The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 59: It’s been a while, Xiao Xi!

Seven Seas Mansion. The lounge was filled with the fragrance of perfume.

The arrival of Princess Qin Yin agitated the servants of the mansion. The Emperor was known to dote on the princess and constantly worry about her safety. To have her come all this way to visit their own Tang Xiao Xi caused them to be overwhelmed by her royal favor.

Tang Xiao Xi was engrossed in her venison, her left hand daintily held chopsticks while her right skillfully cut into the meat. Her pretty face showed contentment. “Venison with a dash of sweet soy sauce tastes so goood, Xiao Yin, please try some too!”

Qin Yin giggled, and dotingly looked at her best friend, “Oh you, up to now you’re still at the third rank of Earth realm. You must work harder!”

Tang Xiao Xi pouted her small lips in indignation: “How can you say that! Not everybody was born with your natural gifts and talents! Xiao Yin, your martial spirit is the level 1 Gold Binding Lock. Mine is only the Level 2 Firefox! Oh yeah, what is your rank now?

Feng Ji Xing who was sitting beside them replied, “Her Highness has reached level 57 Battle Saint.”


Tang Xiao Xi gaped with her little lips wide open, she balled her hand into a little fist, “I didn’t know Xiao Yin left me in the dust by so far already! I will also work hard... But I must eat first, or I won’t have any energy to train.”

Qin Yin and Feng Ji Xing smiled.

“But I don’t know how he is, or whether he is alive or dead I don’t know...”  Tang Xiao Xio said suddenly, her eyes starting to brim with tears.

Feng Ji Xing kept a straight face and remained silent.

Then Qin Yin said: “Xiao Xi, if Lin Mu Yu is so important to you, I will go to Emperor Father, and have him pardon Lin Mu Yu. He only killed a minor official in a border town anyway.”

Tang Xiao Xi excitedly looked at her: “Can you really?”

Qin Yin vigorously nodded. “Yes!”

On the other side, Qin Lei who was eating as well raised his head, said, “Your Highness, His Highness has already spoken, in the face of the law nobody can be pardoned. These were his very words when he ascended the throne. It’s not proper for you to promise such things...”

Qin Yin glared at him, “Brother Qin Lei doesn’t have any tact!”

Tang Xiao Xi nodded. “Yeah!”

Qin Lei is the son of a Prince. He is Qin Yin’s cousin. He laughed heartily, “Then...Then  think about it, you can’t say for sure if His Highness will really pardon that kid!”

Feng Ji Xing watched the events from the side, still keeping silent.

After the meal, Qin Yin went to the gardens to admire the flowers. Qin Lei accompanied her as a bodyguard, keeping his saber close beside him. Protecting Her Highness was a mission given to him by the Emperor.

“Princess Xi.”

Feng Ji Xing called out while carrying his sword.

Tang Xiao Xi, who was walking at the corridor, glanced back “Feng Ji Xing, is something the matter?”

Feng Ji Xing sighed, “Princess Xi, it’s... Lin Mu Yu is very important to you isn’t he?”

Tang Xiao Xi stared back blankly, her face flushing a little red, “I... I consider him to be my best friend. Was that all you wanted say?”

“Is that so...”

Feng Ji Xing smiled: “Then, Feng Ji Xing will now say a few words here. After I say these words they will disappear forever into the wind. Princess Xi will also continue on as if she had never heard these words.”

Tang Xiao Xi was surprised, “Okay, what is it?”

Feng Ji Xing pondered aloud, “A few days ago, a young man from Silver Fir City arrived after a long journey. He had been through a lot in two weeks. With great suffering he travelled from Seven Stars Forest to Dragon Seeker Forest, and finally arrived at Lan Yan City. As a result of my humble recommendation, he was able to enter the Warring Saints Temple, with a new name, “Lin Zhi”. Perhaps the answer the Princess is seeking is in the Warring Saints Temple.”


Tang Xiao Xi’s delicate frame trembled, her silver scarf flew off her neck and into the lotus pond. She slowly raised her head and a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Feng Ji Xing, “Is it true?”

“Yes!” Feng Ji Xing nodded. “Princess Xi please don’t fret. Feng Ji Jing never deceives. Princess Xi, your scarf...”


Inside the training room, Ou Yang Qiu brandished his longsword. This was no ordinary sword. From the blade trickled slivers of ice crystal energy. It was also a precious Spirit Refined weapon, not inferior at all to Lin Mu Yu’s Prairie Fire.

“Swords don’t have eyes, be careful Lin Zhi, pardon me if I hurt you.”

Ou Yang Qiu said, not coldly, not warmly. He already began to release his Martial Spirit. His longsword also began to emit a brilliance of Force Energy. This was his advantage over Lin Mu Yu. Force Energy compared to basic Qi, the difference in power was too great.

Lin Mu Yu did not speak, he only quickly summoned his Gourd Wall and added the Dragon Rampart, Ebony Scale and Verdant Shell to increase the power. Even though it was just training, he fully aware this battle was also a fight to the death. The moment Ou Yang Qiu pulled out his sword he was hardly concealing his killing intent. In this room there were only two people.


With a quick turn of his wrists, fast as lightning, Ou Yang Qiu’s sword swung, releasing the shadow of a rainbow. This is the number one swordsman of the Temple, his grandeur was not common. His sword raged with Force Energy. The air was filled with piercing cries from the sword.

Lin Mu Yu’s sword skills consisted of the Wind Sword technique and Lightning Chop. Lightning Chop was a deadly technique used for killing, so it he decided to stick to the Wind Sword Technique. The Wind Sword technique required a lot of speed so he activated Starfall Steps, and, all pretense of the sparring within the rules of the Temples aside, rushed forward with Prairie Fire blazing dramatically. Ting. Their swords clashed with a sharp ringing sound but Lin Mu Yu gathered himself back and quickly made three fast strokes on Ou Yang Qiu’s chest.

Shua shua shua.

They were three direct hits!

“Good swordplay!”

Ou Yang Qiu couldn’t help praising his opponent. Even though he disliked Lin Mu Yu he had a deep appreciation of martial arts.

Ting Ting Ting.

Lin Mu Yu continued striking with three more blows but Ou Yang Qiu was very fast and easily swept the attacks aside. Ou Yang Qiu made his move, with his blade brimming with Force Energy he struck the Ebony Scale.


At the same time his martial spirit emerged, and spat poison, a mouthful of poison spray shot towards Lin Mu Yu.


Lin Mu Yu took a few steps back and raised his Gourd Wall and used his Qi to sweep the poison away, shuddered a little, Ou Yang Qiu’s footwork was very nimble, his longsword “shua shua shua-ed” three times onto his back.

But he turned  too late, the first layer of Ebony Scale was already broken!

Ou Yang Qiu swelled up his whole body with Force Energy and laughed wildly. He rushed forward, his knees heavily striking the second level Dragon Wall, his Force Energy shocking his opponent. At that moment, Lin Mu Yu felt his body shakened by the aftershock of the blow, which pushed him back a few steps. Raising his head, Ou Yang Qiu lunged with his sword becoming a blur of ten thousand strikes; this was the Ten Thousand Sword Technique, which was a technique Yin Fang also used the very same style.

His Qi penetration is too strong, even Dragon Rampart has been defeated!

He quickly used his next skill, Poison Spray!

Qi concentrated on the Gourd and a flower appeared that spat out poison spray.

Ou Yang Qiu was unfamiliar so naturally he didn’t dare use brute force.

Ou Yang Qiu wasn’t familiar, so naturally he didn’t force anything. Urgently, he stopped the Thousand Sword Technique, and flipped towards the sky to dodge and saw the poison spray fall towards the ground, which gave an acidic sizzle.

“Impressive poison!” He smiled coldly.

“It’s alright”

Lin Mu Yu raised his sword and both were entangled in an attack again.

After fifty bouts, both sides had cuts and bruises. The difference was that Ou Yang Qiu had 2 cuts on his arm, with fresh blood flowing, while Lin Mu Yu had two cuts on his chest, but it was only scratches, and there was not as much blood. Fresh blood just happened to permeate through his shirt so he looked badly injured but he was not. Ou Yang Qiu’s wounds were a little more serious. This was the effect of Refining Skin!

Ou Yang Qiu was more and more agitated. He knew Lin Mu Yu was only a level 50 Battle Saint. But right now as he was battling the number one swordsman in the Temple he was holding his own. He didn’t have too much advantage.

Thus, with new rage, he called forth his inexhaustible Force Energy, Force Energy is continuous, he could use it to regain strength, this was the advantage of Force Energy over baic Qi. After more than 10 rallies, Lin Mu Yu’s face already started to turn pale, his strength was waning. His shirt had many holes from sword cuts.


The more Ou Yang Qiu attacked the more agitated he became. Like a venomous snake, the longsword repeatedly lashed at Lin Mu Yu’s heart. His neck was almost in a precarious position. Ou Yang Qiu’s killing intent was exposing.

“You wish to kill me!?”

He attacked with a Sonic Punch, afterward, blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth. He lifted his head and looked at this opponent, coldly said, “Zeng Fang wants me dead that that much?”

Ou Yang Qiu smiled coldly, “It’s not the Yang Marquis that wants you dead, it’s that you have to die. You little bastard, you are a wanted criminal. Why would I allow you to continue training in the Warring Saints Temple? Just die quickly!”

The long sword lifted to the sky, and slashed 10 + times in attack.

Lin Mu Yu did his best to focus his Qi on the Dragon Rampart but in a moment it started to crack again. The difference in strength was too great. At this time he felt himself losing strength.


His back rammed against the wall. The wall of the training room was about a meter thick, but the strength of the attack shattered the surface of the wall, Lin Mu Yu’s body sunk into the wall by 20 centimeters.


Ou Yang Qiu threw his sword aside, he extending his iron-claw like hand and grasped Lin Mu Yu’s neck, cackled: “What’s wrong? Isn’t your Gourd revered as the Temple’s number 1 defense? How come it is not magical/miraculous now? Hasn’t your body been through Refining Skin? Hahaha! Lei Hong that old fool taught you this rubbish but did not pass it on to us, it’s too biased!

Saying this, he put the tip of the longsword on Lin Mu Yu’s chest, and slowly pushed it in, when the point of the sword entered into flesh, and he saw the suffering of the person before him, he laughed, “How is it? Your Refining Skin is not effective? Lin Zhi, you don’t want to die like this do you? Hahaha! You piece of trash can only die this way ah!”


“Resist! Resist!”

His heart suddenly bursted with a rage sound, Lin Mu Yu’s body shuddered, both arms emerged a kind of mysterious vast strength, it was a little familiar, right, it was the Seven Luminaries! At this time, this life saving strength has emerged once again!”

He raised his left arm and shook of Ou Yang Qiu’s longsword. Lin Mu Yu’s body emitted a black aura of power, both eyes had a faint red light, he also didn’t know where this strength came from, suddenly twisted his body and pressed Ou Yang Qiu to the wall, his right hand balled into a fist, cried: “Who did you say was trash?”

His fist shined bright, First Luminary - Chaos Fist!



The iron fist pounded into Ou Yang Qiu’s abdomen, Lin Mu Yu’s strength was violent, he carried Lin Mu Yu and rushed forward, the two people penetrated deeper through the thick wall!

After the power of the Seven Luminaries ran out, his body immediately fell into a state of extreme tiredness, along with Ou Yang Qiu’s the weakly lied on the floor.

“Mu Mu!”

His ears heard a sweet sound.

He raised his head and saw two snowy, soft, long legs wrapped in a skirt. Upon his second glance, Tang Xiao Xi’s beautiful cheeks appeared before him.


It’s been a while, Xiao Xi!

Translated by: korezmi 

Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons


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