The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 92: Avoiding War


Around noon, over 2000 imperial guards escorted the group of them to Lanyan City. As they were approaching, armored horsemen rushed out. On their wrist guards laid an insignia of a majestic golden eagle, with its talons extended out. In the entire of Lanyan City the only military division that has this insignia is the military police!


Leading the group was Xiang Yu, holding his signature blood-coloured pike. Still on his horse, he cupped his hands and greeted Qin Yin. “Your Highness, this Xiang Yu is here on His Majesty’s orders to welcome you.”

Qin Yin smiled and replied, “Commander Xiang, please be at ease, let's enter the city!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Xiang Yu gently nudged on the horse rein, turning his horse around, escorting the princess into the city. Xiang Yu glanced back to Qu Chu, Feng Ji Xing and the rest who were following closely behind, finally resting his eyes on Lin Mu Yu. Xiang Yu could not help but chuckle, “You are the Temple’s only gold star trainer, Lin Zhi?”

Lin Mu Yu on the other hand does not recognise this Xiang Yu, nonetheless he replied with a nonchalant, “Yes sir.”

“Ha….” Xiang Yu carefully observed Lin Mu Yu for a short while and smiled, “You are blessed with such an handsome features, no wonder people say youth is where heroes are born*. Seems like the future of Lanyan City will depend on how people from your generation conduct themselves.”

[T/N #1 “Youth is where heroes are born” is directly translated from “英雄出少年”. This phrase have multiple meanings. Firstly, it could be said heroes usually have great accomplishments when they are younger. Secondly, you can't become a hero just because you want to but rather, inheritance and innate talent from heredity plays an important role. Hence, whether one will become a hero in the future could be seen during their youth. Lastly, in the context of this novel youth is when you look the best and heroes usually have handsome features.]

Lin Mu Yu wrinkled his eyebrows, he felt that Xiang Yu’s words have a hidden meaning to it but he does not know what is it. Instead, he cupped his hands and smiled, “Sir, I do not deserve such praises.”

“Ha, you are too humble.”

After saying all the formalities, Xiang Yun stopped speaking. At this time, another group of men was riding towards them. These men were wearing the Temple’s war robes and in the leading them is the gold star instructor Zheng San He. Upon seeing Lin Mu Yu, Zheng San He gave sigh of relief and smiled. “Sir Lin Zhi, you are finally back.... Did you manage to find the medical ingredients? The grandmaster sent me out to receive you!”

Lin Mu Yu urged his horse out of the formation, moving to the front of Zhang San He. He said, “ Sir Zheng, I’ve found the ingredients, let us head back to the Temple now.”


Lin Mu Yu galloped back and cupped a fist towards Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei, “There is something I've to settle in the temple, I shall make a move first. Brother Feng, Brother Qin Lei, I'll leave the safety of Xiao Xi and Qin Yin to you.”

Feng Ji Xing also cupped his fist, smiling at him, “Ah Yu don't worry, hurry and get your issues settled. When I am free I'll go to the temple to find you, it has already been a long time since I compared notes with you!”


Qin Lei also cupped his fist, joyfully said, “ Ah Yu, you better not slack off in training, don't worry about anything else. This older brother here will settle it for you.”

“Thank you both, I shall take my leave first. Please help me to convey my regards to Princess Tang and Princess Qin.”


He tugged on the reins, turning the horse towards Zheng San He, following him back to the Temple. Turning his head, all he could see were the banners and weapons carried by the contingent, blocking the silhouettes of Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi. However, when they entered the city they would definitely be safe, not even experts of the God Realm could do anything to them.


After a few days of leaving the Temple, Lin Mu Yu felt a sense of familiarity and anticipation as he nears the Temple. When Lin Mu Yu and Zheng San He were nearing the Temple, the door automatically opened up, revealing Ge Yang leading a group of men to welcome them. All at once, his face was an expression of eagerness and anxiousness.  “Ah Yu, did you find it?”


Lin Mu Yu nodded his head repeatedly, within his eyes an aura of confidence. He said, “Grandpa Ge Yang do not worry, please bring me to where Sir Zhang Wei is, i want to begin treatment immediately.”

“Okay!” Ge Yang replied as he finally smiled.

The sound of horse galloping sound out, Zhang Wei was located within the center of the temple, right beside was the dwelling place of Lei Hong. Lei Hong was worried that Zhang Wei would once again be assaulted, hence he personally protected this honest and steadfast silver star instructor.

“Ah Yu!”

Lei Hong welcomed them, at the same time he notice the changes within Lin Mu Yu, smiling he said, “Ah Yu, you broke through to the Heaven Realm?”

“Yes, Grandpa Lei Hong!”

Lin Mu Yu dismounted the horse, kneeled down on a knee he said, “Many thanks for your guidance and protection, else I will not be able to achieve all of this.”

“What is wrong with you?….”

Lei Hong was surprised by this sudden action, he went forward to help Lin Mu Yu up. “Ah Yu, what happened? I know you are not someone who is effeminate…”

Lei Hong’s sight focused on Lin Mu Yu’s chest and found that the undershirt is thoroughly soaked in fresh blood! Using his spiritual awareness, Lei Hong realised that Lin Mu Yu was indeed severely injured, this injury almost cost him his life! At this moment Lei Hong’s thoughts were very conflicted, this child evidently barely escaped from the death’s door.

To Lin Mu Yu, the care that Lei Hong has shown was meticulous in every way, like that of a real grandfather. In this world where the strong prey on the weak, Lei Hong held a very important place in his heart.

“Ah Yu, you have suffered so much…” Lei Hong grabbed his arms, helping him up, he continued, ”You did not disappoint me… Tell me, who hurt you like this!”

“This man… His name is Cang Bai He.” Lin Mu Yu said as he briefly described his appearance.

However as he spoke, Lei Hong and Ge Yang’s expression grew more and more of shocked. Lei Hong narrowed his eyes and said, “This old thing…  has he already entered into the Saint Realm? Seems like he is the one responsible for Zhang Wei’s injury.”

“Sir Zhang Wei was injured by him.” Lin Mu Yu said, “This Cang Bai He even wanted to kill Princess Tang and Princess Qin!”


“This Cang Bai He is too presumptuous! Even trying to assassinate Princess Qin…. What does the God Marquis* Faction plan on doing, did Zeng Yi Fan go crazy?!” Lei Hong angrily shouted.

[T/N#2 After reading through the raws, i found a mistake in the previous translation/meaning. 神侯 refers to the title conferred on him by the emperor and not his surname… Sorry for the confusion. Although i still think “God Maquis” sounds stupid so if any of you have a better translation comment below!]

At the side, Ge Yang said in a low and solemn voice, “These past years, the military power that Zeng Yi Fan has has been greatly weakened, rumours says that he has long resented the Emperor for weakening him… Based on what had just conspired the rumours seem to be true, we should set up precautionary measures, grandmaster.”

“I understand.” Lei Hong nodded his head, “I will seek an audience with the Emperor to explain this to him, both of you shouldn’t worry unnecessarily. Ah Yu, hurry to the inner chamber, Zhang Wei can barely manage to hold on*.”

[T/N#3 Then why did you talk so much for the past 5 minutes…]



Entering the inner chamber, Zhang Wei was lying on the bed, unable to move his limbs.. Only his face seem alive at that moment, still carrying an aura of pride and resolve. Upon seeing Lin Mu Yu entering, Zhang Wei’s eye glistened with hope, “Sir Lin Zhi, you have come back.”


Lin Mu Yu walked forward and said with a laugh, “Sir Zhang Wei, I found a cure for your injuries.”

“A cure?” Zhang Wei laughed mockingly at himself, “I am already a cripple….”

“No need to worry.”

Lin Mu Yu reached into his baggage, fishing out 3 bottles of muscle replenishing powder. Lin Mu Yu gently raised Zhang Wei’s head and poured the medicine down his throat*, after which he said, ”The muscle replenishing powder will repair your dragon tendon in 2-3 days, this recovery process is very obvious. In a while, you will start to regain your feeling from your spine, that is where the dragon tendon is located. That feeling is of your dragon tendon converging and fusing.”

[T/N#4 The raws says it's a powder.. Ive no idea why i suddenly became liquid form.]

“Are you telling the truth?” Zhang Wei asked, clearly agitated. “Sir Lin Wei, you are saying… I will be able to continue cultivating?”

Lin Mu Yu cheerfully smiled and said,” Of course, furthermore your cultivation level would not decrease.”

“That's great!”

Zhang Wei was emotionally stirred, initially he wanted to sit up however he still was unable to put strength into his back. After struggling for a while, he awkwardly smiled at Zhang Wei, “I am not good with words and cannot express my thanks to you properly, however from now, my life belongs to you!”

“That is not necessary, we are friends and furthermore we are both working under the Temple, this is what i am suppose to do.”

Lei Hong could not help but feel a sense of warmth as he watched this scene from the side. He smiled and said, “ Zhang Wei, Lin Zhi just returned to the Temple, furthermore he was ambushed outside while searching for your medicinal ingredients, we should let him rest.”

“Ah?” Zhang Wei gasped in shock, exerting all his strength he cupped his fist, “In that case… Sir Lin Zhi please go rest.”


Exiting the chamber, Lei Hong and Lin Mu Yu walked side by side as they made their way to Lin Mu Yu’s residence. Lei Hong looked at Lin Mu Yu several times as they walked through the Temple, finally he could not resist and asked, “Ah Yu, logically even if you are in the Heaven Realm you still not be able to stop Cang Bai He, who is an expert of Saint Realm, from killing you. Tell me, how did you escape from this calamity?”

Of course Lin Mu Yu cannot divulge about the power of the Seven Luminaries, instead he said,” There were 4 of us at that moment, other than me there is still Qin Yin, Tang Xiao Xi and Qin Lei. Qin Lei is a Commander of the White-Robe Imperial Guard, his combat strength is astonishing, furthermore he possessed a God Binding Lock from a True Dragon Bloodline*. Hence we were able to hinder Cang Bai He, and at the last instance… Grandpa Qu Chu arrived.”

[T/N#5 Self reminder: The god binding lock is a martial spirit, both Qin Lei and Qin Yin has it. Some old powerful guy from chapter 1 also has rank 17 lock.]

“Oh?” Lei Hong could not help but laugh,”Ha, seems like that old man still has some use, if he did not appear at that moment, I’m afraid the colour of the sky would change*…

[T/N#6 Implying great bloodshed]

Lin Mu Yu was stunned at Lei Hong reply, he asked,”Grandpa Lei Hong, lets say if… if Qin Yin was really assassinate by Cang Bai He, what would happen to this country?”

“What do you think will happen?” Lei Hong smiled at Lin Mu Yu as he continued, “His Majesty is a very sentimental man, in his whole life, he has only loved one woman and that woman is Princess Qin’s mother—Queen Su Yi. After her passing, His Majesty has not wed again hence he has no son and based on the Imperial Family customs, Qin Yin is the sole successor to the throne! Your majesty has 2 brothers, Prince Ji Ning and Prince Qin Yi. Prince Ji Ning has 2 sons, the older son Qin Lei and the younger son Qin Yan. The other Prince Qin Yi, however, is situated in the far south. Hence if both Qin Lei and Qin Yin is dead, the new successor would probably be Prince Ji Ning second son - Qin Yan.”

Lei Hong shooked his head and said, “But no matter who becomes the new successor, they will not escape a war. Hence it would be best if Qin Yin lived, this is the best for the people. Ah Yu you did great, willing to put your life out to protect Qin Yin’s. You must remember her life is tied to the lives of the millions of citizens.

“Yes, Grandpa Lei Hong.”


He returned to his secret chamber and continued concentrating on cultivating using the Dragonforged Bone Tome*, relentlessly increasing the strength of his cultivation. He yearns for power, however… towards the power of Seven Luminaries, he no longer had any desire for it. After feeling its backlash once, that torturous pain, he rather not use that kind of sinister power.

[T/N#7 Dragonforged bone is the cultivation method first introduced in chapter 60]

Hence, a few days went past as he remained cultivating in the temple, only leaving one to see Chu Yao, teaching her some trick of cultivation and giving her a mysterious grade sword*. He began to teach her the Imperial Sword Technique, Chu Yao was a rather intelligent person, within a few days she was able to make a breakthrough.

[T/N#8 I’ll get this weapon ranking sorted out by next chapter.]

Translated and Edited by: Timothy

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