The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 93: Training the Soldiers

In a blink of an eye, four days had passed peacefully. After Cang Bai He’s defeat in the Dragonseeker Forest, he had not been seen since. Presumably, he was afraid of being chased after by Qu Chu and Lei Hong when he entered Lanyan City. Also, his ribs were broken by Lin Mu Yu, before recovering, he would not try anything that would bring upon his own death.


In the morning, even before the mist had cleared, sounds of fist striking through the air could already be heard from the Temple. Although not completely healed, Zhang Wei had recovered enough for him to strike out his Ardent Soul Fist with strength and vigour.

[T/N: Fierce Soul Fist -> Ardent Soul fist. Why? Because it sounds cooler :)]

Wearing his new war robe, Lin Mu Yu smiled and said, “Congratulations on your recovery, looks like there aren't any major problems anymore.

Zhang Wei immediately stopped his training, and faced Lin Mu Yu, executing a pencil straight military salute. “Sir Lin Zhi, I will never be able to repay your benevolence and kindness. I will forever engrave this debt into my heart.”

“You are welcome.” Lin Mu Yu said as he patted his shoulder, “The God Marquis Faction will not let us off so easily, so Zhang Wei you have to recover quickly else we will lose out once again.”


At this time, Ge Yang walked over and said, “Tomorrow is the day of the soldier training, both of you should prepare yourselves. Lin Zhi, as this is your first time participating, ask Zhang Wei if there is anything you are unsure of.”

“Soldier training day? What is that?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

Zhang Wei gave a small smile and patiently explained, ”Lin Zhi it has been awhile since you have entered the Temple, as you know the Temple is a sacred ground for cultivators within the Empire. We mainly have two roles to fulfil: firstly is to scout and cultivate talents, secondly we have to train outstanding soldiers from the military school. The most reputable school in this Empire is situated in this Imperial Capital, War God School! Many of our distinguished soldiers were from that school, and our role is to send an instructor and trainer to the school monthly. They will spar in front of these students to allow them to gain insights to martial techniques and combat experience.” 

“I see… I have to go as well?”

“Of course, you are the Temple’s most capable trainer! If you don’t go, I'm afraid the other trainers would be whacked till they can’t move.”

[T/N: Using whack because in this context although the raw is written as ‘beat up’ but its actually said in a joking manner.]

Lin Mu Yu immediately knit his brows and said, “Zhang Wei, you should change your explosive temper… when sparring, you shouldn’t always beat up your partners, understand?’

Zhang Wei guilty rubbed the back of his head and said, “Heh, I’ll do my best to take note, Sir Lin Zhi. Don’t worry about it!”

Ge Yang was laughing from the side, “This soldier training day is more special, it seems many battalion commanders will be personally attending and they will select the best graduate to join the military as an officer! Both of you must display your best abilities… another thing, take care of yourselves.”

[T/N: Group > Section > Platoon > Company > Battalion. Each battalion in Singapore has around 500-800 men]

Zhang Wei cupped his fist, “I understand, Deacon Ge Yang.”

Zhang Wei’s eyes trembled as he suddenly recalled something, “Other than Zeng Fang and  Ouyang Qiu there are still some lackeys from the God Marquis remaining within the Temple… these are the people we have to guard against.”

“Who else is left?”

“Silver star instructor Deng Zi Lin, gold star instructor Xu Fang, but the scariest one is someone else…”

[T/N: Who the hell does a cliff hanger mid conversation?!?]


Zhang Wei glowed with hostility and said, “This person rarely participates in sparring sessions, but he is the strongest instructor in this temple. He is known as the Temple’s best spear user—Zhao Jin. Rumours say he has already broken through to the 70th level, reaching Sky King realm!”

[T/N: After sky realm, the levels are divided into master > King > emperor ]

Ge Yang added, “Zhao Jin is the second generation general-in-training of the God Marquis Faction. He is also a noble, paired with his excellent spearmanship, you must be careful of him. Try to avoid him as much as possible, understand?”

“Yes, Deacon Ge Yang.”

“Okay, both of you can leave and cultivate.”



Deep into the night, the stars shone brightly onto the God Marquis residence.

Zeng Yi Fan tilted his head upwards, gazing upon the countless stars in the night sky. He gently sighed, his face showed a hint of lost and he said, “ I can't believe elder Cang lost, never would have thought it was possible…”

Zeng Fang carried a small cup of tea over, “Father, drink some tea! Grandpa Cang only lost because Qu Chu was in the Dragonseeker Forest, else that punk Lin Mu Yu would not have a whole body now.”


Zeng Yi Fan’s gaze turned cold and said, “Elder Cang’s mistake has caused us to alert the enemy, the Emperor knows that he tried to kill Qin Yin and now the God Marquis Faction has entered a predicament. We can't stay idle now, we must take the preemptive strike!”


Zeng Yi Fan coldly said, “Send elder Cang a letter, ask him to cultivate in Qinling for a while! Tomorrow, send out an arrest warrant from our camp for him, those who can obtain his head will be awarded one million gold.”

“Yes, father!”

Zeng Fang nodded his head and continued, “It is reported that Lin Mu Yu obtained a kind of medicine called muscle replenishing powder, and he has cured Zhang Wei’s shattered dragon tendon. These two men are still alive, father do we not take any action against them?”

“No, Lin Mu Yu must die!”

Zhang Fang heavily struck his fist on the pillar, eyes filled with killing intent, laughed, “Tomorrow is the day of soldier training, I’ve already ordered General Zhao Jin. Tomorrow will be Lin Mu Yu’s death day!”

“Good job.”


In the Temple, within the side palace hall room


Zhao Jin unhurriedly sharpened his spearhead on a grindstone, this Pear Flower spear had accompanied him for many year and through countless battlefields, assisting him in many ways. Tomorrow is another day for this Pear Flower spear to taste blood.


He gently twisted his wrist causing the spear to slice through the air, the spearhead vibrated and emitted a clear sound.

Seemingly unsatisfied, Zhao Jin continued to grind and polish his spearhead with emotionless eyes. People who deserved to die would eventually die, no matter how brilliant and talented they are, under absolute power, they wouldl still crumble.

“Thud thud”

A servant knocked on the door, “Master Zhao Jin, your night snack has arrived, do you want it now?”

“No need, I do not wish to eat meat tonight.”

Zhao Jin sinisterly chucked. After the servant left, he muttered to himself, “Tomorrow I’ll be able to eat meat.”


In the morning, the sound of horns reverberated through the Temple. The day of soldier training had finally arrived.

After a quick breakfast, Lin Mu Yu and Zhang Wei donned a new set of war robes. Lin Mu Yu also noticed that his robe was more lavish compared to Zhang Wei’s. The white cape was embroidered with a silver hibiscus design, the only difference from Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei was that theirs was gold in colour.

Several horses were led out of the Temple, Lin Mu Yu his allocated horse and flipped himself up the horse. Once mounted, he saw Lei Hong, Ge Yang, Zeng Fang and other high ranking deacons in the front, after which is Lin Mu Yu, Zhang San He and other gold star instructors and trainers, followed by silver star, copper star and iron star. From this, it can be seen that the hierarchy in the Temple is very strict.

“Move off!”

After Lei Hong’s command, the convoy started to move. The horses were in a neat, single file, swiftly moving out of the city.

War God School was built outside the city because of the space constraints within the city. After an hour, they could hear horses galloping from a distance. After they got closer, they could see where the sound was from—a group of students, wearing deep blue Imperial Army uniforms, training their archery skills on horseback.

When the Temple instructors and trainers rode past them, the group of students hurriedly stopped their training and saluted them from a distance. In the eyes of the students, these temple instructors and trainers were a sacred existence.

In actuality, War God School is more like a city. With walls over ten meters high and barbed wooden barricades surrounded the city, giving it an impression of a war zone. That was not too far from the truth, the War God School was built here with the intent to protect Lanyan City. As the convoy approach the school, the gate slowly creaked open. A group of horsemen rode out of the school and welcomed them. In the front, was an old man with a mustache, wearing armor, giving of the impression of a veteran.

“Sir Lei Hong, you finally arrived. Our war god teachers and students have been waiting for you.”  

Lei Hong smiled and said, “Greetings President Qin Hao. Let's enter now, time is too precious!”



The interior of the school was surprisingly spacious. Every student here wore the Empire military uniform looking very lively. Unfortunately, most of the students were males, based on Lin Mu Yu’s understanding of Conquest, in this world the social status of women is rather low, perhaps even worse than ancient China. However, women like Qin Yin and Tang Xiao Xi were exceptions due to their birth. Even so, they won't be able to hold any important positions.

Very soon, a large sparring stadium appeared. Judging by its size, it could fit about ten thousand people. Looking around one would realise that many people were already seated by the side. Lin Mu Yu focused his eyes and gazed around the stadium. Most of the people had a gold star emblem on their necks, this means that most of them are at least thousand-man commanders.

After they were seated, Ge Yang proceeded to take the attendance of every trainer and instructor, calling out their names one by one.

Finally, Ge Yang announced, “First public exhibition match, copper star instructor, Zhou Fei versus copper star trainer, Jiang Yan!”

Both of them proceeded up the stage, after exchanging a couple of blows, the instructor’s chain stuck the trainer on his chest, causing him to tumble to the floor. The surrounding students cheered excitedly, the trainer forced himself up from the ground and saluted the instructor. However, the instructor did not even spare him a glance, as if he did not deserve any respect, and walked off the stage.

Lin Mu Yu knitted his brows, these instructors were still so arrogant.


The exhibition matches went on for the entire morning. Another stage was used by the students for their matches, and those high ranking officers were already scouting for talents. Unfortunately, the gold star matches are set in the afternoon, hence, Lin Mu Yu could only watch.


Translated and Edited by: Timothy

Proofread by: seriouspotato