The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 63: True Dragon Fire

Lin Mu Yu regarded the charred piece of bone in his with a lingering fear. His head still felt numb from his ordeal. Turning to Lu Lu he said: “Thank you, Lu Lu, if you didn’t stop me, Big Brother could have died…”

Lu Lu looked rebukingly at him: “Big Brother, you really put yourself in danger back there. The pain was so great it woke me up from my deep slumber. Don’t continue cultivating after this. Please give up on that Dragonforged Bone Tome!”


Lin Mu Yu said decidedly: “Tang Xiao Xi went through a lot to get me this dragonbone, I can’t waste her efforts. I must use the Dragonforged Bone Tome to reconstruct my blood vessels. It’s no use trying to stop me Lu Lu. I mean to keep going.”

Lu Lu replied helplessly: “But how does Big Brother plan to do it? This evil book is going to be the death of you.”


An idea suddenly flashed across his mind: “It’s not that by body can’t endure it, it’s that my consciousness can’t handle absorbing this unyielding dragon spirit and that’s what is causing me to break down. As long as I don’t pass out, there’s a good chance I can finish refining this dragonbone.”

Lu Lu was dumbstruck: “Big Brother, you plan to use...hyperfocus powder?


Hyperfocus powder is a level nine medicine. It can cause man’s will to crystalize for a very long time without dissolving. It has the ability to grant users the power to resist drowsiness or fainting. However, it has a very strong, negative side effect: after using the hyperfocus powder, don’t even think about sleeping for the next three to five days.


At dusk, Lin Mu Yu arrived at the capital’s pharmacy alone, looking for the hyperfocus powder’s three herbal ingredients: heart-guarding grass (better save some for myself), peaceful-spirit grass (this one is a bit common, not even that expensive)... And finally, the most important herb: the cryogenic flower, the plant that absorbs the frost in the atmosphere and produces a frozen bloom, and can even maintain its frozen state under the most scorching suns. Miraculous, this level nine herb, and quite rare.

“What, you want the cryogenic flower?”

The shopkeeper at the pharmacy stared at him with an incredulous exdpression. “Cryogenic flowers are illegal, Your Honor. Even though you’re a person of the royal court… the cryogenic flowers have been banned as an illegal drug for three hundred years now by empire.

“Oh? Why?”

The shopkeeper laughed. “Because cryogenic flowers are a powerful aphrodisiac for users. Not even ten girls a night can lessen the strong surge... but the side-effects are detrimental. Many high officials perished, and so the empire proclaimed the drug off-limits for consumption.”

Lin Mu Yu frowned. “But I’m not using the cryogenic flower for that reason. Shopkeeper, look. I’m the Royal Court’s premium employee. The empire law has some provisions for my case, does it not? Surely I can be granted a special pardon for such restrictions. Please sell me just a little bit of this flower?”

The shopkeeper’s expression became strained. “Ah… that… ay, since Your Honor persists. I’ll give you one plant, since we only have two in the shop anyway. But, the cryogenic flower is extremely rare, so the price is also exorbitant. 100 gold Yin for one plant, is this fine with you?”

Lin Mu Yu felt his pouch. He had yet to retrieve this month’s salary, but fortunately, he had 100 gold Yin, so he nodded. “Fine, 100 it is then. I’ll take it!”

“Alrighty then!”

In no time, a pot containing a cryogenic flower was brought out. It was still the deep autumn season, so the flower had not yet congealed into frost, but there were already traces of ice on the flower bud. Lin Mu Yu grabbed the pot and headed straight back to the Royal Court, ignoring the greetings of the trainer and instructor on the way, out of fear that they might recognize the illegal plant in his arms, which could spell out big trouble.

After entering the secret chamber, he immediately began blending the elixir. After which he began smelting the ingredients using a 1:1:8 ratio, making use of the fire training method to use true energy to evaporate the last traces of impurity within the medicine, leaving only the purest essence to train the medicament. This technique has long disappeared from this continent, has it not?

After an hour or so, the hyperfocus powder was finally completed.

Because the hyperfocus powder has a longer lasting effect time-wise, it doesn’t matter when you drink it. Lin Mu Yu used to drink the focus powder only within the game before, but now that he had to drink it in real life, he realized that the taste was awful. It had a bitter aftertaste, but within moments of consumption, he felt an upsurge of energy, his entire being shaken up and energized.

The side-effect that would come with this is a warm current that flows from the pubic region, splitting into two streams: one that would soar to the brain and one that would flow to the underpart of the body. Yes, this is the effect of the cryogenic flower.

The dragonbone, being newly refined again, caused the jewelled smelting cauldron to shine bright beams of light on all four corners of the secret chamber. With the lingering flame, the dragonbone once again began to tremble, and wave after wave of dragon chanting sounds reverberated across the chamber.

Lin Mu Yu fluttered both lids close, slowly controlling his true essence to refine the dragonbone, the continuous, undying dragon power once again seeping into the body, feeling the reconstruction of slender bones as the bone was being tempered. Suddenly, a forceful pang hit him, causing him to howl in grief within seconds. Though the impact was painful, the euphoria brought on by the hyperfocus powder allowed Lin Mu Yu to recover as time trickled by and save himself from fainting.

Every inch of his skeletal system was plagued by an interchanging rush of heat and cold. It was unbearable, enough to drive anyone to take his own life. Without the hyperfocus powder, Lin Mu Yu would probably have fainted again. He clenched his teeth, his countenance remaining steely and his entire body drenched with sweat. The dragonforce was causing dense and raging flames to subsume his body… and yet, the flames weren’t injuring him, only slowly refining his bones.

The moment the dragon spirit soaked into the bone marrow, that was when the true pain came.

“Ah… hu…”

He was unable to bite back this groan. This was an indescribable pain. He felt like he would rather be thrown in a pit of fire, to dance barefoot on top of the sharpest blades… anything but this pain! This process stretched out unbearably long, seven or eight hours at least. Again and again, whenever Lin Mu Yu felt like passing out from agony, the hyperfocus powder yanked him back to the land of the living.

The hyperfocus powder was his own refined creation, but was also his savior.


It felt like eternity had passed, before the pain began to subside. The dragonbone inside the jewelled smelting cauldron had completely changed… into a derelict pile of dust that could leave at any trace of a breeze. But it was also at this moment that Lin Mu Yu felt in his bloodstream a spiritual tingling scuttling among his blood vessels, giving rise to a wave of nausea.

He slowly turned a palm upward, and felt a surge of power. It was a light purple flame!

“This is…”

He was shocked into stillness.

Lei Hong answered him from outside the door. “This is true power, boy. It comes from the bloodstream of true dragons, called true dragon fire. This will allow you to become the strongest there ever was. It has been a few hundred years since anyone on this continent has been able to use true dragon fire.”  

“What, Grandpa Lei Hong?” Lin Mu Yu stared at the door in amazement, never had he thought that Lei Hong would be eavesdropping. The truth of the matter was that Lei Hong was the one who had prepared the secret chamber for him. If Lin Mu Yu’s life had been cut short while he was refining, Qu Chu would never have forgiven Lei Hong.  

Lei Hong chuckled. “Ah, Ah Yu. Even though true dragon fire is powerful, you must take great care not to display it in front of others… or you’ll be facing a lot of problems. Okay, Grandpa has been watching over you for an entire day, even these old bones are about to dissolve. I’m going to get something to eat. As for you, boy, it’d be best to find a place to release tension… There’s a place called Flowery Spring Hall in the imperial capital’s eastern district, the women there are not bad. You should pop in. Oh, and if you need money, just put it on the King’s tab. I’ll be going now.”

“I’ve been cultivating for a whole day now?”

Lin Mu Yu muttered to himself. He felt the atmosphere with his spiritual sense. Lei Hong’s formidable aura was at a distance, looks like he really left.

Lin Mu Yu felt like he was given a new lease on life. While refining the bone and cleansing the marrow, the dragonbone had finished refining, plus he had accidentally garnered the secret true dragon fire power… but then, what had Lei Hong been talking about when he mentioned popping in for a visit at Flowery Spring Hall to find women?

He was utterly baffled at the entire thing.

At this moment, a nefarious heat began spreading from his lower body straight to his pubic region. His whole body began heating up. His mind became completely blank and free from rationality and he could feel the heat emanating from his face.

Could this be the after effects of the hyperfocus powder?


Oh God, this was more effective than any X-rated drug, even Lin Mu Yu, who had the self-control of an ascetic, felt something rising that he couldn’t stop. Now what does he do with this?

The whole situation was about to get worse.

Dong, dong, dong. Someone was knocking at the rock door from outside. And Tang Xiao Xi’s voice wavered in: “Mu Mu, are you there?”


As he opened his mouth, he immediately regretted it, but it was too late.

“Oh you’re there, I’m coming in then…”

Tang Xiao Xi pushed the door open, and the door actually gave way. Damn it! He forgot to lock it from the inside!


Lin Mu Yu felt like time began to move in slow motion. Tang Xiao Xi’s slender body moved into the secret chamber. She beamed at him. “Mu Mu, why is your face so red? Are you sick?”

“I…” He was unable to finish his sentence. His heart swelled with a thousand, a million desires… but in front of him… was Tang Xiao Xi, who he absolutely could not touch!

Tang Xiao Xi was clad in a body-hugging dress, showing off her enchanting figure. She slowly walked over and sat beside him, asking in a soft voice, “What’s wrong?”

Her intoxicating scent wafted up to his nose. This was even more deadly. Lin Mu Yu’s breathing took on a ragged and heavy rhythm. With every ounce of willpower he had left, he fought against his primal instincts and managed to say, “Xiao Xi, get out. Hurry. I won’t be able to hold it in for much longer…”

“Are you… all right?”

Tang Xiao Xi leaned in even closer, stretching out a hand to touch his forehead. “Oh! Why is it so hot?”

Lin Mu Yu kept his head down. But it was at that moment that he caught a glimpse of the Night Princess’ treasure, a firm and youthful pair, as pure and delectable as could be.

His mind went blank. He could no longer control himself.

“Xiao Xi...”

He reached out and cupped Tang Xiao Xi, his left hand fondled her sacred summit, lowering his head to assault her lips. Tang Xiao Xi froze, not knowing what to do. Her eyes widened, her eyelashes fluttered… Lin Mu Yu’s kiss lingering on her lips, a fiery passion. Who could turn away from this feeling?

But her chest was not supposed to be touched, and a swell of indignation overcame Tang Xiao Xi. She pushed him away.

“Mu Mu, what are you doing?!”

She saw that his eyes were filled with bewildered desire and had a glassy, far-away look. She guessed as much what was happening. She turned up a palm, calling forth true power, and directly struck his chest. “Clear-mind spell!”

The faint traces of green light seeped through the palm towards Lin Mu Yu’s heart, and a few beats later, he began to regain a semblance of consciousness.




He had completely recovered from the effects of the hyperfocus powder. He suddenly realized his actions and the situation he was in. With a look of shameful regret, he looked up at the blushing Tang Xiao Xi. If only he could disappear into a hole right now… “Xiao Xi… I… I… I’m sorry, I really… I was really…”

Stumbling over his words, he was unable to form a complete sentence. Tang Xiao Xi looked at him coldly, buttoning her blouse and standing up. She patted him on the shoulder reassuringly. “You idiot, you dare take even the cryogenic flower? Do you even want to live? If I had not learned clear-mind spell… o-ho, you might not even be able to preserve that little head of yours.”

Of course, Lin Mu Yu knew what she was talking about. Had he taken the virginity of the granddaughter of the Duke Cang Lan, the hundred thousand military officials of the City of Seven Seas would see to it that he would suffer a horrible and painful death.

“Thank you, Xiao Xi.” He was still humiliated with himself, keeping his gaze on the ground.

Tang Xiao Xi suddenly giggled. “It’s not like you meant to do it. I forgive you! I came here to tell you that it’s almost time for the Upper Sunset Festival! Do you have any plans? If not, let’s celebrate it together!”

His face was the picture of confusion. “Upper Sunset Festival? What is that…”

Tang Xiao Xi raised an eyebrow at him. “You don’t even know what the Upper Sunset Festival is? You poor thing, you’re really messed up, aren’t you? Fine, the Upper Sunset Festival is a very important holiday in tradition. This is a time for everyone to gather together, with good friends or family. I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of friends, so… just spend it with me, what do you think?”


Lin Mu Yu was ecstatically relieved. Tang Xiao Xi was truly a lovable girl. If she hadn’t forgiven him for what happened today, that would have been a major punishable offense. Good thing she was willing to be so forgiving...

Being with someone was better than being alone anyway.


Translated by: korezmi

Edited by: patrick_the_father_of_dragons