The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 61: True Dragon Bone

“Dragonforged Bone…”

Lin Mu Yu held the relic of a book and flipped it open. On the first page was the secret of martial arts first words: “Purge the bone marrow, like the peeling of dragon scales, four doors open, blood vessels reconstruct.”

He stared blankly: “Grandpa Qu Chu, what is Dragonforged Bone supposed to do?”

Qu Chu beard twisted into a smile: “Just look at the name and you will understand. It’s a method of purging the bone marrow. This method of tempering bone is similar to what dragons do, so it is called the Dragonforged Bone Tome.”

After speaking, Qu Chu looked as if he sensed something. He plucked off a leaf from a nearby palm tree and launched it into the air as if it were a throwing knife.


It flew into the air at great speed and plunged deeply into a mossy rock face nearby. He guffawed: “I’ve said what I had to say to the the kid, you two old farts still listening in eh? Why don’t we all go for a drink! Wait for me!”

Lei Hong smiled brightly: “Deacon Ge Yang, let’s go have a drink [of alcohol].”

Ge Yang cheerfully replied: “Sounds good!”


After the two people left, Qu Chu continued, “Kid, you’re lucky, I found this relic in a faraway ruined city. In this tome is written the very important method of refining bone marrow.”

Saying this, he looked at the lost face of the youth and smiled in spite of himself: “It looks like you still don’t understand. Let me tell you as simply as I can, it looks like you aren’t making any more progress in your cultivation. You are still a level 50 Battle Saint. While it’s very easy, it looks like your strength has reached its limit, that is to say, your blood vessels cannot sustain even stronger cultivation. People of can keep on cultivating, but the cultivation of each person is different. It has something to do with the genes. The Imperial Family, the Qin clan, possesses the highest quality blood vessels, the legendary dragon blood vessels. So cultivation comes very easy to them, however you…”

He said a little regretfully: “Frankly speaking kid, you are just the product of rigorous training. You don’t have the best genes. Your blood vessels… are, generously speaking, about middle class...”

Lin Mu Yu remained silent. So my Lin clan’s genes are bad… I never thought about that!

Qu Chu continued: “This Dragonforged Bone Relic will temper you bone… in the world of Refining, tempering bone is very important, but the overwhelming majority of people only Refine the strength of the skeleton, they don’t pay heed to the bone marrow. This Dragonforged Bone is a kind of legendary method of cultivation, it is reported to be able to reconstruct the core of the bone, blood vessels. When the time comes, perhaps you will be able to use the blood vessels of the strength of dragons, then there will be no cultivation you cannot do!

“Eh? Is that so…”

Lin Mu Yu heard this and felt very excited. He held the Dragonforged Bone tome, and suddenly raised his and and looked at Qu Chu: “Grandpa Qu Chu, this Dragonforged Bone Tome must be very valuable, I can’t accept it! You should use it for your own cultivation!”

Qu Chu looked at the humble youth and guffawed, “Foolish child, do you think Qu Chu is that type of unselfish person? If I could Refine this I would! I wouldn’t be giving it you HAHAHA!”


Something glimmered in Qu Chu’s eyes: “Dragonforged Bone, as the name implies, is technique for forging the skeleton of dragonkind. Purging bone marrows is very painful, it is not something that normal people can endure. Your Grandpa Chu is very old, do you think my aged body can still handle this type of pain? Tell me honestly. I have already tried to Refine that tome, but the pain was so great I passed out. So I gave it to you instead. Your ambition will carry you through the pain.”

Lin Mu Yu recalled the pain of Refining Skin, and couldn’t help feeling a apprehensive. But when he thought of how the secretes of Dragonforged bone could give him even greater strength, and he needed that strength, he nodded and said: “I’m very grateful, Grandpa Chu. I will work hard and Refine, I won’t fail to live up to your expectations!”

Qu Chu smiled: “I don’t really have that high hopes for you. I just don’t want Princess Xi to cry over you. Xiao Xi as a good and kind-hearted girl, you should not fail to live up to her expectations.”

Lin Mu Yu was expressionless, nodded his head. “Understood.”

“Alright. Now go off by yourself and Refine according to that Tome. With your quick wit it shouldn’t be too difficult.”

“Yes, sir!”

Qu Chu sprung into the air and was gone from the garden. Most likely he want to join Lei Hong and Ge Yang in their drinking.


Lin Mu Yu held the Dragonforged Bone Tome in his hands, as if gaining the greatest treasure. His own cultivation had already reached its limit. Refining Skin was also useless now. He should now immediately begin Dragonforged Bone Refinement!

The Tome was divided into three parts. The first part was washing the marrow, it discussed purging the bone marrow. The second part was about assimilation, to find a real dragon bone, and combine it with one’s own skeleton. The third part was rebirth, after assimilating with the dragon bone, begin reconstructing the blood vessels. The most difficult of the three was definitely Assimilation because he had to find a piece of dragon bone. Where could he find that sort of plaything?

First, begin purging the bone marrow!

The so called Purging of Bone marrow, according to the process of Refinement recorded in the book, convert basic Qi into pure energy, run the pure energy through the all the bones of the body in one cycle. For Purging of Bone Marrow, 72 cycles were required, afterwards the skeleton ofthe body wouldbe transformed.

It was going to be an endless course of events.

He sat on on the grass legs akimbo, and slowly closed his eyes. First step, convert basic Qi into pure energy, this was the first instruction of the Tome, known as transmigration. The penetrating power of pure energy is stronger, hence the essence of it was stronger than basic Qi! Just this part will demand a lot of Lin Mu Yu’s life. From night until daybreak he continued to cultivate. Finally, the pure energy within his body slowly began to make a subtle transformation, alternately hot and cold. He raised his palm and a red fire of pure energy blazed on it, real Qi had been refined!

Continuing, he began to course the real qi into this bones. It would take about 20 minutes to complete a cycle. The pain felt like it was ripping him apart. It felt like each of his bones was being burned in flames. His whole body was covered in sweat. No wonder Qu Chu couldn’t bear this pain! But Lin Mu Yu continued to endure the pain, forcing himself to complete the first cycle.

In the morning, a servant brought breakfast over and set it down beside him and respectfully said “Master Lin Zhi, Deacon Ge Yang ordered be to bring you breakfast. Please use it. He said, these few days you don’t have to participate in training, just continue to cultivate like this and it would be fine!”

Lin Mu Yu felt very grateful. This was most certainly Qu Chu’s doing. Knowing the Temple’s rules, how else would they let a mere gold star trainer occupy his time this way.


A whole day passed that way. After 72 cycles were finish, the cultivation made progress. Each process became faster and faster. A person was sent to deliver all three of his meals. So he spent all day cultivating. It seemed like the pain from cutlivation was going away.

After three days, he completely finished six of the 72 cycles. His whole body’s skeletal frame seemed new.

He slowly opened his eyes, a drop of morning dew dripped onto his shoulder. Lin Mu Yu let out a smile. He felt as if his perception of the things around him became much sharper. Even his hearing seemed sharper. Even the steps of the servant from away didn’t escape his ears. This bone refinement was really wonderful.

He stood up, he only took three days but he had already finished the first part of the Dragonforged Bone Tome. It was now time for the second step - Assimilation!

But, a dragonbone was required, this type of object was hard to find.

That morning, learned that Qu Chu had already departed Lan Yan city to continue his wanderings. And Lei Hong and Ge Yang both did not know where to start looking for dragonbone. There were lots of imitation dragonbone, in pharmacies there were Fan Dragon skulls. But obviously those type of fake dragons could not be used.

At noon, a servant came to him and said: “Master Lin Zhi, there is somebody at the door looking for you. It’s Princess Xi from Seven Seas City.”

“Oh! I’ll go there at once!”

He quickly put on his boots and rushed out the door. Outside the Temple, Tang Xiao Xi was standing alone under the brilliant sun, her long hair fell in long waves behind her back, she was wearing a fiery red skirt and was all smiles when she saw him: “Mu Mu! It’s been a while!”

“Xiao Xi why are free today?” He smilingly asked.

“I’m free everyday! Today I am going to the Palace, so I just stopped by to say hi since I was passing through!” She replied with a sweet smile.

Lin Mu Yu muttered: “But if you came from the Seven Seas Mansion, the Temple isn’t on the way to the Palace.”

After he said these words he immediately regretted it, and hatefully slapped his leg to rebuke himself: You idiot! Now do you understand why you’re still single?

Tang Xiao Xi face had turned red and she glared at him: “Well, I am just following the road! Get off my back! Anyway, let’s go have lunch at Ting Yu Restaurant, I already made a reservation.”

“Okay, but that place is very expensive. One meal sets you back 70 Yin gold.”

“Don’t worry, it’s on me.” Tang Xiao Xi said while patting her very ample chest.

“Okay. But before we go, I want to go to the biggest pharmacy in the capital to find something first.”



The two people walked into the pharmacy, the people inside recognized Xiao Xi immediately. Each person respectfully greeted her “Good day Princess Xi, we hope the day finds you well.” The greetings were endless.

After looking around for a while, Lin Mu Yu couldn’t find what he was looking for and looked extremely disappointed.

“Silly Mu Mu, what are you looking for anyway?” Tang Xiao Xi asked a little a surprised.

“A type of bone.” Lin Mu Yu replied.

“Oh, what kind of bone?”

“It’s…” Lin Mu Yu felt a little embarrassed, “Xiao Xi ,how long has it been since a real dragon was last seen in the continent?”

“A real dragon…” Tang Xiao Xi blinked in thought and smiled, “Around three thousand years, the legends of real dragons have been around for a very long time. People haven’t seen any real dragons for thousands of years.”

“Oh, then it just became harder…” he said in despair.

“Just what are you looking for?”

“A piece of real dragon bone.”

“Eh?” Tang Xiao Xi’s beautiful eyes widened in surprise. Then her face changed as if she just thought of something. She smiled and cheekily stuck out her tongue: “Alright. That kind of object is really hard to find, so I’m going to help you! So stop worrying!”


Tang Xiao Xi knew that Lin Mu Yu was some sort of alchemist demon, his search for the real dragon bone has to be related to alchemy so she didn’t ask any further questions. She could easily guess that Lin Mu Yu needed the real dragon bone for cultivating Dragonforged Bone.

Translated by: korezmiEdited by: patrick_father_of_dragons