The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 88: Entering Heaven Realm




Raging flames engulfed the entire tree and it exploded into piles of burning cinder, the destructive force of the First Luminary along with true dragon fire were indeed unimaginable. Even Lin Mu Yu was shocked by the power of his own attack. He was only on the third rank of the Earth Realm, but the power of his attack far exceeded those of Qin Yin and Qin Lei who were already in the Heaven Realm!


The Forbidden Mother Tree died the moment the tree spirit was burned to ashes. The leafy canopy collapsed; turning a piles of brittle wood as its green life blood seeped out.



Qin Yin let out a miserable groan from somewhere in the underbrush.

Lin Mu Yu hurriedly rushed to her and helped her up. “Your Highness, are you okay?”

Her shoulder had been struck and fresh blood soaked her clothes. The tree’s attack had been too strong and Qin Yin had not been able to defend properly.

He quickly took out a bottle medicine and handed it over to Tang Xiao Xi, instructing her, “Heal the princess. I’ll go check on Elder Brother Qin Lei.”


When he approached, Qin Lei was sitting on a rock to lay his leg horizontally, all the while gnashing his teeth. Qin Lei was trying to take out the thorn still lodged in his leg, causing fresh blood to flow, but he continued. Qin Lei was indeed a man with nerves of steel. Lin Mu Yu handed over a bottle of medicine. ”Elder Brother Qin Lei, heal yourself with this. This kind of medicine helps with wounds, speeding up your recovery.”

“Okay. Thank you, Ah Yu!”

Qin Lei tore the cloth around his injured leg, pouring the medicine into the wound. At the same time, he curled his lips and smiled. “Ah Yu, this Forbidden Mother Tree is a 7000 year old spirit beast. You should take it. I haven’t advanced my training enough to make use of it, this spirit beast is a waste on me.

Lin Mu Yu smiled and said, “Then it will be impolite for me to refuse, right?”

“Yes, go ahead!”


Coming beside the corpse of the tree, he quickly summoned his gourd martial spirit. The gourd immediately felt the abundance in spirit power and greedily absorbed it. Once Lin Mu Yu used the alchemy cauldron on himself, the refining went fast.


After refining for nearly half an hour, the Forbidden Mother Tree started crying, it strugged, unwilling to be absorbed. Its resistance was for naught as Lin Mu Yu promptly used the third level refining fire—Hell Fire, quickly refining the beast without furthur interruptions


The gourd brightened momentarily once the refining was complete. After absorbing the spirit of the Forbidden Mother Tree, his martial spirit changed from orange to an indigo color, and was extremely good looking. He was able to absorb the skill of the Forbidden Mother Tree—Recovery, capable of increasing one’s regeneration by a large margin. Even Lin Mu Yu felt the energy course through his blood vessels as the wounds in his shoulder were feeling much better, already beginning to heal!

“Ah Yu, have you refined the skill?“ Qin Lei asked.

“Yes,” he nodded, “it seems like the skill of Forbidden Mother Tree was ability to heal. It seems that my wounds in the future will heal at an extraordinary speed.”

“Congratulations to you!” Qin Lei lifted Thunder Cleaver, smiled and said, “I was surprised that this Forbidden Mother Tree wounded the three of us, only Xiao Xi came out unharmed.”

Tang Xiao Xi turned red. “Maybe because I was farther from it than the rest of you?”

Lin Mu Yu spoke genially. “This is good thing, Xiao Xi. Your Battle Spirit is the lowest among us, you should let us concentrate on fighting. It is fine this way.”

Tang Xiao Xi pouted, “But I haven’t reached my dream of becoming a strong warrior. Being with group of strong warriors like you is a big strike to my self-confidence!”

Qin Yin stood up and smiled. “Let’s look for a place to rest before we go find the dragon bones.”

Qin Lei agreed, “Since we already reached Dragon Tomb there is no hurry. We are all wounded, I suggest that we rest for the night to heal our wounds. Let’s go into the deeps of the Dragon Tomb tomorrow, okay?”


“Okay. “ the two ladies nodded in unison.


They camped next to a creek. Lin Mu Yu found some dry wood then some grass to arrange into a makeshift bed. Tang Xiao Xi fetched the water to make rice. While Qin Yin was bandaging her wounds, she asked, “Ah Yu, your energy is already different. Have you reached Heaven Realm after refining the spirit beast?”


Lin Mu Yu repressed the overwhelming joy he was feeling. He opened his palm and released milky white energy. Not the usual energy but Force along with thunder element energy. He merged them together as they sparked and crackled in the air forming Electric Thunder Force, even greater than his power before. After entering into Heaven Realm, the characteristics of his power would transform, the resulting change would mean that the power his Four-Way Sword Skill and the already destructive True Dragon Fire would have increased exponentially!

“How are you feeling right now?” Qin Yin was happy for him.

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath and stared at the sky. “There is a feeling of confidence, like I can now be considered an expert. Your Highness Yin, please don’t laugh at me…”

Qin Yin cannot contain herself and laughed with arms flailing. “You were already an expert before, in addition to being a gold star trainer of the Temple. Your position was already considered outstanding in the empire. Did you not think so yourself?”

Lin Mu Yu sat beside Qin Yin, his ears catching the gurgling stream. “Your Highness, how many experts do you think there are in this world? They far surpass us.”

Qin Yin contemplated on this thought while looking at the endless thicket in the distance. “I am not certain, but based to my knowledge, the strong warriors of the Saint Realm can be counted with one's fingers. And even less of the God Realm. There’s only two people in the entire mainland, and they have been living a secret life for so many years now. There were used to be many strong warriors from the Saint and God Realm before, but after the winter confrontation in the mountain range a hundred years ago, they seemed to have vanished.”

“Oh?“ this surprised him, “Your Highness, can you tell me more about it?”

“I really don’t know the specifics of that time. These things can only be known from the ancient books and it is difficult to confirm the truth, but originally there were indeed numerous God Realm warriors in the mainland. Like my late grandfather, Qin Yi, the emperor who founded the Qin Empire. He was someone who trained himself to the pinnacle of the God Realm, but they all disappeared suddenly a hundred years ago and nobody knows where they went. The rumors say they flew to the heavens, to go somewhere else.”

While talking, Qin Yin’s lips turned into a smile. “In reality, I am also waiting for the time that I can fly into the heavens and be free.”

Lin Mu Yu did not dare to say that Qin Yi had died horribly, at the same time he was completely stunned. Was it really that Qin Yi who lead numerous strong warriors to kill the Seven Star Emperor, resulting in him passing through the 18 layers of purgatory unexpectedly, where neither side won?

Looking at the pretty face Qin Yin under the moonlight, Lin Mu Yu did not have the heart to tell her that all these God Realm warriors already died, so he grinned instead. “Yes, I also yearn for the free and unfettered heavens.”

“Haha, yeah!”

Qin Yin continued, “But we must live in the present. I want to succeed the Empire while you strive hard to train and become a great strong warrior defending the Empire, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

After eating dinner and training for a bit, Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi slept early. Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei agreed that he would guard the first and Qin Lei would take second watch.

At midnight, he laid down, finally able to rest. When he closed his eyes, he quickly entered into dream world.


However long he slept was interrupted by a ruthless sound coming through his ears—

“Hey kid!”

In his dream, a black shadow loomed in front of him even though Lin Mu Yu stood in daylight. He reached for Prairie Fire, but realizes he doesn’t have anything.

The shadow approached him, face unrecognizable, but Lin Mu Yu knew who he was—The Seven Star Emperor!

“You are a ghost now, what do you want?”

“Ha Ha Ha Ha…” the look on the Seven Star Emperor’s face was extremely malevolent as he spat, “Brat, you continue to live thinking you can use my Seven Star Mystic Power freely? Dream on!”

In the middle of talking, the Seven Star Emperor pounced madly, countless stars in his palm as he loudly yelled, “Die – Seven Star Shift!”



Lin Mu Yu suddenly woke, realizing it was only a dream, but not all of it. It had been too real and he could still feel the sharp sting of the Seven Star Shift!

“Good morning, Mu Mu…” Tang Xiao Xi was cooking breakfast to the side and said, “You’ll be able to eat in a little bit and we’ll look for the dragon tendon vine in the later!”


Qin Yin asked in a more caring manner, “You had a bad dream?”

“Eh? …Kind of!“ he smiled and slightly shook his head, “maybe I was just too tired.”

“Alright then.”


After breakfast, the four of them continued deeper into the forest.

The beautiful Fire Fox shuffled in Tang Xiao Xi’s arms and restlessly looked around, frequently letting out small whimpering sounds. Tang Xiao Xi was a bit astounded, “What is wrong?”

As the Fire Fox could not speak, it continued whining while staring at a direction.

Tang Xiao Xi narrowed her eyes. “I guess the dragon bones we are looking for is in that direction. Let’s go!”

Since no one had an inkling where the dragon bones were, they had nothing to go by other than the Fire Fox’s reactions, hence the group decided to follow it.

After walking for several hours, they walked past a hillside when Tang Xiao Xi was startled, “Woah…”

Lin Mu Yu quickly advanced and also saw what started her. Within the valley lay a large body, seemingly belonging to the dragon race. It was not a five-clawed dragon, but a drake, yet both were classified as dragons.

“Found it!”

He happily rushed to the hillside, leapt to the skeleton of the drake to find clusters of dark green vines growing from the vertebrae exuding faint dragon energy. “Dragon tendon vine. We found dragon tendon vine!”

But in that moment, a breath huffed from behind him.

Tang Xiao Xi’s face looked panicked as she quickly shouted, “Mu Mu, be careful!”



A biting cold stream of air blew, disturbing the dragon tendon vine. Lin Mu Yu was unable to move at the moment, his whole body was being hindered by some spherical force. He couldn’t move anything!

At last, that person has finally arrived!

Translated by: shogun

Edited by: seriouspotato