The Alchemist God

The Alchemist God Chapter 94: I Do Not Believe in Demons!



The exhibition matches carried on till late afternoon.

The principal of War God School, Qin Hao, was wearing a set of Imperial Military armor. He pointed at the group of 200 students in front of him and said, “These students are the most outstanding ones that were selected from a batch of students. They will be the primary focus for this training session. Once the scheduled training is completed, these students may personally request for more guidance from the instructors.”

Lei Hong nodded his head and smiled, “I understand.”


Lin Mu Yu was watching from afar and said, ”Is President Qin Hao part of the Qin Imperial Family?”

Qin Zi Ling softly replied, “Lin Zhi, President Qin Hao is from a branch house of the Qin Imperial Family, however, he had extreme talents in cultivating and is currently a level 87 Sky Emperor! Hence, despite being born as a low ranking noble, he was anointed by the Emperor as the president of War God School and bestowed a rank of general.

“Wow.” Lin Mu Yu replied, feeling a greater sense of respect for Qin Hao.

At this time, Ge Yang held up a scroll and loudly announced, ”Gold Star exhibition match, first match, fist technique, Gold Star Instructor Zhang Wei vs Gold Star Trainer Lin Zhi!”

Zhang Wei who was mounted on his horse said in alarm, ”Eh? Since when was I a Gold Star Instructor?”

Lei Hong faintly smiled and threw out a small object to him, “Since now.”

Zhang Wei looked at the object he caught, it is a Gold Star Instructor badge! He happily swapped out his Silver Star badge for the new badge, after dismounting his horse, he leaped off the ground and landed in the middle of the sparring ring.

Lin Mu Yu also dismounted with the prairie sword on his back, he strode confidently to Zhang Wei. He cupped his fist and said, “Sir Zhang Wei, please.”

“Haha. Brother Lin Zhi, in that case, I won't be courteous. Here I come!”

Zhang Wei let out a low growl, the image of his bear martial spirit overlapped with his arms, and he rapidly threw out an Ardent Soul Fist, whizzing through the air. The strength behind each strike could be felt clearly by the students who were seated nearby, each revealing a shocked expression. With Lin Mu Yu blocking every strike, the Ardent Soul Fist dissipated into flames which flew close to the crowd, forcing them to retreat.

Lin Mu Yu softly swung his arms and summoned his Ebony shell and Dragon Rampart defensive combo to surround himself, a white luster surrounded his arm, that is his Qi!

“Ah? That Gold Star trainer is a Heaven Realm cultivator?”

The students were awe-shocked from the sudden revelation. One of them shouted, “I know! Recently, the Temple has an outstanding Gold Star Trainer called Lin Zhi, at that time he was only a level 50 Earth Realm expert, but he actually manage to enter Heaven Realm. Such a fast advancement speed!”


The Ardent Fist relentlessly struck on the Ebony Shell forcing Lin Mu Yu to retreat, however he remained firmly within the sparring ring. Zhang Wei swept through the ground with a kick, leaving burnt marks while Lin Mu Yu leaped into the air, dodging the kick. Looking down, Lin Mu Yu found a slight grin on Zhang Wei’s face.

“Soaring Dragon!” This was Zhang Wei’s most proficient leg technique and was also suited to attacking an airborne enemy. Zhang Wei stamped his feet on the ground, propelling himself upwards with his leg surrounded by raging flames. ‘This fellow really isn’t holding back,’ Lin Mu Yu thought to himself. However, Zhang Wei knew that with his cultivation level, he will not be able to hurt Lin Mu Yu, hence he decided to give it his all to ensure that the exhibition match will look exciting.

[T/N: And also the first and last time this technique was ever mentioned in the novel…]

With both palms opened wide, Lin Mu Yu maintained his defensive stance. Protective Qi rushed forth from his palm as he accurately intercepted the path of the kick. Lin Mu Yu flipped through the air and landed softly on the ground. The fissures that appeared on the Ebony Shell rapidly healed due to the Forbidden Mother Tree’s natural regenerative property. Even the defences that surrounded his body had started to heal. This battle was where his 6th ability truly stood out.

[T/N: Just imagine a cat falling through the air. Sorry for the lack of better description. Not entirely sure what defenses he is talking about… probably the verdant shell taught to him by Qu Chu as the verdant shell is an armor-type technique. Verdant Shell -> Jade Armor]

After a couple more blows, Zhang Wei retreated while Lin Mu Yu still remained where he was standing. Zhang Wei cupped his fist and said, ”Master Lin Zhi’s cultivation level is too frightening, I, Zhang Wei am not a worthy opponent!”  

Lin Mu Yu also cupped his fist and smiled, ”You let me win.”

[T/N: Said politely after winning a match]

Ge Yang loudly announced, “DRAW! Zhang Wei’s fist technique originated from the military lengend Xiang Wen Tian’s Adrent Flame Fist. Any student who is learning or wishes to learn this Ardent Flame Fist in the future can seek guidance from Zhang Wei.”  

Almost immediately, students flooded near Zhang Wei, however he did not feel that it was troublesome, rather he let out a brillant smile. 

Lin Mu Yu returned to his horse within the trainer’s group.

[T/N: Why horses though? No chairs in their time?]


Ge Yang continued speaking, “Gold Star exhibition second match, Sword and Saber Instructor Zhang San Hai vs Silver Star Trainer Ma Lin!”

Ma Lin had a huge frame, was around 30 years old, and face was filled with countless scars. Rumours say that he was once a merciless mercenary who would do anything for money. However, he repented and joined the Temple, due to his commoner background he was assigned to be a trainer. Although he was not proficient in any techniques, his tough defenses made him well-known within the Temple.

Qin Zi Ling cautioned, ”Master Ma Lin, be careful. Zheng San He recently began to fuirously attack his cultivation, I believe he has became much stronger than before …” 

Ma Lin replied with a smile, “Thanks for your concern, I'll be fine, don’t worry.”

Zheng San He grabbed his shield and saber as he strode into the sparring ring. Within the group of Gold Star Instructors, he was one of the more honest and considerate ones. After the match started, Zheng San He merely displayed his attack and defense techniques but did not harm Ma Lin. Actually, Zheng San He displayed both types of techniques most suited for the military students to learn. After all, in a real war, one had to strike well and also defend well to win.

After exchanging blows for another five minutes, the exhibition match was declared a draw, and the student all loudly cheered at the insightful match. Numerous students charged towards Zheng San He, and he gladly displayed some more of his saber techniques to them at the side of the ring. In all honesty, this is very unfair as only the instructor was sought after while the trainer seemed to be just a calefare.

“Third match, spear techniques, Gold Star Instructor Zhao Jin vs Silver Star Trainer Shi Zhong Hai!”

Shi Zhong Hai was one of the rarer experts who was proficient in horseback amongst the trainers. Carrying his steel spear, he urged the horse into the sparring ring, “Master Zhao Jin, please don’t be too harsh on me…”

Zhao Jin did not reply but a sinister smile flashed across his face.  


Shi Zhong Hai shouted as he hit the back of his horse, with increasing speed he charged at Zhao Jin. Seemingly at the same time, both parties thrusted their spears out, and Zhao Jin’s pear flower spear appeared to have dissipated into flower petals! Then, the pear flower spear was covered in fresh blood, followed by a pitiful shout from Shi Zhong Hai… impaled on the spear.

[T/N: Not mentioned in the raws but Zhao Jin is also on a horse.]

Blood rapidly flowed out through the wound, Zhao Jin smirked at the sight and shook him off the spear.

“Ah…. Ah……” 

Shi Zhong Hai could only let out a heart wrenching moan as fresh blood flowing out incessantly. Thankfully, the wound does not seem fatal.

Lei Hong furrowed his eyebrows and said, “Medic!”

Multiple medics rushed on site to treat him. Lei Hong faced Qin Hao and cupped his fist, “ Sorry for letting you see this scene…”  

Qin Hao said rather indifferently, “Blood and war are two inseparable things. How is this an unsightly matter? Also, these students will eventually be sent to war, exposing them to the cruelty of war early is good.”

At this time, Zhao Jin directed the horse towards them, “Elder Lei Hong, sorry for mistakenly harming Master Shi Zhong Hai. However, the lethality of horseback spearmanship was displayed. It would be better if… Elder sent out a stronger trainer for one more match!”

At the podium, a group of commanders with flame shoulder crests stood up and shouted, “Yes, send out a stronger trainer. Let us see what the best spearman in the Temple can do!”


Discomfort could be seen on Lei Hong’s face. He sighed, “ … this Zhao Jin”

Zhao Jin raised his spear and continued, “Elder, the best trainer within the Temple is Master Lin Zhi. I have long wished to find out who is stronger between the two of us. Please concent to my request!”  

The already noisy crowd became more rowdy. There were even students chanting Lin Mu Yu’s name.

Lei Hong had wanted to protect Lin Mu Yu and not let him face Zhao Jin. However, with the current situation, it seemed impossible.  

“Lin Zhi.”  

Lei Hong said from afar, “Do you agree to this match? If you don’t, I will not force you as you had already had a match before this. Based on the rules, no one can force you to enter a second match.”

Lin Mu Yu’s vision remained on the tragic state of Shi Zhong Hai. ‘Another trainer has been humiliated..’ He thought. Lin Mu Yu’s eye glowed with resolved and he replied, ”Elder, I am willing but I have a request. I want to be on the attacking side!”

“What??” Lei Hong said, somewhat stunned at that request.

Qin Hao smiled and stood up, ”Interesting. Never would have thought that the Temple had such a young talent. Master Lei Hong, in my opinion… you should agree to it. Let Lin Zhi attack, even if he hurts his opponent, he will not be punished. How does that sound?”

Lei Hong grit his teeth. “Alright, but both of you better watch yourself and not harm one another, else I’ll not let you off so easily!”  



Lin Mu Yu slowly pulled on the reins and directed the horse into the ring. He unsheathed his Prairie sword, Qi gradually entering it causing the sword to glow in a brilliant red. This caused many spectators to be dumbstruck, “Such strong Qi! This trainer is really very talented…”

Zhao Jin held his spear in front of his chest and said, “Master Lin Zhi, please give your guidance.”  

His eyes carried a strong killing intent. Lin Mu Yu knew that Zhao Jin was from God Marquis Faction; the same with those commanders who wanted Lin Mu Yu to participate. Even though he knew this was a trap, his conscience told him to jump into this trap and avenge the fallen Shi Hai Zhong and regain the pride of the trainers. With a cultivation difference of 10 levels, the people from God Marquis fraction does not think that Lin Mu Yu has any chance of winning.

“Here I come!”

Zhao Jin took the initiative. Firmly grasping his spear, he charged.

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