The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 89: War in the Sanctuary


In the sky was an old man in gray robes holding a shaft of steel staff. With an ominous glint in his eyes looking straight at Lin Mu Yu. Layers of invisible energy emanated from him, making him the cause of Lin Mu Yu’s constrictions. This old man had the power to lay his feet in the winds enabling him to stop in the air for long periods of time, just like a celestial being.


Lin Mu Yu pushed against the restraining force with all his might, invigorating the Force in his body, rousing his white battle robe to flutter high in the sky. His left palm suddenly opened, thunder and lightning emerged, pushing out Prairie Fire from its scabbard, streams of air surged the moment he unsheathed Prairie Fire, causing a crack in the sphere.


He leapt nearly ten meters away from where he was, Lin Mu Yu felt like the bones of his body were being torn apart. He turned to look at the old man in the air, his vision trembled with fear. "Are you the one who shattered Zhang Wei’s dragon tendon?"

The man slightly smiled, calm like the one before him could do him no harm and did not pose a threat. "Correct, it was me, old Cang Bai He. My respects to Her Highness Qin Yin, little prince, and Princess Xi!"

Qin Lei lifted his eyes to look in the sky, he held Thunder Cleaver tight all the more and said, "I have heard of your name, Elder Cang Bai He. You are one of the esteemed elders of the empire, why would you hurt Zhang Wei? He is a military instructor from the Temple, an officer of the Empire!"

Cang Bai He let out a cold laugh. "Marquis Shen has faithfully served the Empire, with countless heroic contributions during the war in the north. If not for those matchless achievements of the Marquis, will there even be a Qin Empire? Now that there is peace, a small military instructor from the Temple dares to offend and oppress Marquis Shenate. Do you think that no one will fight for them? The Marquis has employed me in his kindness. If you are an enemy to the Marquis Shen, then you are an enemy of Cang Bai He!"

Minutes had passed before Qin Yin recovered from blanking out and she leapt to stand on the dragon bones alongside Lin Mu Yu. Cold wind continued to blow as her cloak lightly fluttered, she said, "Then what is the purpose of your coming here, Elder?"

"Ha Ha Ha..."

Cang Bai He raised his head and laughed heartily. "There were two people who offended Marquis Shen. One is Zhang Wei and the other is this criminal, Lin Mu Yu, who changed his name to Lin Zhi. I wish to display my loyalty to the Empire by killing this criminal and bring his head to Lan Yan City! Your Highness, please step aside. Don't hinder me from capturing and killing this presumptuous boy."

Qin Yin abruptly opened her arms, her beautiful face filled with determination. "Elder, Ah Yu was accused wrongly of killing someone in Silver Fir City. I have already informed my father who is willing to pardon him. Elder, you need not take the trouble."

"Is that so?"

The face of Cang Bai He become cold under the moon. "Your Highness, you are the only legitimate successor of the Empire and is the future and hope of your family. If Princess Qin Yin were to somehow die in an accident here in Dragon Seeker Forest, do you think anyone will know that it was me who did it?

Lin Mu Yu burst with bitter hate, holding Prairie Fire defensively in front of Qin Yin. He growled lowly, "Cang Bai He, your target is me, not Her Highness Qin Yin!"

Qin Yin’s voice was soft, almost a whisper. "Ah Yu, can't you see? Cang Bai He does not intend to let any of us to walk out alive...."

Qin Lei gripped Thunder Cleaver with anger in his eyes, "Cang Bai He, you despicable low-life. Do you know what you are doing now? You are betraying the Empire!"

"And yet how have I betrayed the Empire?" Cang Bai He let out a cold laugh, "if the Qin Family can own the world, then other people can as well. What is the use of all this talk? Don't think that anyone of you will live past today!"



While the everyone was talking, Lin Mu Yu’s martial spirit had already mobilized, Prairie Fire flashed into thunder in an instant, attacking Cang Bai He. The technique had streaked through so fast, it was astonishing!

But the opponent was somehow stronger. Cang Bai He raised the steel staff fearlessly, and the attack dispersed. He easily repelled the violent thunder attack and the revolving Prairie Fire flung far away.


Lin Mu Yu let out a snarl, opening his left hand to give rise to more thunder in order to call back Prairie Fire while his right grabbed four throwing knives from his waist in an instant. He threw one after the other and the knives turned into glitter like frost. At the same time, Qin Lei held the flickering Thunder Cleaver to engage an attack, a few gold God Binding Lock chains twisted around him.

Cang Bai He descended to the dragon carcass with taunting laughter. Suddenly, flames covered his body, the source of it was his martial spirit: Inferno Rod, a second rank martial spirit. Holding the steel staff with one hand, Inferno Rod in the other, Cang Bai He laughed louder still.
"Interesting, interesting. The God Binding Lock of the Qin family, plus a useless gourd martial spirit. Let’s see how long you can struggle!"


The Inferno Rod exploded against his gourd wall, at the same time, Ebony Scale shattered while Dragon Rampart was shaky at best. Lin Mu Yu leapt with Prairie Fire leaped, heedless of everything, man and sword united to cut down the enemy!

In the midst of his guffaw, the Inferno Rod turned in his hand and strong Force burst out, causing Lin Mu Yu to bounce back along with his sword. Spraying fresh blood in the air as well as suffering internal injuries. At the same time, the steel staff flew across in an arc, and a heavy explosion struck Thunder Cleaver. With Cang Bai He bloodthirsty, he abruptly advanced!


When Qin Lei looked down, he saw the sharp pointed end of the steel staff piercing his abdomen, spurting blood.

"Little prince, don't think badly of this old man!"

The Force of Cang Bai He abruptly surged. The pointed end of the staff immediately shifted, producing biting cold Force intending to break Qin Lei’s internal organs. A burst of cold wind slammed against the back of the head as Qin Yin charged with her sword. Cang Bai He quickly moved sideways to dodge but unexpectedly, Qin Yin moved like a slithering dragon. Bypassing his arm, she opened her palm and the golden God Binding Lock assailed Cang Bai He!


Gold light radiated all around, but the attack failed to inflict serious damage as Cang Bai He had a thick layer of Force protecting him. There is a large disparity between their strengths, no matter how strong the God Binding Lock was, it could not harm him.

"You court death!"

Cang Bai He waved the Inferno Rod in his left hand, aiming for the God Binding Lock defending Qin Yin's chest; it broke down in an instant and Qin Yin retreated. Her face was pale as she fell into a kneel on the dragon remains. Behind, the Fire Fox was raging flames upon Cang Bai He but he quickly wielded his steel staff to disperse the flames. The martial spirit flame of the Seven Seas Tang men is not easy to deal with and neither is it a small matter to be burned by it.


The Fire Fox on Tang Xiao Xi’s shoulder began to crazily shout, like it was preparing to face a large enemy.

"Xiao Yin!"

When Tang Xiao Xi was about to charge, she saw Qin Yin abruptly waved a hand back towards her and Force surged, forcing Tang Xiao Xi to retreat. It was clear Qin Yin didn’t want her help.

Above, Qin Lei was still suffering from a severe wound to his abdomen, but clung onto Thunder Cleaver still. Rousing the Force from his whole body, streaking thunder and lightning to skim the ground, fully intending to do his utmost. In the middle of his attack, a dark shadow swept past, the steel staff pierced through Qin Lei’s chest. The crushing force nailed him onto a huge dragon bone.

"Quietly wait for death, little prince. This is best ending for you."

Cang Bai He made a cold laugh, holding Inferno Rod and he walked towards Qin Yin, his eyes were already gloating as he laughed loudly before he said, "Your Highness, if you didn't leave the city, or the protection of hundreds of Imperial Guards, who would have been able to kill you? You came here to seek death of your own volition, don't blame this old man."

The Force within Qin Yin’s body was already disrupted by the Inferno Rod, she was still kneeling when she lifted her head and looked at Cang Bai He, but did not show any fear.


When Cang Bai He raised the Inferno Rod, a flickering streak of lightning suddenly came from the side. It was Prairie Fire surrounded by electrical energy.

"You still come?"

Cang Bai He once again batted away the long sword, but when Prairie Fire had momentarily connected with his hand, Lin Mu Yu let out a loud cry and rays of the indigo colored martial spirit coalesced, the entire dragon trembled and gourd vines came out from the beneath the bones, madly rushing toward Cang Bai He in a way that roots found purchase and clung to the earth.

The image of a man mixed in with the light of the sword, the attack of the Saint Realm warrior caused his battle robe to fluttered. Lin Mu Yu seemed to put all his strength into the sword, True Dragon Fire settled along the blade of the sword as his body towered in the air for an attack. The sword turned in the air, preparing for his strongest attack—

Destructive Dragonfire Helix!

Cang Bai He narrowed his eyes, feeling the power of this attack. He clucked his tongue in wonder and said, "Not bad kid, you indeed have skill. No wonder Lei Hong, that old ghost, regards you so highly!"

Cang Bai He suddenly willed Inferno Rod to create fireballs, continuing just as haughtily, "Can your sword technique cut through my Inferno Shield?"


The power gathered within Lin Mu Yu’s body exploded in the form of the martial spirits attack on the opponent. Flames bursting in all directions, the colliding impact formed an extremely intense shock wave, strong enough to pull up the roots of small trees while splitting larger ones apart. Qin Yin held onto a dragon bone for better footing watching the figure of Lin Mu Yu swaying gently in the air, blood still flowing onto the pure white Temple cloak.

"Ah Yu...."

Tear filled her eyes.

Destructive Dragonfire Helix continued to burn, but Prairie Fire fell into the grass some ways away, Lin Mu Yu does not have the strength to muster any more thunder energy to call back his sword.

"Is that your limit?"

Cang Bai He laughed some more, slowly pressing forward and lifting his palm. Five fingers gathered together like arrows and pierced Lin Mu Yu’s chest. Bellowing he said, "I will let you die more miserably than Zhang Wei. Ha Ha Ha, you loathsome brat...."

Drip, drip.

Cang Bai He shoved his fingers deeper into Lin Mu Yu, inch by inch forcing more blood out, spilling onto the deathly pale dragon bones beneath, but Lin Mu Yu did not move and only stood there.

"Why didn't you evade it?" Cang Bai He asked with a cold smile.

Lin Mu Yu eyes were clear, his voice shook slightly from the pain, "Her Highness came to dragon tomb for me. If you really want to kill her, then you will have to kill me first. She will not die before me!”


Translated by: shogun

Edited by: seriouspopato

Proofread by: MsSalam87, Timothy