The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 77: Drunken Swordfight


“Hai! Just drinking is so boring…”

Qin Lei stood up, cupping a fist. “What if we remove the tables in the center, and have a few friendly matches… how about it? Elder Brother Feng, we haven’t crossed swords in a long time, haven’t we?”

“Here?” Feng Ji Xing was taken aback. “That’s probably not the best idea… Today is Upper Sunset Festival, everything should be in harmony.”

Qin Lei had a rasher personality. “We are all students of the martial arts. Who said anything about disharmony, right Xiao Yin?”

Qin Yin curled her lips up in a smile. “Since you’re going to compete, don’t make too big of a mess. I have a suggestion. Calling martial spirits is off-limits. Once you call yours out, it’s considered your loss. Besides, martial competition is too dangerous. A swordfight would be better.”

“A swordfight?”

Qin Yin nodded. “How about it?”

Feng Ji Xing agreed. “Of the six martial arts, sword art is the chief. Might as well, so as not to break the harmony. Hehe, besides, my sword skill is only third-rate, so everyone, please go easy on me.”

Qin Lei, Feng Ji Xing, Chu Huai Sheng, and the other high ranking military officials were mostly pike and longsword users. But every one of them had a sabre sword as a rule.

The servants moved quietly and quickly around the room to move the tables, leaving an empty space in the middle.

Feng Ji Xing leapt up, his long sword already at the ready, drawing a flower in the air with light turns of his wrist. He laughed. “Come, come, who will first receive Commander’s obscure sword technique?”

Chu Huai Sheng burst out laughing, walking over to him and taking out his sword. “Elder Brother Feng, I’ll gladly take you up on that!”


Feng Ji Xing was quick on the attack, his long sword quivering with intense energy. The sword blade flashed by in three consecutive swipes. Chu Huai Sheng’s sword techniques were more gentle and smooth. He calmly blocked Commander Feng’s attacks before striking. Feng Ji Xing rushed to block it. The two crossed swords in a flurry of ding, ding, dang, dang sounds at least seven or more times.

Both were restraining their fighting spirits, because their sword energies alone were turning the entire place into complete disarray.

Chu Yao looked at the two, clapping and laughing. “Fight, big brother!”

Feng Ji Xing laughed. “Your big brother’s sword skills are so clumsy, how can he fight?”


At the crossing of the sword, Chu Huai Sheng retreated with his long sword, taking several steps back until he backed up against the wall, his face colored with surprise. He looked up. “Elder Brother Feng, you win again.”

Feng Ji Xing had a gentle movement in his sword, and it was this tenderness that defeated Chu Huai Sheng.

“It’s my turn!”

Qin Lei was a martial arts lover. In two or three steps, his sword skills display showed clearly the difference between himself and Feng Ji Xing. There was a clarity in his movements that had Feng Ji Xing frantically dodging and ducking in three to five rounds, and accidentally moving outside the designated area. He cupped his fist. “Commander Qin is unbeatable… this little general surrenders.”

“Ah, so soon?” Qin Lei was stumped, looking as if he hadn’t even begun to warm up. He scratched his head. “I thought you two would have improved your sword skills… but it seems like you’ve been slacking off during training.”

Feng Ji Xing laughed. “My specialty is the wind sword, not the sword play.”

Qin Lei swept a glance around the room, and spotted Lin Mu Yu. “Ah Yu, you have a sword with you, I’m guessing you must also practice the art of the sword. Come, come, how about a few rounds?”


Lin Mu Yu looked up with a start, not predicting that he would have to participate at all. He quickly shook his head. “I’m sure there’s no need, I’m just a trainer at the Temple, and I’m just training at the Earth level… I can’t compete with you people who are at the Heaven rankings.”

“Ah Yu!”

Qin Lei stared at him with wide, steely eyes. “Are you not giving me, Qin Lei, face?”

On one side, Tang Xiao Xi reached out a hand and slightly pushed Lin Mu Yu’s shoulder. “Mu Mu is a wonderful swordsman. Big Brother Qin Lei, you better be careful. If you lose, you’ll lose the entire Imperial Defense Army’s face…”

Qin Lei stared harder. “Ah Yu!” he boomed.

Lin Mu Yu felt like a duck being pushed onto a perch. He stood up helplessly and entered the designated sparring area. He clarified, “No using of fighting spirits, right?”

“Right. Now, unsheath your sword!”


Lin Mu Yu towered over where he stood, his right hand held straight in front of his chest, columns of dense energy rising from him. The Prairie Fire sword on his back made a keng! sound as it withdrew itself from the sheath and flew gracefully into his outstretched hand, before glowing with a fiery red energy.

“Good sword! Remarkable sword skills!”

Qin Lei was intrigued. He had seen many sword experts  but no one had Lin Mu Yu’s aura. Even Qin Yin had her eyes wide open. She had no idea that this shameless guy, who seemed to love money more than life itself, could have such unusual and powerful sword techniques.

“I’m coming!”

Qin Lei roared, before easing his body into a fluid leap into the air. The sword light flashed like a roulette, continuously striking four times. Lin Mu Yu couldn’t retreat, all he could do was hold up his two hands firmly clutched on the sword hilt to block the attack. It felt like the bones on his  two arms were about to shatter from the force, four times over. He hadn’t yet recovered from the attack when he was jolted by Qin Lei’s sudden shout. He reared his leg...

Must defend against it, or else he’d lose!

Crackling lightning and fire began brimming within Lin Mu Yu. Peng! He matched Qin Lei, kick for kick. But it was obvious that the opponent was stronger. He was forced back several steps, but during the split second of retreat, a crackle of lightning shot out from his right hand. Pa-tss! The Prairie Sword was already in the air away from his hand and he had used Lightning sword to evoke Thunderstorm Rage!


Dark blue lightning rays surrounded the Prairie Fire Sword, shooting directly towards Qin Lei. Lin Mu Yu didn’t use all the energy he could, maybe only about five percent of the strength, because he didn’t want to harm Qin Lei.


Qin Lei, stumped, rapidly fumbled to block the attack with his iron fist, and had to generate a Spirit Armor gas armor to block against the attack.


Lightning spilled everywhere. Qin Lei had underestimated the strength of Lin Mu Yu, and had been propelled several steps backwards. His face flushed a ruddy red, and with a low shout, he concentrated his energy into his sword blade. He leapt up and from this high position, he geared for another attack. With a look of condescension, he charged forward like wild bull, determined to use his strength to make his opponent submit.

This blow was too heavy, Lin Mu Yu was struggling to keep his eyes peeled open.

Columns of light wind silently gave rise on his open palm. This was the prelude to Wind Sword Style.


When Lin Mu Yu flicked his hand, the Prairie Fire sword swept along in perfect synchronicity, engulfing the small-scale area with violently cold winds. Qin Lei was only holding a military blade of common metal, which was a far cry from the level-five mysterious metal spirit sword. And with the sword spirit’s strength and shriek, the gale rushed into Qin Lei’s offensive hurricane.


It was another loud explosion, with a highly destructive power. Qin Yin, Feng Ji Xing, Tang Xiao Xi, Chu Yao, and the others were left speechless.

Qin Lei’s face was colored with astonishment. He never thought, he never imagined, even, that this little boy could have such an advanced sword skill set. It was completely different from all the other weak attacks of other swordsmen.

Lin Mu Yu was pumped. He really wanted to see his four new sword techniques against this level 72 Sky King Qin Lei. This was a unique opportunity indeed!


The sword responded and began revolving. Lin Mu Yu spread his two arms open. Columns of blazing fire held the Prairie Fire sword, but he forewent the true dragonfire. He chose to go with normal fire. With a tiny shriek, the fiery long sword wailed as it shot like an arrow at Qin Lei.

Qin Lei started, already filled with a sinking feeling that he couldn’t block it.


His boots stamped heavily on the floor, and with a violent shudder, columns of golden light rose to surround him like a shield. It was his martial spirit!


“Big Brother Qin Lei!”

Qin Yin suddenly stood up, her eyes filled with a fervid urgency. The God Binding Lock was the the most destructive martial spirit in the world. It was no joke. If he made the tiniest error or miscalculation, it could take his opponent’s life. Lin Mu Yu had saved her own life, she could never let herself watch him die in front of her.


The fire increased sharply, the sword had broken through the God Binding Lock. Qin Lei retreated several steps, his blood and energy rushing, his concentration solely on fighting. Qin Yin’s warning fell on deaf ears. With a wave of his sword, he rushed towards him.

With two steady legs, he energized his true energy. Lin Mu Yu’s fastest reaction was to call out Dragon Rampart and Ebony Scale. At the same time, his two hands shot out to control the Prairie Fire sword by flame. True dragonfire spewed out and encircled the sword blade. Since the true dragonfire could easily wreak injury on someone, it would be better for him to use it as defense, right?


With a blast, it felt like the entire seventh floor of the Rainsong Manor was about to overturn.


Lin Mu Yu was already on his knees on the floor, his face slack-jawed and struggling to heave breaths. Dragon Rampart and Ebony Scale were already shattered. The Prairie Fire Sword was lying on the floor. If not for the protection of the true dragonfire, he would probably already be dead.

Qin Lei withdrew his long sword, his face pallid. His martial spirit had, upon the second of contact, burst and shattered. His martial spirit injured, he couldn’t help but become injured as well. He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood before looking up at Lin Mu Yu, his mouth split into a wide grin. “Ah Yu, amazing sword skills, handsome blocking techniques! Haha! Brilliant! Brilliant! I want another round!”

Lin Mu Yu didn’t even raise his head. He waved his left hand. “Elder Brother Qin Lei, I lose, I surrender.”

He coughed up blood, he was truly drained


Tang Xiao Xi shot towards him, helping him up. “Are you okay?”

Chu Yao followed over, feeling Lin Mu Yu’s pulse. She smiled. “It’s okay, his martial spirit is just a little worn out.”

Qin Yin stared down Qin Lei with a reproachful look. “Big Brother Qin Lei, you’re too reckless. I can’t believe you used your martial spirit to fight with Ah Yu. If it weren’t for his high level of training, he could be…”

Qin Lei’s face shone with apologetic guilt. “I… I’m sorry. Xiao Yin please don’t get mad, I…”

“Never mind. You should rest now.”



Feng Ji Xing raised a chalice. “Ah Yu, who is your master?”

“A secretive old man…”

“Oh?” Feng Ji Xing could see that he didn’t want to expound, so he laughed instead. “Since Ah Yu has such handsome sword skills, it would be a tragic shame if you don’t join the sword fight tournament that happens only once every three years.”

“Sword fight tournament?”

“Oh right. The Empire holds a sword fight tournament every three years. The first person to win champion can become one of the members of the Imperial Defense army, and can garner the special glory of having an audience with His Royal Highness!”

Feng Ji Xing patted his chest. “I’m nothing. I was champion at the sword fight tournament three years ago. And to think I was the Tiger of the Tong Tian Street back in the day!”

“Tiger of Tong Tian Street?”

Chu Huai Sheng was laughing on one side. “That means that the other year, he brought his rotten sword hacking his way through from east to west. He picked fights with the worst of them from the streets. No one could win… ay… life is unfair, to think that even this kind of people can become Commander of the Imperial Defense.”

Feng Ji Xing glared at him. “Ugly people like you should just shut up.”

Chu Huai Sheng: “....”



Translated by: korezmi & lxnuy