The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 64: Emissary of the Flower Protector

The venison restaurant sat inconspicuously by the side of the road. Inside, there was a lavishly-dressed woman. Indeed, it was Tang Xiao Xi, fork in hand, eagerly facing the overflowing dish of deer meat.

Lin Mu Yu sat across her, fidgeting with his hands, his expression bashful. “Xiao Xi, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, what is it?”

“Can you lend me some money?”

“Pfft, borrowing money?” Tang Xiao Xi grinned, cocking her head at him with a mischievous, teasing glint. “Mu Mu, how poor are you, that you have to ask, of all people, me for money?”

Lin Mu Yu cleared his throat, abashed. “You know how it is… Most of the trainers at the Temple are poor. And… I really need the money, it’s an emergency. I swear to you, I’ll return it as soon as possible, no need to worry about that point. I’ll return it within seven days!”


Tang Xiao Xi pouted. “Say it, how much?”

He held up two fingers. “This much.”

“Wah! You’re really pushing it-- twenty thousand golden yin? Are you crazy?” Tang Xiao Xi stared at him.

“No, no, only two thousand…” Lin Mu Yu briefly considered digging a hole and disappearing into it.

“Ah, well… that sounds more reasonable.”

Tang Xiao Xi reached into her bosom and produced two heavy coins, throwing it to Lin Mu Yu. She laughed and said, “Here you go”


Two clear, shiny coins landed on the table, spinning for a few moments before landing face-down. It looked like it was made of crystal, its luster made it clear that the engraving work was very particular. On one side, the insignia of the empire, the purple Yin flower, gleamed brightly. Lin Mu Yu stared at it. These two coins are… worth two thousand golden yin?

He took one up to inspect, weighing it in his hand and considering it. He laughed. “Xiao Xi, stop joking around with me. What is this? How could they be worth two thousand golden yin? Impossible…”

Tang Xiao Xi drew her eyebrows together, looking at him with a familiar contemptuous expression. “Mu Mu, you truly are a rural bumpkin. You don’t even know what diamond currency is! One diamond coin is equal to one thousand golden yin, everyone in God Country knows this!”

One of the servers at the venison restaurant was observing them from afar, shock splashed across his countenance. “That maiden actually has diamond currency… My first time to see a real diamond coin. Isn’t it that… common people can’t even use this coin? Only those from high official families can use them…”

Lin Mu Yu had a light bulb moment, quickly stashing the two coins into the pouch strapped around his waist. He gave a merry laugh. “Thank you Xiao Xi. I promise to pay you back by next Monday. I’ll even give back three thousand golden yin, how about that?”

Tang Xiao Xi gave a surprised laugh. “Wow, I can even make money? Okay, okay, I’ve been wanting to have some extra money to spend anyway.”

“Okay, it’s a deal then!”


That afternoon, Lin Mu Yu went to the pharmaceutical center in the chamber of commerce within the empire, bringing his two diamond coins. He went inside the largest one, and without niceties, said, “I want to see your shopkeeper.”

The shop assistant hurried to the back of the room after glimpsing the golden star insignia granted by the royal court.

Before long, a portly and thick-set middle-aged man ambled over, his body clad in a golden brocade outfit. He made a show of respect by cupping his hand over a fist and beamed. “Your Honor, I am but a humble owner of this small pharmacy, kindly call my Jin Xan Pang. My surname is Gold, and as you can see, I’m quite fat. In my family business, I’m the third, so everyone in the medicinal refinery world calls me Jin (gold) Xan (three) Pang (fat). Your Honor, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?”

Lin Mu Yu gazed at him. “What is your refinery master level?”

Jin Xan Pang cupped his hands again in a humble manner. “Ah, Your Honor, you will excuse my bragging, but I am a level nine medicine king. Friends from all over the professional world pushed me to it, but I have become the league king of the empire’s pharmacy.”

No wonder this fatty had a hidden gleam of superiority in his gaze, it was because he was a Alechemist King. This type of medicinal refining level was considered supreme in the empire.

It wasn’t like Lin Mu Yu had any particular reverence for him after the fact… after all, he himself was able to completely refine medicine up to level ten, and could be rated as the one and only, and number one, Alchemist God worldwide. Speaking of techniques for refining medicine… a simple Alchemist King was no one for him to admire.

“I was thinking of buying some raw materials from your pharmacy. Could I have some rainbow lotus?”

Jin Xiao Pang’s face drained upon hearing the words “rainbow lotus.” “Ah.. ah… your Honor, what do you want the rainbow lotus for?”

“Refining medicine.”

Lin Mu Yu’s answer was simple and concise. He added, “People from the empire have special pardon to purchase small amounts of rainbow lotus. Give me a price, Boss Jin.”

Jin Xan Pang muttered. “Rainbow Lotuses are extremely uncommon, and even more difficult to procure. It is also an illegal drug in the empire. All right, how about this? Two hundred golden yin for a few rainbow lotuses, what do you think? This is already an extremely favorable price.”

“Fine. Give me a kilogram. Oh, and throw in some bone trees in there, as well.”

“Bone Tree?” Jin Xan Pang stared at him. “Rainbow Lotus with Bone Tree… could it be possible that you’re...”

His heart constricted with fear. “Unless you’re planning on concocting the legendary peak of dreams?”

“That’s none of your concern. You sell the ingredients, I refine the elixir.”

“Okay, okay.”

Jin Xan Pang ordered someone to get a kilo of the Rainbow Lotus, and to add three Bone Trees as well. But he remained conflicted, because the Peak of Dreams had remained an elusive goal for thousands of years for many people. None of them had been able to uncover the true prescription and method of training. Unless… this boy could…?

With this thought in mind, Jin Xan Pang hurriedly said, “Your Honor… should you be able to successfully refine the peak of dreams… it would be a great honor if I were able to take a look at it… or otherwise, even if you wanted to sell it, I, Jin Xan Pang, will definitely be able to offer my services and help you sell it at the highest price!”

“Okay, we’ll see.”



Hugging a heap of ingredients back to the Temple, Lin Mu Yu headed straight for the secret chamber without even stopping by his own room. This time, for sure, he’d be able to fully complete refining a bottle of level 12 Peak of Dreams elixir!During the refining process, the dragon fire seeped into the concentrated area of the palm. The speed of extracting medicine is unusually fast, and so training was also of a godly speed.

Lin Mu Yu considered the problem at hand from all sides. Since he was still reeling from the excitement caused by the hyperfocus powder. Sleep didn’t even occur to him. This was a big problem for his body’s health. And yet, the Peak of Dreams was considered to be the at the peak of all soporific drugs. One dose of peak of dreams would quell any form of excitement, no matter how strong, and induce a sleep so deep that it would last for three days. Additionally, it seemed as though he should send a bottle of peak of dreams to Chu Yao to help her training, so that even though he’ll be asleep for three days, Chu Yao could also elevate her strength.

And so he brought six bottles of peak of dreams, five to sell at the pharmacy at the empire. Jin Xan Pang, upon hearing that there were genuine bottles of peak of dreams elixir, almost had a heart attack. Lin Mu Yu asked him to silently auction and sell everything off at two parts for trading companies. Jin Xan Pang got lucky.

After this was taken care of, he headed straight to the legendary potions department.

At the empire’s legendary potions department, all the doctors’ and refining masters’ hall, because of his position as the premium Royal Court’s training instructor, were all easily accessible to him. Lin Mu Yu had been to Chu Yao’s refining hall’s third division. Pungent, concentrated smells of medicine attacked his nasal cavities as he walked. When he reached the third division, he spotted Chu Yao with her snow white fingers spread wide open, her face scrunched in concentration as she attempted to extract an iron pear flower. Her technique had improved considerably, it was now elegantly adept, and apparently, she took on iron pear flowers now!

“Chu Yao Jie!”

Lin Mu Yu’s voice reverberated across the room, momentarily interrupting Chu Yao’s refinery work. Chu Yao reabsorbed her energy and without missing a beat, turned around and threw herself into his arms. She giggled. “Ah Yu, you’ve come to see me?”

“Yes, I’ve even brought you a gift!”

“What is it?”

Lin Mu Yu took out the bottles. “Peak of Dreams, the legendary elixir that is said to be a great developer of hidden potential. Choose a time, drink it, and fall asleep for three days. Your power will definitely increase by leaps and bounds!”

“Really?” Chu Yao accepted the gift, beaming from ear to ear.

A voice interrupted them. “Where did this little brat come from? How dare you trespass in our legendary potions department’s refinery hall? Hmph, you’d better get lost!”


Lin Mu Yu’s temper began to flare. He turned around, discovering the owner of the voice to be someone around twenty-five years old. He was quite young, with a golden herb insignia on his breastplate. Chu Yao’s was silver, so that must mean that this arrogant youth was above Chu Yao in position. And from his gaze, it was easily deducible that there was a glimmer of jealousy. Could it be that this person… had feelings for Chu Yao?

“Deacon Luo Bin, he’s my friend, he came to visit me, he didn’t trespass in the refinery hall…” Chu Yao said.

Luo Bin raised an eyebrow. “The refinery hall is the entire legendary potions department’s most classified area. Is this a place where people can just waltz in? Chu Yao, you know the legendary potions department rules, don’t you?”

Chu Yao looked like she was about to say something when Lin Mu Yu made a movement to stand in front of her. With an impassive gaze, he chuckled without really laughing. “I’m a trainer from the Temple. The name’s Lin Zhi, Deacon Luo Bin. Is there a problem?”

“A person from the Temple?”

Luo Bin gave a derisive snort of laughter. “Oh-ho, so it’s a stray from the Temple. No wonder it’s so savage. A mere trainer, and you dare come behave so atrociously in the legendary potions department? What do you take this place for? What do you take us for, a bunch of useless fowls? All of you, step aside, I’m going to put this egotistical brat in his place!”

A group of refiners moved away from the line of attack. Luo Bin lightly raised his hand and a spiral of blood red energy materialized, lingering in a spiral around his palm, faster and faster until it congregated into a long blood red double-edged sword. He actually turned out to have a military-type martial spirit. Usually the users of this type of martial spirit were adept at offense… Lin Mu Yu turned attentive.

A young refiner nearby called out with a word of kind warning. “Lin Zhi, please be careful… Deacon Luo Bin is the son of the High Official.

Lin Mu Yu snorted. No wonder this youngster was so arrogant and condescending. But then again, it came as no surprised, what with his holy fighting strength nearing level 50. Normally, no one in the Royal Court could even properly be considered his opponent, but today, he must have a bout of bad luck.


Here he comes!

Luo Bin strode forward with the martial spirit sword in hand and aimed for the opponent’s shoulder.

Lin Mu Yu had already decided by this time to put him in his place, or else who knew what this Luo Bin fellow would do in the department against Chu Yao based on his power and position…

Starfall Steps’ real energy began to pulsate and glow. Under the engaged gazes of the audience, Lin Mu Yu deftly stepped out of the way, around two meters out of reach, just so that he could avoid Luo Bin’s attack. As he swivelled around, he simultaneously raised his left arm, his true energy already forming and amassing rays of lightning. In one fluid movement, he swept it across Luo Bin’s back.


Luo Bin staggered, before coughing up a mouthful of blood that splattered across the floor.

“Damn it!”

To be humiliated and injured like this in front of Chu Yao… how could he stand it? He turned around like a savage beast and threw himself at Lin Mu Yu.

Lin Mu Yu stood his ground, but the martial spirit gourd appeared, Verdant Shell and Dragon Rampart flew out together and pang! threw Luo Bin flying backwards, already covered in a new spurt of fresh blood.


“You… you…”

Luo Bin collapsed to the ground. One of his teeth had been knocked out. His face was clouded with fury as he yelled, “You scoundrel!”

Lin Mu Yu stepped forward, resting one foot on top of Luo Bin. “Chu Yao is my older sister. Visiting her here is a very normal thing to do. You were the one who insulted the Temple first, so don’t go around saying I beat you up for no reason.”