The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 87: Forbidden Mother Tree


On the fourth day after entering Dragon Seeker Forest, the terrain was becoming more and more rugged that they could no longer continue on horseback and went on foot to lead their mounts step by step up the zigzagging mountain. The path had long since broken off and they had to rely on Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei to cut a path with their swords. Just this day alone they met 3 spirit beasts more than 2000 years old. All three were easily dispatched as they had yet to meet a spirit beast that could best Lin Mu Yu. Since he intended to enter the Heaven Realm, he would need a considerably older spirit beast.


The surrounding plants became more scarce as they went and in the blink of an eye, the forest had become bald, with the smell of death looming in the air. Qin Lei wrinkled his brow. "We seem to be close to the Dragon Tomb. The smell of death is quite strong here... enough to incapacitate an ordinary person...."

"Everyone, wait a moment."

Lin Mu Yu suddenly halted, he took out small vial of medicine from his chest. "One person drinks one bottle."

"What is this?" Qin Yin reached for one and asked curiously.

"Focus Powder." Lin Mu Yu smiled, "Specifically, a first-rate Focus Powder, a level 6 medicine that help maintain a clear mind. It must be taken before being poisoned. The effects of the medicine can last 3 days. Take it or not, is your choice."

After speaking, he downed one vial of the Focus Powder.

Tang Xiao Xi smiled and took one as well. Qin Yin pulled off the cork and sniffed, finding a fresh and clean scent, swallowed it as well. Qin Lei was the only one left. As Commander of the Imperial Guard, he should always maintain caution, even though he and Lin Mu Yu are already familiar with each, he still kept up his guard, only taking it after he was sure Lin Mu Yu was alright after consuming it.

Focus Powder turned out to be a refreshing sensation flowing inside the body, Qin Yin was surprised and let out a laugh. “It was indeed first-rate, this kind of feeling is definitely something...."

Tang Xiao Xi lightly smiled, "Let's go."


Qin Lei clung onto Thunder Cleaver and asked, "Ah Yu, you go ahead and clear the way. I'll protect our rear. Be careful everyone, we are about to enter the Dragon Tomb.”

Lin Mu Yu nodded. He knew that Qin Lei did not yet trust him completely, but you cannot blame anyone for that.


He unsheathed Prairie Fire and slowly spitted out energy until the sword was heated enough to glow red. He urged the horse forward, following the canyon path and crossed into what looked to be the edge of |the Dragon Tomb. He lifted his head to see across from them lay a mounds of high rock walls, high enough to form a skyline above their heads. The sound of the crows echoed throughout, causing unease.

Sections of bone jutted from the ground, not a dragon bone, but human. Those who had come before them still laid here.

Qin Yin held on tighter to sword, very carefully looking at the surroundings, her eyes were alert for anything as cold wind blew, causing her golden cloak to flap wildly. Tang Xiao Xi followed closely, Fire Fox atop her shoulder, ready to attack. Qin Lei brought up the rear, golden chains twisting around Thunder Cleaver, his God Binding Lock ready to appear at a moment’s notice.


Smoke curled in front and soon, the whinnying of the warhorses weakened, their nervousness apparent. "There’s no way now, the foul atmosphere here is too strong, the horses don't want to go in. Let's tie them here and enter by ourselves."

Qin Yin and others nodded, one by one they tied down their horses and proceeded walking.

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After reaching a canyon cliff, they see a completely different scene. The smell of death did not continue inside the Dragon Tomb, instead it was filled with the abundance of spring. Hundreds of flowers bloomed, a clear river flowed the canyon cracks, beast howling can be heard in the distance. The scene was a clear contrast from the outer rim where death and skeletal remains littered the road.

"What made all these skeletons?" Tang Xiao Xi was a little shocked. She opened her right hand to make a fiery colored ropes tangle around her wrist one by one, turning into a long whip with fire encircling it. This was Tang Xiao Xi’s weapon—Flame Whip, Grandpa Cang Lan’s treasure.

Lin Mu Yu silently surveyed the area for a while, then pointing at the skull in the heap of bones. “His skull has been pierced, but it doesn't look like a sword. Lanced clean through, the wound is too small, even not as thick as a finger.

"What could it be?" Qin Lei asked in hushed tones.

"Let’s continue on. Be vigilant everyone."

A droning sound filled the air and Lin Mu Yu brought out his gourd martial spirit, erecting Ebony Scale and Dragon Rampart is quick succession. He held out Prairie Fire and took the vanguard.

Suddenly, the ground shifted. A black tree vine jutted out and retreated, winking out of sight like it never appeared.

"What was that?" Lin Mu Yu quickly rushed at it, remotely activating a sword technique. His sword crashed into the spot, exploding in the ground, the mud and detritus scattered everywhere but no sign of the vine.

"The right! Careful!" Qin Lei shouted.

All the warning they had was a sharp rustle, like a speeding arrow, just before a vine stabbed upward narrowly missing Qin Yin’s face. Indeed there was something, and that something was plants!


Qin Lei hurried to it, lightning surged from Thunder Cleaver, severing the vine. He lifted his hand and pointed south. "The main body of this spirit beast is there. Ah Yu, go!"

Lin Mu Yu did not care much for the situation. The enemy knew where they were while he was still in the dark about their attacker. It was the the worst of situations.

Tang Xiao Xi thought on her feet, without any prompting she launched her Fire Fox to attack. It lunged at the enemy’s direction, flames burning through all the shrubbery to ashes. Lin Mu Yu threw himself at greats speeds and drove the long sword deep into the ground, the impact sent energy that decimated all within its radius.

With the shrubbery gone, it gave way to the sight of their attacker, an awe-inspiringly large black tree. The trunk and branches twisted and each branch was like an arm. Its writhing branches would inspire fear in lesser men but Qin Yin only narrowed her beautiful eyes in reaction before she said, "What is this thing?"

Qin Lei in his experience, knew the answer, his voice came out cold, “It's the Forbidden Mother Tree! And a 7000 year old one. The limbs are extendable and it's strength should not be taken lightly. They only appear where men's footprints are rare; its name came from the ‘Mother Tree’ folklore. Its countless arms make it formidable, everybody must be very careful. Ah Yu, with me!”

Lin Mu Yu was already charging ahead fearlessly, the gourd walls formed into a beautiful circle protecting him from the oncoming thorned vines striking against Ebony Scale. It whittled away his defenses inch by inch, causing his blood and energy to roil. When an attack was just going to hit him, he thrust both hands wreathed in flames, preparing for a fire technique by channeling his Force into Prairie Fire to counter the onslaught.

Snap! Snap!

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The arms of the Forbidden Mother Tree were cut down one by one, and green liquid burst forth from the severed limbs.

Qin Lei also launched an attack, Thunder Cleaver churned into lightning storm, wreaking havoc all around, cutting down the vines. At the same time, God Binding Lock protected his whole body, preventing the thorns from reaching him.

Qin Yin gnashed her teeth and let out a shout as she launched her attack, God Binding Lock spurted from the ground, gold chains blasted through the trunk. Yet who could have expected that the tree did not remain stationary, the branches shifted and dodged, cleverly evaded the martial spirit attack of Qin Yin. Tang Xiao Xi launched her Fire Fox and shouted, "Burn it!"

Lin Mu Yu had been cutting non stop, but there seemed to be no end to it, he was still surrounded by vines. "What's happening? The more I cut the more vines there are!"

"Ah Yu be careful, the vines can regrow!"


He saw it now, the places where the branches had been cut continually bubbled green liquid, quickly sprouting new vines. That is why there was no end to it!


The countless vines around him abruptly coalesced, encasing Lin Mu Yu. He could not get free no matter how he struggled and Tang Xiao Xi’s flames didn't do much damage to it.


The Forbidden Mother Tree let out a sound, like it's mocking him. It directed numerous vines at him in a piercing attack.

"Ah Yu!"

Qin Lei shouted urgently, frantically raised Thunder Cleaver as countless bolts of lightning surged, he ruthlessly struck the trunk and the tree exploded!


Green liquid oozed out, the Forbidden Mother Tree was still regenerating, the life of this measly wretch was not so hard to defeat.


Lin Mu Yu was surrounded by tens of thousands of vines, unable to break free. He can only punch and throw kicks randomly to keep the vines at bay. Eventually, his gourd wall gave out, Ebony Scale and Dragon Rampart both fell!


Golden light shone as Qin Yin’s sword along with her God Binding Lock gorged through the tree trunk, she took to the air. There, where the gaping hole her attack left, was a blood red heart beating rhythmically. She was completely caught off guard. "What is that?"

Qin Lei loudly said: "It's the tree’s spirit. If you destroy it you can defeat the Forbidden Mother Tree!"

Qin Yin was about to pierce it, but a vine suddenly came at her from the right, smashing into her and launching her back.

Qin Lei rushed to save her, but was pierced by a vine through his leg and blood gushed out, momentarily losing consciousness. Tang Xiao Xi was being held back by hundreds of vines and all she could do was defend herself.


Lin Mu Yu, still a prisoner in the wooden cage, had a clear view of what happened. True dragon fire bubbled from his palms, gearing up for another mid air sword technique, Prairie Fire spun rapidly - Destructive Dragonfire Helix!


The spiral columns went straight for the vines encasing him. He leaped took hold of his sword, with one long shout, he snarled, "Seven Luminaries, come out!"

This is the first time he summoned the Seven Luminaries by his own will, there was a heavy force flooding his senses. There seemed to be another power restraining the Seven Luminaries, resisting him, but it was not enough to stop him. Lin Mu Yu quickly summoned his alchemy cauldron and igniting it mid air. The force returned, trying to resist his control, said in a low voice, "Do you still want to struggle? You shameful thing!"

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At length the struggling ceased and he was able to fire up the alchemy cauldron with the first rank flame. Throwing his arms out, concentrating on his sword, suddenly everything erupted in colors around the tree’s exposed spirit and fire swallowed everything in that moment—

True Dragon Fire Chaos Fist!


Translated by: shogun

Edited by: seriouspatata