yuan could bear it. But he had no choice, who told him to have a younger sister like this anyway. “Alright, alright, well what do you want me to do?” Wei Dong Xiang said helplessly.

“I’m in The People’s Hospital right now. Quickly bring somebody over. I want that xiaozi’s head.” Wei Dong Qing said.

“You’re crazy. You want me to murder somebody in the hospital. You want me to die?” Wei Dong Xiang said.

“Well not killing him is also good. But then I want his arms and legs broken, for him to crawl out of the hospital.” Wei Dong Qing said.

“Alright, alright. I’ll send Cheng Long over to look, alright?” Wei Dong Xiang said.

“Thanks, big brother. But it’s better if you hurry. It’s getting late, pick up the dead body for your younger sister.” Wei Dong Qing said.

Wei Dong Xiang naturally did not take these words seriously. He sighed helplessly. After hanging up the phone he immediately called a his son Wei Cheng Long. “Dad, you have something urgent for me to do?” Wei Cheng Long asked in surprise.

“Ay, it’s your aunty. She’s in The People’s Hospital right now. Take some people over there to look.” Wei Dong Xiang said. “Remember to get some skilled people.”

Wei Cheng Long understood his own aunt quite a bit. When he heard his father’s words, Wei Cheng Long understood that his aunt caused trouble outside. This had already happened once or twice before. In the end, because Wei Dong Xiang was trying to avoid inconvenience he hired two bodyguards. But now she unexpectedly called again. It must be that those two bodyguards couldn’t handle it. After Wei Cheng Long replied affirmatively he turned to leave.

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