The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 60: Dragonforged Bone

“Mu Mu!”

Without warning, Tang Xiao Xi suddenly threw herself onto Lin Mu Yi’s chest.

While it was very pleasant to have two soft, mounds press onto him, he was wounded on his chest. Lin Mu Yu immediately moaned in pain as color left his face.

“Ah, are you alright? Mu Mu…”

Only then did Xiao Xi notice the stab wounds on Lin Mu Yu’s chest. Her pretty face exploded in fury and she turned around to face Ou Yang Qiu who still lay wounded on the floor. “Who is this Gold Star instructor?”

From the side, Master Lei Hong respectfully replied, “Princess Tang Xiao Xi, his name is Ou Yang Qiu”.

Ou Yang Qiu also realized that the pretty young girl before him was the granddaughter of the the Duke Cang Lang. He hastily staggered up and knelt before her, “I am your humble servant, Princess Xiao Xi.”

TL: Cang Lang was formerly called “Azure Tides”.


A trail of fire wove through Princess Xi’s white fingers. Suddenly, she was in front of Ou Yang Qiu with her hand raised. Pa! With a brilliant light and a sharp sound she struck Ou Yang Qiu on the face and sent him sailing into the air. He landed sprawled on the floor a few feet away, his face bore a mark of 5 fingers. Tang Xiao Xi had added the power of her martial spirit into the slap.

Lei Hong was petrified: “Princess, why did you hit a Gold Star instructor?”

Tang Xiao Xi helped Lin Mu Yu up and coldly replied, “Because he bullied my man!”

TL: The way Xiao Xi says man here is man like “subordinate” or “servant”, or a person under her protection. Not, like, “my boyfriend.”

Deacon Zeng Fang from the side of the room stepped up to denounce the happenings before him. “Princess, Ou Yang Qiu is gravely injured. Lin Mu Yu was a trainer in this exercise but he went ahead and attacked the instructor anyway. He broke the rules of this Temple. We should expel him from here!”

Tang Xiao Xi turned to face him, slowly said: “Lin Zhi is Tang Xiao Xi’s man, Young Marquis Zeng Fan. Do you want to repeat what you just said?”

Zeng Fan resisted a little but ended up not saying more.

Even though he was the only son of God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan, God Marquis Zeng Yi Fan had practically no influence in times of peace. Tang Xiao Xi had her Grandfather Cang Lan, who had a million soldiers under him in the Seven Seas City as a vassal of the Empire. Their current power was worlds apart.


“Mu Mu, are you alright?” Tan Xiao Xi’s cold expression disappeared from her face and was replaced by a cheerful girlish smile. She nuzzled up fondly against his chest.

Lin Mu Yu had several emotions welling up in his heart. In Seven Fir City he knew that his position was worlds apart from Tang Xiao Xi, she couldn’t likely have been thinking of him. But it turned out he was wrong. Luck was very sudden. It turned out that Tang Xiao Xi cared this much about his safety. He replied , “Xiao Xi, I spent two days in Dragon Seeker Forest looking for you, but I couldn’t find you...”

A smiled fluttered across Tang Xiao Xi’s face. “Silly Mu Mu, Dragon Seeker Forest is so huge, how could you have found me? It’s good that I finally found you! Does this mean that I beat you?”

Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help smiling: “Yes, Princess Tang Xiao is the best, number one under the heavens!”

Tang Xiao Xi laughed in a very carefree way: “Yes! That sounds about right.”

At this, she turned around and pointed at Ou Yang Qiu, “Lin Zhi is a trainer, but remember this, Lin Zhi is an honored guest of the Seven Seas Dukedom. Nobody may harm him, or they will become an enemy of Seven Seas City!”

Then she turned to face Lei Hong, Tang Xiao Xi flashed him a brilliant smile: “Grandpa Lei Hong, why didn’t you restrain your Gold Star instructor? Look, this trainer was about to be killed, this is a serious injury, this person was planning to kill him!”

Lei Hong clenched his fists: “This foolish old man will perform his duty of overseeing better in the future.”

Zeng Fang said through clenched teeth: “Master, we at the Temple have our own rules. Why must we go out of our way to bend them for Seven Seas City?”

Tang Xiao Xi’s face became cold.

At this moment, one of the guards that had accompanied her stepped forward. It was Feng Ji Xing. Feng Ji Xing held his sword in his hand and smiled coldly: “Young Marquis Sir, isn’t Ou Yang Qiu your fencing teacher? He wished to kill Lin Zhi, are you not taking responsibility for this?”

Zeng Fang stared blankly, “Feng Ji Xing, why did you come here?”

“Oh, it’s not just me.”

Feng Ji Xing stepped out of the way and a Chu Huai Sheng* stepped forward. His face held a casual smile, his hand grasping his sword. “Young Marquis, we are all friends of Lin Zhi. If he has wronged Young Marquis in some way, please forgive him.”

“Chu Huai Sheng?!”

TL: Chu Huai Sheng was mistranslated to Chu Huai Dian in his previous appearance. This is Chu Yao’s brother.

Zeng Fan replied through clenched teeth: “Princess Tang is very extravagant, to bring the Commander of the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Soldier Chu Huai Sheng on such an errand, one a White-Robed Royal Guard, the other a member of the Imperial Army, huh, all this to make me not able to say anything, right? But don’t you all forget, the Emperor’s laws are strict, to flout the law. The generation of those who commit crimes never end well. You should all shape up!”

“There’s no need for you to be concerned.”

Tang Xiao Xi said softly: “I will personally solve my friend’s situation. But the next time Young Marquis does something, no matter how small, as long as Lin Zhi is harmed, Tang Xiao Xi will not settle.”


Zeng Fang turned around and exited the room, Ou Yang Qiu then angrily, wiped off blood from his lips and followed after him.


When he saw that they left, Chu Huai Sheng walked forward and carried Lin Mu Yu onto his shoulder. Laughingly said, “Ah Yu, you’re really something. You were able to defeat Ou Yang Qiu of the heaven realm!”

Lin Mu Yu was currently in great pain, he was also almost killed, how could say such an embarrassing thing out loud, he only said: “Hey, it was all luck, I was really worried I would be cut to pieces back there.”

Lei Hong walked forward, “Ah Yu, how is your wound?”

Lin Mu Yu shook his head: “It’s alright. Thank you very much for your concern Grandpa Lei Hong.”

Lei Hong nodded. He turned the the group of soldiers and instructors: “Very well, the excitement is over. Let’s all return to our respective training. No more trouble please.”

The group dispersed, but one thing was for sure, everybody had seen Gold Star instructor Ou Yang Qiu defeated by Lin Mu Yu. Ou Yan Qiu was the number one swordsman of the Temple!


Tang Xiao Xi and Lin Mu Yu were finally reunited again, but now that they were face to face they didn’t know what to say. The gutsy Princess Xi had unexpectedly started to blush, looking at Lin Mu Yu she was now unable to speak.

Lin Mu Yu watched her adorable expression and couldn’t help but smile: “Xiao Xi, your face looks like red clouds...”

Xiao Xi was suddenly embarrased, and hit him with her fist: “Oh stop it, I thought you were dead…”  

“I can’t die! Apparently, I’m incredibly lucky!”

Feng Ji Xing couldn’t stand listening to their flirtations anymore, saluted: “This matter has been resolved, Princess, I must return the Palace, Her Highness must be back by now. I shouldn’t be out here so long.”

“Yes, thank you so much, Brother Feng!” Lin Mu Yu said.

Chu Huai Sheng also made his farewells. Lin Mu Yu and Tang Xiao Xi saw them off together.


Tang Xiao Xi sent most of the Imperial soldiers back, leaving behind the necessary few to accompany her. She wanted to take Lin Mu Yu to a stroll through the capital and then to take him to the capital’s most famous restaurant for dinner -- In the Ting Yu Restaurant. There were only two people, they poured a little rice wide, the table was laid with a variety of rich dishes. The meal was Tang Xiao Xi’s treat. For Princess Xi, money was never an issue.

Lin Mu Yu had suffered hungry for days inside Dragon Seeker Forest, and it seemed his swept up the food into his mouth in one breath. Tang Xiao Xi had already eaten a lot for lunch and was quite full. She just sat beside him and enjoyed watching him devour the feast like wolf.

Finally, Lin Mu Yu had eaten so much his belly was round, Lin Mu Yu let out a satisfied belch: “Free food is really great ah..”

Tang Xiao Xi daintily covered her mouth as giggled bubbled up: “Stupid! Right.. let me tell you a piece of news.., I received some feather mail at noon, tomorrow at the latest, Master Qu will be returning to Lan Yan City.”

“Oh! Master Qu Chu is coming?”

“Yes.” Tang Xiao Xi nodded, said: “When we see him, I will naturally bring him to the Temple to see you, without much effort he can impart more martial lessons on you, hey... Mu Mu you have advances so much, but you are still not strong enough. The Temple is a place that eats people and does not spit out their bones, if don’t have enough strength you can only be slaughtered.”

Lin Mu Yu felt the same: “Yeah, I’ve already experienced as much.”

Tang Xiao Xi cocked her head to the said and looked at him: “Mu Mu, can I visit you often in the Temple?”

“Sure! But.. don’t make such a scene next time.” Lin Mu Yu shook his head, helplessly said: “Now I’m afraid that I’m infamous in the Temple already...”

Tang Xiao Xi covered her mouth to giggle: “Big Silly! You are already more than famous, nobody will rashly challenge you,  if you were just a nameless kid, huh, then Zeng Fan would have silenced you quitely long ago.”

“I guess that’s true.”

Lin Mu Yu looked at his fist, after exerting some effort the surrounding skin was covered in Qi, he smiled: “I should still make my fist harder, or else all these words would mean nothing.”



That night, after watching some colored lanterns he walked Xiao Xi home. He watched the Princess’ escorts follow her into the Duke’s residence and then returned the to Temple. Back to training!

Very late at night, under the bright moon, he continued Refining Skin.

But the effects of tonight weren’t very good, apparently Refining Skin had reached it’s limit, his skin was absorbing less spirit energy, to Refine more by force would do more harm than good.

From afar, two teachers stood under the moonlight, one was Lei Hong, one was Ge Yang. The two of them assessed the head and discussed the feed - nitpicked, criticized.

While they were talking, suddenly the southern wind passed through, Ge Yang said: “What is going on?”

Lei Hong rubbed his beard, smiled and said, “Qu Chu, if he’s coming just come, why does he have to be so sneaky about it.”

In the small trees, Qu Chu slowly walked through, laughing: “Lei Hong, you old man you’re still so sharp. So how are things? My student’s gifts aren’t too bad right?”

“His gifts aren’t bad, it’s just that he hasn’t advanced.” Lei Hong eye’s twinkled mirthfully.

“Hasn’t advanced? What do you mean? How is it possible?” Qu Chu asked.

“He entered the Temple as a level 50 Battles Saint, to this day he is still a Level 50 Battle Saint. He only gained combat experience, his strength hasn’t advanced at all.  His bones… have already reached their growth limit, just like other generations before him he is stranded as a second rate practioner.” Leh Hong said with regret.

Qu Chu’s expression turned cold, then he laughed, “Don’t worry, I have prepared.”

“Oh?” Lei Hong’s was a little shocked.


Qu Chu took off and landed a small distance away from Lin Mu Yu. Guffawed, “Lin Mu Yu! It’s been a while! Look at the gift I have brought you!”


An object wrapped in black silk sailed into the air. Lin Mu Yu smiled and laughed upon seeing Qu Chu, “Master Chu, you’ve come!”

“Just look at the gift first!” Qu Chu smiled faintly.

Lin Mu Yu bowed and opened the silk wrapper, he discovered that inside was an already half rotten book, the words were not discernible anymore. It was a pile of rotten bamboo sheets that Qu Chu had apparently collated and bound together. On the cover the words were still clear and said -- Dragonforged Bone

“Dragonforged bone?” His face was blank.

Qu Chu laughed lightly: “Strictly speaking, it’s just the surviving remains of Dragonforged Bone Tome, I was only able to find those pieces. Just do your best and practice it!”

Translated by: korezmi

Edited by: patrick_father_of_dragons