The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 81: Looking for Medicine


“Master Lin Zhi, wake up!”

The shouting came from outside the room.

Lin Mu Yu was roused from his dream, he inhaled deeply before asking, “What is it?”

“Master Zhang Wei has met with misfortune!”


Losing all drowsiness after being startled awake, Lin Mu Yu dressed himself and quickly left his room. Torches lit the hall, flickering all throughout the Temple, he approached the main gathering area where he was met with the bloody body of Zhang Wei laid out on a slab. Lei Hong, Ge Yang and the other deacons were already there.

"What happened to Zhang Wei?"

Lin Mu Yu rushed forward, shaking the arm of Zhang Wei who was motionless but was still breathing. He could not help but lifted his head to ask, "What happened, Grandpa Lei Hong?"

Lei Hong’s face was ashen. “Zhang Wei was attacked in Tong Tian Street. Ah Yu, just look at the wounds on his back and you will understand.”

Two silver star instructors shifted Zhang Wei, revealing the damage to his spine. It looked to be done by a sword, cutting down to the bone and mutilating the surrounding flesh. Lin Mu Yu could not bear the sight and looked away. "Who would do something so heartless?"

Ge Yang’s voice trembled. "Ah Yu, the best way to ruin a man is not to kill him, but to make him a cripple. His Dragon Tendons along the spine are already irreparably damaged."

"Dragon tendon?" He was stunned.

Lei Hong’s reply held no warmth. "The Dragon Tendon is the source of power located on either side of the backbone,  just like the strings of a bow, once the tendon is destroyed, the trainer is no longer able to use his battle energy. The culprit did not kill Zhang Wei, but made him effectively useless, unable to perform martial arts again."


Lin Mu Yu’s eyes widened further. "Who was it?"

What are your thoughts?” Lei Hong said: "Zhang Wei was about to reach the Heaven Realm. To be able to subdue Zhang Wei with one strike... I'm afraid such a person would have to have already entered the Saint Realm. After the winters began to change a hundred years back, the strong warriors left within empire can be counted with one hand. Hmph....I more or less have a guess at who it was."

Ge Yang spoke up next to him. ”To this measure, the most important thing we must do is find a way to treat Zhang Wei. He is one of our silver star instructors in line to be promoted to a gold star rank, if he remains as he is, his life will come to an end."

"Okay, quickly call for people from the Panacea Division."


Not long after, a group of medics wearing white robes entered the Temple. They quickly staunch the bleeding and began the treatment, but progress seem slow and it stretched until dawn.
The deacon of the Panacea Division had an apologetic look when he spoke to Lei Hong. "Master Lei Hong, the wounds of Zhang Wei are too deep, the dragon tendons have already been damaged to the point that cannot be healed. He cannot perform martial arts anymore."

Lei Hong had prepared himself for this outcome. Sighing, he said, “My thanks to all of you, saving his life is no easy task."

The deacon of the Panacea Division paid his respects and the entire division departed.

When Zhang Wei woke up, he found himself in bed and unable to move. He look to Lei Hong who was near his bedside. "Grandmaster...."

"Zhang Wei!"

Lei Hong’s body shook. "It's going to be fine, you’re going to be cured."

Zhang Wei was surprisingly calm, yet his eyes hinted desperation. "Grandmaster, you don't need to comfort me, I know I'm already crippled. The Dragon Tendon is already cut, and the medicine was ineffective; even the Gods will have trouble saving me."

While speaking, Zhang Wei’s eyes shifted to Lin Mu Yu, smiling he said, "Lin Zhi...."

Lin Mu Yu approached the edge of the bed. "Don't speak, you need to recuperate."

Zhang Wei slightly smiled. "I want to remind you that of the two people who offended the God Marquisate, one was me, who was already been dealt with. The other, is you....Lin Zhi, don't belittle the enemy, the one who attacked me was very strong. His power seems at par with the grandmaster. You must be careful, I....I no longer have a purpose, it is fine for me to die!"


Lin Mu Yu said in a calm but firm voice, "I will cure you!"

"Ah Yu, don’t give false hope." Lei Hong said from the corner, "the Dragon Tendon is the foundation of a trainer’s martial arts. Once it is cut even the Gods can't help. And not only has Zhang Wei’s Dragon Tendon been cut, it is in pieces!"

"No, grandpa Lei Hong, believe in me." Lin Mu Yu said with clear eyes, "Zhang Wei you need to trust me too, don't give up. I can cure your Dragon Tendon, return it to the way it once was."

"Oh?" Zhang Wei nodded without thinking and smiled. "Then....thank you for the trouble Master Lin Zhi!"


After leaving the room together, Lei Hong said in a rebuking manner, "Ah Yu, even if you just wanted to comfort Zhang Wei, was there a need to lie?"

"No, I'm telling the truth."

Lei Hong turned around, showing his suspicion, "How can you cure Zhang Wei’s severe injuries?"

"Has grandpa Lei Hong heard of something called Muscle Replenishing Powder?” Lin Mu Yu seriously asked.

Lei Hong stared blankly this time. It was Ge Yang, while stroking his beard in the corner, who spoke up, "I've heard that among Ze Tian Palace’s vast collection of books there was such a writing. It had the details of a level 10 medicine called Muscle Replenishing Powder which could regrow muscles and bones , but.... but it is just a myth. Those records stating that such medicine existed were over a hundred years old, and no one has the ability to refine Muscle Replenishing Powder."

Lin Mu Yu remained vague. "Give me a little time!"


Lei Hong nodded. "I will grant you half a month’s leave, is this acceptable?"

"Thank you Grandpa Lei Hong!"



He picked a sturdy warhorse from the stables, turned towards the center of Lanyan city, while his mind desperately tried to remember the details of the recipe: dragon tendon vine and night bright grass, both were rare and hard to come by. He would have to go to the Imperial Pharmacy to try his luck!

Whipping the horse into a gallop, he called out to his side. "Lulu?"


A beautiful fairy emerged wearing a delicate green skirt in the middle of a cold winter night. She smiled at him. "What is it, big bro?"

"Did you see any dragon tendon vine and night bright grass when you were looking through the map of Dragon Seeker Forest? If yes, mark them on the map for me, ok? " Lin Mu Yu said hurriedly.

Lulu sat on his shoulder shaking her head. "Didn't see any. These two herbs are very uncommon and my spiritual force is not strong enough for me to fly very far."

"Oh, all right. I'll go ahead and ask myself!"

Not long after he arrived at the capital’s pharmacy, he went straight for Jin San Pang. Upon seeing the arrival of Lin Mu Yu, Jin San Pang smiled and said, "Master, are you going to buy some Rainbow Lotus again? I can have some prepared for you!"

"No need."

Lin Mu Yu shook his head and asked, "MIss Jin, do you sell dragon tendon vine and night bright grass here?"

Jin San Pang was surprised, "These are level 10 herbs...."

"Correct, so do you have it?"

Jin San Pang felt embarrassed. "Even though we have all kinds of medicine in the pharmacy, we don't have the two herbs that master is looking for. According to the legends the dragon tendon vine only grows in between the cracks of a dragon’s spine, the secretion that collects there is the dragon tendon. Night bright grass a simple weed, the only difference is that it releases rays of light at night. Both of these herbs...we don't have it."

"Thank you very much then......"

Lin Mu Yu became desolate, remembering how miserable Zhang Wei was, he was partly to blame for Zhang Wei’s predicament. Even if he needs to exhaust all his efforts he still wants to cure his friend’s body. This is what a real man would do.

Upon seeing the lonely face of Lin Mu Yu, Jin San Pang smiled comfortingly. "I have heard that there are lots of precious herbs in the Seven Seas Duke’s mansion. Many were gathered by the Seven Seas Azure Tide Army. Master can go to see the Seven Seas Duke to try your luck. If this still doesn't work... with your qualifications as a gold star of the Temple, you can go to the medicine storehouse of Ze Tian Palace and maybe find some there."

"Okay, thank you very much!"

Lin Mu Yu nodded, turned around and left the pharmacy.


In less than 10 minutes, the horse comes to a stop by the Seven Seas Mansion. Lin Mu Yu dismounts, carrying Prairie Fire close, he turned to the guards. "Lin Zhi of the Temple would like to meet with Princess Xi, please inform him of my request."

One of the guards nodded and entered the residence, he soon came back and gave a salute,  “Master Lin Zhi, the princess welcomes you. She awaits you in the anteroom!"

"Many thanks!”

The interior of the Seven Seas Mansion is like a large garden. It also gave Lin Mu Yu the impression of entering the tiger's den. Guards were stationed all around, a testament to the military strength of Seven Seas City. Not far from the entrance, Tang Xiao Xi  already came out wearing a beautiful red skirt, stepping through the fallen leaves with a slight crunch with every step of her boots. “Mu Mu, you finally came to see me?"


Looking at the beauty and grace of Tang Xiao Xi, he was a little embarrassed, he scratched his head and to say, "Xiao Xi, I actually came here to look for something...."

"Hmph! I know you well enough. What is it?” Tang Xiao Xi said without fanfare.

"I've heard that the Seven Seas Dukedom has many precious herbs, I am in need of two particular plants. I don't know if Xiao Xi can help..." he said a little ashamedly.

Tang Xiao Xi blinked her beautiful eyes. "I'm really not aware of what is stored here, but if you need it, then why not have a look?"


Tang Xiao Xi reach out her hand and pulled him into the depths of the mansion to find the one responsible for safeguarding the medicine storage. Once they were able to locate the record books, they both looked through it for a long time. Unfortunately, they were unable to find what Lin Mu Yu needed. He became disappointed with tightened his brows.

"Are you in a hurry for these herbs?” Tang Xiao Xi asked with concern.

"Yes, it's for saving a friend's life,” Lin Mu Yu murmured. "Dragon tendon vine, night bright grass, plus blood of the bird called the Needlebeak. The purpose of Muscle Replenishing Powder is for the regeneration of muscles and bones, similar to rising from the dead."

Tang Xiao Xi had her eyes widened. "You.... You are doing this for Zhang Wei, is that right?"

"Yes." Lin Mu Yu did not bother to deny it, "Zhang Wei is my friend, he went to investigate the deaths of Little Beansprout’s parents with me, that was the reason why he was harmed. Zhang Wei was injured fighting an unknown expert, I can't just do nothing!"

Tang Xiao Xi suddenly smiled. "You weren't able to find the herbs you needed here in the Seven Seas mansion, but... but we still have one more place to try our luck, it might just be there!"


"The medicine storehouse of Ze Tian Palace.” Tang Xiao Xi said with a pensive gaze towards the autumn wind, the bow on her head looked look a red butterfly.


Translated by: Shogun

Edited by: seriouspotato