The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 91: Another Assassin Encounter


After frantically collecting a large pile of dragon tendons and night bright grass, Lin Mu Yu once again fell into a predicament. “I still need the needle bird, what do i do…” Lin Mu Yu said unhappily.

“Needle bird?” Qin Yin asked: “I’ve heard of it before, it is an extremely small bird, what do you want to do with it?”

“To repair the scattered tendon we cannot use any liquid as a medium to mix the medicine, we need to use blood, and the most suitable blood belongs to the needle bird.” Lin Mu Yu raised his head and said: “Grandpa Qu Chu, do you know where to find the needle bird?”

Qu Chu immediately replied: “The needle bird is a nocturnal creature and its main diet consist of the fireflies, hence only near water bodies can we find the needle bird. There is a small lake within the dragon tomb, we will set up camp by the lakeside; You guys rest up,  i’ll catch it for you, how many do you need?”

Lin Mu Yu pondered for a while and said,  “If we kill them Ill only need 20, however, if we want to preserve the lives of the bird i'll need at least 50. Grandpa Qu Chu sorry to bother you, help me capture 50 needle birds.”


By the side, Qin Yin was smiling brightly, her dimples sinking into her cheeks. She said:” Ah Yu doesn't wish to kill unnecessarily, that is a good thing.”

“Ha, Your highness is only saying that because the needle bird is small, or else after collecting the blood we can barbecue it…” Lin Mu Yu laughed while rubbing his stomach: “ After saying so much i'm starting to feel very hungry….”

Qin yin raised an eyebrow, slightly sticking out her delicate nose, beautiful proud eyes looking at him, as if she were once again sizing him up.


As the night fell, the group set up camp by the lakeside, Qu Chu was able to return with the needle birds required. Qu Chu then proceeded to take a seat at the side, quietly observing Lin Mu Yu concocting the medicine. Actually, the main reason Qu Chu was so willing to help was because he wished to learn the level 10 pill formula, Lin Mu Yu was also willing to allow him to observe as Qu Chu’s aptitude of alchemy was rather poor and would probably not be able to understand it.

Although he was still injured, Lin Mu Yu diligently refined the dragon tendon and night bright grass into pearl sized lumps. Tang Xiao Xi and Qin Yin were also helping out by obtaining a few drops of blood from each bird, gently  and letting them go after that. The two of them actually fought to handle this chore, else this job would have fallen into the hands of Qu Chu. When Qu Chu handle a blade, even an elephant would die from his strength… not to mention these delicate birds.. Oh those poor bird...

Lin Mu Yu gently lowered the mixed balls into the bowl filled with the blood. Very quickly, a sweet fragrance flowed through the air, no one would have thought that mixing these two items together would create such a pleasant smell.

After refining more than 20 bottles of the muscle replenishing powder, Lin Mu Yu hand a bottle over to Qin Lei. “Brother Qin Lei, how about you drink a bottle too” Lin Mu Yu said, holding the bottle in front of him.

“My dragon tendon is not injured, why do you want me to drink it?” Qin Lie ask with a puzzled expression.

Lin Mu Yu can’t help but smile as he replied, “The full name of the muscle replenishing powder is actually ‘physique replenishing powder’ and it is able to cure severe injuries not just limited to the muscles. Qin Lei, your injuries seems quite deep, just drink a bottle to avoid long term injury.

“Alright then.” Qin Lei took the bottle from Lin Mu Yu’s hand and finished it in one gulp.

Lin Mu Yu also drank a bottle, his ribs were only recently fixed. Originally it would have taken up to half a month of rest to recover, however with the effect of the medicine, probably another 3-5 days would be sufficient for him to recover to his peak.

(T/N: Fixing of broken bones is a legitimate process, I have had this procedure done to me twice! Basically, the doctor would take an X-ray and move the broken piece of bones to the original spot and place a cast on it while it heal. IRL it would take 2-3 months to recover not half a month.)

Lin Mu Yu gently packed the bottles of muscle replenishing powder and looked at them with gentle eyes, after all, this medicine was going to save Zhang Wei. Zhang Wei has been a martial practitioner his whole life, and based on his character he would rather die than be a cripple.

With Qu Chu guarding them tonight, he finally was able to sleep properly. He closed his heavy eyes, slowing his breathing allowing himself to fall into a deep sleep. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw the faint rays of the sun as it emerge from the horizon - it was a brand new day.

Facing the sun, Lin Mu Yu took in a deep breath, absorbing the purple essence, focusing solely on feeling the energy flowing into his body. He felt that he had recover about 80% of his energy, however due to his injuries it is best for him not to exert any force. He glanced at his chest, a white cloth wrapped around his ribs, on it are golden hibiscuses meticulously embroidered on it. This piece of cloth was torn by Qin Yin from her dress to dress his wounds, her delicate fragrance could still be felt from it. Perhaps the only one in this whole world who can receive such treatment from Qin Yin would be Lin Mu Yu...

(T/N: Oh is this a flag?!)


The group started moving off after the sun rose, after leaving the dragon tomb they found the warhorses they left. They offered Qu Chu his own horse while the Tang Xiao Xi and Qin Yin rode on the same horse. The 5 of them slowly moved towards the capital through the winding mountain trail.

After two days, they were finally in the dragon seeker forest within the region controlled by the capital and it will only take 1 more day before arriving at the capital.

In the afternoon, they stopped by the stream to allow the horses to drink and eat.

Lin Mu Yu took off his blood soaked war robe, and washed them in the stream. After kneading it for a while, it is finally clean. He attached a twig to his saddle and hung his robe on it. Tang Xiao Xi opened her palms and used the heat to “roast” the robe, quickly drying it. However, only it is only his appearance that looks clean, his undergarment and armor is still soaked in blood. The main reason he cleaned his outer robe was because he needed to uphold the prestige of the princess as they entered LanYan city.

(T/N: Author, bloodstains are very hard to wash off… if you want to wash off bloodstains, ammonia would do the trick. )

Qu Chu and Qin Lei belong to the White-Robe Imperial Guard and their robes naturally have an exquisite workmanship. Furthermore, on the chest area was the insignia of the imperial family, the hibiscus. People who look at them will feel that they exude a dignified and scholarly aura. The armor that Lin Mu Yu was wearing paled in comparison to the white robe, thankfully he was born handsome and does not look out of place.

(T/N: Handsome people can do anything…)

In the night, they entered the royal family hunting ground.

Qin Lei with his saber on his shoulder said while laughing, “In a short while we would be able to see the camp that belongs to general Feng Ji Xing, probably only 15 kilometres from there, should we rush in the night?”

Qu Chu nodded his head, “That sounds like a good idea.”

Qin Lei moved his horse forward and lead the way to the camp, now the formation is Qin Lei in front with Qu Chu, Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi in the middle while Lin Mu Yu remained at the back protecting the two beauties.

Tonight was once again a windy night, the clouds covering the moon causing the forest to remain in darkness. Howling sounds could also be heard in a distance, Qin Lei held his thunder saber in one hand and a torch in the other. He gently reminded them, “Be careful, this mountain trail is extremely rugged, don’t let the horses slip.”

(T/N: Changed from cleaver to saber, google image cleaver/saber for the lolz both was not what i expected.)

“Okay,” Qin Yin replied.

At this moment, a sudden gust of wind attacked them!


(fx: something flying through the air. Imagine an f15)

That's the sound of an arrow! Lin Mu Yu was extremely sensitive to such a sounds, this was because it reminded him of the multiple fatal injuries he received from it, causing this sound to be deeply engraved in his memory.


At the same time as he shouted, Qu Chu leaped off his horse, extending his arms. “Pa!” the swift arrow was firmly caught within Qu Chu’s palm. Qu Chu shouted, “Bastard, come out now!”

However what answered him was more arrows!

“Protect her highness!” Qu Chu bellowed.

Lin Mu Yu immediately rushed to Tang Xiao Xi and Qin Yin, he raised his hands and summoned his gourd, radiating a gorgeous indigo ray. A giant tortoise shell could be seen rotating slowly above the gourd, deflecting every arrow that comes. Qin Lei roared and charged into the forest, explosions can be seen from a distance, killing a bunch of archer who were hiding within.

“Whoever manage to capture Qin Yin, you will be awarded 1 million gold coins!”  Upon hearing that unknown voice, numerous masked man carrying sword exited from the forest. Everyone of them had a silver insignia on their chest, carved in the figure of a sword.

“People from a warrior company...?” Qu Chu muttered to himself.

Tang Xiao Xi bit down on her teeth, angrily shouted, ”Grandpa Qu Chu! They were the ones who tried to kill me last time, now they have changed their target to Qin Yin! This warrior company is too evil!”

Qu Chu smiled, “Princess Tang and Your Highness please do not worry, with me around, no one will ever harm you.”

Qu Chu abruptly spread his arms, his aura growing brighter as he howled. Taking up a stance, he thrust his palm towards to forest. This palm transformed into a giant flaming palm, charging unhindered into the forest, causing numerous explosions!

(T/N: very hard to explain this scene.. Just watch this)


Dozens of men from the warrior company was slain from just one attack, Lin Mu Yu’s mouth was also open from shock. No wonder people claimed that Qu Chu’s palm technique is legendary, seems like that information is true!

After Qu Chu attacked, the group from warrior company was shaken, immediately someone cursed, “Damnit! Which bastard sent this fake information! It’s not just Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi alone, even the white-robed Qin lei and Qu Chu is here. This operation is cancelled, retreat if you care for your lives! RETREAT! “

Unfortunately for them, Qin Lei rushed towards them with his saber, slaughtering them from within the crowd.

“Keep one alive!” Qin Yin said.

“Yes, Your highness!” Qin Lei said as he burst into laughter.

Three masked men him flanked from the side, carefully avoiding Qu Chu. Once they were not able to use the cover of the forest, they charged straight at Qin Yin. One of the masked man said, “If we can't capture her, we can just kill her!”

“These fearless scoundrels….”  Qin Yin cursed as she prepared to defend herself.

“Your highness, leave this matter to me.”

Lin Mu Yu smiled at her before nonchalantly raising his right arm, lightning danced on his palm as he unsheathed his sword. Grabbing the hilt of the sword, the lightning flowed towards the edge of the blade. He pointed the sword at them and at this instant...


Just like marshmallows on a stick, the lightning penetrated all three of their bodies! The attack was simply too fast, giving them no room to dodge. Perhaps even before they heard the thunder… they have already died.

Lin Mu Yu swung his sword in a circle and returned the sword to its sheath, as if nothing has happened.  

(T/N: Like this! Please watch it!)

Tang Xiao Xi chuckled, “This imperial sword skill is so graceful…”

Qin Yin nodded her head in agreement.


After a while, both Qu Chu and Qin Lei returned. Qin Lei was gasping for breath after killing dozens, in his hand was one of the assassins, knocked unconscious. Qin Lei glanced at the unconscious assassin and said, “Let’s return to Lanyan City first, then we can properly interrogate this assassin. Lets see what made them have the courage to lay a hand on Your Highness and Princess Tang.”

Qin Yin nodded in agreement, “Alright let's not waste anymore time, we should rush to General Feng’s camp site.”

Around dawn, in the distance, the imperial flag could be seen, they have finally arrived.

A warhorse sped over, on it was Feng Ji Xing carrying his saber. He gracefully leaped off his horse and cupped his fist and lowered his head, “Your Highness, Princess Tang, you have finally arrived! Your subordinate has been worried sick!”

“Oh? Sir Qu Chu, you have came too?” Feng Ji Xing said as he smiled.

“Yes. Sorry to bother you, General.”

Translated and Edited by: Timothy

Proofread by: seriouspotato