The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 84: Zero Injuries Incurred in the Battlefield - Part 1



A large grayish rock occupied the center of the valley. Upon a closer look it's surface was actually composed of thick scales. Several rock beasts were huddled together from end to end, and as one they seemed to have detected the smell of their prey. Their lumbering bodies slowly ascended, grinding against each other and producing a deep rumbling sound.

Qin Lei held on tightly to his Thunder Cleaver, facing Lin Mu Yu, "Ah Yu, I have seen a stone beast before, during my wild life training, but it was only a 1800 year old. Don't look down on these stone beasts, their movements are very agile and with sharp claws, they can even break open heavy shields. They have thick hides so normal attacks don’t work. If you can distract the beasts, I can get them from behind. What do you think?"

Lin Mu Yu gently waved a hand and released his gourd martial spirit. He condensed it to form his Ebony Scale and Dragon Rampart. "Okay, I'll go first. Elder Brother Qin Lei, be careful."

“Yeah, you too!”


Lin Mu Yu felt exhilarated. They came on this trip partly to gain experience. Since his defense was far superior to the others, he would assume the role of a main tank. The responsibility of taunting and attracting the attention of the opponent fell to him all the while enduring their attacks. This was no game though, death would be permanent with no hope of resurrection or second chances.


The Boulder moved slowly, it’s large segmented body was separated into the head, body, and tail. A head suddenly appeared from what had assumed was the back, a ferocious mouth extended Lin Mu Yu. The stone beast’s body could not have weighed less than ten tons, as the land and the mountains shook as it walked, but it’s speed was no joke.

Lin Mu Yu had a clear shot, his left hand pulled out the Sonic Blade from his waist and he gathered some energy to throw it to a distance. With a sharp twang it whistled straight for the beast’s weak spot—the eyes!


He underestimated how agile such a large beast could be. It avoided the weapon aimed at its eyes by using its head to parry the Sonic Blade. Clanging ineffectual against the thick forehead, flames shot out in all directions as the Sonic Blade fell uselessly.

Lin Mu Yu quickly threw a Sonic Punch to control the trajectory of the Sonic Blade, while his right hand grasped his sword tightly, flashes of thunder and lightning surrounded his arm. As the stone beast made to pounce, he suddenly threw Prairie Fire—Thunderstorm Rage!


At the heavy blow, the sword lodged itself halfway through the lower jaw of the stone beast, but it did bleed. The rocky scales were at least one meter thick, his strike had failed to inflict any lasting damage.

At that moment, the Boulder brandished its arm with three pointed claws in an arc to deliver a heavy swipe that collided against Lin My Yu’s shields. With a loud bang, the impact echoed all over and Lin Mu Yu staggered back a few steps, his face a little pale. It had only been one strike, but the Ebony Scales already showed signs of breaking down.

“Ah Yu, hold your ground!”

Qin Lei wielded Thunder Cleaver and with a loud cry, immediately struck the body of the Boulder. He kept both hands holding fast as God Binding Lock revolved around the sword, splendid light split open the beast with a heavy strike. Stone fragments flew everywhere in a loud crash of explosion. Meanwhile, the stone beast let out an angry snarl at the gaping hole in its back where fresh blood burst forth.


The stone beast suddenly opened its mouth wide as if to swallow Lin Mu Yu.


Lin Mu Yu was shocked and stumbled back. Flexing his right hand, thunder and lightning engulfed Prairie Fire as he brought forth another Thunderstorm Rage to bombard the jaw of the stone beast, swallowing everything into mouth, the explosion caused it to close shut as the whole head struck at gourd wall.


Lin Mu Yu groaned loudly, the outermost layer of his walls was broken. Energy and blood surged wildly in his body, he wasn't able to concentrate enough to reform his Ebony Scale. He spread his palm to let out some energy, the orange rays of his martial spirit blossomed. It squirted out a poisoned dart-like projectile and directed it to the forehead of the stone beast. It spread rapidly and corroded anything that came into contact, but the cortex of the stone beast was too thick so not much damage was inflicted in such a short time.

"You did good, Ah Yu!" Qin Lei waved the Thunder Cleaver, it’s rays of thunder and lightning burst in a ferocious explosion on the back of the stone beast, causing a great deal of damage.

At the same time, Tang Xiao Xi clenched on her Fire Fox martial spirit and said loudly, "Brother Qin Lei, be careful!"


Qin Lei turned and saw a shadow before he quickly dodged. It was the oncoming tail of stone beast, whippin around from the violent explosions. The resulting force of its landing sent the Imperial Guard Commander flying into the forest. But Qin Lei's training had already attained him the reach of the Heaven Realm, so a voice came from the direction he flew. "I'm fine .... Ah Yu, you mustn’t falter!"


"Haa haa haa...."

The Boulder snorted exhaustedly, eyes seeping blood, it had one bloody eye directed at Lin Mu Yu. The beast’s muscles contracted briefly before it launched itself once more at Lin Mu Yu, charging at him violently and repeatedly. The impacts almost broke the Dragon Rampart as well but Lin Mu Yu was not able to do much else. His martial spirit was mainly for defense, even his Four-Way Sword Skill paled in comparison to Qin Lei's God Binding Lock.

"Mu Mu, be careful!" Tang Xiao Xi started attacking the Boulder’s flanks, her Fire Fox growling menacingly. Yet her attacks were too weak and was not able to penetrate the stone beast’s hide, and it naturally paid her no mind. Her martial spirit let out a defeated howl, the proud Princess Xi couldn’t handle being useless.

When his ability to release more energy was waning, Lin Mu Yu grew anxious until gold lights emerged from his body and the sound of Qin Yin’s voice came from behind him. "God Binding Power!"

This was also one of the abilities of Qin Yin’s martial spirit, it can function as a supporting skill, boosting its target’s firepower.

"Attack, Ah Yu!" she said urgently. She had probably used up a lot of power using this technique.

When the power rushed into his body, Lin Mu Yu felt like his blood vessels were ready to burst. Being one who leaped before he looked, he raised his arm to from Ebony Scale again. Energy burst forth from his whole body as he turned around and grabbed the Sonic Blade to throw it again. At the same time his right hand loosened and Prairie Fire flared, his palm spat out raging flames that encircled Prairie Fire, as sword spun rapidly—Fire Sword Skill!

He had used true dragonfire, bright dazzling purple flames encircled the sword. Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi were startled as they watched, they hadn’t seen a blaze like that.

"Destructive Dragonfire Helix!"

He unleashed everything he had, the high speed whirling of Prairie Fire could not be stopped as the column of fire tore through the skull of the stone beast, the true dragonfire ate through the hard shell. The attack left a big hole in the place of the stone beast’s face, graymatter clearly visible. Oh man, what an attack!

Lin Mu Yu was amazed at beast’s vitality, even their combined efforts weren’t enough to defeat it. Its skull cracked open yet it roared and pounced like before, claws slashed right for his Ebony Scale.


Lin Mu Yu quickly raised his hand to grab Prairie Fire to parry the beast’s attack.

But a beautiful figure appeared beside him and beat him to it. Qin Yin held a long sword, her body covered in her martial spirit. With a cry, the God Binding Lock struck simultaneously with her sword!


Qin Yin, with the overwhelming strength of God Binding Lock, split the stone beast’s claws!

At that moment, Qin Lei bore down the Thunder Cleaver in another strike from high up in the sky and into the neck of the stone beast, more rock fragments burst forth,"Xiao Yin, Ah Yu, Xiao Xi, withdraw! I will do it!"

The Boulder snarled, but the sound grew weaker as Qin Lei’s barrage continued. At the sound of bones cracking, its head and body finally separated. No matter how strong, it cannot continue to battle without a head. It’s a stone beast not Xing Tian.

"Hah, hah..."

The head of the stone beast was still breathing despite everything, but the body already fell to the ground, ceaselessly twitching.


Lin Mu Yu still held Prairie Fire with vigil, he turned to look at Qin Yin and asked in concern, "Are you okay?"

Qin Yin had asked the same question, the two of them spoke in unison. The princess’ face turned red and she quickly lowered her head, embarrassed.

In comparison, Qin Lei was more candid, he was smiling as he leaped from the body of stone beast. "How fortunate that Ah Yu's defense was held or we would have been in deep trouble. We were able to kill a five thousand year old stone beast unscathed, no problem! Your Highness, why are you still hesitating? I remember your martial spirit only has three skills and none of them are defensive. This stone beast was incredibly strong, if you can absorb its defensive skill, it will surely add to your strength!"

Tang Xiao Xi also smiled. "Right Xiao Yin, quickly refine the spirit beast. Who knows, you might be able to reach Heaven Realm!"



Qin Yin, no longer blushing, took a step forward, easily calling out the God Binding Lock. Its gold chains were like real dragons curling around her waist. The twin ropes guarded her yet still poised to attack. They greedily absorbed the stone beast

He could have also refined the stone beast, but Lin Mu Yu did not care either way. Dragon Seeker Forest had many spirit beasts and he was in no hurry. Qin Yin getting stronger will certainly benefit this impulsive group.

Qin Yin closed her beautiful eyes, controlling the God Binding Lock as it enjoyed its meal.

But the stone beast, even in defeat, resisted. No matter how hard Qin Yin tried, she could not capture the essence the spirit beast. Qin Yin was aware that it held most of the spirit beast’s power as well as the special ability, which is why she should absorb this part of the spirit beast, but it was proving too difficult.

After a while, the princess started to perspire.


"I....I cannot do it anymore...." She suddenly said.


Translated by: shogun
Edited by: seriouspotato