The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 90: Second Luminaries, Demon Dance


“Where are you… appear before me!”

The pain in his chest seemed to have disappeared, however Lin Mu Yu was still shouting and beckoning within his conscious. At this moment, the only thing that could salvage the situation was immense power, and he cannot accomplish that without the Seven Luminaries.

Suddenly, a strong burst of strength entered his left arm, faintly feeling the pain and suffering of all living creatures. He grit his teeth, mustering his strength, thrust his fist toward Cang Bai He!

Chaos Fist!


With just one attack the protective qi on Cang Bai He dissipated, though visibly weakened he was still conscious and he glared at Lin Mu Yu. “What.. What is that power?!”

Lin Mu Yu remained silent as he struggle to endure the pain. Still, he continued shouting into his consciousness, “Give the Second Luminaries to me! Hurry!! I need it NOW!

“HAHAHAHA, You want me strength? Dream on you brat!” , the black soul loudly jeered.

“Alchemy cauldron!”

Flames spill out from the cauldron and rapidly enclosed the emperor’s soul. “NOW!” he howled.

Miserable screams rang out, the demon emperor seemingly in greater pain than Lin Mu Yu, half screaming half mocking: “You want to borrow my strength? Do you even have the capacity to do so? With such a pathetic physique, mastering the power of the seven luminaries is just an empty dream!”

However, the strength from before continued to leak out from the depth of his soul permeating his physical body. His left arm gaining more and more of this mysterious energy, bringing along the anguished cries trapped within him. Without hesitation, he let out his second strike - Second luminaries Demon Dance!

Cang Bai Ge hastily raised his left palm and channeled qi to block the blow, but upon impact, he realised that the fist is way too strong!

The fist struck Cang Bai Ge’s chest, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Cang Bai Ge was forced back by the impact and slid back several metres. Unable to stand anymore, he had a hand on his chest while the other was on the ground, supporting him as he kneeled in front of Lin Mu Yu. Fresh blood spill out from his mouth as he began speaking: “ You.. You have a demon in you!”

Lin Mu Yu only smirked , as he kneeled above the dragon bones; his hair turned white, visibly aged. This is the backlash from using power far above his capabilities, continuously using the power of the seven luminaries twice has significantly shorten his lifespan.

“Ah Yu..” (T/N: Ah Yu is a more familiar way of calling Lin Mu Yu, the Yu is the last character of his name)

Qin Yin saw Lin Mu Yu pained expression while crouching on the floor; shivering uncontrollably from the pain. Qin Yu’s heart tightened and tears rolled down her cheeks.. “Ah Yu… Please dont.. You cannot die….”

Tang Xiao Xi used her whip to hook onto the dragon bone, pulling herself up.

“Xiao Xi…”

Lin Mu Yu was still crouching on the ground, he did not raise his head but he raised his right palm, gently waving it indicating to Xiao Xi not to provoke Cang Bai Ge. Even though he is injured Cang Bai Ge is still stronger than all 4 of them.


“You!! You little bastard!”

Cang Bai Ge stood up, his aura visibly disturbing the dust on the ground. He raised his left arm, calling his inferno rod back to his palm; slowly creeping towards Lin Mu Yu, he laughed: “One year from now.. Will be your death anniversary!”

However at this moment, a shrill bird cry rang through the air, furthermore, a faint voice could be heard saying: “Your highness, your subordinate Qu Chu has arrived!”

“What?!” Tang Xiao Xi cried out: “Why are you so late.…”

Cang Bai Ge was also equally shocked, and began to panic. This is because although Qu Chu was also in the saint realm, however compared to the years of experience Qu Chu has Cang Bai Ge will not be able to put up a fight. Once Qu Chu figures out what has happen he will definitely eradiate him! Once he thought of this, he immediately charged into the dense forest, not daring to turn his head.


“Ah…. Ah…”

Pluses of pain spread through his chest, Lin Mu Yu leaned on the dragon bone and vomited blood, the once pure white temple rode has already became blood red...

Tang Xiao Xi rushed forward to support him, Witnessing his distressed state, tear that were held back for so long finally escaped. “Mumu.. mumu, please don't die! Grandpa Qu Chu is almost here..”

Lin Mu Yu remained motionless throughout the entire commotion, his head leaning on Tang Xiao Xi’s lap.

“Ah Yu…. Ah Yu….”

Qin Yin slowly crawled towards the dragonbone, teardrops dripping onto the ground: “Ah Yu, you must survive..”

Suddenly, they witnessed a miracle, Lin Mu Yu’s white hair is slowly turning black, the sagging skin is becoming firm even his breathing has became calm. He once again cough out blood, however this time he opened his eyes: “ I am fine… quickly save Qin Lei…”

Qin Lei is still nailed onto the dragonbone, two holes on his chest and abdomen, however seeing that Lin Mu Yu is fine, a smile still appeared on his face. “Ah… as long as you're long as you're fine…..”

Qin Yin leaped off the dragonbone, gently extracting the steel stick from Qin lei and immediately applied medicine on their wounds as well as letting them consume recovery potion. Unfortunately, their wounds are too strong and cannot be healed in a short amount of time.

“Why has elder Qu Chu not arrived?” Qin Yin asked.

“I commanded my firefox to let out a shout to attract grandpa Qu Chu’s attention, however he is simply too far away…”

“If grandpa Qu Chu was near, he wouldn't have needed to use his qi to send out a voice message, neither would Cang Bai Ge see tomorrow’s sunrise…” Lin Mu Yu said.

“However, that voice message from him saved all four of our lives..” Qin Yin said while attending to his wounds.


Qu Chu finally appeared after 20 minutes, traveling at an extremely fast speed, leaped off the dragonbone. Seeing the injured Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei he cannot help but knit his eyebrows, “What happened here?”

“Exactly what happened here? Your Highness…..” Qu Chu ask as he drop to a knee, saluting Qin Yin.

Qin Yin nodded her head, signifying to him to rise, “Do you remember who is the number 1 fighter of Marquis Shen residence?” (T/N note: The ranks for nobility are as follows in decreasing order -  gong 公 "duke", hou 侯 "marquis", bo 伯 "earl", zi 子 "viscount", nan 男 "baron")

“Cang Bai He? He is a Heaven realm practitioner… what about him?” Qu Chu asked, clearly puzzled.

“He had already advanced to the Spirit realm and it was him who tried to kill us just now!”

“What?! Why… Does he not know who you are?” Qu Chu trembled, shocked at this revelation.

Qin Yin, however, remain perfectly calm : “ He does know, which is the reason why he tried to silence me.

Qu Chu kneeled down and cupped his fist, “Your subordinate was late, i beg Your Highness for forgiveness!”

“You don't have to blame yourself, if not for your voice message, i'm afraid we would already have died by his hands... Can you help look at their injuries?” Qin Yin said as she gestured towards Lin Mu Yu and Qin Lei.

“Yes, your highness.”

After Qu Chu examined the wounds he said: “ Lin Mu Yu’s willpower is very strong… even though he has 3 broken ribs and a punctured heart he is still alive. Prince’s injury is significantly lighter, even though the wound is deep none of his vital organs are harmed.

Tang Xiao Xi said: “ That is because he just absorb the spirit of the forbidden mother tree, acquiring its ability of regeneration”

“That explains it… It seems your cultivation level has also risen greatly!:

Tang Xiao Xi wiped away the tears on her face and puff out her chest, smiling proudly.

“Ah, elder Qu Chu, why were you in the dragonseeker forest? And how did Xiao Xi knew you were here…”

Tang Xiao Xi replied: “ I gambled on the chance he was here… thankfully i won that bet”

“Actually, this old man has been guarding this place for many years..” Qu Chu said looking pensive.

“Ah? Why?” Qin Yin exclaimed, face filled with shock.

Qu Chu faintly smiled : ”Your Highness, this is the deepest part within the dragonseeker forest, normal people would not enter, those who do usual come to obtain treasures. Unfortunately, this place only have dragon bones, moveover, they are not true dragon bones. Generations after generations there has always been someone guarding this location, when this old man was 27, i took over this duty from my master, accepting the role of the dragon tomb guardian. Apart from the time when im carrying out official duties, i will always be here.”

“So it turns out grandpa Qu Chu you are the guardian of the dragon tomb….” Lin Mu Yu cheekily smiled: “ In that case… can i borrow some of the dragon tendon?”

“Sure go ahead, there’s more than enough.” Qu Chu exclaimed in a magnanimous manner.

Lin Mu Yu continued: “ Grandpa Qu Chu, we are being targeted by Cang Bai Ge, after i have collected some herb come back with us to the imperial capital. Brother Qin Lei and i are injured and will need you to help protect Her Highness and Xiao Xi.”

“En!” Qu Chu readily agreed


After resting for a couple of hours, Lin Mu Yu is finally able to move about by himself. Carrying the Prairie Fire sword, he slash through the tendons on the dragonbone. (T/N: For those who doesnt know,  Ligaments join one bone to another bone, while tendons connect muscle to bone.) Starlight brightened the dragon tomb as the clouds moved away, revealing the glimmering interior! This sight truly shocked Lin Mu Yu, this light belongs to the Night Bright grass! Surprisingly the two ingredients he needed actually grew together, in this deserted location!  (T/N: anyone got a better name to suggest?... The original is 夜明草)

Translated by: Timothy

Edited by: Timothy

Proofread by: Timothy