The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 56: Saving the Beautiful Girl


Dragon Seeker Forest was pitch black at night. A patch of clouds floated overhead so that even starlight could not penetrate the darkness. Lin Mu Yu channeled Qi into Prairie Sword which promptly ignited in flames. The flaming sword worked as a torch as he proceeded into the night.

“Antidote.. antidote”

He repeated absent-mindedly as he carefully considered the three possible recipes he could make. One was a level 1 potion that could only alleviate the simpler symptoms of the poison, the second was a 5th level potion, also insignificant, and the third was a level 9 potion. The level 9 potion was called Heart Defense Potion, probably nobody in the world knew how to make it, but it was the only medicine that could save the beautiful girl, after all, it was the venom of a Dragon Snake. There was no other alternative. Other antidotes would not be as effective. Focus Powder could only provide immunity. Now that she had already been bitten, only the Heart Defense Potion can work!

“Lu Lu!”

He called out softly. Immediately, green light flitted out of his consciousness. The system fairly Lu Lu rubbed her eyes drowsily. “Big Brother, what’s the matter? I was sleeping to recover spirit energy from last time.”

“Help me out. Does this area have any Heart Defense Grass and Dragon Slaver Grass?”

TL: “Slaver” as in “saliva” because it was the coolest sounding word for saliva

“Dragon Slaver Grass, Ah... Let me think.” Lulu was now now wide awake and scanning their surroundings. “Just a few days ago I was looking around for materials here. Oh! Big Brother, there is Heart Defense Grass not far from here, go in that direction for couple of li and you will find some for sure. Now, Dragon Slaver Grass is farther. It’s about ten li away. Do you really have to go? It’s so far and it’s so dark. Dragon Slaver Grass grows in a deep pit inhabited by a ferocious Dragon Snake!

Lin Mu Yu gritted his teeth. Could it be the same Dragon Snake that attacked the beautiful girl?

So let it be! Saving a life is like building a seven-storey pagoda.

He set out once, using Starfall Steps to cover the great distance faster. Every minute he would stop on a cliff to sniff the air. Eventually a familiar smell assailed him, it was the Heart Defense Grass!

He inspected the rocks beneath him and saw a faint glow, like the pulsing light of stars, come out between the cracks. Excitedly, he reached into a crevice and gently grasped for the precious herbs. It didn’t take long for him to get a hold of some and he decided to harvest a little extra as well. Afterwards he stuffed them into his bosom and then stood up to call out, “Lulu, let’s get the Dragon Slaver Grass!”


The system fairy flapped her little and wings and flew in the direction of the Dragon Slaver Grass. She was almost as fast as Starfall Steps. But while 10 li is not particularly far, it is also not a short distance. When they arrived at their destination Lulu was a little out of breath.

On high cliff stood an ancient tree that reached up towards the sky. Gnarled roots crowned a large pit and penetrated deeply into the darkness.

Lin Mu Yu guessed that the Dragon Snake was still out hunting and hadn’t been back yet so there was no real danger at the moment. He held Prairie Fire in his hands and entered the pit.


A strong stench of rot assailed him and made him dizzy. He surveyed his surroundings and spotted the skeletal remains of various beasts, and even some human skulls. He searched the cave for about 5 minutes until he finally found what he was looking for. On a rock wall grew a clump of fluorescent Dragon Slaver Grass. Dragon Slaver Grass is a level nine herb, so rare it was nearly extinct in the mainland. This Dragon Snake was about to ascend into a Dragon so it produced a lot of Dragon gas which helped the Dragon Slaver Grass flourish. It was almost destiny!

He quickly proceeded to collect all the Dragon Slaver Grass into his pouch. He felt a sense of satisfaction.

While he was harvesting the Dragon Slaver Grass, a thought suddenly occurred to him. When they entered the Bloodlust Tiger’s cave they were able to find some treasure. Dragons are known for their desire to collect treasure, and this particular one lived for 10,000 years. Wasn’t it possible for it to have a giant collection of treasure in here?

Step by step he walked a little further into the cave, but was only met with disappointment. In the inner part of the cave he found seven or eight snake eggs arranged on a pile of straw. As for treasure, there was none to be found!


One of the eggs started to crack open.  A small snake head poked out of the shell with little screeching sounds. It blinked around in a little daze until it spotted Lin Mu Yu and, thinking he was its mother, struggled out the shell to slink towards him.

Without a word, Lin Mu Yu kicked the baby snake away and said “Go away, Big Bro isn’t your Mama. In fact, Big Bro wouldn’t mind chopping off your Mama’s head.”

At this moment a piercing shriek could be heard from outside, it sounded half like a dragon and half like snake. Lin Mu Yu shuddered. Oops, I think Mommy’s home. He might be the one losing his head soon. Time to run!

Lin Mu Yu quickly jumped out of the cave and sped away.


The clouds dispersed and allowed the stars to shower the forest with soft twinkling lights. Qin Yin had long since fainted. Her face was purple. The venom was very strong.

“Please wake up, miss!”

Lin Mu Yu violently shook her shoulders to wake her. Slowly, Qin Yin opened her eyes and saw Lin Mu Yu in her sleepy stupor, “Did you find the antidote?”

“Yes, but I only have the herbs. I still have to Refine the medicine. Please don’t fall asleep, you may never wake up again if you do.”

Lin Mu Yu observed her face and felt very sorry. It would be such a waste for this beautiful young lady to die this way. Saving her life would indeed be a significant contribution to the populace. After all, women of her beauty were rare to see in a lifetime. Even Xiao Xi’s beauty was a little inferior to hers.

He sat on the ground and began making the medicine. He raised his hand over the Heart Defense Grass and began to refine it. While he was extracting the Heart Defense Grass, he raised his hand over the Dragon Slaver Grass and also began to refine it. The Essence Purification Technique allowed him to simultaneously extract the herbs at the same time. Lin Mu Yu lives up to his reputation of being a master of alchemy secrets.

Qin Yin leaned against a rock fighting to stay conscious. She wouldn’t be able to keep it up much longer. She watched the youth refine the herbs through drooping lids.

The Essence Purification Hands emitted a soft glow, barely discernible under the starlight. It shone on Lin Mu Yu’s resolute and handsome face. Beads of sweat started to form on this forehead, perhaps from the exertion of refining. It felt like he breathed out more than he breathed in, and he purely used his Qi to Refine the medicine.

“ this person?”

Qin Yin asked herself over and over again. She had seen many Refining pharmacists in the palace before, even a King level alchemist. But she had never seen anything like this young man who could refine two herbs at once. The process of extraction for each herb is different. Each type of herb has a unique refinement method!

After about ten minutes  Lin Mu Yu completed the extraction. He placed the purified powders on a white piece of cloth.

Lin Mu Yu reached into a pouch on his waist and produced a few small glass bottles filled with clean water. This he had already prepared beforehand, as would any respectable master alchemist do.

He carefully transferred the medicine into a bottle then capped it. He shook the bottle vigorously for a moment and then stopped and grasped it firmly in his palm. Slowly he released Qi from the center of his palm and guided it in swirls around the bottle. This was the most important part of refining Heart Defense Potion. The introduction of Qi allows the essence of the two herbs to merge harmoniously. Perhaps there were some people in the world who knew the proper ratios of essences that go into the Heart Defense Potion, but those with the knowledge of this particular technique were very rare. Could he possibly be the only person who knows?


Not long after, the first bottle of Heart Defense Potion was complete.

“Done!” He cheerfully exclaimed as he wiped off a bit of sweat.

Qin Yin stared blankly, not knowing what to say, she nodded and said softly: “Oh.”

“Oh? What Oh? Quickly, take off your clothes.”


Qin Yin’s heart started beating faster. Her feminine modesty made her cheeks flush red. “Why do I have to take off my clothes… are you one of those quack doctors that practice bloodletting?”

“Bloodletting?” Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help but laugh. “That kind of inferior method never crossed my mind. Besides, strength is contained in blood vessels, bloodletting to remove poison would be a big waste. Don’t worry, my antidote will break up the venom in your blood, it won’t cause you any harm.”

“But why do I have to remove my clothes…” Qin Yin asked in a low voice.

“Ah, that…” Lin Mu Yu’s thoughts swirled madly in his head. He couldn’t say what he had to say, which was so he could see her chest. The statement was too brazen, after all, they were still strangers.

“This medicine has to go on your wound, and your wound is on your chest.” He explained.

Qin Yin nodded, her cheeks flushed red, she felt like she wanted to die. “Then... I have no strength left , you... you have to help me remove it. But you... you have to close your eyes!”

“I understand!”

Lin Mu Yu carefully reached out to undo the buttons of her collar. Only now did he notice that the buttons were embossed with a Yin Flower, the very same flower in gold Yin coins. He realized that this girl must be from some very high-born family. Her buttons were even made of pure gold.

Qin Yin shut her eyes, her delicate shoulders trembling. This was torture for her.

Actually, for Lin Mu Yu, it was difficult to resist because such a beautiful girl was just in front of him, closing her eyes. Fortunately his self control was strong, else who could know what would have happened.

Slowly the rich purple garments were removed, exposing a beautiful white chest. Lin Mu Yu’s eyes drank in the sight felt his nose almost start to bleed. This woman’s figure was very beautiful. A delicate nape with snow white skin molded with two twin peaks with a valley so deep 10,000 heroes could die in it. But underneath ripped bandaged was the wound. The blood had coagulated into purple crystals. The poison was very serious.

“Does it hurt?” Lin Mu Yu felt very sorry for her.

Qin Yin’s brows wrinkled in indignation, “Yes, it was very painful at first... now I don’t feel anything. But you... What are you looking at!”

Lin Mu Yu hastily went back to work. He turned his head away and proceeded to feel for the for the edge of the bandage with gentle fingers. He grabbed the edge and peeled it upwards, as carefully as he could, even though he couldn’t see.

Qin Yin suddenly cried out for he had disturbed the wound. She opened her eyes and saw Lin Mu Yu with his head facing away. She found it a little funny but it also increased her bashfulness.

Lin Mu Yu brought out the bottle of Heart Defense Potion and tried to guess out the location of the wound. “Is it here?”

“A little to the left...”

Qin Yin watched his hands and guided him: “A little to the right, a little forward, ah! get your hands off of there! A little to the back, there, it’s there...”

Lin Mu Yu slowly poured out the medicine and commented: “You have such a bad temper you are lucky you found a saintly person such as I who won’t just say ‘Hmph’ at you.”

Qin Yin laughed, “Yes, thank you...”

“You’re welcome. You will give me 1000 yin gold. You won’t go back on your word?”

“Of course...”

Translated and Edited by Korezmi